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Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more

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Wednesfield Is On A High!

There is a lot going on in Wednesfield!

Bentley Bridge Retail Park is still attracting shopper’s interest, and in fact is delivering a great service for Wednesfield, as well as providing 500 local jobs!

Trade appears to be holding up very well with some impressive statistics, indicating that the shopping and retail part of Bentley Bridge is on for a bumper year this year. Cars attending the retail park number over 76,000 a week, and this interest sets the retail park up for attracting more than 3m cars a year.

These cars attract not only shoppers to the retail site, but also helps to increase footfall in the High Street, and elsewhere locally. It is great for trade in Wednesfield and it is great for the City of Wolverhampton.

Councillor Phil Bateman went onto say – “Wednesfield Volunteers like ‘Hands on Wednesfield’, ‘Wednesfield in Bloom’ along with the Local Councillors have done much to enhance the Wednesfield ‘Offer’ this year (2017).

This has been a year when Wednesfield has had Fun Days, won a Gold Award for its ‘Wednesfield in Bloom’ entry in the Heart of England in Bloom competition.

Plus it delivered a record breaking Canal Festival in August at which 4,300 people turned up to attend a ‘Floating Market’, two days of live music, and to attend stalls, fun fair, and to meet mix and chat with neighbours and friends.

Councillor Greg Brackenridge Wednesfield South added “The actions and energy here in Wednesfield continues to be delivered, as we look towards the annual opening of the ‘Wednesfield Christmas Lights’. This again is a festival that is led by our magnificent ‘HOW’ Volunteers. I am pleased to say that Wednesfield continues to reach out and deliver attractions and activities that attracts local people and as well as stumps up regional interest!

The success that Wednesfield is currently having can be translated in another way. In 2015/16 there were 7 local shops in Wednesfield High Street which were standing vacant. Today in 2017/18 there are just three vacant shops. A reduction of 57% which has to be seen as good news. In what has been a tough trading period for the City of Wolverhampton as a whole.”

Grafitti - Ashmore Shops

Graffiti- No Useful Evidence!

I have raised graffiti and the huge out break we are experiencing not just in Wednesfield North, but also in other parts of Wednesfield including the Village.

The Wolverhampton Homes team thought that they had a useful lead, but the Police have knocked that theory down in a message that they have sent to me which is repeated here for your attention.

West Midlands Police “As part of the investigation, officers viewed the CCTV just after the offence had occurred and there was no evidential value to the footage.”
But I am keen that we do continue to try and combat this ugly nuisance which is causing criminal damage and costing both public finances to deal with it and private financial resource as well.

If you happen to know who these people are who are painting on property, please inform the Police or contact me.

Flyer A5 July 2017 Kandy Box

#ShopLocal – Kandy Box Expands Range

The Kandy Box on Ashmore Park Shopping Parade has added new items, they have Advent calendars in, promotional items for Halloween plus they have joined Payzone for bill payments. Kandy Box also have started creating Sweet & Chocolate Bouquets for gifts and for Christmas!

For Christmas they also have a Toys Catalogue out and are accepting orders now.

There is an option for customers to pay at point of order or pay in installments in a “Christmas Club” way whereby the goods are ordered upon receipt of full payment and will be here for Early December (unless paid early).

#ShopLocal #Ashmoreparkshoppingparade!

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New Market Start for City of Wolverhampton

Work will begin this week on Wolverhampton’s new £4.9m city centre market following Wolverhampton Council’s announcement in January that it would be relocated from Market Square to a new Southside site.

Steve Evans, the authority’s cabinet member for city environment, said: “The new market, partly funded by the sale of Market Square as part of the Westside scheme, has loads of potential – and we want this to be the people’s market, where events are also encouraged


#ShopLocal campaign – Repaint for Ashmore Park Shopping Parade

Councillor Mary Bateman said today – I am pleased to inform the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade traders and local residents that the Shopping Parade will be getting ready for a re –paint over the next week or so!

