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Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more

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Wednesday – Full Council At Wolverhampton Low Level Station!

Wednesday is the 20th September. A little local history is made when the City Council is held at the Grand Central banqueting Suite, which rose from the former Great Western Railway Station..The Wolverhampton Low Level Railway Station!

The move has been made as the Civic Centre Council Chamber is closed for refurbishment.

Ironically I worked at Wolverhampton Low Level Station for many years, and to go back for A City Council meeting will be a delight for me. In fact I shall be moving a resolution at the City Council meeting tomorrow that calls for more funding for the Policing of the City.

The Grand Old Low Level Station an architectural gem in my mind. Will have heard my dulcet tones talking politics many times on the platforms of that station in the late 1970’s and Early 80’s!

I was in those days an active National Union of Railwaymen Local Departmental Committee member, and (union official). Indeed I once led a strike of Parcel Delivery drivers from that station! When the management induced a decision, that later got overturned, and even though we went on strike, payment of my union members were made after the management reversed their decision!

I am looking forward to delivering my speech tomorrow is it is an important call for more funds for our force in the City. The thin blue line here in Wolverhampton is getting thinner and thinner. We want the police to be neighbourhood police officers, we want the police to be available when crime takes place, and we want crime solved when it happens. Currently our local Bobbies are at full stretch, and they are moved into other towns like Walsall and West Bromwich when those towns do not have enough officers! That leaves our local areas denuded of Officers….my constituents want to see police officers and PCSO’s in Wednesfield. They do not want to go day after day without seeing that uniform. I am sure there will be plenty of support for this resolution. I am hoping the Tory Councillors on the City Council will also support the resolution! But I am not going to hold my breath….

Grafitti - Ashmore Shops

Ugly Graffiti Mars – Ashmore Park Shopping Parade

I have asked the Wolverhampton Homes team to review and clean the graffiti tags that are starting to appear around the shopping parade. They are ugly tags and very off putting for customers and residents a like.

The situation just cannot be allowed to continue and I am appealing for residents & shop keepers to report anyone they see creating this ugly mess. I shall be in touch with the Police also.

The Shopping Parade needs all the footfall it can get, making the place unattractive and unappealing will threaten the survival of the traders and that cannot be allowed to take place.

IMG_5708 City Council

Wolverhampton – New electric car charging points for taxis.


New electric taxi charging points to also be made publicly accessible

New electric car charging points for taxis in the City of Wolverhampton are also to be made accessible to the public.

City of Wolverhampton Council was handed £478,000 government funding in March to help fulfil a long-term plan to grow the number of electric taxis in the city.

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles’ (OLEV) has since confirmed the electric charging network can also be made available for public use

Pheasant shops

Telecommunications Tower Proposal for The Pheasant Island.

Residents of Wednesfield North may be interested in the consultation correspondence that your Councillors have received this morning (Saturday) from a Telecommunication company who is seeking to develop a new Telecommunication infrastructure of a proposal for a 17.5 metre monopole with 3no shrouded antennas, 2no equipment cabinets and 1no meter – The Company have informed that their preferred site is in front of The Pheasant Inn on the verge of the highway, in our Ward of Wednesfield North in the Wood End area.

The company is keen to hear what views the Councillors have towards their proposals.

We in turn are keen to hear your views on this matter. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT OR EMAIL ME ON

This is the correspondence we received –

For the attention of the Ward Councillors for Wednesfield North

Dear Councillors,

Vodafone Limited has entered into an agreement with Telefonica UK Limited, commonly known as O2, pursuant to which the two companies plan to jointly operate and manage a single network grid across the UK. These arrangements will be overseen by Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Ltd (CTIL) which is a joint venture company owned by Vodafone and Telefonica. This agreement allows both organisations to pool their basic network infrastructure, while running two, independent, nationwide networks. It will also maximise opportunities to consolidate the number of base stations and will significantly reduce the environmental impact of network development. However as you will appreciate mobiles can only work with a network of base stations in place where people want to use their mobile phones or other wireless devices. Without base stations, the mobile phones and other portable devices we rely on simply won’t work.

