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Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more

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We Oppose the Loss of the Essington Green Belt!

Wednesfield Residents who wish to oppose the development of Green Belt land in South Staffordshire, will have a chance to do so up until the 12th December in a consultation that is being run by South Staffordshire District Council.

I want to just want to make my position clear. I feel that the loss of this Green Belt will be disastrous for Wednesfield and Wolverhampton residents who enjoy both the Green Belt as a physical amenity and also as a visual amenity.

The three Wednesfield North Councillors are opposed to the loss of this land, and we will be joining residents to oppose the loss of this Green Belt.

I will be writing to South Staffordshire District Council before the deadline date for this particular consultation closes. Just remember this is only the first shots in the battle.

What I would urge Wednesfield residents to do is to write individual letters/emails to the Authorities. This will carry much weight.
Many of you have asked me about the Essington Action Group to oppose the plans.

My advice to you is to take in as much information as you can to halt this proposed development. Join the Essington Action Group and give them the support that they need. By all means sign the petition.

Just for clarity all three of your City Councillors in Wednesfield North oppose the loss of this Green Belt, and we will work with the Action Group where we can, and with the Councillors of the Parish, District and County of Staffordshire where it makes the most sense to do so.


Horse On The Road! Owners Must Take Action.

There is an inherent danger which constantly over the last two weeks or sohas threatened road safety in Kitchen Lane as the highway approaches the Essington/South Staffordshire/Staffordshire Boundary.

A big brown horse or its little mate, a white one, is consistently breaking out of a field behind the Coppice Farm (Whose address is within Essington South Staffordshire) onto Kitchen Lane which is the highway in the jurisdiction of City of Wolverhampton.

These horses are a huge road safety hazard when they are out. Councillors, the Police and others are being called almost every other day, and night by anxious residents and motorists.

Again tonight I have been called because the large horse in half fading light was charging up and down Kitchen Lane. Putting itself and motorist’s at huge risk. In this instance a local resident on Ashmore Park along with Staffordshire Police captured the horse.

I want to ask anyone who knows whose animals these are to inform them ( The owners) that they need their field/Paddock made secure. It is not currently secure in its present form.

Tonight I will be reporting these multiple issues to the West Midlands Police, City of Wolverhampton Road Safety team, and the South Staffordshire District Council to urge them to step in and take action, before an accident occurs.

If there is a fatal accident then the owners of the animals are putting themselves at risk of being sued for injury or damages.

The safest way forward is for those responsible to secure the field……


One Year Old Birthday – Ashma Cafe!

Well its a One Year Birthday for the Ashma Cafe on the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade.

Just One Year Old and this business is going strong, a partnership of friends.

Boy! They have made an impact….Well done all of you, everyone of you have worked so hard. Driven a good business, and added a much valued cafe, to a pretty good Shopping Parade. Good luck in the next year guys…..

IMG_5708 City Council

Residential Dwelling Told Clean It Up!

There has been quite a lot of neighbourhood concern about an owner of a home on Ashmore Park that has been using their property to store waste and car parts, wood and furniture at various times. It has been a period, of really turbulent times for local neighbours.

Today I have received official notice from City Officials that a community Protection Warning letter has been issued, to the owners. The Protection Warning notice sets out what the owners cannot do on the highway or in the residency.

Constituents are requested to note that the City Council does take action when planning laws are so clearly being broken.


Message From Wednesfield Police

Message from Wednesfield Police

If you notice strange outgoings of people in an address there could be a possible cannabis grow. You may also notice a distinct smell and the curtains may be drawn.

If you suspect anything at all – please let us know

On another note have a fantastic and safe weekend

Message Sent By
Vanita Patel (Police, PCSO, Wolverhampton)


Bonfire at Risk?

Dear Local Residents of Whitehouse Crescent Knock Road and Parker Road – There is every chance that the Bonfire now erected on Whitehouse Crescent will be torn down and taken away.

With Bonfire night quickly approaching I understand from City Officials that the Council has yet to receive any contact from a member of the community who wishes to take ownership of the event.

This very much puts the event at risk, and the Council may have no choice but to remove the wood piled high on Nocke Road/Whitehouse Crescent.

I am making really a last-ditch appeal for neighbours/ residents to come forward and take some responsibility for the event

Failing this, and with less than 2 weeks until the event, the City Council will have no options but to get rid of the bonfire, under health and safety grounds.

If you want to take on this responsibility/ You will need to contact James Noot the compliance Officer -Environmental Crime on tel 01902 554321. Or by email on James.Noot2@wolverhampton.Gov.UK

Finally If you have a view on this issue – Please let me know via my Facebook Page or by email on Should it go ahead or shouldn’t it?

TJ Hairdressers IMG_1238There is a real excitement on the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade as a new shop is opening on the 28th October. That will be when a new Management team takes up the scissors and hair dryers – at the former Elle -Leighs Hair Studio.

A peek through the shop window quickly frames new owner Tracey Trickett and Manager Kieren Greenways, as they busied themselves getting ready to launch their new venture – TJ Hair Studio.

Its exciting times for Tracey Trickett – She admitted to me that it was a “thrilling times for me, I have worked in the industry for a very long time.”

She added “This venture will be my very own Studio and that is a first for me. I am so excited about being able to bring in new ideas of my own. I am also pleased that Kieren has agreed to take up the Managers position, together we are a trusted team of hairdressers! As a team together we have more than 30 years of experience in this trade, all of which we will be offering our customers both old and new.”

Councillor Phil Bateman said “It’s great to see new business opening on this Shopping Parade, it is very much a thriving district centre, it attracts a lot of footfall. Plus, from Monday it will boast an exciting new business, with a top team that Is brimming with great ideas about developing new custom and great new hairstyles. I wish them the very best of luck in their new business venture.”

IMG_6614 BCN Cruise on a Chilly Wednesfield- 14 9 2015

Two Narrowboat Cruises for Wednesfield in 2020!

Good New for Wednesfield! Once again I have been informed that there will be two BCN cruises taking in Wednesfield, during the new BCN 2020 schedule.

BCN Cruises wrote “We have planned to hold two Explorer Cruises next year starting them both from the Bentley Arm at Wednesfield.”

Councillor phil Bateman said ” This is really good news for Wednesfield. We have a beautiful canal, and it is pleasure to know that another group of boaters will experience it for themselves. There is also the additional benefit that Narrowboaters with their own spending patterns will be adding to our very own Local Economy!

The Wyrley and Essington Canal is also now a Local Nature Reserve having been granted the status in April 2019. The photo is of the 2015 BCN Cruise

West Midlands Police

Message from Wednesfield Police

Wednesfield Police – “There has been recent activity involving cannabis cultivations across the Wednesfield area. If you see something strange or notice any smells please do let us know.

There has also been an increase in burglaries. Please ensure lights are on and doors and windows are locked. If you see something out of the ordinary please let us know.

It is better to be safe than sorry.

Please also check on elderly neighbours as they are most vulnerable.”

Message Sent By
Vanita Patel (Police, PCSO, Wolverhampton)