20% Fewer Passengers Left Stranded!

We have never relied so much on getting the details right. Here in Wolverhampton we have nearly 260,000 people living in the City. Wolverhampton is one of the major settlements in the West Midlands conurbation. Indeed it’s one of the top twenty Cities in the United Kingdom. We play a significant part in delivering a strong economy for the UK within our contribution to the regional economy.

The West Midlands is a key area in the UK’s economic performance.  Public transport is central to the movement of people around our city, and the great conurbation that we live within. Public transport and bus services in particular is key to much of our own travel arrangements, and it’s often just taken for granted.

But the fact of the matter is that Public Transport and local bus services in particular play a very big role in keeping our own Local Economy well-oiled and performing well. Did you know that just in the City of Wolverhampton that the City is currently experiencing record levels of private and public investment? With £4.3 billion being injected into regeneration projects citywide.

It was with these thoughts in mind that I was delighted to read recently that the conurbations largest provider of bus services was pleased to have recorded a performance change in the way it had improved service in the West Midlands County.

I used to work for National Express West Midlands so I keep a ‘weather eye’ on what the company achieves. National Express West Midlands is the largest bus service provider in the West Midlands and it puts 1,500 buses on the road each morning in all types of weather, and it isn’t easy.

But that is what happens each working  day morning – here in the West Midlands  conurbation.

It’s a fact that 1,500 vehicles make a huge impact on our local economy. I was very pleased to have been told that over the past few months, NXWM have reduced the number of breakdowns occurring in its fleet of buses by a fifth!

That’s 20% fewer passengers left at the roadside and drivers left waiting for a tow truck!

NXWM say this is due to intensive focus, new technology, improved processes, and much hard work. They tell me that they are “further developing plans” for new technology, tools and training to help make their performance even better. Our Local Bus services play a major role in getting people to work, and delivering customers for the retail trade.

My message to NXWM is to keep up the good work, we need better and improved bus services. We need public transport to be operating in an efficient way, if we are going to have a bright and prosperous future, a future which has cleaner air, and is tailored to better service and environment. Keep up the good work NXWM, and tell us how you keep going about it!

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more