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Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more

Pathway Lights -Coppice Farm Walkways

Recently a resident contacted me about the Walkway lights just behind Coppice School as we approach the boundary with the Walsall – Being Out of Action.

I can inform you that the City of Wolverhampton got their ‘Night Inspector’ to take a look.

The defects are not the lamps, which is the City’s responsibility.

Unfortunately, the lamps that provide the lights are fine, the lamps are out because this is due to a Western Power Distribution fault.  This has been reported to them and we are awaiting a date for repair.

I am sorry. I know it is so dark where there is this defect – I will continue to press the City to heap pressure on The Western Power Company to deal with their fault as quickly as possible.

New BBC Radio Wolverhampton -On Air Today!

Well this morning I have just tuned into the new BBC Radio Wolverhampton. Its being presented by an ex Coppice High School Pupil – Elise Evans .

Bev Knight is on the show on its opening broadcasts! Follow the link and hear Elise on her big opening day!I must admit it is nice to see Wednesfield people getting on in life!

So my very big congratulations to the BBC Radio Wolverhampton and Congratulations Elise on your debut this morning!

BBC Radio Wolverhampton Join Elise Evans 6am – 10am and Letitia George 10am – 2pm weekdays.

Listen to full match commentary of every Wolves game, midweek and weekends on DAB Digital Radio. On DAB Digital Radio and online. Radio Wolverhampton Celebrating Wolverhampton and helping communities in extraordinary ti

Proposed Traffic Regulation Order – Ecclestone Road -Southall Road

The City will be starting a consultation process today, which is aimed at making the highway safer outside of Coppice High School. The process starts with adverts in the Express and Star, and properties that are DIRECTLY affected by the proposed TRO’s. Your City Councillors are playing their part by advertising this on this Blog Site and social media. There is an address where you can make your comments on the proposals and an email address at the bottom of the page –

Dear Occupier,
Ecclestone Road, Southall Road – Proposed Waiting and Loading Restrictions

The City of Wolverhampton Council is undertaking formal consultation regarding proposed waiting
and loading restrictions in parts of Ecclestone Road and Southall Road. These proposals can be
seen on the attached plan.

The proposed restrictions are required to address concerns that have been expressed regarding
inappropriate school gate parking leading to access and visibility issues, for both pedestrians and
road users.

If you have any comments, please contact Philip Carlin by email – or in writing as per the details shown at the bottom of this letter.

Alternatively please write to David Pattison, Director of Governance and Solicitor to the Council, Civic
Centre, St Peters Square, Wolverhampton, WV1 1RG, by 5 February 2021 which is the end of the
formal consultation.
Yours faithfully,
Philip Carlin

City Stores and Shops Get Advice.

  • Ensuring shops and workplaces comply with restrictions

Councillors in Wednesfield North said today “Residents and shop and store Keepers in Wednesfield North and across the City, should be aware that in recent weeks, especially following lockdown, complaints  have started to be received in numbers from people concerned about Covid rules being ignored.”

With more information arriving from the public, about covid-rules which are being broken by some stores, and other stores ignoring it.

This is unacceptable and dangerous, given the transmissibility of the new variant, for premises not to obey the rules.

The Local Authority and the Police are giving a simple message: obey the rules or face a fine.

I can inform residents that a letter that has been sent on behalf of the council and the police – signed by our Director of Public Health, John Denley and Ch Supt Andy Beard, West Midlands Police. That letter clearly sets out what is expected of stores and their duty to support the city’s covid response, making their stores covid-compliant and, most importantly of all, protecting their customers and employees.

Councillor Bateman added “We have been briefed that since 1 September 2020, police officers/PCSOs have spoken to 9,200 and report 3,400 people have received some form of enforcement activity including:

  • 3,000 people immediately complied with the restriction request made
  • 250 people have received a formal direction to leave (Dispersal from a gathering)
  • 150 people have received a fixed penalty notice
  • 2 £10,000 fines have been issued, one to a business and the other in a residential setting

Wolverhampton also has a Joint Covid Enforcement Team, consisting of officers and staff from the police, Environmental Health and Licensing. Since 1 September, the team has visited 55 premises, with two closed due to repeated breaches. Eight prohibition notices have been served.”