In light of the above a new base station is needed in the Wood End area, in order to provide 2G, 3G and 4G coverage and capacity for both Vodafone and Telefonica. Having explored a number of options as detailed in the table below, my client is looking to advance a proposal for a 17.5 metre monopole with 3no shrouded antennas, 2no equipment cabinets and 1no meter at the entitled site. In this regard please find attached the draft plans of the proposal in which we would appreciate any comments you may have at this stage. Taking the attached into account the purpose of this email is to consult with you and seek your views on our proposal before any planning submission is made. We understand that you are not always able to provide site specific comments, however, Vodafone and Telefónica are committed to consultation with communities on our mobile telecommunications proposals and as such would encourage you to respond.

Before we advanced the attached site and proposal, it is of note that we have considered alternative site options and discounted them as follows:

Site Type

Site Name & Address

National Grid Reference

Reason for not choosing



Long Knowle Primary School, Blackwood Avenue, Wolverhampton

WV11 1EB

E 394094

N 301594

The site provider was approached about accommodating a telecommunications installation however there has been no confirmation of interest or unwillingness to date. Given the time that has elapsed and the attempts to gain some form of acknowledgment, this site has to be discounted as the operator does not have the owner’s permission to use their land.



The Bethany Chapel,

Lower Prestwood Road,


WV11 1JX

E 394334

N 301468

The site provider was approached about accommodating a telecommunications installation however there has been no confirmation of interest or unwillingness to date. Given the time that has elapsed and the attempts to gain some form of acknowledgment, this site has to be discounted as the operator does not have the owner’s permission to use their land.


Greenfield – SW

Roundabout of Long Knowle Lane, Blackhalve Lane and Pear Tree Lane



E 393734

N 301850

This location is too far removed from the search area to provide the required level of coverage and would impact upon the neighbouring base station sites in the network. Therefore, this site has to be discounted as it does not meet the operator’s technical requirements.



Red Lion Pub

Amos Lane


WV11 1HZ

E 394050

N 301290

When taking into account the roof shape of the property, its overall building height and the immediate natural and built clutter, it was felt that the building does not lend itself to host a sensitively designed telecommunication installation. A rooftop proposal of significant height and massing would be required to meet the operator’s technical requirements. In this regard it is considered that should a proposal of this type come forward it would be highly visible and out of keeping with the host building and surrounding uses.


Greenfield – SW

Outside Red Lion Pub

Amos Lane


WV11 1HZ

E 394057

N 301253

An application by Vodafone for a 12.5 metre monopole clad with timber effect (LPA Ref.: – 12/00164/TEL) was refused by Wolverhampton City Council and was deemed unacceptable due to its height and appearance in the street scene.


Greenfield – SW

Linthouse Lane

Opposite Ridge Lane



E 394442

N 301544

This site is found on the edge of the search area and given its geographical position would not provide meaningful coverage and capacity to the target area. Therefore, this site has to be discounted as it does not meet operator’s technical requirements.


Greenfield – SW

Grass verge of Lower Prestwood Road, near the roundabout with Wood End Road and Linthouse Lane, Wolverhampton




This site was introduced to the LPA, however they considered the location unacceptable as they felt a proposal here would significantly impact upon the open space visual amenities and be detrimental to the street scene.



The Pheasant PH, Wood End Road, Wolverhampton,

WV11 1YQ



When taking into account the roof shape of the property, its overall building height and the immediate natural and built clutter, it was felt that the building does not lend itself to host a sensitively designed telecommunication installation. A rooftop proposal of significant height and massing would be required to meet the operator’s technical requirements. In this regard it is considered that should a proposal of this type come forward it would be highly visible and out of keeping with the host building and surrounding uses.


Rooftop Existing Telecoms

1-7 Long Knowle Lane, Wolverhampton

WV11 1HZ



The building accommodates a Telefonica installation in the form of antennas shrouded in mock flagpoles. They are not shareable structures in their current form, in which significant redevelopment would be required to meet the operators needs. In this respect it is considered that an increase in height and a complete change in appearance would increase the visual prominence of this installation on the host building, within the street scene and on surrounding uses.

The Local Planning Authority mast register and our records of other potential sites have already been reviewed, the policies in the Development Plan have been taken into account and the planning history of telecoms in the area has been examined. All Vodafone and Telefonica installations are designed to be fully compliant with the public exposure guidelines established by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). These guidelines have the support of UK Government, the European Union and they also have the formal backing of the World Health Organisation. A certificate of ICNIRP compliance will be included within the planning submission.

