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Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more


Bang! What A Result- 2019 Wednesfield Canal Festival.

The 2019 Wednesfield Canal Festival has again beaten its previous footfall figures for 2018.

A 5.7% increase in footfall or put another way 4,680 attendees is just marvellous.

I want to thank everyone who has played a part in delivering a very good two day canal festival in August for the Wednesfield public.

The partnership between Hands on Wednesfield volunteers, and Bentley Bridge Leisure Park with The Canal and River Trust is a real winner for Wednesfield people.

It’s a great weekend and we shall do it all again next year.

We are still looking at the other aspects of the festival and there is some further information that will be delivered soon.

I want to also thank ‘Hands on Wednesfield’ the volunteer Group who have worked tirelessly to deliver this magnificent festival that gets better and better each year!

Without you this last four years would not have taken place. I Am in awe of everything you do for our Community.

Bentley Bridge CR_RW_3521_Bentley_Bridge_Shopping_Park_Wolverhampton_picture_7_p8_1800x1440

Youths on Cycles Cause Concern


I HAVE HAD Wednesfield North Ward Residents contact me about the recent problems of youths on cycles creating a nuisance down at Bentley Bridge, and causing concern for the less mobile of us.

People with disabilities, parents with buggies and push chairs. All have been very concerned about large gangs of youths on cycles doing wheelies etc in crowded pedestrian areas of the Shopping Park. I have also had a complaint about drug paraphernalia being found in the Disabilities toilet.

I have been critical of this situation around Bentley Bridge Retail Park – I have therefore contacted the management team leading the Park – and here is what they have told me this morning.

Management is aware of the issue of youths cycling in groups in and around the Park. The Management wants to reassure its customers that the on-site security presence is working with the local Police to try and prevent this from happening. The issue of drugs paraphernalia was not known and is now being looked into; the toilets are checked every two hours so surveillance is high.
Hopefully with the action being taken and the Schools opening for a new term. The concerns will dissipate, and these young people will return to being sensible and acting without causing the concerns they have.

Ashmore Park Community

Welcome To Ashmore Park Rev Fish!

Today September 2nd 2019 – There is a very important date for St Albans Church congregation taking place..

The Reverend Tom Fish is to be made vicar of Saint Albans Church, Ashmore Park in the Wednesfield Team.

The event will be led by Rt Reverend Dr Michael Ipgrave, Bishop of Lichfield. And the Reverend Nick Watson Area Dean.
This event will start at 7.30pm –

This is a very important Inauguration for Christians on Ashmore Park.

Mary will be attending as I will after I have attended the City Council meeting. St Albans Church and the congregation has been with out a Vicar, since Rev Sam Leach left to take up a position in a Church in Torquay.

Councillors Mary and Phil Bateman with Councillor Rita Potter want to welcome Rev Fish into our community, wish him well in his ministry. I do hope we will see him carrying on the great work that Rev Sam did across the wider community. Welcome to Ashmore Park Reverend Fish and your family. I know you will have a very warm welcome from everyone here! Plus it is always great to have The Bishop of Lichfield visiting our community….Big Day Folks.


Police Ask For Help – As They Seize Vehicles!

Wednesfield Police have informed me that they have acted and that

“Two vehicles have been seized!

One vehicle was used in crime and later found to be on false plates

Second vehicle was declared SORN, no insurance or tax… but the vehicle was still being driven on the roads!

If you have any information of any vehicles that have no insurance or tax etc. do let us know!”

So as one of your Local City Councillor can I ask ” If you know or are suspicious about any vehicle that has no insurance or tax, inform the police straight away, and let them deal with the issue, as they have requested.


Police Chiefs – Make Canals Part of Patrols.

Tow paths alongside canals are becoming ever more popular for short journeys, and cyclists and pedestrians, along with sporting pastimes like Angling is very much encouraged. Rightly so!

But we also need these areas patrolled REGULARLY by the Police. Its increased patrols and building regular Police Patrols into the Duty rostas of Neighbourhood Police that will have a really big impact on the users of the West Midlands canal system.

So Police Chiefs its over to you! How are you going to deal with this issue now and going forward…..

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CoW – Needs Better More Modern Transport Access in the Decades to Come!

