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Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more


National Express Bus Company -New Information On Griffith Drive Bus Services!

Councillor Phil Bateman said Today- “National Express Bus Company in the last hour has sent me an updated schedule for local NXWM buses that will be using the Griffith Drive on Monday, when the road works start. Please read the NEW arrangements and share the information with bus users in your family, or friends.”

Diversions for Griffiths Drive in Wolverhampton will affect the 59 & 69 services from 21/09/20.
The works are in 6 phases, weekdays only, 09:30-15:30 (weather dependent).
More phases of work to follow throughout October.

Phase 1 + 2
Monday 21 – Wednesday 23 September 2020 0930-1530 only
Griffiths Drive closed in both directions from its junction with Griffiths Drive island and Southall Road, and in both directions from its junction with Griffiths Drive island and Ashmore Avenue.

Diversions to 59 bus service
Service 59 to Ashmore Park – from Lichfield Road: left Linthouse Lane, right Griffiths Drive and continue onto normal line of route to Ecclestone Road bus stop
Service 59 to Wolverhampton – from Griffiths Drive: use Ecclestone Road to turn around back onto Griffiths Drive, then reverse of above to get back to Lichfield Road towards Wolverhampton

Diversions to 69 bus service
Service 69 to Walsall – from Linthouse Lane: continue straight over island, left Lichfield Road, continue straight onto normal line of route
Service 69 to Wolverhampton – reverse of above

Phase 3
Thursday 24 September – Friday 25 September 2020, 09:30-15:30 only
Griffiths Drive closed in both directions from its junction with Ecclestone Road and Southall Road.

Diversions to 59 bus service
Service 59 to Ashmore Park – from Griffiths Drive (Ecclestone bus stop): use Ecclestone Road to turn around back onto Griffiths Drive, continue anti-clockwise around Griffiths Drive, right Peacock Avenue and follow normal line of route

Phase 4
Monday 28 September – Wednesday 30 September 2020, 09:30-15:30 only
Griffiths Drive will be closed in both directions from its junction with Ecclestone Road and Higgs Road.

Diversions to 59 bus service
Service 59 to Ashmore Park – from Griffiths Drive (Higgs Road bus stop): anti-clockwise around Griffiths Drive, right Peacock Avenue and follow normal line of route

!cid_FA1E50B1-A28A-4CEA-A86C-6BFF1B4A5BBC football pitch ashmore Park

Run a Local Football Team? This is for You!

Councillor Phil Bateman said ” I was approached by a local amateur boys football club seeking re-assurance relating to the rules.”

Sport England have issued the below announcement following the new guidance .

While social gatherings of more than six people will be banned in England from 14 September, the government’s confirmed that organised sports and activities that have been through return to play protocols can continue, as can organised outdoor sports and physical activity events such as parkrun, which is due to return next month.

People can also continue to use leisure facilities, including gyms and pools – classes within these venues can continue as they are now. People should not go to these venues socially in groups of more than six.
That’s because these sports and activities have stringent plans in place to reduce the risk of Covid-19, and because these venues are classed as Covid-secure given the measures they’ve introduced.

With advice likely to evolve as restrictions change, we’ll monitor and update our guidance to ensure it’s in line with the what the government is advising and we’ll continue to listen to providers when they tell us what resources will help most.

Football teams should therefore continue to follow the guidance outlined by the FA and have clear Covid risk assessments and plans in place before commencement of their season.

The County Football Association are able to assist teams with this and they can either contact or dependent on what are the club comes under.


Police Warn of Catalytic Converter Crime.

Councillor Phil Bateman warned this morning that ” West Midlands Police are warning motorists in our City of increased crime. Including here in Wednesfield. Please read the Police warnings and take heed of their advice.”

Wolverhampton Police have issued a warning to drivers in the region to be on their guard against catalytic converter thefts, as we have seen an increase of such incidents in Wolverhampton.

In recent days, we have recorded an increase of thefts of catalytic converters from vehicles in various areas including Bilston, Wednesfield, and Blakenhall. Take steps to protect your vehicle, such as parking in well-lit places or in a place where access to the vehicle is restricted.”