In order to give you time to send your comments or request further information, we commit to allow at least 14 days before an application is submitted to the Local Planning Authority. This 14 day period starts from the date of this email.

We look forward to receiving any comments you may have on the proposal.

Kind Regards

Chris Taylor

Steam Packet House, 76 Cross Street
Manchester M2 4JG


Mono Consultants Limited, a company registered in Scotland, company number SC175320. Registered office 3rd Floor, 48 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow G2 5TS

Chinese Delegation in Wolverhampton

The City of Wolverhampton continues to boost its reputation, and amongst the number of visitors the City have received this year, was the latest delegation from China.

On Thursday Wolverhampton City Council were visited by a delegation from Guangzhou Municipal Government in China.

The 20 delegates were keen to find out about the City of Wolverhampton Council and how we provide information to Government on our performance as well as how we measure local indicators.

The party were greeted and welcomed by Councillor Andrew Johnson, Andrew is our Cabinet Member responsible for Finance.

A City of Wolverhampton commemorative gift was presented to Mr Zhang Wentao, Director of Guangzhou City People Government Affairs Management Office. The visit builds on existing relationships developed with China as a result of last October’s trade missions to Anquing and Shanghai and Fosun group’s acquisition of Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club.


Metro Work Closes Bilston Road Wolverhampton on Sunday.

Bilston Road will be closed in both directions from Sunday 17 September at 00:30am and will reopen at 7.00am later that same morning.

This phase of works will also include the closure of Eagle Street at its junction with Bilston Road until 23 December. Access to Eagle Street will be via Steelhouse Lane only. For access to Bilston Road please follow the diversion via Steelhouse Lane, Bilston Road, Bilston Island, Bilston Road.

Could we ask that you contact logistics / haulage companies in advance if possible, if you have any deliveries/collections during the times of this closure so that they are aware of the closure and appropriate diversion routes.

If you are unable to do this and encounter any problems with deliveries/collections during the closure, please do not hesitate to contact me via the details at the bottom of this email. To log any out of hours queries or concerns please contact 07920 216 223, and will aim to get any issues resolved as soon as possible.

Further Information can also be found on our website or on your Local Authority webpage.

17 Police Lamp

Wolverhampton City Council – Inadequate Police Funding for City?

Residents of Wednesfield North and those that read my social media sites will know that for a long period now I have been concerned about West Midlands Police and their ability to police our communities in a way that carry’s our broadest community support. We have had a difficult time in Wednesfield this summer.

Many of you as residents have told me that you are concerned that this Ward is not receiving the Police support it has in the past.

Your three Wednesfield North Councillors – Rita, Mary and I, have heard your concerns.

We have acted together as your Councillors and this resolution which will appear on the City Council Agenda in my name. It will be debated (next Wednesday, 20th September, 2017, 5.45 pm) at City Full Council – the resolution was put together to address those concerns you have as a community.

It’s not only Wednesfield that is suffering through stretched Police resources. It’s the whole of our City! That is why the resolution is couched in these terms.

Now you too can help.

You can address your views directly to me, or you can make your concerns known on Facebook and Twitter!

If we are to get the right police resources for our City, The Police & Crime Commissioner must be made aware of our feelings, and he must in turn make the strongest case that can be mustered to alert the Government. Short changing Wolverhampton and denuding us of police cover is not making Wolverhampton or Wednesfield Safer, it is having quite the opposite affect! – Tell me what you think!

Resolution to Wolverhampton City Council – Neighbourhood Policing

“The City of Wolverhampton Council is concerned about the ability of the West Midlands Police as it is currently funded to continue to deliver the sort of proper Community and Neighbourhood Policing that keeps our City safe.

We note the Chief Constable’s recent comments that the force is very stretched, and that he may not be able to deliver ‘neighbourhood policing’.

We therefore request that the Police and Crime Commissioner urgently demand
increased funding from Government to meet the needs and requirements of West
Midlands Police and the Chief Constable and return confidence in Policing to our City.

We call on the Government to provide the resources that tackles the changing face of crime, protects our residents and their property, delivers better and safer policing, in an age when large Metropolitan conurbations also have to protect themselves from terrorism.”