Wolverhampton rightly sees transportation as a key requirement for the City now and into the future. Recently the Head of Transportation told Councillors that in the last three years £33m had been spent as part of the Transport Capital Programme.IMG_5708 City Council

In 2019-2020 there is to be a total investment of £14m and an additional £3m will be spent on highway maintenance.

Yet we all know of roads where the surface standard is quickly breaking down, more Potholes etc. I thought that the telling response we received to questions about the state of the roads was very illuminating.

“If all the roads in Wolverhampton was brought up to a reasonable standard it would cost an additional £24m”.

The City Council and Councillors are aware that our highway network is indeed degenerating. But this Government and successive Governments have cut back and axed the transport grants. All of that does in the end is to force a ‘make do and mend’ capacity. Areas like road safety get cut because there just is not enough resources to deliver on. Austerity we are told is ‘dead’. But there is little or no evidence coming from this Government that is showing that essential spending on the basic infrastructure is going to be re -assessed anyway soon.

I remain committed to delivering better more modern transportation system for the City. Where and when we can. I want to see Wednesfield with an extended metro route serving New Cross and the Village with the huge Bentley Bridge retail and Leisure complex.

We know climate change is having a dramatic affect on the Global weather. We need to plan for at least two new extensions to Line One of the current Midland Metro network. An extension to Wednesfield, and we need an extension that serves the Molinaux and then travels on towards the I54 site, and the M54 and Staffordshire Boundaries. We need that extension because the Government and Local Government in Staffordshire are building big on there Villages. All that extra car traffic over the next 10 years will be flooding the city. We need an extended and efficient Public Transport service built now to deal with the future prosperity and health of the City of Wolverhampton. The remaining time I am on the City Council I will be reminding and campaigning for transportation development.

Bentley Bridge CR_RW_3521_Bentley_Bridge_Shopping_Park_Wolverhampton_picture_7_p8_1800x1440

Still Driving On! – Bentley Bridge Retail Park

Councillor Phil Bateman said today “Trading at Bentley Bridge Retail Park is holding up well as the latest statistics that I have seen indicates.

Some 69,000 vehicles on average visit Wednesfield Bentley Bridge Retail Park every week in August! That is a really important statistic. That and the statistic that 2.5m vehicles have already visited the Bentley Bridge Retail Park underlines the importance of the facility here in Wednesfield. The Retail Park boasts some of the largest Brand names in the UK They include – JUST FOR PETS,PUREGYM,ALDI,TK MAXX.DREAMS,HOBBYCRAFT,HOME BARGAINS,JD SPORTS,CARD FACTORY,COSMO RESTAURANTS,B&M,PEACOCKS,SPORTS DIRECT,DOROTHY PERKINS,BOOTS,COSTA,LAURA ASHLEY,NEXT,ARGOS EXTRA,BURTON

Bentley Bridge Retail Park has become an important activity centre for our Local Economy here in Wednesfield, and of course by implication for the City of Wolverhampton’s Economy also.

It’s not just the fact that it is perhaps one of the largest centres of its kind in the Black Country, but it is also a ‘Shopping City’ that provides some 600 local jobs too. Wednesfield and all its Wards benefit substantially from the economic activity that takes place there.As does the City of Wolverhampton’s economy with the Business rates being collected from the activity helping Government and City finances

Earlier this year I was delighted when the Bentley Bridge Retail Park Management looked outside its Retail Park and so generously supported the volunteers of ‘Hands on Wednesfield and Wednesfield in Bloom’ with a £1500 donation.

wednesfield in Bloom D93A1T0XYAAKBpLThis donation was delivered to the ‘Hands on Wednesfield’ volunteering group, specifically for the ‘Wednesfield in Bloom’ volunteers. The donation was kindly accepted and it allows the Wednesfield in Bloom volunteers to plan and finance the wonderful planting that makes Wednesfield stand out.

This with other individual, and smaller donations, provides for the planting of flowers in Wednesfield Village, and the expansion of Wednesfield in Bloom over an even wider swathe of Wednesfield.