Converters are targets for thieves because of the precious metals they contain but drivers could be doubly affected by such thefts because hitting the road without a converter in place could see the car in question break legal pollution limits.

If you notice that your check engine light comes on or if your exhaust sounds a lot louder than usual, getting louder as you accelerate, take your car to your local garage immediately.

How to prevent catalytic converter theft
Wherever possible, motorists should park vehicles in a locked garage as close to their house as they can, or somewhere that’s overlooked by local residents. You may also want to consider installing a Thatcham approved alarm to your vehicle that is activated if the car or van is lifted or tilted.

If you see someone acting suspiciously underneath a vehicle, report it to the police straightaway – and make sure you note down the vehicle registration.

Businesses can help to protect their fleets by employing defensive parking techniques so that the most vulnerable cars or vans are parked somewhere particularly inaccessible. High clearance vehicles could be blocked in by low clearance ones to prevent thieves from gaining access.

Always check your perimeter security on a regular basis, as boundaries can help deter opportunistic thieves from targeting you and your company. Set up monitored CCTV cameras so you can catch people in the act and light up dark areas where intruders may possibly attempt to operate.

You might well think that your vehicle will be safe during the day but it seems that this is not the case, with reports coming in that thieves are now stripping cars of their converters in broad daylight… so do be vigilant no matter what time of day or night it is.

Please report suspicious activity to and live chat with an adviser between 08:00 and 00:00 hours or call 101 non emergency or in an emergency call 999.

Cllr Phil Bateman added ” It goes without saying if you know who may be involved with that sort of crime, please tell our local Wednesfield Police.”

IMG_5708 City Council

Ban on Drinking Alcohol in Public Places – City of Wolverhampton

Message from City of Wolverhampton Council

Ban on drinking alcohol in public comes into force
Released: Thursday 10 September, 2020

A ban on drinking alcohol in public places in parts of Wolverhampton has been extended, and comes into force today (Thursday 10 September, 2020).

The city-wide Public Space Protection Order (PSPO), which has been in operation in Wolverhampton since March 2017, gives police powers to stop people from drinking and to surrender alcohol if they are causing, or likely to cause, anti-social behaviour.

The extension was agreed in July after consultation found overwhelming support for the measures which have helped bring about a 35% reduction in calls about alcohol related incidents in the city over the last three years.

There were 1,202 incidents recorded in 2017-18 when the PSPO was first introduced, falling to 781 in 2019-20.

In addition to the city-wide prohibitions, an outright ban on street drinking in St Peter’s and Park wards, including the city centre, also comes into effect today. These measures were included in the original order and were sought again in response to local concerns.

The only exceptions are for licensed premises within these wards which have beer gardens or pavement seating areas, and for temporary public events which have received prior approval from the council’s Licensing team.

Councillor Jasbir Jaspal, the City of Wolverhampton Council’s Cabinet Member for Public Health and Wellbeing, said: “The Public Space Protection Order granted in 2017 has generally had a very positive impact on addressing the issue of people drinking in the streets in and around Wolverhampton, and there has been a welcome fall in the number of alcohol-related incidents since it was introduced.

“We want police to continue having these powers which they can use on a discretionary basis to tackle anti-social behaviour linked to alcohol consumption, and for the authorities to have stronger powers in those areas where most complaints have been received.

“Over 95% of the 500-plus people who took part in the recent consultation were in favour of the ban order remaining in place. It also has the full support of police and will help the council meet its priorities of keeping the city clean and safe, by reducing alcohol-related litter and tackling anti-social behaviour and supporting businesses and encouraging investment by improving the city’s image.”

For more information on the Public Space Protection Order, please visit
The Public Space Protection Order will be reviewed annually to review impact and to consider possible variations if other locations become problematic.


Notes to editors:

1/ For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact Paul Brown, Communications Manager, on 01902 555497 or email

• Issued by the City of Wolverhampton Council’s Corporate Communications Team.
• For more information, please call 01902 555439.
• More news from the City of Wolverhampton Council is available at:

Kind Regards The Partnerships Team.

Cllr Steve Simkins bigpic

City Planning Surprises During Lockdown Period!