FB_IMG_1504275796678 Foxes Woodend school2

Foxes – “children’s safety would always come first.”

Following the recent issues I informed you about in 2nd September about residents problems with a family of foxes. Here is an up date on that story.

Woodend Primary School has written to local residents and parents regarding the issue of a family of foxes living on their school site. The School informed residents and parents of the awareness they had regarding some concerns that had surfaced locally.

The School informed that they were working behind the scenes with a variety of agencies to address the foxes issues. These included Environmental Health, RSPCA, Health & Safety and the Local Police.

The Acting Head Teacher reiterated that the children’s safety would always come first.

In my view the School is doing all it can to ensure that the children within the school always remain safe. The school is waiting for the fox family to disperse as they do after the cubs have grown.The school ask that residents do not feed the foxes, as this adds to the reason for them to stay in this location.

Foxes are not vermin, they are classed as Wild Animals, the Local Authority has no legal duty to act against them.

I have had a meeting with the School, I recognise that they are working hard to protect the children, cleaning the school site regularly, and seeking the most appropriate advice to deal with the wild life they have on the site.

I applaud the School team for communicating the actions they are taking with such a wide body of the community. I support the Head and the Governors in the way that they are approaching the problem. Its not an easy issue to deal with. But the School leadership are taking that matter very seriously and really are doing all they can to ameliorate the problem as it affects the school. I will keep you up dated with events moving forward.


Bentley Bridge Shopping Park – Secure Your Bike When Leaving It!

One of my constituents wants to warn residents to be very careful if you have a cycle and use it to visit the Bentley Bridge Retail and Shopping Park.

My constituent reported to me that they had their cycle stolen, and alarmingly there were four similar crimes recorded on the same day!

The Police have been informed, and I have had a conversation with WMP about the incident. I was concerned that there was a big problem around stolen cycles.

However that is not the case WMP said “I am pleased to say we have very little reports of theft of pedal cycle in the Wednesfield area. On this day we unusually had 4 bike thefts, 3 of which were unlocked/un-attended bikes, which is difficult to Police when sporadically people are willing to leave their possessions insecure and unattended.

I do appreciate however that the complainant in this matter had secured his bike.

When we are on duty and complete our patrols my officers will often have to advise people who leave bikes insecure.”

Therefore can I under line the advice offered by the Police…..No matter where you are please always make sure that your cycle is secure if you intend to leave it.

Working In His Shop!

Ashmore Park Shopping Parade – Moving Forward!

Residents, Shop Keepers, and Shoppers to the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade will have noticed now that the flowers paying tribute to Raj Kumar have now been respectfully removed having provided a splash of colour,as residents and friends a like, paid their respect to the memory of legendary Shop Keeper Raj!

I had when the tributes first started to be placed,requested that Wolverhampton Homes treat the flower memorial with care, and sensitivity. I am sure you will all agree that that they have done exactly that.

This is what this is what WH told me just before the weekend, “Wolverhampton Homes Estate Services caretaking team attended and removed the flowers in tribute to Mr Kumar. We ensured this was done in a sensitive and respectful manner.”

I had also requested that the raised Planters nearest the shop be attended too. The vegetation in the situation is currently unattractive and is seen by many to be uncared for.

In July I had a conversation with Andy at The Pet Store and subsequently with Raj on the day before the Ashmore Park Fun Day, about the Planters. The discussion was about giving the Shopping Parade Planters a bit of ‘Loving Care’ in time for next years ‘Wednesfield in Bloom’ bid.

The outcome is that those conversations have stayed with me throughout the Summer, and others since Raj’s death have also suggested that bringing the Planters back to a flowering position,would also be a fitting thing to do in the circumstances!

So I asked Wolverhampton Homes who owns the Shopping Parade to take a look at the Planters. Here is WH response.

“We have spoken to Wolverhampton Homes grounds maintenance partner Continental Landscapes regarding the planters on the shopping precinct. We have requested for the existing planting to be stripped out ready for re-planting. This is expected to be completed within the next fortnight.”

Now this action is in no way cutting across anything else that individuals or our community may want to do for Raj.

But I will be looking for a little help in getting plants together. Planting in the Spring, and help in maintaining the planters, as we can then as a community and in honour of Raj, play a part in the ‘Wednesfield in Bloom’ bids going forward.