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Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more


Council & Police Check Taxis Today!

I understand that today West Midlands Police have been busy working with Wolverhampton council
and checking the permits of taxi drivers.

A number of checks were made and warning notices were given to taxi drivers.

This is a task that the team will be taking frequently to ensure passengers are safe.

Councillor Phil Bateman added – “I am pleased that these checks have been made…
Perhaps we could see some checks made on taxis travelling through Wednesfield High Street.”

Neville tranter DonationIMG_6883

What A Great Gift!

The Ashmore Park Community Association met tonight at The Hub for one of their scheduled Executive Meetings.

During the course of the meeting the daughters of Neville Tranter – Helen Scott-Reed and Allison Jackson, made a presentation to the APCA, on behalf of their family.
Neville was a member of the Ashmore Park Community Associations – Art Club.
The Committee were told by Allison “My dad loved the Art Club; he enjoyed the camaraderie and the friendship of the Club” and Helen added “This Hub is a lifeline for some – He just loved the Art Club.”

Neville sadly passed away in July aged 86 – he had at the end of his life suffered from dementia. His funeral took place on Tuesday 30th July at Bushbury Crematorium.
Daughter Helen repeated that “Dad knew so many people around Wolverhampton and Wednesfield especially with regard to football and most recently here at The Hub He enjoyed his painting, and creating his amazing watercolour paintings and artworks.”

The family spoke about the way that Neville had painted and the family were very proud of the way his Art had been exhibited at the Hub.

They said he was “immensely proud when the Queens representative – The Deputy Lord Lieutenant visited the Hub on Ashmore Park to award Queens Voluntary Award to the Ashmore Park Community Association.”

It was at that important ceremony that the water colour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth which Neville painted, was very much the talking point, during the Award ceremony.

The family then presented the Committee with that original water colour that Neville painted of the Queen.

Plus the family said they “had raised £810 selling other paintings and art created by Neville.”

Helen and Allison then presented a cheque and the painting to James Clarke – Chairman of the APCA which was warmly received.

The Water Colour painting will be proudly displayed at The Hub for the enjoyment of others.


Important – The Whitehouse Crescent Bonfire 2019 Ashmore Park

As we approach Bonfire Night there are local residents and City Safety Officials that are concerned about the size and the contents that are being piled onto the bonfire stack in Whitehouse Crescent Ashmore Park. The City Council tell me that.

“The bonfire preparations have begun very early this year, far too early (at the start of September), which has led to some fly tipping occurring at the site before the Council was made aware of the bonfire as to deploy cctv to the area.

The wood pile when inspected by a City official towards the end of September was far too high, and even then, at unsafe levels.”- they tell me.

City safety officials wrote to me yesterday saying that “They have been unable to contact anyone from the local community who wants to take responsibility for the bonfire.”

They further inform me that they have been speaking with the local Tenants and Residents Association who has been contacting people who were involved last year, as to whether they will officially take responsibility for the 2019 event.

Last year a group of residents signed to take ownership of the bonfire and were informed that this would have to happen again this year, by the City Safety Officials.

The City tell me in their correspondence that they “have heard nothing as of yet from residents about the 2019 Bonfire night proposal.”

City Officials again tell me that “this year (2019) has seen a large increase in the number of complaints regarding the bonfire, based on the concerns about disturbances from last year’s event and the organisation of this year’s event.”

I therefore wish all local residents to be aware that as it stands. City Officials have informed the Tenants and Residents Association, “if we cannot get a nominated responsible party for the event by Wednesday this week (16th October) the wood pile will be removed.”

If, however the City have contact with “a responsible party they will be required to attend a Council SAG (Safety Advise Group), meeting before the event takes place”.

In that way the City Council Safety Advisory Group will have a chance to understand what safety arrangements will be in place on the night, if the Licence is agreed.

I have made this information public, as I feel that it should be. If you live locally to Whitehouse Crescent be aware of this important information


Dog Pooh & Pet Owners Who Don’t Pick Up!

It is an age old problem, and just when you think that the neighbourhood is waking up to the fact that
dog pooh needs to be picked up after your pet has dropped it, and taken home to depose of it.

More evidence arrives that just makes you feel mad!

This morning I received this message ” Would it be possible to remind people in the area to pick up after their dogs? We have woken up this morning to find dog mess all over the pavement across our driveway. We live on Ryan Avenue and have to take our son and baby down to the school so you can imagine how much fun it was trying to avoid the mess this morning! It also isn’t fair for all the other parents and children going down to the school as it has been walked through so people are going to have dirty shoes all day.”

It is a very fair message one that makes me feel that some of our residents will not pick up until they are caught and fined for allowing their dog to foul public places.

Ryan avenue is a access to a school. Dog Pooh is a way in which disease is spread. Please pick up after your Pet, I know that the vast majority do.

