71 Homes Built In Wednesfield North In 5 Years!

Wednesfield North Labour Party and its candidate Cllr Mary Bateman ran a Local Election campaign based around the huge issue of the threat to local Green Belt land in nearby South Staffordshire. Where developers are lobbying to build 2,500 homes on Land North of Linthouse Lane and bordered by Kitchen Lane.

Housing and House building in Wolverhampton and the region is a very hot topic at the moment.

I have asked for some statistics relating to planning applications here in Wednesfield North. Here is the result of those statistics.

Remember Wednesfield North is pretty built up. It has little space for homes, but where they can be planned to build using Brown Field sites. They are!

This is the result of the questions I have asked –

2012-13 – 1 home at land adj 5 Parker Road

2013-14 – Change of use 1 flat to 2 bedsits at 82 Lower Prestwood Road 12 homes at Fmr Linthouse Inn, Linthouse Lane

2014-15 –  2 homes at Rear of 6-8 Wootton Avenue

2015-16 – None

2016-17 – 1 home at Corpus Christi Church, Griffiths Drive 52 homes at Fmr Danesmore School. 1 home at 80 Lower Prestwood Road; 1 home at 73 Bellamy Lane by

So in total there were 71 homes given permission in Wednesfield North between April 2012 and April 2017 (I am yet to complete a housing monitoring update for 2017/18).We do not have immediately to hand figures for all of the Wards separately.

However for Wolverhampton- the figure is generally 300-500 homes granted permission each year, so you can see that permissions in Wednesfield North are very low, reflecting the developed nature of the area.

These statistics helps  to deliver the reasons why the residents of Wednesfield North  feel so strongly about the potential loss of Green Belt amenity in South Staffordshire. The very fact that such low house building is recognised by the fact that Wednesfield North is such a developed area. Makes the amenity on our door step all the more important to save.

The 2018 City Council election was fought on saving the Green Belt and Wednesfield Police station….residents vote for Mary and Labour. This certainly helps to give a mandate to ameliorate the proposals that property developers  and land owners are currently hatching.



Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more