At a Stronger City Economy Scrutiny Meeting – City Officials pointed out that with regards to Planning Applications There had been some good news. Here is some of the points that were made.
• Overall rise in planning applications
• Service performance unaffected by Covid
Applications received July – August
• 2018 269
• 2019 274
• 2020 287
The increasing number of planning applications is positive as it is an indicator of future
jobs, homes and investment. We are processing the applications effectively working
from home and we receive many compliments comparing our service favourably to
other local planning authorities.

Cllr Steve Simkins Cabinet Member for Regeneration made some very supportive comments on the situation we were facing in relation to the Covid-19 Pandemic. With regards to the way the City Council had both organised and set out a strategy and strategies, that needed implementing during the situation that was now facing our City and region.

safer travel Police_dsc6563-2

No Face Mask? 600 Thrown off NXWM Buses!

Following the latest information that the Government has issued on Corona Virus. City Councillors in Wednesfield North, received concerns from bus users on the 59 Bus, relating to other bus users,not socially distancing, and also not wearing face guards/masks. Which is contrary to the law relating to Public Transport.

Your City Councillors immediatley wrote to the NXWM Management team, explaining your concerns.

Here is the NXWM response to those concerns.

NXWM Management stated – “We do understand that other people’s behaviour does make many of our customers angry and upset.

The government has advised of a number of exemptions to the ruling on face coverings on public transport, which means that some of our customers do have justifiable grounds for not wearing a face covering when using our services. Not all of these exemptions are obvious. There’s more information regarding this here:

Compliance with wearing face coverings on the bus is consistently at over 90% across our services. Considering the very non-specific list of what makes somebody exempt from wearing one (for example, one in ten people have asthma), we think this is probably about right.

Drivers have been trained to remind customers that it’s the law that they must wear face coverings on public transport.
We are also recording and reporting all our data to Safer Travel Police. In total, Safer Travel Police have thrown 600 people off our buses for not wearing face coverings when they should have been.

On social distancing, we are advising our customers:
Please sit in the window seat. If you are travelling as a household or other bubble please sit together. If you can, please sit so that the seats in front of and behind you are empty. Some seats will be labelled out of use and please don’t sit directly behind the driver.
To enable safe social distancing, please do not stand on the bus. Check to see if there is a suitable seat upstairs on double deck buses.

In addition, if a driver feels a bus is getting busy, they can display a “Bus full” sign, only drop customers off at the next stop(s) and radio back to Control who will either let them know another bus is close behind them or send a spare to follow on behind.

We are also advising our customers to leave plenty of time for their journeys, so that if the bus they were planning to get is busier than they expected, they can wait for the next one. ”

Councillor Phil Bateman said ” Rita Potter Mary and I are, very thankful for the response. We will be asking NXWM, to purposely ask their Safer Travel Police team to check the 59 bus service in the Peak periods. We are also appealing directly to our constituents who use the service. Please use a face mask, its against the law not too. Also you are freaking out others in your own community when you do not!”


Wednesfield- This means you too!

Warning image003Shopping in Local Shopping Centers, like Wednesfield High Street, Local Shops, Ashmore Park Shopping Parade, and other shops in the City…

You should be doing this now…Coverings must be worn in shops in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland – but not Wales.

Shop workers are exempt.

Public Transport?
Face coverings are compulsory if you are using public transport across the UK.

Some people are exempt, such as those with certain medical conditions.

Warning image003

A sharp rise in coronavirus infection rates in Wolverhampton!

A sharp rise in coronavirus infection rates in Wolverhampton over the last few days has put the city at real risk of a local lockdown.

Warning image003Latest data shows there were an average of 27.09 cases of Covid-19 per 100,000 residents in Wolverhampton over the seven days up to 5 September, up from 12.6 cases per 100,000 for the seven days to 29 August.

John Denley, the City of Wolverhampton Council’s Director of Public Health, said: “Covid-19 infection rates in Wolverhampton have more than doubled in a week, mainly driven by a big increase in cases among 18 to 30-year-olds.

“This is an urgent reminder that all of us – especially young adults – need to play our part in preventing the spread of coronavirus if we are to keep people safe and if we are to avoid a local lockdown.

