71 Homes Built In Wednesfield North In 5 Years!
Wednesfield North Labour Party and its candidate Cllr Mary Bateman ran a Local Election campaign based around the huge issue of the threat to local Green Belt land in nearby South Staffordshire. Where developers are lobbying to build 2,500 homes on Land North of Linthouse Lane and bordered by Kitchen Lane. Housing and House building […]
Road Works Being Planned – Wood End Road Wednesfield.
I would like to give early warning to Wednesfield North constituents, Road works are being planned by Severn Trent to replace a manhole cover at Wood End Road junction with Amos Lane. This will take place on the 19th June, for a day. There will be three way temporary Traffic lights, and this will likely […]
Local Nature Reserve – “long laborious Job”.
It’s been a long and laborious job at times, pressing and promoting the need to turn our fabulous Wyrley & Essington canal into a Local Nature Reserve of some repute. It seems to have been a lifetime in arguing for this to happen! But today I can inform you that I have been informed, that […]
Mary – What A Super Mandate!
Well after Thursdays election results and the issues relating to the election, for those that are interested in delving a little deeper into what happened politically here in Wednesfield North, you may like to read this. Mary Bateman the Labour candidate here won with 1242 votes that is 60.31% of the votes cast. That is […]
Labour Councillors Fighting For Your Green Belt!
We are fighting for your Green Belt! This will be a battle – It will be a tough one to win! This Wolverhampton City Council election on Thursday 3rd May 2018, is very much about having strong representation here in Wednesfield North. We want you the Voter to be able to rely on the strongest […]
Latest News – Proposal for 2,500 Homes In Green Belt .
Wednesfield North Labour Councillors today issued further information to their Local Residents relating to plans and proposals to build on current ‘Green Belt ‘ in Essington. This message is primarily aimed at Wednesfield North constituents who have an interest, or who are interested in the recently announced proposal to develop 2,500 homes on what is […]
Ashmore Park ‘Walk of Stars’.
Ashmore Park Walk of Stars! Ashmore Park is a great community, and Ashmore Parker’s are great folk! The estate has always fostered good sportsmen and women. But not everyone is aware that the estate has nurtured other great talents also. I have represented Ashmore Parkers and Wednesfield people on two Councils for some 31 years! […]

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more