Your Memory Not As Good As It Once Was? – Read On.
Dementia is a disease that appears to be very much gripping our century, you hear more about it now, than anytime previously. That is because perhaps our media and our communication systems are so darned tuned in now days. How ever it is talked about a lot in the circles I move in here in […]
Wednesfield Aces Speedway4Steph!
IMG_2367 Speedway 4 Steph This was a very good project all part of the #Stuff4Steph! events that are taking place right across Wednesfield and elsewhere in honour of our own Steph Clarke who we lost from our great community last year. Steph was a great community worker with vast amounts of energy. Wednesfield Aces put […]
Fancy A Stall On Wednesfield Market?
Councillor Phil Bateman said “We all love living, working, and shopping in Wednesfield. The Village is firmly on the shopping map. But we would like to see more investment and more trade taking place in the High Street.” He went onto say – “Wednesfield Market is well placed on the High Street with buses coming […]
A Very Barmy Police Idea!
There are times when as a Labour Party member I scratch my head and wonder. This is one of those times. Now I have first hand knowledge what this Conservative Government are doing for public service. I know how much damage they are reaping with regards to loss of services, cutting back Social Care, Under funding the […]
Channel 4 – To Head Out Of London?
So if Channel 4 is to head out of London? Would it be possible to find its way to Wolverhampton? Hope that maybe we could find a site for such an important organisation perhaps close to the Rail Station and transport Hub….What do you think? Let me know….  
Wednesfield Parents Beware!
WEDNESFIELD PARENTS BEWARE!   There have been two incidents of a white male in his 20’s to 30’s driving a BMW X1 approaching lone school girls and attempting to engage them in conversation. The two incidents thus far have occurred in Walsall and the targets have been senior school girls. If anything is seen please […]
Ashmore Park Co-Op Ram Raided!
I want anyone who knows about this raid to tell the Police…In the early hours of Wednesday 17th May 2017 at 1:30am, Co-Op Grocery Store on Griffiths Drive, Ashmore Park, Wednesfield was ram raided and a large quantity of cigarettes; estimated to be worth over £10,000 were stolen. The attack was carried out by 5 […]
Wednesfield FC – Team of the Month!
Wednesfield FC has had a tremendous season on the field this season, and the Club has just won yet another cup last Saturday. They are now in the Final of the JW Hunt Cup against big boys Alvechurch at the Molineux. This week the West Midlands Regional League also presented the Club with a trophy […]
Broad Lane North – Rubbish Bin Now Replaced!
A much used rubbish bin located at the top of the Perry Hall Bridge in Broad Lane North which suddenly disappeared, has been replaced by the City Council and is doing its job again! When the bin disappeared,  this caused much consternation by users of the pedestrian footpath that links Broad Lane North & Broad Lane […]
Ashmore Park Walk of Stars! The Latest Entry on Our Star Spangled Walkway.
Here is the latest Version of my   Facebook site ‘Walk of Stars – Ashmore Park’  to high-light and draw attention to this fantastic life & personal contribution individuals from this housing estate in Wednesfield have added to the City of Wolverhampton, and of course our Nation. There are people on this list who are eminent […]

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more