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Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more

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Fly Tipping In Baylis Avenue


I had a constituent contact me after she had read of the Fly Tipping issues on the True Briton site.

She  then highlighted her concerns about a former Garage Site at Baylis Ave and the amount of fly tipping that had been there for a considerable period of time.

I contacted the Wolverhampton Homes team and they have responded stating that they have inspected the site, and that they are going to arrange for the Estate Caretaking team to visit the site and for items to be removed.

I want to thank the Wolverhampton Homes team for being so prompt and reacting to your City Councillors  request.

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Well Done Wolves!

Well Done Wolves! A football result that has made my family very happy! Plus it is going to be a very big lift for the City of Wolverhampton.

You have to recognise the fact that this current team and Manager are having a season of immense significance. So from this Baggies fan …go on and enjoy every minute of what is turning out to be a season of great promise. I can see another 80,000 Party on the horizon!


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Culture Wednesfield – JSDA Dancing Off To Disney Land!


I just want to say what a fabulous Show that Julie Sarah’s Dance Academy just put in tonight at Dormston Centre Sedgley. It was a fantastic dance show, starring the best of Wednesfield’s talented dancers.

Mary and I watched with excitement as the dancers went through their routines.

From the youngest and cutest dancers through to the Adult dancers the show was just so clever in its presentation and delivery.
Culture Wednesfield – Is alive and well here, and Julie Sarah’s Dance Academy is the catalyst for the talent that was on show tonight (16 March).

With 43 dance routines the audience which packed into the Dormston Centre, were treated to an awesome night. They in turn showed their delight at the routines by whooping and cheering, stomping and whistling. Making that atmosphere electric in the show.

The measure of the talent in this Wednesfield dance academy can be measured by the fact that eleven girls have been invited to perform at Disney Land Paris!

This after top choreographer Craig Wharmby talent spotted the youngsters at Julie Sarah’s Dance Academy, everyone in the auditorium greeted this news with huge noise.

As two of the Local Councillors for Wednesfield North we would like to say how proud we are of JSDA and Julie who runs the academy, and after tonight and all the excitement.

We would like to offer our own congratulations to everyone in our community, that helps the Dance Academy reach such high standards. I know lots of parents volunteer their time to the Academy when shows like these are produced. So if you get a chance to see JSDA in action take it! Marvellous talent, great dance!



Average Speed Enforcement Cameras Coming!


Wednesfield residents please be aware of the changes that will be taking place on Wolverhampton and Black Country Roads!

Average Speed Enforcement cameras will be installed on key Black Country routes in a bid reduce casualties and tackle anti-social behaviour. 

The phased introduction of average speed enforcement across the Black Country will bolster the speed enforcement operation across the highway network and raise the profile of this important tool to assist in reducing road incidents and clamp down on careless drivers across the Black Country.

The routes under consideration are:

Area Location

  • Wolverhampton A449 Stafford Road and A4444 Black Country New Road
  • Walsall A34 Birmingham Road, A4444 Black Country New Road, A4148
  • Broadway North and A41 Black Country New Road, Moxley to


  • Dudley A4123 Birmingham New Road and A458 The Hayes/Park Rd/Drews Holloway/Stourbridge Rd (Lye to Halesowen)

Across the Black Country in 2017 there were 2,105 road traffic collisions resulting in personal injury to 2,916 people; 418 of these casualties resulted in serious personal injury and 24 people lost their lives.

In Wolverhampton, there were 503 road traffic collisions resulting in personal injury to 684 people; 84 of these casualties suffered serious personal injury and one person was killed.

Additionally, across the region there has been increasing levels of anti-social behaviour such as car cruising which has adversely impacted on the community.

The new cameras aim to support the West Midlands Combined Authority Road Safety Strategy to significantly reduce killed and seriously injured casualties in the West Midlands.

Councillor Steve Evans, Cabinet Member at City of Wolverhampton Council said: “It’s shocking to see the amount of people that have been seriously injured and even lost their lives on our roads. We recognise something needs to be done to tackle this Black Country-wide issue to reduce road incidents and anti-social behaviour.

