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Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more


Returning to School? -Very Strong Feelings Surface in Wednesfield North.

Cov19 downloadYesterday Saturday 16th May 2020 – I wrote a short note asking for Readers on my Social Media sites
to tell me what they felt with regards to the Governments proposals to request children to return
to school on the 1st of June.

This is the second such straw Poll I have undertaken in the last few weeks,the last one on the 5th of May
was also quite vehement in tone.
In that one I had 22 readers respond to the article, and at that time 18 of the readers felt that the Government
was moving too fast towards leaving the Lockdown arrangements.

On Saturday my readers surprised me again. It was the continued strength of the replies to this latest request
dated the 16th May. That did it for me.
The 33 responses – I received only led to just one positive indication that one family had discussed the situation
and after this consultation their child would be returning to full time education in school on the 1st of June.

As a Local Councillor these responses have helped me with regards to gauging that strength of feeling in our community
which of course is important.

If the Government are going to reduce our community anxiety, it needs to shift considerably more peoples views, than
is the case at the moment.
The soundings I am taking from my Ward suggests that my community thinks the Government are operating too quickly.

The 1st June will be on us like an Express train, Parents and families are going to have to be in a much more confident
mood than they currently are, if pupils are to return to school in considerable numbers.

I will be writing to the Chairman of Education, and the Leader of the City of Wolverhampton to advise them of the strength
of feeling that abounds here in Wednesfield North, with regards to this topic.

Councillors Show A Light!

International Nurses Day 12th May 2020IMG_3325Today Both Councillor Mary and Phil Bateman took part in International Nurses Day 2020, a day to celebrate nurses all across the world – which this year has even greater significance falling as it does during the coronavirus pandemic. Cllr Phil Bateman said “We placed a light in our window at home in line with the wishes of Nurses. Recognising Florence Nightingale and every single Nurse we know and the thousands of others, who look after us, and our families.”

The day was chosen because it was the birthday of Florence Nightingale, who is regarded as the founder of modern nursing – and today marks 200 years since her birth.

This year the public is being asked to get involved by illuminating their windows as a nod to the lamp which Nightingale was known to carry.

Mary said “We all very much care for the work that all our Nurses do, and tonight we were happy as a whole family to pay homage to Florence Nightingale and to every Nurse, who has taken up the duties to care for the sick and Infirm. Now at the heights of this Pandemic – Covid19,it makes us think of their duty and their actions every single day.” The Batemans lit the light at their home.

West Midlands Police

Six Motorbikes crushed – It was 2008!

In my Councillor Phil Bateman Archives there is this little piece of information that kind of jumps out at you….

At the end of April this item caught my attention in my Archives of 2008 –

In those days Ashmore Park had its own Police Liaison Committee……Here is what the Archives recorded…
“Back on the 22 April 2008 – At that nights Police Liaison Committee on Ashmore Park the police informed the residents who attended that they had already crushed 6 nuisance motorbikes which had been zooming around the estate and along the canal tow-paths.

There was much support given by residents to this news. It was clear that there was a real effort being made by Wednesfield Police to protect pedestrians and others from these bad motorcyclists, who really do not care too much about others.”

Now that is a big statistic for crushed Motorbikes! I think I may ask the Police what the statistic was for 2019! Hopefully there is more people complying with the law now? Though I have to inform you I have had some photographs sent me of two such bikes on the Wyrley and Essington Canal at Castlebridge Gardens only this last week. Which I have sent to the Police…..


More Cancelled Public Events 2020!

I am sorry to announce but there are another two events that I was part of the planning for that will now NOT happen this year.

The first of these events that are now cancelled is the #Stuff4Steph event at Ashmore Park Shopping Parade planned for the 4th July 2020

This now falls into line with the now cancelled Wednesfield in Bloom Inspection on Friday 3rd July. Both these events are due to Covid-19
Virus issues.

Also cancelled is the Wednesfield Canal Festival pencilled in for August 2020 at Bentley Bridge. Also falling to Corona Virus.

This is a sad message, but one that just cannot be dodged.

But I do hope that you will stay with us, understand the difficult position we are in, and support us in 2021 when all our community groups will want to resurrect

Wednesfield in Bloom
Wednesfield Canal Festival

Stay with us folks please!

Cov19 download

Local Authorities Getting New Role?