City Councillor Calls for Parking Clarity! PACT Meeting

Councillor Phil Bateman today released a copy of correspondence that he has sent to the Safer Travel Partnership- which organise the PACT meetings that take place in Wednesfield. He said “This issue of vehicles obstructing highways and pavements, around schools, blocking in residents own driveways, forcing people with dis abilities into the road, by the poor parking, is a constant concern for residents/pedestrians and those with a disability, on our local estates who are getting frustrated, and are concerned for pedestrian safety, road safety. is also being infringed.

The matter needs some clarity, and the policies the Police and Highway Authority are operating too, also needs to be understood by everyone.” – here is the correspondence .

“Dear Laura – Would you please place this issue on the PACT for Wednesfield North on your agenda for the 5th February? “Obstructing highways and pavements, blocking in residents own driveways by the poor parking of vehicles, is growing across Wednesfield and Wolverhampton”

It is happening all too often outside of Schools, and outside homes. Often, it’s the same vehicles that obstruct pavements, over and over again, and bad habits quickly turn into a ‘Right’’ when in actual effect it is a ‘Wrong’.
These bad parking issues affect the road safety of the neighbourhoods they take place in.

I request that this issue is placed on the Agenda so that those at the virtual meeting can raise their concerns. People with disabilities and parents with young children are usually the victims of having obstructed pavements and footways.
I hope that those that have had bad incidents and those that have reported these matters will tune in and deliver their experiences.

I have been contacting the Police and the Local Authority, over the past year, and it would be good to have the whole issue debated with a view to finding out what active policy the Police and City Highway officials are following, and what the Wednesfield residents can expect our Police force to deliver.

Can you also place the link where people can tune in to debate the agenda please? Plus the appropriate publicity for the meeting.

Best Regards

Councillor PTA Bateman MBE

Urgent – You Must Follow The Covid-19 Guidelines!

Having just seen the New Cross Hospital on Good Morning Britain, and in front of National Television. You couldn’t have been moved by the information provided. We are on the edge of losing the NHS battle not to have our hospitals in the NHS overrun.

The situation in the hospital is critical.

We need people to obey the rules, stay at home if you can, mask up!

Don’t shop in Stores and Supermarkets without a mask.
The clear message from today is that You must follow the guidance.

If you do not then hospitals like New Cross will be overrun! People are exhausted who work in health, they are catching Coved -19 virus, and other health problems are reducing their staff number in the Wards. That will have a knock on effect for other support in dealing with fractures, and other theatre work. Please even on small shopping parades don’t shop without a mask.

Stay 2 meters apart, wash your hands regularly, and stay at home if you can! Please Wednesfield North – No arguments, Act Now and follow the guidance.

First pupils receive rapid Covid-19 tests in school

First pupils receive rapid Covid-19 tests in school
Released: Monday 11 January, 2021

The first pupils have received rapid Covid-19 tests in the city’s schools.

The Government recently announced the roll out of lateral flow testing to secondary and special schools, and schools in Wolverhampton have been busy making preparations – with the support of the City of Wolverhampton Council – to enable staff and children to get tested if required.

Several local schools either have introduced, or are in the process of introducing, rapid testing which will enable them to carry out routine testing of staff and students who are currently able to attend school. This will help to provide reassurance, reduce the risk of transmission and enable staff and students to remain in school.

Councillor Dr Michael Hardacre, Cabinet Member for Education and Skills, said: “Regular testing in schools will not only help them to remain open for our most vulnerable pupils and the children of key workers throughout the current lockdown, but also put them in a good place to welcome back all students as soon as they are able to do so.”

Among the first pupils to have a rapid test in school was Oliver Reid of Our Lady and St Chad’s Catholic Academy. The Year 7 student said: “Having the test has actually made me feel really safe to be in school. I thought that when I was having the test that it was going to be awful, but after, I was just like, that was fine. It only gave me the urge to sneeze.”

