A Twitter Message from Wednesfield High,
  This message was posted on Wednesfield High today, it relates to the Special Measures placed on the school by OFSTED. Wednesfield High @WednesfieldHigh 10 We are delighted to share with Parents that the academy has been removed from special measures. We thank you all for your continued support. We will be releasing several quotes from the […]
Wolverhampton Shoppers Get Some Good News!
In amongst the bad news that is being announced by Marks and Spencer is the little glimmer of light in that the store in Wolverhampton will be staying open. Well for this round at least. Wolverhampton shoppers will be pleased to hear this news. The 17 stores that have been announced today as closing down […]
Wednesfield Canal Festival 2019 -Aiming Even Higher This Year!
  Just a little reminder for your diaries. Wednesfield Canal Festival 2019 will be again taking place this summer on our wonderful Wyrley & Essington Canal, at Bentley Bridge Leisure Park Wednesfield which is located on the banks of the  Wyrley and Essington canal. The date will be the Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th August […]
Maybe Some Highway Delays?
Wednesfield North Ward   Moathouse Lane West with the junction of Ridge lane. Residents are today warned that Severn Trent Water Company are doing some flood monitoring work between 17j and 21st  of January 2019 There will be a three way temporary traffic signal to assist with the work and the highway delays The signals are […]
Looking At The New Homes!
Well we are now into the New Year! Happy New Year everyone. Today your three Wednesfield North Councillors took a trip around the Ward, chatted with people and visited two new housing complexes being built here. First we visited the Parker Road site where four homes are being readied for new Council tenants. We were […]
I Think This Is Criminal! What Is Your View?
There is something very wrong when you can receive unsolicited mail through the internet especially when the nature of the email is to encourage you to receive a ‘Daggar’ that is apparently undetectable! I was horrified to receive this saying that I could have it for free! I have sent the information to the Police […]
Eyes open! Be Vigilant….
Wolverhampton please can you remain vigilant for a silver vehicle possibly an Astra, focus or Fiesta partial registration HY12. This Vehicle is believed to have been seen at a number of offence location across the city centre. Remember to remove all valuables, don’t park in the dark and remember to lock your vehicle and activate […]
Bus Shelter – Lichfield Road Alteration Planned.
Residents of Wednesfield North this information is for you. There has been some concerns over a newer Bus Shelter that was erected prior to Christmas on the Lichfield Road serving bus services arriving from New Invention and going forward to Wednesfield and Wolverhampton. The Bus Shelter replaced one that was struck by a vehicle and […]
We Wish You A Happy Christmas & Prosperous New Year!
City of Wolverhampton Council – Wednesfield North Councillors Mary,Rita and Phil said “We Wish All Our Constituents here in Wednesfield North and their families –  A Happy Christmas and A Prosperous New Year in 2019!”  
Red Lion Public House – Wednesfield North.
Red Lion Public House. Wednesfield North.   Information. I understand that the Red Lion PH has applied to make an application at the premises for a variation of their Licence. The Licencing Officer at the City Council will be in a position to give further information. If residents or others want to make representations they […]

Phil Bateman

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