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Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more

Back Into Life! – 28 Narrow Boats Cruise into Wednesfield.

Good news for Wednesfield! Today the Wyrley and Essington Canal will be once more throbbing with the sound of 28 Narrow Boats taking part in the Walsall Campaign Cruise.

Tonight Sunday – All 28 Narrow Boats will be overnighting at the Bentley Bridge Moorings. This is good news for the Village, and for the canal as we get back to activity on this ancient waterway.

These are water borne tourists to our Village and our City. Work I undertook over the previous years, show that as an average the boats that tour and then moor here, spend on average around a £100 on food and provisions.

This is a great economic benefit to our traders. Please if you see them give the boaters a warm welcome.

Phil Bateman Re-Elected -Wolverhampton City Council

I want to thank everyone who voted for me last week. I did in fact top the Poll!

retained the Wednesfield North Seat for Labour!

The result was -Phil Bateman Labour and Co-Operative Votes – 1339 elected

Lee Harris – Green Party 112

Gordon Edward Newell -Conservative Party 1086

Majority Labour 253 Votes.

Labour once again controls the City Council. The Annual General Meeting is next week, when a new mayor is chosen. There will be Councillors in the Chamber for the first time since Covid-19 struck.

Millbank Street Closure – Gas Main Replacement

Please find details below regarding the proposed temporary closure of Millbank Street, Wednesfield North, Wolverhampton.

• Millbank Street closed in both directions from its junction with Kitchen Lane to its junction with Wolmer Road.
Vehicular Diversion Route: Kitchen Lane, Wolmer Road and vice versa.

It is expected that the works will take place between 01/06/21 and 04/06/21 to facilitate the laying of a new domestic gas service by Cadent.

If you have any concerns or comments please contact me by 14/05/21 in order to process the advertisement of the Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) accordingly.

Many Wednesfield Residents Enjoy Perry Hall Park


Councillor Phil Bateman said ” I have received complaints from a resident in Wednesfield North who complains about early morning Quad bikes racing around Perry Hall Park.

It seems that the Police are not seeing this ASB. Please if you see it or are subjected to it. Contact 101 and log it with the force.” Here is what Wednesfield Police say – “Due to recent complaints made, in particular around the Perry Hall park area, the team have increased passing attention and some foot patrols in the area, we also cover ALL the other green spaces as and when we can.

We understand that groups of youths have gathered at times and have left litter behind when they leave.

We have seen very little in the way of A.S.B in the areas, considering the amount of users, we have seen people enjoying the green spaces as they should and as expected groups of kids have gathered at times, but nothing much other than the odd isolated incident of ASB which we have attempted to deal with at the time.
Our patrols will continue and we shall endeavour to deal with any issues as and when they arise.

A ‘Big Thank You’ for Supporting Me!

Wednesfield North- Many residents are contacting me asking the results of the City Election here in Wednesfield North. The full count does not take place until 2pm today, May 6th 2021.

The result shouldn’t be too long after that.

Can I thank everyone who voted for me, supported me, and helped me in Wednesfield North during this long election campaign

I want to inform you that I have always been very proud to represent you. In fact it has been a privilege. We can see all across the Country that Labour, has perhaps not had its finest hours!

When the Election Count has taken place, I stand ready to accept the result. Win or Lose. I have always tried my best, and that pride will be with me when the results are finally announced. I also want to thank Mary and the family for always being understanding and always accepting the constant call on time. Finally I have had some superb support from residents, friends, groups and organisations. I very much appreciate all you have contributed or the time you have given to me. A ‘Big Thank You’ to all of you!

So its down to waiting patiently – for all of us I think!

STOP PRESS – In this afternoons count. I did in fact top the Poll! Yes I retained the Wednesfield North Seat for Labour! The result was -Phil Bateman Labour and Co-Operative Votes – 1339 elected

Lee Harris – Green Party 112

Gordon Edward Newell -Conservative Party 1086

Majority Labour 253 Votes.

Don’t Waste Your Postal Vote!

