A Message From West Midlands Police – Neighbourhood Watch

A Message from West Midlands Police –west midlands police logoAs national Neighbourhood Watch week draws to a close I would like to thank you for your on-going commitment to what I believe to be one of the largest volunteer networks in the country.

Each year you, and others like you, dedicate hours to making your neighbourhood a safer place live. Whether it’s sharing crime reduction advice with your members, reporting noise and other environmental concerns to the council or just keeping a check on your street, your efforts are making a difference were it matters most; on your doorstep.

Since 2002 when modern crime recording standards were implemented across the UK, we have seen crime rates in Wolverhampton driven down to record lows.

Over that time we have also seen the nature of offences change with more criminals favouring elaborate cons. That is why the theme for this year’s Neighbourhood Watch week was Hang up on Fraud and why your continued help is needed now more than ever.

Your unique relationship with your members puts you in the best position to help share our security messages with those who may be targeted by scammers at the door, on the telephone or via the post. You are also best placed to encourage your members to report their concerns to us or to the independent charity Crimestoppers who will relay their information to police anonymously.

I hope you were able to join us at some of the events we organised to mark National Neighbourhood Watch week here in Wolverhampton. My personal highlight was our Police Stand in Bilston High Street. We recruited, a fantastic, 16 new Neighbourhood Watch schemes and gave out over 200 purse bells and UV pens to residents.

If you were unable to attend but are interested in other opportunities over the coming year, please visit our website or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for up-to-the-minute information on policing in the area.

Yours faithfully,

Simon Hyde

Chief Superintendent

Commander of Wolverhampton Local Policing Unit


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