“As a council, we have a responsibility to implement a wide-range of engineering and education schemes to address road safety issues to protect our residents and visitors.

“As well as supporting the Black Country car cruising ban, average speed enforcement cameras have been successful in reducing road accidents in other areas and I’m pleased to see them coming to Wolverhampton and the rest of the Black Country to improve safety for all road users.”

This approach to enforcement is fully endorsed by the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner as it improves the traffic speeds along the route and enables the future introduction of enforcing red light running and ensures a consistent approach to the delivery of speed enforcement across the West Midlands area.

Cllr Dr Lynnette Kelly, Assistant West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “I have promised that I would improve road safety and do all I could to reduce the number of injuries and deaths on our roads. That is why I am pleased that these safety cameras are being delivered. Speed is one of the biggest causes of deaths on the road and one of the biggest issues that local people raise with me on a daily basis.

“The Black Country Councils are installing the cameras and the police are supporting them by processing and enforcing the fines. This shows that we are on the side of the overwhelming majority of motorists who drive safely and sensibly and want others to do so also.”

The new cameras will be installed on a phased introduction from 11 March 2019.

Cameras are also set to be introduced in Sandwell on A34 Birmingham Rd (between Scott Arms and Walsall boundary) and A4123 Wolverhampton Road (between Hagley Road and Pound Road) subject to Sandwell Council’s Cabinet approval next month.

40 Dead in Horrendous Shooting!

I am sure that Wednesfield North residents will have their sympathy and their thoughts with the people of New Zealand, and Christchurch in particular.

This mass shooting of 40 killed and 28 injured, men women and children at prayer, is just horrendous.

What a shock for this peace loving country. I hope you will all join with me and express your sympathy to the Mayor of Christchurch.Lianne Dalziel.

Kitchen & Linthouse LaneIMG_3943

Latest News- South Staffordshire Green Belt.

I have always tried to ensure that we place information here in Wednesfield North where Local Residents can read and avail themselves of the latest proposals.

Last year on the 18th April 2018, I informed Wednesfield North residents of South Staffordshire plans that could lead to new homes being constructed on what is currently Green Belt land in South Staffordshire. This land is within the Staffordshire boundary, but fronting Kitchen Lane and Linthouse Lane.

That message in April last year was primarily aimed at Wednesfield North constituents who have an interest, or who are interested in the announced proposal by developers to build 2,500 homes on what is current ‘Green Belt’ land within the Parish of Essington and within the District Boundary of South Staffordshire D.C.

At that time South Staffordshire District Council were still finalising work on their current Site Allocations document (SAD) but then they switched and began working  on the review of their Local Plan.

This document was to set out strategic growth options for South Staffordshire and consider what levels of growth can be accommodated.  They further informed me that they were updating their Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) which will contain all the sites suggested to them (including Linthouse Lane) and this will be the starting point for site options.

Wednesfield North City Councillors Mary Bateman, Phil Bateman,  and Rita Potter have asked that their contact details be added to South Staffordshire District Councils Local Plan database, and that means that we will receive automatic updates on local planning matters.

I went onto urge any of our Wednesfield North constituents or local residents in Wednesfield who wish to be added to the database, to do so, by sending their email address to .

Today the 11th March 2019 I have received the following information “The Black Country authorities and South Staffordshire commissioned a joint Green Belt Study.

This Study is now well under way and should be finished by this Easter.

South Staffordshire will use the results of this study, and other evidence they have commissioned separately, to select preferred sites for their next stage of consultation.

The next stage is the “Preferred Options Consultation”, which is programmed for March/April 2020.”

Clearly there is still some work taking place, it is a real live issue.

But the consultation has yet to start. I would urge local residents to email and ask that their names and interest are addressed when the South Staffordshire Plan starts to relate to proposals.

The email address is

Wednesfield Road Signs

Could Wednesfield Business Benefit From This Partnership?


