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Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more

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National Express Makes Bold Statement!

Councillor Phil Bateman MBE said today ” This news is pretty much ground breaking for a UK Bus and Coach operation. It should be welcomed as another solution towards our Climate Change Crisis, that we are currently facing up to as a City, and a conurbation. If I had any criticism at all, it is that the timescale, which I admit is already demanding, could be bettered by being shortened. Nevertheless I certainly feel that this is a very good announcement.”

National Express Group sets out zero emission vision

27 February 2020

• Pledge to not buy another diesel bus in the UK
• Ambition to have fully zero emission bus fleet by 2030 and coach fleet by 2035, making National Express the first zero emission transport group in the UK
• Environmental targets to be included in all senior executive share schemes

National Express Group today outlines its vision to become the UK’s most sustainable bus and coach company.

View the full announcement on the National Express Group website

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Help Me Please! #ShopLocal

I am really keen to find out how many people are now trying hard to #ShopLocal for some of their requirements. Here in Wednesfield North we have been advocating local people taking up the challenge of reducing their families carbon footprint. Just leave a comment if you do any sort of local shopping now? I will use the results in an important contribution that I will be making in the next few days. #ShopLocal reduces a families carbon footprint, it boosts footfall and helps the local economy , as well helping to provide valuable part time jobs.

Please help me by sharing this message with your family and friends as well! Please leave a comment as well!

4.30pm snow falling

New Weather Warning!

As your Local Councillors in Wednesfield North we occasionally get warnings of this sort, from the weather team….Beware from 22.00 tonight through until tomorrow we might be subjected to some unpleasant weather! So Wednesfield be ready and take care.

Dear Councillors

We have been notified of a Yellow weather warning for Snow & Ice that will be in place across some of the West Midlands Conurbation (bordering Wolverhampton) from 22:00hrs today , until 10:00hrs tomorrow , 27th Feb. There is also a Yellow weather warning for Snow affecting Wolverhampton from 00:00hrs tonight until 12:00hrs tomorrow.

The latest from our Met Office Advisor (26/02/2020);

‘Weather Update for Staffordshire, Warwickshire and West Midlands Police/LRF areas

Today will see some occasional wintry showers of rain/sleet/hail and perhaps even some snow too, although these should ease and clear later this afternoon. This evening will start off fine and dry, although during the course of Wednesday night we will see a mix of sleet and snow push in across the midlands, with the sleet/snow continuing until Thursday morning.
Whilst snow amounts don’t look particularly large – there is a reasonable chance that by first light on Thursday morning we could see a covering of a couple of cm or so of snow on the ground pretty much anywhere – although there could be a little more across the usual higher routes and communities as is often the case. This means then that tonight and particularly tomorrow morning we could well see some difficult and treacherous travelling conditions – particularly where roads may not have been gritted. We could still see some snow falling during the morning commute on Thursday, although any sleet/snow will stop by mid-morning with reasonable fine weather for the rest of the day.

Thursday night will be cold, potentially icy in places, then on Friday/Friday night and Saturday morning we will see another spell of rain. Currently rainfall amounts don’t look particularly high during Friday and Saturday – but given the very saturated conditions on the ground it could well mean that we see some further instances of surface water flooding.

We have Yellow weather warnings in place for Snow and Ice for tonight and tomorrow morning at

In summary then – don’t be surprised if it’s a bit snowy tonight/first thing tomorrow morning – there could be enough to make transport a bit difficult first thing tomorrow morning, but it will improve quickly. More rain on Friday into Saturday.’

Please visit: for more up-to-date information.

542_133226 Agenda

More Homes Planned for Wednesfield North!

Homes are required – No one would argue with that statement, and in line with the City of Wolverhampton campaign to build new homes, I can inform you that here in Wednesfield North we are embarking on another 11 new build Council Homes. The five sites being earmarked are Brownfield sites all located on former , now redundant Garage Sites.

These are to be found at-

• Townson Road former garage site – 2 X 2bed houses
• Simmons Road former garage site – 1 X 2bed bungalow
• Woodside B former garage site – 4 X 1bed apartments
• Wolmer Road B former garage site – 2 X 2bed houses
• Southall Road B former garage site – 2 X 2bed houses

Site surveys have been carried out and the Wolverhampton Homes team will shortly be submitting planning applications for each site.

There will be other sites across the City.

\Wolverhampton Homes will be sending letters to all the residents surrounding each site to advise them of the planning application prior to the standard planning consultation period.

Wolverhampton Homes will then appointed the contractor who will advise of the delivery of the programme

If all goes to plan the likely start to programme this will start during the Summer of 2020, subject to City of Wolverhampton Council Cabinet approvals.


CCTV Captures The Culprits!

On Sunday 23rd Feb after 7.00pm there was anti social behaviour taking place down on the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade.

I reported the situation on my Facebook site on Monday, as local residents and some shop owners were greeted on that morning by
bulbs and plants that had been ripped from the Wednesfield in Bloom containers and strewn around.