Again its only my opinion but its this great work that is adding much environmental value to Wednesfield. Making Wednesfield stand out for both business and commerce as well as the great social benefits it brings for those of us that have chosen to make our lives here. Personally I think its the fact that Wednesfield business and the individuals we have working in partnership together, that is the magic ingredient that produces these spectacular flower displays, and Volunteers of quality. That in turn allows Wednesfield to look so darn good through-out this Summer-and onwards throughout the rest of the year.

Giving a feel good factor for all our businesses, retail and manufacturing.

Canal Festival 2019 67272416_654203888389786_2051014696802189312_n

Wednesfield Canal Festival 2019.Video!

Video Wednesfield Canal Festival2019

We have had a great two day Wednesfield Canal Festival at Bentley Bridge on the Wyrley & Essington Canal. We are still waiting for the official electronic
statistics to feed through. We are though considering the challenging weather over the two days very pleased as to how the Festival was supported.
Click on the link and take a look at the promotional video that Niel Jackson has created for his business. We think it gives a great little window on what is becoming one of the key annual events in the City of Wolverhampton.

Mind you it just would not take place if it wasn’t for the great Volunteers we have from Hands on Wednesfield who have done a magnificent job in putting this altogether! Will we see you in 2020 when we do it all again?!

IMG_1576 Danesmore

Wednesfield North – New Homes Delivered in 2019

Wednesfield North like many areas of the City of Wolverhampton has a dire need for new homes. We have done all we can to continue to identify sites that can deliver new homes and make the social contribution we need for a vibrant and happy community.

Danesmore ParkIMG_6686Danesmore Pastures – The project was won by Jessups in 2017 and these homes are branded as being of mixed tenure open market sale, rent and affordable housing. The scheme forms part of a strategy by Wolverhampton Council to provide 1000 new homes in the city by 2022. The site in the Ashmore Park area had been derelict for several years, having previously been occupied by Danesmore Park School.

The construction stage of Danesmore Pastures is now coming to a conclusion, and all the homes that were earmarked for sale have been sold.

The three Ward Councillors for the area have done their best to ensure that this WV Living site was constructed with as much care as possible. There were 6 public meetings held, which helped design the site.
This development contains 52 new homes. 39 of which were constructed for sale and 13 of which were built for Council Homes for Let. These have all been successfully Let.
The homes were built by Jessop and the Value was reported as being worth £6.7m

The City of Wolverhampton under this administration, have been keen to use the ‘Brownfield’ sites we have in the Ward in a very productive way. I can inform Wednesfield North residents that these pockets of unused land, usually long-time disused garage sites, have often been subjected to Anti-Social Behaviour. Now they have been converted into new homes.

These are the sites and the locations that have been most recently constructed and are now let to tenants.

They were all former garage sites, and they are located in –
• Parker Road (4no 2bed houses) Peach Road (A) – 3no 2bed bungalows. Peach Road (b) – 2no 2bed houses.
• All the small site developments are Council owned properties, non for market sale, and all have been Let.

The site that the Authority still has under construction are at – Whiston Avenue (2no 2 bed bungalows) I am looking forward to seeing this small construction site being handed over prior to Christmas 2019.

The next sites which are to be investigated by Wolverhampton Homes and the City of Wolverhampton Council for similar construction in this Ward are.
Townson Road,
Simmons Road,
Woodside (B),
Wolmer Road,
Southall Road

The back ground work on these further sites are still required, so the full information that is still required and relates to the ground conditions and other planning matters, before the next preparation stages can take place. This information will not be available before January 2020.

So come the New Year in 2020 we will be in a better position to know which further sites could be developed. I hope that this information is useful to Ward residents.

It Is A Walsall Job!

Recently I had complaints from residents who use the Coppice Farm Walkways.

The Walkways are a very popular asset, and we share ownership of the walkways with Walsall MBC.

Residents were quite upset because the vegetation had grown so bad. I of course contacted City of Wolverhampton first. They came and Inspected and they told me that the hazards were in Walsall MBC.

I contacted the Walsall Council and this is what Walsall have said in reply – “I have raised a job for you Ref: 469994 in relation to Coppice Farm Walkways. Thank-you for providing the map. This job has been forwarded onto our Grounds and Street Cleansing Team for their attention. I have requested as soon as they a date to notify you when these walkways will be treated.|” Its a case now of waiting to hear when they are going to act.

I will keep you informed when I have that further information.