I want to appeal for the Labour Voters in Wednesfield North to return your postal votes and ensure that your vote is indeed counted.

This is a tough election and every vote is a precious vote. Please Post your Vote back today.

Please post it back today -Just three days left until Pollling Day!

But you must have filled it out correctly, signed it, and sealed it in the envelope provided.

Four Good Reasons to Vote Labour on Thursday!

Here are some key issues that I hope residents in Wednesfield North will hold in their mind when they are Voting on 6th May – In the Super Thursday Elections.

• Vote for Phil Bateman Labour and Co-operative . I have campaigned long and hard to protect the Essington Green Belt from thousands of dwellings that developers are just waiting to swoop on. I am committed to keep fighting against that proposal. Conservative led South Staffordshire Council is still progressing it as one of their Options. Their Public Consultation document will be released, after the elections later this Summer. You have been warned!

• Campaigned and still campaigning to save Wednesfield Police Station. We have been campaigning for years! Its still there. A Vote for Labour in the Mayoral election and a vote for Simon Foster Labour, for the Police and Crime Commissioner Elections, will help bring this about.

• Crime is a big topic here in Wednesfield North at the moment, more vehicle crime is taking place with a gang stealing Catalytic Converters. I want more Bobbies on the beat, and I have made that clear over recent years, and in recent weeks. I want you to back me with a strong mandate to press for this with the new Police and Crime Commissioner. Vote Simon Foster Labour – for the new Police and Crime Commissioner.

• Liam Byrne the Labour Candidate for Metro Mayor has a great policy that I do hope you will support, by voting Labour at the Mayoral Elections. He has committed to have a Youth Workers back in every Neighbourhood. A policy that I support strongly.

These are four very good reasons for residents in Wednesfield North to Vote Labour in these elections. I will state more reasons every day in the lead up to May 6th 2021.

Wolverhampton – Canals Become Popular Again!

Councillor Phil Bateman said today – “The Local Canal system in Wednesfield and across Wolverhampton is making a huge impact on community life.

Once they were little used amenities. Attracting few people and often treated with disdain by local communities and neighbourhoods. But over the last few years, and most certainly here in Wednesfield during this coronavirus pandemic . We have seen an explosion of use.

Towpath use and the discovery of our canals by local people have seen some spectacular growth.

The Canal and River Trust have informed me that the average daily count during April, and the average daily count so far during this third lockdown, all compared to the pre lockdown baseline, show continuing increase of the towpath use. Clearly these statistics indicate that neighbourhoods and communities are using these wonderful rural and historic waterways in a way that hasn’t quite been seen, for decades -if ever at all.

These range from 72% increase in Coventry to 172% in Wolverhampton!

I know that here in Wolverhampton our local canals are being coveted by many users. That is why it hurts so much when people tip their rubbish and their unwanted garbage along the canals. There are some magnificent people who pick rubbish up in family groups and individually. They have done so through out the lockdown and I take my hat off to them.

But today its the good news that I am beaming about . Our Local Nature Reserve which runs the length of the Wyrley and Essington canal inside the City boundary keeps interests high.

The waterfowl are attracting admiring glances and the young of all the various species that makes their home on this waterway. Continually attracts families with young children. “

Its Mental Health Week- and this amenity is a really great way to help combat some of the issues that affect people with mental health problems. Take a walk along your Local canal and look closely at the flowers and wildlife!

Wednesfield – Police Inform of Action on Knives.

This week we are running a knife crime activity week in your area as part of Operation Sceptre – a national week of action.
Clearly with Covid restrictions in place we can’t involve the community in our work as much as we would like to.
However it means you might see our officers doing these things:
Weapon sweeps where we will be looking for knives hidden in public places

Test purchasing – where we will be checking that retailers are being responsible and only selling knives to people of the correct age

Officers using knife arches and knife wands to search for weapons

More officers at transport hubs including bus stations

We would normally be talking to children in school about knives and the dangers of knife carrying but we cannot do this at the moment.
However, if you want to take this week as an opportunity to talk to your child about knife crime we have help and advice on how to have that chat, including what to say on our website.