Councillor Mary Bateman.  Picture by Shaun Fellows / Shine Pix

West Midlands Police Offer Rave Warning!
West Midlands Police are again warning -“We’re again this weekend warning anyone planning to attend an illegal rave that they risk being arrested & prosecuted. If you suspect a rave or illegal gathering is being organised or there is suspicious activity, contact us on Live Chat or call 101.” Please we all need to […]
Latest- Peacock Ave Speed Survey News!
Constituents in Peacock ave and Eccleston Road have been keen to see speeds in these roads controlled. I have been speaking with Officers in the Road Safety team. I am going to share with you their latest comments relating to speed surveys that have been carried out. “Dear Cllr Bateman -Thank you for forwarding the […]
Coppice Farm -Travellers Leave Illegal Encampment
On Thursday night the 9th July the Travellers incursion of the Coppice Farm Open Space came to an end, 24 hours after it had started. They left the site with the support of West Midlands Police, and City of Wolverhampton Bailiffs working in partnership. So How did it all start? On Wednesday Night 8th July […]
Breaking News! Travellers Coppice Farm
On my Social Media sites I promised that I would keep you informed of the actions and decisions that would be taken with regard to the incursion of Travellers on the Green Open Space last night at Coppice Farm. I can inform you that there were also three other incursions in other parts of Walsall […]
Travellers Incursion Coppice Farm Morning Update!
Morning Up date Its 11.00am Mary and I have visited the Coppice Farm Open Space this morning and I can now inform you that The Bailiffs are visiting the site this morning also. When I receive further information from them I will post again. Mary and I took the time to speak with residents, walkers, […]
Latest News – Travellers Incursion- Coppice Farm
Last night Wednesday the 8th July, a group of Travellers with their caravans and vehicles arrived and set up camp for the night behind Coppice Community High School on Green Open Space on City of Wolverhampton land. They started their incursion around 21.00, by 21.10 I received my first phone call from residents in Wolverhampton […]
Morning! What the Press and Media Say!
Good Morning Wednesfield! The weather this morning is pretty damp, and it is not a day for wanting to go outside, reading the early morning Press today, I have been struck by two media comments. The first was the alarm in some Newspapers this morning, that the Government in England is going to start charging […]
National Express -Buses On Safety First!
Councillor Phil Bateman said ” National Express is a key company and an important provider of Local Bus services to City of Wolverhampton the Black Country and Wednesfield.” They tell me that -“With the government further relaxing the lockdown rules, I am pleased to confirm that National Express West Midlands bus services in Birmingham and […]
Severn Trent Water -Commits to Paying More than £180,000 in Compensation
I know many of my readers have been following the issue of low water pressure and no water delivery story across Wednesfield North. Many of you will have been affected. I first became aware of this on the 28th May 2020 when I was almost submerged by enquiries about low water pressure and no water […]
More Council House Homes Planned for Wednesfield North!
THe City of Wolverhampton have agreed to develop a Future Small Sites Programme. This is good news for local people. New homes are required, and if we are to safeguard the Green Belt from home building. We desperately need to use ‘Brownfield’ sites like disused former Council owned Garage Sites. A number of further sites […]

Phil Bateman

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