Mum Kristie said: “I was a bit worried about having to send Oliver into school, but now I feel really reassured that it is a safe environment. School is the best place for him and I am very grateful that he can be there.

“The regular testing makes it safer and it means that we can pick up the positive cases before they spread.”

CEO of St Francis and St Clare Catholic Multi Academy Company Toni Ellis said: “It is simply brilliant how quickly and effectively the teams at Our Lady and St Chad’s and St Edmund’s Catholic academies have worked to set up rapid testing zones and have trained staff to secure the safest environment possible for our staff and young people on site.

“The support available from colleagues at the council has been truly appreciated. This really is a community effort.”

Rapid testing is only available to people without symptoms of Covid-19 and uses lateral flow test technology to provide results in under an hour. It can identify cases in people who don’t have symptoms but could still be infectious; they can then self-isolate to prevent the transmission of the virus onto others.

From tomorrow (Tuesday), teachers and other staff working in education and Early Years settings, including cleaners, catering, administration and other support staff, will be eligible for priority Covid-19 rapid testing at the city’s at Pendeford Library between 7am and 10am and 4pm and 6pm, Monday to Friday. Staff should bring their work ID or a pay slip to confirm eligibility.

Anyone with symptoms of Covid-19 – a new, continuous cough, a fever or a loss or change to their sense of taste or smell – are reminded they must book a PCR test at or by calling 119.

Reminder- Flu Vaccines for School Aged Children

Flu Vaccination Catch Up Clinics

Wednesfield North City Councillors want to remind Parents that

“School age children who missed their free flu vaccination last term, because they were off school or having to self-isolate, can get it at one of a number of catch up clinics being held this month.”

All pupils from Reception to Year 7 are eligible for the free flu vaccination this winter, delivered via a quick and painless nasal spray.

Catch up clinics are taking place at: Phoenix Health Centre, Parkfield Road, on Saturday 9 January from 9am-2.30pm; Christ The King, Pendeford Avenue, on Monday 11 January from 9am-2pm; Ladies Walk, Priory Lane, Sedgley, on Wednesday 13 January from 9am-3pm; Biz Space, Planetary Road, Wednesfield, on Thursday 14 January from 10am-2pm; Christ The King, Pendeford Avenue, on Saturday 16 January from 9am-2pm; Park Village Education Centre, Cannock Road, on Monday 18 January from 9am-2pm; Biz Space, Planetary Road, Wednesfield, on Wednesday 20 January from 10am-2pm; Park Village Education Centre, Cannock Road, on Saturday 23 January from 9am-2pm.

Appointments must be reserved in advance – please call 01902 200077 to book a slot. Meanwhile Year 7 pupils at S. Peter’s Collegiate School are able to attend a catch up clinic at the school on Tuesday 19 January. Parents should call 01902 200077 to book an appointment.

Primary School Applications – Deadline Nears

  1. Primary applications deadline nears

Wednesfield North Councillors want to remind local parents whose children are due to start school for the first time this September “That they only have a week left in which to complete applications for reception class places.”

The deadline is next Friday, 15 January. To apply for a school place, parents should log on to and complete the short application process.

Parents and guardians will be notified of their child’s allocated school place on 16 April 2021. Parents are reminded that even if their child is in nursery provision at either primary or junior school, they still need to apply for a reception class place.

Help and advice is available from the Admissions and Appeals Team on 01902 551122 or by emailing

Covid vaccine

  1. The roll out of the Covid-19 vaccine is continuing in Wolverhampton. It is currently available to people in the first priority group – people aged 80 and over, care home residents and staff and health care workers at high risk – and will be rolled out to others based on factors such as their age and risk in the near future.

The vaccine is being delivered from New Cross Hospital and a number of primary care sites.

All GPs in Wolverhampton are linked to these primary care sites, and will offer the vaccine to eligible patients. People will be contacted by the NHS as and when they become eligible for the vaccine; there is no need to call their GP or pharmacy. For details of the priority list, visit

Vaccination centres which will be capable of treating large numbers of patients will be established across the region in the coming weeks as further supplies of the vaccine become available, and it will also be made available from community pharmacies; further details will be confirmed in due course.