Wednesfield North – Not a Hot Spot of Violent Crime!
Knife crime is making all the news. I wanted to find out the latest information as it affects Wednesfield North. I wrote to Chief Inspector Beth Bridges. I have yet to receive the full details I requested, but I do think that this interim response gives an indication that Wednesfield North is not a ” […]
Battle Lines Drawn – As City Declines Request!
I had been requested by some residents to source a durable bench from the Wolverhampton City Council, to be fitted on the Green Walkways that link Ashmore Park with Coppice Farm . The walkways were constructed during the 1980’s so that walkers and ramblers could be linked from Essington and the South Staffordshire Green Belt with […]
Looking Back at History! -Arguing the Case for Rapid Transit.
I have long believed in having a rapid transit system for Wolverhampton and the West Midlands. I have done a lot to create the conditions and the arguments over decades for the construction of a Light Rail System. This was taken at the Labour Party Conference back in the early 80’s. I was lighter and […]
Looking Back in History – The Day When Gwen Stafford Good became Mayor.
I have been pulling together lots of history! Well you do when you get to a specific age. One of the newspaper clippings caught my eye as it related to the Mayor Making of my former Ward Colleague and teacher from my former school – Wards Bridge Secondary Modern. Gwen was Mayor of Wolverhampton from […]
WMCC – Looking Back at History 1980’s.
Here I am looking a little glum following a campaign based round road safety here in what was my Ward on the County Council which encompassed both Wednesfield North and Wednesfield South. I represented those two Wards from 1981 until the West Midlands County Council was abolished by the Margaret Thatcher Government. The print out […]
WMCC -Looking Back on Public Transport! Dudley Bus Maintenance Building.
I was proud of the role I played in modernising public transport in the conurbation. Here on the 21st October 1985 – I am seen with my former Wards Bridge School teacher Margaret Benton and our friend Sue Hall. Both were Wolverhampton Councillors, but I remember the  pride that I felt that day with Margaret , and Sue […]
Birmingham Rail History – Opening Adderley Park Rail Station.
On being made Chair of Passenger Transport Committee in the West Midlands County Council in August 1981. Looking back recently I came across this photo it records the role I played in opening  the newly refurbished Inner City Rail station of Adderley Park in Birmingham in those day’s. Adderley Park station was originally opened on 1st August 1860, a […]
Cutting The First Sod!
I have found this old photo out. It shows me digging what used to be described as the “First Sod” on what was then the Ashmore Park Youth Club. I had campaigned for the West Midlands County Council to build an extension to the Youth Club using the County Council Task Force which they did…it […]
Right Place – Right Time! Number 10 Downing Street
You know the old saying- “Right Place at the Right Time” well this was the case for me back in 1998.  I was attending the House of Commons when Peter Snape MP for West Bromwich East said “come on we have to take Peter Temple Morris over to meet the Prime Minister.” Peter Temple Morris was […]
Wards Bridge Re -Union Circa 1992
I attended Wards Bridge Secondary Modern in Wednesfield from 1961 to 1965 I recently came across this Wards Bridge ReUnion picture taken in the Hall at the school in 1992 I am standing on the back row an the left- standing besides me I think is  Stephen Ward? Can people name those that attended?

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more