Noisy Scooters- Police Respond!
Yesterday following complaints made by local residents from across Wednesfield North – Residents were informing me that they were getting fed up with scooters that are tearing around Wednesfield ,often after their kids have been put to bed, and the scooters with little or no mufflers in place, were disturbing. They informed me that the sound was […]
New Bin to be Located on Linthouse Bridge,Linthouse Lane.
Recently I had to request the Canal & River Trust to remove this horrendous receptacle that was never a bin, but was filled with dog –pooh! It was evil & stinky and located at the tow path near Linthouse Bridge on the Wyrley & Essington Canal. The CRT has removed it and that was I […]
Confusion Enters the Election for West Midlands Regional Mayor!
Its being reported that there is some confusion in Government about Regional Mayors! As if it was not confusing enough in politics at the present moment. So what is the real situation? Are we to have Regional Mayor elections next year, or not? The LGIU team has published the following note for members…..read it.   The Times […]
Warning- Road Works on Peacock Avenue!
Road Works on Ashmore Park! Be aware folks, there may be delays on Peacock Avenue (between Griffiths Drive / Newey Road) Western Power Distribution is Installing supply on the 25 August – 30th August This work will take place during   Daylight hours . The method of controlling the road traffic will be by – […]
Come On Wolverhampton – Use Our History for Economic Regeneration!
I have strongly felt that our City’s history in all its richness and form should be used to deliver economic regeneration and prosperity for all. Here in the North East of the City, our Wednesfield Community has embraced its history with some gusto. Much focus on local history has come alive since the Wednesfield History […]
Former Danesmore Site- Update.
The Danesmore former school site – Update The site and its layout is still being worked on and there are some ground conditions that need to be further scrutinised. There is also a need to confirm that old mineshafts are where they are supposed to be, also that they have been treated properly! Some rumours […]
Wednesfield Magazine -August September Edition Out – Don’t Miss it!
The August & September edition of Wednesfield Magazine is now out and it is packed full of Wednesfield Traders and Wednesfield articles about Wednesfield folk! If you haven’t read it get a copy from Local stores and Newsagents. If you are chatting to store owners and traders, tell them that you read the Wednesfield Magazine. […]
Ashmore Park Walk of Stars! The Latest Entry on Our Star Spangled Walkway.
Here is the latest Version of my   Facebook site ‘Walk of Stars – Ashmore Park’  to high-light and draw attention to this fantastic life & personal contribution individuals from this housing estate in Wednesfield have added to the City of Wolverhampton, and of course our Nation. There are people on this list who are eminent […]


Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more