Councillor Phil Bateman said” There is public speculation that Councils will be asked to perform yet another role, this time relating to Care Homes. Read what the
newspapers says this morning.”

Councils to take over care home COVID-19 testing
The Guardian reports that the Government has asked local directors of public health to take charge of COVID-19 testing in care homes. In a letter to sector leaders seen by the paper, care minister Helen Whately acknowledges that testing of staff and residents needs to be “more joined-up,” and describes the new arrangements as a “significant change.” The new testing regime will see public health directors take lead responsibility for testing, in discussion with directors of adult social services, local NHS bodies, and regional Public Health England directors. Elsewhere, the Telegraph reports that scientists on the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) are considering recommending that care home staff be prevented from working in more than one home during the COVID-19 crisis, to help slow the spread of the virus through the care sector. While ministers have announced plans to ramp up testing in homes, and Sage has set up a new sub-group to deal specifically with care homes, scientists are reportedly concerned that basic safety measures “like making sure that people work in one care home, not 15” have not been implemented.
The Guardian, Page: 17 The Daily Telegraph, Page: 7

Watchdog investigates hospitals over care home transfers
The Care Quality Commission is investigating whether hospitals may have broken the law by discharging patients with COVID-19 back to care homes without informing managers about their positive diagnosis. The Commission is investigating a number of cases where hospitals knowingly discharged positive patients without informing care homes. The CQC is also investigating whether care home residents have died from conditions other than COVID-19 due to a lack of visits from GPs.
Daily Mail, Page: 12, 13

VE Day96066526_10221057250634466_5458979132014592000_n

“This Golden Day – The 8th May”

Today in honouring the fallen, I want to publish a Poem by 11 Year Old Mia IMG_2731Mia Hamer
of Cheslyn Hay Primary School. Mia is my Niece and I think this poem she has written fits the ‘VE in Europe Day
celebrations’ brilliantly.

VE day!

The end of war comes today,
This golden date, the eighth of May.
The sun is shining bright like a diamond,
Whilst we celebrate peace on our proud island.
Patriotically, our flags are raised high,
As the spirit of loved ones smile from the sky.

We miss our loved ones, and those that have gone,
But although we’re mourning, life must go on.
Even though we are jubilant, happy in every way,
Food is still rationed: and that’s the price we pay.
The allies worked hard to bring us peace,
During that struggle, many lives sadly deceased.

Now it’s time for everyone to have some fun!
We must think about the future that has just begun.
For the old, for the young and the ones in between.
Let’s make this the best party that anyone’s ever seen.

The PM Just Maybe Listening Wednesfield!

Wow! When I asked Wednesfield Residents for their thoughts about the Governments advice a few days ago, and the indication then was that there was to be some concessions on the Lockdown.

You the Wednesfield Readers on my site said in strong fashion that the Government needed to be more cautious about moving the UK out of Lockdown.
It now seems that the Prime Minister is starting to act with that sort of advice uppermost in his mind. He must be giving a lot of thought to this, as he prepares to make his big statement to the nation on Sunday.

Well that is if the National Press are to be believed…The Telegraph is stating “Lockdown extended for another three weeks with only ‘slow, small’ lifting of restrictions.”

I know that those residents who responded to my original article printed and posted on my social media sites, where I asked Wednesfield what they felt about plans to lift the Lockdown. Readers of my social media came back strongly with their thoughts on this subject.

The overwhelming comment from Wednesfield readers urged the Government to be cautious. You urged that you didn’t want to risk a second peak of covid-19.

It appears that the Prime Minister may well have captured your mood Wednesfield!

Now we will have to wait and see what is in his Sunday address to the Nation to be sure!

In the meantime, last night was another huge success for our brave Front line carers and NHS professionals, when Wednesfield again turned out at in large numbers to support those brave workers in their epic battle with the Corona Virus.

These are the lates statistics announced 7 May 2020
UK cases: 206,715 (+5,614)
UK deaths: 30,615 (+539)
Cases: 908 (+15)
Deaths at Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust: 247 (0)

Cov19 download

Wednesfield North Urges “Lets Not Risk A Second Peak!”

This morning I want to raise the issue of the Lockdown and what will happen next. Its been forecasted all week, that the Government will ease the Lock down arrangements from Thursday. Now it seems that on Wednesday, that the Thursday date has now slipped to Sunday, when the Prime Minister is being paraded for an important statement.