Now I have been shown the high definition cctv of the culprits, (all timed and dated), doing the damage. They were also (maybe) up to other things.

There were both Boys and Girls! I may add – having what they think is a good time throwing the plants at each other.

Cycling about – Just acting as though what they are doing is just fine and dandy to do…

Now I shall be contacting the police, its not fair on everyone that gives their money in donations for flowers,
or the residents of the estate who give their volunteer time to see this community support treated in this way. Making the
Shopping Parade more attractive for shoppers increases the trade, it keeps the shops open, attracts new business.

If our community just allows this vandalism to continue, it will have an adverse impact on everyone ultimately.

What I cant understand is – the kids are all of an age when they know right from wrong. The vandalism is all done with purpose, this was not an accident.

The cctv is in High Definition, with dates and times to make the evidence requirements of courts easier.


Climate Emergency? – Yes Even Here In Wednesfield!

Climate Emergency is not just a throw away line.

We are seeing the effect of climate change in the weather here in Wednesfield even today. #StormDennis brought about seven significant flooding issues in homes here in Wednesfield North alone, There were four significant local floods’in four locations that caused so much concern. they were – Kitchen Lane,Lichfield Road,Linthouse Lane and Ridge Lane, with some other less significant effects and locations.

The storms and the flooding following these weather changes that are taking place, are in in towns and cities close to where we live. Even here in our own location of Wednesfield we are seeing increased local flooding as the weather changes

We all need to take on board the things that we can do to help our own situation. We can walk a little more, take public transport for some journeys, we can #ShopLocal, and improve the individual and our own family carbon footprint. We can plant an indigenous tree in the garden, we can compost food waste, we can recycle more, and we can use our clothes just that little bit longer!

Take a look at the information contained here and do what you can to ensure,we all change…Yes and the Local Authority needs to do so big time too! I am interested to hearing what you say- So leave a comment please.

Blue Light

Wednesfield Police Were Active on Wednesday!

Councillor Phil Bateman today said “Today I received this message from Wednesfield Police.”

Wednesfield Police “As requested we have been continuing with the speed watch operations, This week Planetary Road and Fitzmaurice Road have been covered, only 1 vehicle was clocked doing over 30 mph in Fitzmaurice, but on Planetary Road there were 9 vehicles clocked doing between 35 and 43 mph.

In addition to this a lot of our time has been taken up with the floods and also Bentley Bridge retail park with all the anti social behaviour with youths on bikes, a “Section 35″ dispersal order has been in place and several warnings have been issued with 2 arrests as the warnings were breached, the bikes have been seized and will be returned in due course.

There have also been several arrests for theft and several vehicles removed from the roads for varying offences, all in all it has been a very busy week.”

Councillor Bateman further added ” I want to thank Wednesfield Police for their activity. I note that only 1 vehicle was observed breaking the speed limit on Fitzmaurice Road, this is to be something that is welcomed. But the activity also showed that roads where there are reports of speed taking place do get checked. That is also to be welcomed.”

Wednesfield NHT
police crest.png – 135.7 KB

Bird boxes87372259_10220258526146853_4636852898989342720_n

Give Wednesfield Garden Birds Some Help!

Did You Know that there is a growing concern for birds, as to whether there are enough holes and hideaways for them to shelter and nest. The RSPB says that this is #NationalNestboxWeek.

Perhaps you can use Half Term and make a bird box to help encourage nesting in your garden!

What a great way to encourage birds in your back garden here in Wednesfield North #NationalNestboxWeek

My message to all our residents in Wednesfield, is give our feathered friends a bit of help #WednesfieldNorth please support this campaign to increase nesting sites for our local birds!

Lets share this with all our friends and see how many Bird Boxes we can show in Wednesfield #WednesfieldBirdNestingBoxes

10462542_715400025192216_4193381832399208680_n Ashmore Park Sign

Rubbish in Reynolds Walk

Rubbish that is hanging outside the rear of a home in Reynolds Walk is a continued nuisance for many local residents.
In fact there have been many comments about the need to have the offending garbage removed.

However this is a private residence, it is not managed by Wolverhampton Homes. Now both Wolverhampton Homes
and Environmental Services are also now involved, as they try to get the owner to resolve the issue.
If they fail to impress upon the private owner the need to tidy up the site , the Authorities will look for a prosecution to be staged.

I thought the local community should know this.


Been Affected By Flood Damage? Live in Wednesfield North?

I would be grateful if you could contact me. If you live in Linthouse Lane and or Ridge Lane, or anywhere else that recorded flood damage in the Ward of Wednesfield North this last week end.

I would like to know the extent of your flood damage, and my intention is to arrange a meeting with the Local Authority and the Severn Trent Water Company.

But first I would like to receive an email from you with your name and address with telephone number and a description of the damage caused.

Please contact me via