True Briton Fence Blown Down In Storm- Upsets Neighbours.
  I continue to have critical comments made to me about the True Briton PH. This time it is because The Pubs fence panels have been blown down. That has led to a critical neighbour comment. I have contacted the Planning Department officialswith a view to seeing if the issue can be dealt with. Officials […]
“Fantastic Facility” Says Wolverhampton City Council Managing Director!
I thought that readers may be interested in What the Managing Director of City of Wolverhampton Council wrote in a briefing too all 60 City Council Members. Here it is! Ward Visit: Mr Tim Johnson ” On Monday, I attended another ward visit, this time in Wednesfield North with Councillor Phil Bateman, Councillor Mary Bateman and […]
Wednesfield North Round -Up!
This morning I thought that I would take a number of items that we are working on behind the scenes and give information on. True Briton Public House – The fences are down and this gives the  PH the appearance of being a mess. We have been receiving complaints from a local resident. There is […]
165 New Jobs Coming to Wednesfield.
There is continued good news for Wednesfield as we approach the end of 2018. It looks like the investment and the subsequent development of six new industrial units at Steelpark Trading Estate, at Steelpark Way and Bearing Drive, in Wednesfield will be very successful for its owners. The news now  is that the development is […]
Wednesfield North- A Great Place to Live and Work MD!
Today Wednesfield North Councillors gave  newly appointed Tim Johnson, Managing Director of City of Wolverhampton Council, an informed tour of Wednesfield North. “It was a two hour tour and we showed him some of our high spots” said Councillor Phil Bateman. ” We  pointed  out some of the issues that we have, some that threaten us, […]
Taxi and Private Hire – Licensing.
 A message from City of Wolverhampton Licensing Services. City of Wolverhampton Council’s Licensing Services have commenced a consultation on the proposed draft Guidelines relating to relevance of convictions and breaches of licence conditions.These guidelines are used determine whether an applicant/ current licence holder is fit and proper to hold a hackney carriage/ private hire drivers […]
Wolverhampton City Council – Judged Excellent!
I was very pleased to read about the Wolverhampton City Council’s  Equalities Peer Review: This is good news for our Council. The City of Wolverhampton Council have been accredited as an ‘Excellent’ Council under the Equalities Framework for Local Government (EFLG). The LGA Peer Team returned to the Council on Tuesday 2 October and were […]
Green Belt & The Threat of Housing!
There is rightly concern about the potential loss of the Green Belt that is currently in force between the West Midlands and South Staffordshire and is within  the boundary of Staffordshire County Council.. The key message in this article being published today – is to bring you the electorate in Wednesfield North – up to […]
#CultureWednesfield! – Well Done JSDA You Have Smashed It Again!
Wednesfield is a district of Wolverhampton that is rich in sporting clubs and sporting achievement, and Wednesfield sometimes gets overlooked as to what it is achieving in that other great world of leisure activity. Dance and culture is a really strong sector here in Wednesfield! Very little get written in the popular press about how […]
Motorists reminded of traffic regulations outside schools
  As pupils settle back into class following the summer holidays, parents in Wolverhampton are being reminded about the parking restrictions which are in place outside local schools. While many pupils walk or cycle to school, more and more number of parents are driving their children there. This is adding to the problem of – […]

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more