This week I have asked the readers of my social media sites to set out their feelings about having the lifting of the Lock down.OakMeadow IMG_2496

I have been surprised by how many of you are urging caution in lifting the restrictions. There appears to be a fear here in Wednesfield, that being too bold will allow the Covid-19 virus to raise a second peak. Many of you are shocked that we already seem to be one of the Countries with a high death rate. Many of you seem to erring on advising Government to be much more cautious than the Press and Media think they will be. Here is what the Public have urged when contacting me, and making their views known.

Comments such as these –
• “Prefer uneducated children to dead ones. Keep schools closed until September.” Have no ambiguous tones!

• “No we cant stay on lock down forever but people are going to have to be very aware of their actions. The traffic numbers have already gone up which indicates that some people have already decided that they are no longer on lockdown.”

• “I am over the 70 group (76) Have now been in isolation 7 weeks
But to if it means the kids have a future to live in I am prepared to stay at home.”

• “I work in the community and what we see is scary. There some who just don’tphil-bateman-speaking-to-the-pharmacy-resolution care. It has to be done with caution.”

• “feel for businesses and those struggling with childcare and working at home but our NHS just about coped with the first peak. Let’s not risk a second.”

• “I am returning to work on saturday do i feel its to soon maybe. But the truth is we will have to start at some point only time will tell.”

• “I’m coming 80 Nd i feel we should wait a bit longer.”

• “Bit too soon yet Phil, don’t think some people are taking it serious enough, we need to wait until the number of cases come down.”

• “Too soon…i’m feeling stressed at the thought of my journey to Aston via buses & rail network.”

So having listened to my constituents, I place their views out there, and hope our MP’s and our Government take their fears and concerns on board. Having carried so many people with the ‘Stay Safe Stay at Home’ slogan. It would be tragic if the Government threw that trust away, by rushing into decisions to burst through the Lockdown advice. Without taking these individuals along with them. There is also a message in these comments for Local Authorities. My advice is what ever decisions we make, they should be well rehearsed ones, and that the full importance of communications are added to the decision equation.

" You made a great Contribution"

Rest In Peace – “You Made a Great Contribution”

Today I learned that former PC Gary Matthews has passed away last night, after a difficult time in New Cross hospital. Many of my constituents will know Gary Matthews. He was a long time Officer here in Wednesfield. Born locally he was a well known figure on the Beat and delivering Community Policing.

Gary was born in November 1962 .

He joined the Police in 1981 which coincided with my own 1981 election to West Midlands County Council, which was at the time the Policing Authority.
Gary retired from the Police Force in 2011, having completed 30 years of public service in the West Midlands Police.

Gary was married to Elaine and leaves a son and daughter.

I am sure there will be many Ashmore Parkers and Wednesfield residents who will remember Gary, as a guy who always had a grin and a smile. I know I very much appreciated Gary’s humour, and his professionalism, he was a good Policeman and did much for Wednesfield North.He was the Community Policeman who made a great contribution to our neighbourhoods and wider community. Always popping into Clubs like the’Good Companions’ the Old Tenants and Residents Association meetings. He was a popular and recognisable figure on Ashmore Park.

Both Mary and I offer our deepest sympathy and condolences to Gary’s family and friends.

Rest in Peace – you made a great contribution to our community and the law and order in which we all want, and indeed need, to make happy contented lives.

green ways Coppice & Ashmore

Good Morning Wednesfield – Tuesday 5th May 2020

Good Morning Wednesfield! Its Tuesday the 5th May 2020. Nice sunny morning, but the wind is chilly!

This morning is all about coming out of the Lockdown? Lots of comment on last nights TV news, and on this Mornings TV News Show. I am interested to hear what views the residents of Wednesfield North and the readers of this page have about Government plans relating to how we will achieve this.
I will stop here at this point -and ask you the reader to tell me what you think? I need to know what the views are of Wednesfield North are? What are your concerns, how quickly should the Lockdown be dismantled? does it feel right this morning? Plus, what about schools and the return of children?
Finally, if you are over 70 how safe will you feel?
Over to you!

The Photograph by the way is a shot of the Walkways at Coppice Farm Its a nice place for a walk and for enjoying your daily exercise!