Chilworth Avenue – Long Drawn Out & Far from Over!
The land at Chilworth Avenue that is in such poor condition has an absentee Landlord that is reputed to be living abroad. That appears to be the reason why this issue is taking up so much time to address properly. But there is a person who I understand has agreed to make the land tidy. […]
Wolverhampton and Wednesfield Vote ‘Leave’!
http://www.expressandstar.com/news/politics/2016/06/24/eu-referendum-result-wolverhampton-votes-leave-with-massive-majority/ Mary and I returned home in the very early hours of this morning, It was light when we pulled up on the drive!. We were at the count last night for the Referendum. Bit of a sleep – in this morning though! It was an historic occasion and one that certainly was quite nail biting […]
Bentley Bridge Leisure Park -Working with Wednesfield in Bloom!
Great to have Bentley Bridge Leisure Park working with Wednesfield in Bloom to make a better more colourful Wednesfield! See how they are improving their land as it joins the canal side, creating better open space, safer for families, and really attractive on the eye…. Bentley Bridge ‏@bentley_bridge Jun 14 Our community means a lot […]
The Battle of Wodensfield – Historic and Important
At Wolverhampton City Council in 2014 The Full Council backed this resolution. It is a resolution that I placed before the City Council after I had received backing from Wednesfield residents to talk up the battle and get the City to recognise how important this historic event was, and also to use the fact to […]
Go- ahead given for Wolverhampton tram extension
Councillor Phil Bateman said today Wednesday  22 June 2016 ” This information relating to the Midland Metro extension is good news indeed. I look forward to seeing the extension completed and serving the City. But I do warn Wolverhampton and City residents. Leaving the development at this point outside the new rail and bus interchange […]
New Post Office Investment for Ashmore Park Announced!
Here is some good news for the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade as a whole. The Post Office have decided to change the current Post Office lay out and facility which is located at the 50 Griffiths Drive Ashmore Park Shopping Parade. The PO want to redesign it into one of their new main style branches. The […]
£11000 Spent in Wednesfield- Boaters Are A Tourists Bonanza!
January 2016 to June 20th 2016 Here is a brief break down of the traffic that has been recorded on the W&E canal in the first six months of this year. This is the best judgement I can make. The statistics have been provided by Narrow Boaters, members of the public and my own eyes! […]
2.5 Million Visited Wednesfield’s Bentley Bridge Leisure Park!
Bentley Bridge Leisure Park had a whopping big footfall for 2015, with a confirmed 2.5 million visitors coming to the leisure side of Bentley Bridge development, with August being the busiest month of the year attracting 291,000 visitors alone! These are really large amounts of visitors all of whom add activity and engage in trade with the […]
Award and Recognition for Wolverhampton Council!
As a City Councillor I was pleased to find this morning that the City of Wolverhampton had some great success last night at the Municipal Journal Awards. I am going therefore to share the correspondence I received this morning from the Managing Director – It is good news, and I want to with Mary  and […]
Beware Burglars About!
I am being informed that there has been a second burglary in Sandy Crescent Ashmore Park last night. Please please keep a watchful eye on your neighbours property. If you see anything suspicious contact the Police. There is obviously someone about in Wednesfield North and I will be speaking with the Police about this later […]


Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more


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