“We’ve already seen that year groups at a couple of schools in Wolverhampton have had to self-isolate because of case of Covid-19 within their bubbles. We’ve also had to take the difficult decision to put a stop to all non-essential visiting to care homes so that we protect some of our city’s most vulnerable residents.

“Meanwhile, as a council we’ve had to take enforcement action against one business which was failing its customers by not acting in a Covid-secure manner.

“While the vast majority of residents and businesses are continuing to do their bit – practicing social distancing, good handwashing and wearing face coverings where required – others have relaxed far too much. If they don’t start taking this seriously right now, they will put Wolverhampton at a very real risk of facing additional lockdown measures.

“It’s important to stress that young people are not immune to this awful virus and the experience in other countries is that rising cases among young people brings the virus into the homes of older and more vulnerable adults, with increases in cases among young people often followed several weeks later by rises in hospitalisation and deaths.

“We simply cannot afford that to happen here and the steps we all must take to prevent the spread of coronavirus are very clear. No one wants another lockdown so now is the time for everyone – and younger people in particular – to ensure they do their bit because coronavirus remains a real and present danger to us all.”

To protect yourself and others, when you leave home you must:

• keep washing your hands regularly
• wear a face covering over your nose and mouth in enclosed spaces, unless you are exempt for medical reasons or under 11
• stay at least a metre away from people not in your household or bubble, ideally two metres

Most importantly, if you or any members of your household or bubble have symptoms of Covid-19, no matter how mild, please stay home, self-isolate for 10 days and book a coronavirus test as soon as possible.

Symptoms of Covid-19 include a high temperature, a new, continuous cough, or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste. To book a test, please visit or call 119. Anyone who would like support booking a test can call the council’s Book a Test Team on 01902 290244 weekdays between 9am and 4pm.

Wolverhampton has three walk-through test centres, at Showell Road, off Stafford Road, at the council-run Mountford Lane car park in Bilston and in the car park of Whitmore Reans Health Centre, which are open seven days a week from 8am to 8pm.

Please note that demand for testing is currently high. There are a limited number of tests available at local test sites without the need for appointments. However, this is subject to varying daily demand levels so booking in advance is recommended.

Anyone who tests positive for Covid-19 will be contacted by NHS Test and Trace and will be asked to share information about people that have been close contacts recently.

John added: “The test is free, only takes a few minutes and, combined with the Test and Trace programme, will enable us to track the spread of the virus, identify trends early on and better tackle potential outbreaks.

“By doing all this, you will be protecting yourself, your family and the wider community – and help us to avoid a local lockdown.”

The latest information and guidance around coronavirus is available at and on the council’s own coronavirus pages at There’s lots of advice on how people can protect themselves and their families from coronavirus from the NHS at

The council’s Stay Safe, Be Kind campaign offers clear and simple advice about how people can help themselves, and how they can support others who may be particularly vulnerable at this time. For more information, please visit


Notes to editors:

1/ For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact Paul Brown, Communications Manager, on 01902 555497 or email

• Issued by the City of Wolverhampton Council’s Corporate Communications Team.
• For more information, please call 01902 555439.
• More news from the City of Wolverhampton Council is available at:

linthouse Green BeltIMG_7788

Wednesfield North Residents – Latest Green Belt Information

Wednesfield North Residents -Here is the latest information I have received from the City of Wolverhampton Council. I asked for the latest information available, relating to the proposal to build on Green Belt Land that fronts Linthouse Lane and Kitchen Lane Wednesfield North.

Please read the information provided. This is just an information piece to keep Wednesfield North residents updated – This response was dated on the 1st of September 2020.

“Dear Cllr Bateman, The only change since I last contacted you is that the Covid-19 situation has resulted in the delay of the Black Country Plan and South Staffordshire Local Plan preparation processes.

The next stage in the South Staffordshire Local Plan preparation process will now be consultation on a Preferred Option document in summer 2021, Further details can be found here:

The next stage in the Black Country Plan process will be consultation on a Draft version of the Black Country Plan in summer 2021. Further details can be found here: regards,Michele Ross Lead Planning Manager (Sub – Regional Strategy)”

Please read and be informed.