With sales figures above £1m  – Wednesfield Businesses may want to see if there is opportunity to join this scheme being operated by eBay Retail and the City of Wolverhampton Council.

The current arrangements appear to be a really successful for the small businesses that are working in the scheme.

Called the Wolverhampton City Council Retail Revival partnership with eBay, the initiative is showing great results.

Small business in Wolverhampton have reached sales of £1m, following training and support from the eBay team. On average retailers have reported sales increases on 41%, over the three-month period.

Retail is under huge pressure nationally, its good to see a partnership that appears to be working very well here in this City.

So the question is? Could Wednesfield businesses improve their performance by joining the scheme, and taking advantage of the training that is taking place. After all we all want to see a successful Wednesfield and City!

11219321_10206520658548749_9033833711497005409_n Rubbish left

39 People – Have Shopped a Tipper!

Fly Tipping is a real cause for concern.

It gives a poor reflection on neighbourhoods, it is dangerous, and it is often a source of environmental contamination. Please if you live in the City of Wolverhampton and you see someone tipping. Take their car registration numbers and report them. I will pass the information on if you want to give me the information.

Here is the most recent information that the City Council has made available to your Councillors.The recent Keep Your Street Neat Campaign Update – 11 February through to the 24th February 2019

These are the key statistics for Fly Tipping at this time in 2018 there were 719 cases reported – in 2019 that number has been reduced to 53% with 333 cases being reported in Wolverhampton.

  • There have been 39 ‘Shop a Tipper’ calls made by the public to inform authorities of this act across the City of Wolverhampton.
  •  27 Fixed penalty notices have been issued across the City.
  • 2 vehicles used for illegally dumping waste, has been seized.

Wednesfield North statistics show that serious Fly Tipping remains low in this Ward. But I want to ensure that this continues.

rita & mary International Womens day

Wednesfield North – In Support of International Women’s Day 2019

In Support of International Women’s Day 2019

 International Women’s Day -Is Friday 8th March 2019 – Wednesfield North Councillors are fully supporting this important calendar date. Plus the objectives of International Women’s Day.

We recognise that it is not just a world-wide day for high flyers! International Women’s Day is about inspiring women to achieve, wherever they may live or work, and support whatever they want to do, in every day of the year.

Here in Wednesfield North we are very proud of the fact that our Local Councillors are always trying to get local people to achieve their own visions and their own objectives.

Councillor Rita Potter and Mary Bateman play an active part of Wolverhampton City Council which for the first time in our City Council history the controlling Labour Group, has more female Councillors than men. In an often-male dominated World of Politics. This is no mean achievement. The gender balance in this Ward, see’s two female Councillors and one male Councillor working together for a common goal.

Councillor Rita Potter said today – “Here in Wednesfield North we work every day with our constituents, we show by our actions what can be achieved.  I and my colleagues are always striving to achieve the remit for International Women’s Day – Here in 2019 that international theme is about trying to achieve, and bring about #Bringing Balance to the Ward of Wednesfield North. Last year in 2018 -Our support for International Women’s Day 2018 related to the fact that we had two very active women Councillors, in our team of elected members. Both Councillor Rita Potter and Councillor Mary Bateman play a full role in the activities that take place here in our Community.”

Both Councillors do their best to inspire women in their daily activities. They are great role models, whether it’s through their activities in the community, or by their volunteering, or in their support of progressive policy on the City Council.

Our City Councillors drew inspiration from The Suffragette Movement what was in its 100th year last year.  This year our Women Councillors will be pressing to build progress on the 2018 successes here in Wednesfield North.

This Year – The UN International Women’s Day 2019 campaign theme is #Bringing Balance.

It is a theme that our two Councillors enact every day on behalf of our community and the City of Wolverhampton. They represent Wednesfield North very well and we are as the local Wednesfield North Labour Party very proud of them.

Wednesfield North have three City Councillors two of whom are Women – Councillor Rita Potter and Councillor Mary Bateman.

Please contact Phil Bateman Secretary Wednesfield North Labour Party

On 01922 403960