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Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more

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Vote for Rita Potter!Labour


Well we are in the last week of the 2019 Election Campaign for the Wolverhampton City Council. I want to ask you to give your vote to our Labour Party candidate Rita Potter.

Rita Potter has been a great local City Councillor for the last 9 years. She has been a very visible and approachable Councillor. Active on Coppice High School Governing Body, and other local schools. A leading campaigner to get the £1m Hub built on Ashmore Park. Rita is at the heart of all our campaigns for improvements here in Wednesfield North.

Over the last year alone Rita has been on the streets campaigning for –

  • The saving of Wednesfield Police Station
  • More Bobbies on the Beat!

Rita has also been successful in supporting residents in the limiting of ‘Multiple Homes of Occupation’ here in our Ward.

All of us here in Wednesfield North Labour Party, have spoken up about the way that the Conservative Government has cut Wolverhampton’s City Grant.

Since 2010 Government grant cuts to Wolverhampton have been cut by more than 50%.

Wolverhampton has struggled to cope with that level of resource loss. In the last 8 years the Council has had to make budget cuts of over £220million. We have had enough of this hopeless Conservative Government.

I do hope that Wednesfield North residents will once again support Rita Potter our Wednesfield North Labour Party Candidate. Hard working, living in the Ward, Rita has been a great supporter of hard-working residents.

Now is the time you can support Rita, allowing her to continue to campaign as your City Councillor.

We have a big fight looming around the Green Belt, and land North of Linthouse Lane which developers have shown an interest, They want to construct 2,500 houses onto this beautiful agricultural land. We need Rita back to oppose this development which is in South Staffordshire. We need her experience and we need the strongest representation to deal with this and other looming issues.

Vote for Rita Potter the Labour Party Candidate for Wednesfield North on Thursday -2nd May 2019.

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Local Bus Service Changes! Bloxwich-Wednesfield-Wolverhampton.


National Express West Midlands has informed me that they are to make changes to local bus services on Sunday. Please note that the 89  bus service that supports bus users here in Wednesfield and Wednesfield North is to change


On Sunday 28th April National Express West Midlands is withdrawing the 89 and a new service 60 will replace it between Wolverhampton and Bloxwich. This service will continue to run every 20 minutes.

The principle stops are Bloxwich, New Invention, The Albion! (Doesn’t exist now- The new name is the Lancaster!) Bentley Bridge Shopping Park and Wolverhampton Bus Station.

safe_image Election!

Tory Government European Election Arrangements Announced


Wolverhampton City Council has been briefing City Council on this Governments plans for the forthcoming European Union Election. This is the arrangements, interestingly the Molineux, home of the Wolves will be the counting station for election in Wolverhampton.

EU election preparations: Preparations are well underway for the planned EU election next month. Polling day will be Thursday 23 May, with the count taking place at the Molineux on Sunday 26 May.

The statement of persons nominated was published yesterday and is available on the Council’s website.

At the moment there are no plans to change any of the polling stations that will be used next week for the local elections, but we will liaise with ward councillors if any changes become necessary.

Poll cards will be sent out on Wednesday 1 May, which means they will start arriving on local election day.

Unfortunately, we have almost no control over this because of the late notice for the poll.

Our legal guidance is also very clear, that the poll cards must be sent as soon as possible, and should not be delayed.

Postal votes will be despatched between May 8 and 11.

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This ‘Green Belt’ Fight Is Going To Be Difficult!


If electors of Wednesfield North are interested in what Rita Potter says about the Green Belt and Linthouse lane.
Then the latest election leaflet spells it out!
We have now produced an election address for Councillor Rita Potter – and we are in the process of delivering yet another ‘Meet Our Candidate- Councillor Rita Potter ‘ leaflet.Rita sets out the situation with the Staffordshire Green Belt. The first of those leaflets went out yesterday….The whole Ward will be in receipt of one before Election Day. At the moment every home on the Linthouse estate has had one delivered over the lat 24 hours.

We have been at pains to state that the full information on the extent of the threat to the Green Belt, will be known after election day. I understand that Essington has something like a threat of 8,000 homes hanging over it!  Of which 2,500 homes are directly on our boundary – down as North of Linthouse Lane.
Now its not a panic, there will have to be consultation and there will have to be planning approvals. We have got a lot of time to make our case. Before any construction work can start.
It would be good to have the Essington Councillors on side. But the Essington Village itself is going through a bitter election as well. I anticipated what would happen during this summer, when I originally broke the story.
I spoke with their two South Staffordshire District Councillors last Summer about these proposals.
I will speak with the new Councillors as soon as the election has taken place to find some common ground.
Wednesfield North residents this message is very much for you. We need all the experience we can muster , because we have a real fight on our hands to protect this Green Belt.
However there cannot be a more experienced team of Councillors like you have here in Wednesfield North, between us Rita, Mary and I, have some 56 years of Local Government experience, and additionally we do get things done for our community.
If you want us to win this fight over the Green Belt then you have to Vote for Rita Potter Labour X on Thursday. 


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Weather Up Date- Storm Hannah Is Coming!

The image is of Storm Barney which blew down road signs in Feb 2015.

As a Local Councillor I have been given early warning of the Storm Hannah which is now making its way to Central England from Ireland.It is expected in and around Wednesfield tonight…Please make sure your washing is In, and that there is nothing that can be blown around your garden or across a highway. I have placed the full information on this site to assist you. Take care Wednesfield!

Weather Update for West Mercia, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and West Midlands Police/LRF areas

A weather system (Storm Hannah) will push across the Ireland today and then across Wales and England during Friday night and Saturday.  Originally we expected Hannah to mostly affect parts of South Wales and Southwest England – but latest data shows it will take a more northward track – and this means that it will bring some strong gusty winds to the Midlands during Friday night and Saturday.

