Ashmore Park Nursery – On the Euro Trail!

Monday- The Ashmore Park Nursery School starts the week with a visit from Euro MP Sion Simon.

The APNS has been working with schools in Coventry, Telford and Sweden, developing learning and improving learning techniques, so successfully that the school has been awarded a share of £90,000 from the European Erasmus Fund to continue and deliver the project.

Also attending the school will be the new Director of Education, and Cllr Claire Darke who is Chair of Education at Wolverhampton City Council.

The school is attracting a lot of international interest at the moment. It has been at the centre of education presentations in Africa, Paris, Singapore in the last 12 months. Later this year some of our staff will be in Sweden training and being trained, as we continue to improve the education we give to Nursery aged children. Setting them up for the learning environment they will face in Primary and Secondary education.

Ashmore Park Nursery School under the guidance of Headteacher Sue Lacy has been rated as ‘Outstanding’ in the last three Ofsted Inspection’s the school has undertaken.e5b70e_41283129b52d4c15b37fba9ce14a4d48_jpg_srb_p_218_131_75_22_0_50_1_20_0 Ashmore Park Nursery

Phil Bateman

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