West Midlands Police

Wednesfield Police – Request Your Help!

#Wednesfield There have been reports of a tipper truck being driven around Wednesfield. The truck is described as a white tipper and is being driven by white males (early 30s.)They may knock on doors asking for work on properties. They may target the elderly.

If there is any suspicion let Wednesfield Police know via webchat or 101

If in doubt always ask! If you see this truck phone West Midlands Police straight away

Blue Light

Latest Official Crime Statistics for Wednesfield

Crime statistics in Wednesfield continue to cause me great concern.

Whilst Wednesfield is not the worst place in the West Midlands for Crime activities. it nevertheless is very much part of an area that is subjected to crime.

We have lost yet another Police Constable to another area. Yet the crime statistics haven’t fallen dramatically in the last year according to these statistics.
There are still so many crimes where no further action is being taken. 1102 where investigations have been completed – and No suspect identified.

The top ten crimes recorded for Wednesfield are for
703 -Violence and sex crimes
280-Vehicle Crime
279- Anti Social behaviour
243-Shoplifting offences.
241-Other Theft
170-Criminal Damage & Arson
17-Theft from the Person

The stats are from September 2018 through until August 2019. We have seen one of our Police Constables transferred elsewhere this last week.I am unhappy about losing a Police Constable having seen these statistics. I think it is right that we should question why?

Click on the link at the top of this article – and see how crime has changed in Wednesfield over the last year. See how the different crime categories are performing. These are Home Office statistics and they do help you gauge what is happening in Wednesfield.

I am convinced we need more Police Officers not less! What is your view?


Councillors and Volunteers -You Did So Well!

I want to thank my fellow Councillors for re-arranging their diary dates to assist with the
Wyrley and Essington Canal-Litter pick in Wednesfield Last Sunday.

Councillor Jacqueline Coogan, Councillor Rita Potter, and Councillor Mary Bateman I really do appreciate the efforts you made, along with the 30 other volunteers
that turned out to support the event with the Canal and River Trust. You all really made a big difference.

You were all magnificent, as everyone of all those volunteers were.

We cleared a boat load of plastic,bottles, clothing, ironmongery,mattresses, springs, motorcycle helmets, old toys, found dead rodents, and saved a pigeon from a cat! Well until the boat and the rest of us moved away that is. we had lots of ‘thank you’s’ from members of the public who witnessed the actions.

I have walked the stretch of canal that we cleaned up over the last two days. I can say it is 100% better than it was. Before we started on Sunday.

Its really down to folks now. Please do not litter the canal and towpath. Please take your rubbish home with you!Enjoy the environment along the Wyrley and Essington, its a great piece
of infrastructure, and it is the home to animals and plants. Plus it is amongst the UK’s latest Local Nature Reserves to be declared this year.


22,300 Women Skip Smear Test!

Councillor Phil Bateman said “Wolverhampton Health Watch are undertaking a project, and they have written to me asking if I can help get people here in Wednesfield North interested in filling this survey in. I was shocked to see the statistics! Please if you are a woman take some time and fill the survey in the link it is at the bottom of this page.

This is what Wolverhampton Health Watch wrote to me saying “We are undertaking a project on Cervical Cancer. Between a third and a quarter of women do not respond to their cervical cancer test (smear test) invitation. In the City of Wolverhampton, 22,300 women did not attend their smear test last year. With low levels of attendance, we want to understand why women do not respond to their screening invitations and what can be done to improve attendance. ”

To help us complete this project please either complete this survey or share widely with your contacts.


true briton

True Briton -Barriers Erected!

Following a speight of car crime, and the use of the True Briton car park as a way to access public open space,
at the back of the Public House,allowing cars to be stripped and then fired.
I wrote to the City of Wolverhampton urging them to engage the owners of the True Briton to do more
to stop these crimes happening.

Cars have been driven through the True Briton car park, because the company has not maintained their
fencing, despite local calls for them to make their property safe.

I think that the True Briton is pressing Local sentiment to its limits.

I am pleased that the True Briton has now responded by erecting a barrier on their property as a way
and means of now providing an impediment so that similar car crime can be stopped.

I am also pleased that the City of Wolverhampton is looking to provide a similar
impediment on the Green Open Space that is CoW property, which will strengthen
and hopefully stop these types of future incursions. I hope that the True Briton management
will also look to try and improve local relationships with local residents also.

IMG_5708 City Council

Can you help the City of Wolverhampton Council?

Hi Can you help the City of Wolverhampton Council?

“Ernest Stone, who was 83 years of age, had lived in the Ashmore Park area of Wolverhampton. It is thought he may also have relatives in the Birmingham area.

Anyone who is related or knows Mr Stone, or has any information which may help trace his relatives or friends, is asked to contact Protection and Funeral Officer Emma Dart on 01902 555394 or email ”