In more detail then –  Today (Friday) will see a little rain at times probably becoming a little heavier this evening.  Winds will start picking up this evening as well, and become strong and gusty during Friday night.  Saturday will continue to see strong gusty winds throughout much of the day with some squally rain showers too.  Wind speeds look as if they will occasionally gust to around 50mph or so during Friday night and throughout Saturday in many places – perhaps a little stronger than that in some of the higher communities/routes  in Staffordshire and Shropshire.  These sorts of wind speeds are not uncommon, but nevertheless they will be enough to bring down some branches and trees, and make for some quite difficult driving conditions at times too.  Also we could see poorly erected tents/marquees/banners brought down. Saturday’s weather will be quite different to last weekends weather and the contrast may take some outdoor event organisers by surprise if they haven’t been following the weather forecast.

Winds will gradually ease off later Saturday afternoon and during Saturday evening though as Storm Hannah clears away across the North Sea. Sunday looks like a better day with light winds and a fine start, although a few places could see a little rain later on Sunday.

In Summary then – Storm Hannah is now expected to bring some strong and gusty winds to West Mercia, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and West Midlands Police/LRF areas throughout Friday night and during Saturday.  Wind speeds expected to gust to 50mph or so – which are not exceptional but will be enough to cause some problems on transport networks and perhaps impact on some outdoor events as well.

Met Office has just issued a Yellow weather warning for strong winds for Friday night and Saturday for much of England and Wales – details are at

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Use Your Postal Vote for Rita Potter Labour!

Message for Wednesfield North Residents – As you prepare to make your vote by Postal Ballot, can I ask you to vote for Rita Potter the Labour Party candidate in the Wednesfield North Ward.

Rita Potter has 9 years City Council experience, and we will need that campaigning zeal and experience, she brings as we gear up to make our Ward a better place, and as we engage to protect the Green Belt.

So please use your vote well – both in the Postal Ballot and on the election day on the 2nd of May 2019.

IMG_0275 Sue Lacey

Ashmore Park Nursery – Only Gone and Done it Again!

(Image-Headteacher Sue Lacey)

Councillor Phil Bateman MBE said “I am the current Chair of Ashmore Park Nursery School Governors.”

He went onto add “Parents will Know that that school recently  had a visit from Ofsted. They came to inspect our school and the way that the Headteacher Sue Lacey  and her team of teachers and educators organise teach and protect the children, as the children set out from our Nursery School  on their long journey through the education system.

Well I can report now that the School  have only gone and done it again, with Ofsted reporting  for the fourth  time on the trot, that this school remains Outstanding!!

The results of that Ofsted Inspection  -has made me pleased to report, that the School has again – for the fourth Inspection ‘On the Trot’, received the Outstanding accolade”

The fact is that there will not be many schools here in our  City, which will deliver the sort of result, with the same management Team, for four Ofsted Inspections in a row, as our team has done here at Ashmore Park Nursery School!

Councillor Phil Bateman continued “I am so proud of what Mrs Sue Lacey and Jane Paroky , with our  Teachers and Educators, indeed the School Governors, the other staff we employ in our school, have all together achieved. They  have all  played a major role in gaining this result on behalf of the pupils and parents here in our community.

I am sure that when the school returns for the new term. That more information will be made available for parents and those interested in our Nursery Schools progress. In the meantime here is a short extract of what the Ofsted Inspector has written to the Headteacher, and is now a public document.”

“Dear Mrs Lacey Short inspection of Ashmore Park Nursery School Following my visit to the school on 12 March 2019, I write on behalf of Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education,Children’s Services and Skills to report the inspection findings.

The visit was the first short inspection carried out since the school was judged to be outstanding in February 2015. This school continues to be outstanding. The leadership team has maintained the outstanding quality of education in the school since the last inspection. You and your staff are committed to giving children the best start in life. This is done by immersing your staff in researching international best practice.”

I want to urge Parents and others in our Community – Please go onto the Ofsted site (there is a link at the bottom of the page) and read the full Inspection report. It is full of great quotes relating to the way the school teaches our children, the ‘passion’ within  which the teaching  is carried out. The great way the children progress, through the curriculum.  It’s just a great  report!

It goes without saying that if you are a parent and you want the best for your children…Why not enquire with the school to get your child’s name onto the list for entry!

I do hope our community will be as proud of what has been achieved here as I am… Tell me what you think!


Councillor Rita Potter.  Picture by Shaun Fellows / Shine Pix

Rita Potter Working for You!


Holding regular Advice Surgeries, Rita helps residents and electors with all types of Local Government problems, she is a good listener! Campaigning come naturally to Rita. She is a long-time trade Unionist, and it shows! Rita says “We campaign all the year round to make our Ward a better place to live and work.

With Mary and Phil Bateman all three Councillors are high profile and very visible. They have one issue always in mind, and that is how can they make life better for you – their constituents.”

I Am Voting Rita Potter – The Labour Party X


Wednesfield – A Great Place Of Activity This Summer!

What a summer we have planned for Wednesfield! Now these are the fun things that I am working on with friends and colleagues and other Volunteers for this summer (2019)

  • Wednesfield in Bloom Village & Ashmore Park (July)
  • #Stuff4Steph! (July)
  • Wednesfield Canal Festival (August)

There are other fun packed plans also being worked upon by other Volunteer Groups.

Wednesfield will be a great place for fun, this summer. As well as being lifted by the Wednesfield Bloomers who will working hard to lift both the Villages and Ashmore Park image and visibility, using flowers as the tools.

Ultimately its people who are volunteering that will be the drivers of this set of great projects.

Please keep a watchful eye out for further news on these items and others.