Probus Wednesfield – Speaker Cllr Phil Bateman
Today (18 June 2019) at 12.30 I joined The Probus Club in the Castle Inn at Wednesfield and in front of around 25 or so of the members. Wednesfield Probus Club is a very active Club. PROBUS is a local, national, and international association of retired people who come together in non-political, non-sectarian, non-profit, autonomous […]
Wootton Ave – TRO’s Ready for Consultation
The City of Wolverhampton are readying themselves to make Traffic Regulation Orders for the following highways of Wednesfield North Ward. They are Thomas Mason Close;Wootton Avenue;Ridge Lane;Duckhouse Road; and Prestwood Avenue. These restrictions address concerns that have been expressed by inappropriate parking, leading to access and visibility issues. If you have a comment to make […]
Consultation to Start- TRO’s Woodend Road.
There will be formal consultation taking place with regards to Traffic Regulation Orders in Woodend Road in the next few days. These orders will affect the junctions of Jayne Close, and Orchard Road as well. The Order is intended to protect and safeguard children attending Woodend School It is a consultation process and it will […]
Award Winning Wednesfield Expands In-Bloom Bid!
Wednesfield in Bloom! Wednesfield discovered the competition back in 2015. Simon Archer and the Volunteers in ‘Hands on Wednesfield’ came up with the idea of entering the Village of Wednesfield into the Heart of England competition. They thought it would appeal to the residents, and it fitted with their own vision of Volunteering, and lifting […]
Wednesfield – Our Great Canal!
Interested in the Essington and Wyrley Canal? Do you like what is taking place on the canal here in Wednesfield and Wolverhampton? I like the voluntary work I do on the canal. It is rewarding and it is satisfaction for me. We have this year created a Local Nature Reserve of great standing. With  the […]
A Big Thank You Margaret Enoch -Her Family and Friends!
  This morning I had quite a nice surprise when opening the morning Royal Mail.  In amongst my Post was a letter from a Funeral Directors. I was surprised and touched that the correspondence contained two cheques.  One from the Brother of  Miss Margaret Enoch and another from a mourner attending the Funeral. Anyone Knowing […]
The Tram Should Serve The New Molineux!
    With a new municipal year starting, and with a new political Leadership firmly in place at the City of Wolverhampton. I feel strongly that now is very much the time that the City Council should be bold, My arguments that we should have a strong and resilient public transport system which included trams […]
I’m Voting Lynda Waltho!
https://www.lyndaformayor.org.uk/?fbclid=IwAR2hebuUfOhH_D3P5b0aSI2xyAAo3pb2aErBMqf7LCRwRZgpbH0pX1MG9fs I am pleased to announce that I will be supporting Lynda Waltho for the Labour nomination for the West Midlands Metro Mayor.
Ashmore Park ‘Walk of Stars’.
Ashmore Park Walk of Stars! Today the 12th December 2018 – We announce the twentieth person who has entered our magnificent Ashmore Park Walk of Stars! Ashmore Park is a great community, and Ashmore Parker’s are great folk! The estate has always fostered good sportsmen and women. But not everyone is aware that the estate […]

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more