As you know your Local Councillors Rita, Phil and I always work as a team. I requested on their behalf that the shopping parade be lifted a little with a re painting, and we are pleased that the Authorities have agreed to do so.

The contractor Tony Davies & Partner will start by carrying out the preparation works on Monday 16th October 2017. The department will be sending letters out to all residents and visiting all the shop owners this week to inform them of the works.

This is really great news and boosts our #ShopLocal campaign which we have recently started to run as Councillors, to help local traders through a very difficult economic and trading period for them.

Mary said “I am pleased with the excellent response from Wolverhampton Homes who own the shopping parade.”


Vandalism In A Cemetery? It was ‘Brock’ That Did It!

I recently received a telephone call from a family of a constituent who were very upset about what they perceived to be as an act of vandalism in the Cemetery in Jeffcock Road, over this last weekend, where their parents were buried.

I had great sympathy for the family as they explained that the “grass had been ripped up and stripped” by and near the graves. I contacted the City Council to report the vandalism and this is the surprise response I received.
Dear Councillor Bateman, The Bereavement Services Manager has investigate the matter reported to you, and I can advise as follows. The damage is being caused by badgers after food.As you can clearly see they cause quite a lot of damage to the turf. We did not find any rubbish on the Harrison grave apart from a couple of cards that had probably been blown across in the wind from another grave.
The grounds staff on site will attempt to rectify the damage as best they can, but unfortunately there is little we can do to deter them hunting for food, and of course they are a protected species.”

I explained the situation to my constituents this morning, and they expressed relief that the actions that had so upset them were ‘natural’ and not the vandalism that they feared had happened! I want to thank the City Council for responding so quickly, because there was huge upset in the family when they thought their loved ones had been targeted. My constituents are nature lovers and the action of ‘Brock the Badger’ came as a relief to them!

So if you see the grass in the cemetery scuffed up and ripped to shreds, its the local Badgers that have set up home in the heart of Wolverhampton, looking for earthworms, acorns and invertebrates as they stock up on their body fat for winter.

Flyer A5 July 2017 Kandy Box

Shop Local! – Pop Down to Ashmore Park Shopping Parade…..

Ashmore Shopping Parade Is an important facility for our Community based here in Wednesfield North. It is also a key shopping parade for the district.

Can I make a plea to Ashmore Park, Please consider using the Shopping Parade for at least some of your purchases.

All the traders in the shops there are looking to support our community. If they were not there trading it would have a really big impact on the estate, especially when you have forgotten something and you would be faced in making a journey to Wednesfield or further!

Please if you haven’t been down to the shopping Parade for some time ‘pop down’ and buy something!

Can you please share this note with your friends, neighbours and family!


Request For School Crossing Patrol Denied

Your Local Councillors have been arguing to provide a School Crossing Patrol to assist children crossing the Griffith Drive to access and egress St Albans,Oakmeadow, Corpus Christi and Coppice High Schools. There have been two visits to the site requested.

The City of Wolverhampton’s Road Safety Team have informed me that “ In order for a location to justify the provision of a school crossing patrol, the site needs to meet an established count threshold, taking into account the number of pedestrians crossing and the number of vehicles travelling along a road. A formula is used to generate a PV (Pedestrians/vehicles) score. In order to justify the provision of a school crossing patrol, this score has to reach the 4,000,000 threshold.

I visited Griffiths Drive in the vicinity of Ecclestone Road on Tuesday (19th September), with a colleague, to carry out an informal count in order to see if we could reach anywhere near the 4,000,000 threshold.

The morning session was the busiest in terms of vehicles travelling along Griffiths Drive and pedestrians crossing. During the busiest 30 minute period we counted 191 vehicles, along with 14 child pedestrians crossing the road. This has generated a PV score of 510,734. As you can see this is significantly lower than the 4,000,000 score that is required.

We are going to revisit the site again and carry out a further count near to the Southall Road junction to see if there are higher levels of pedestrians and vehicles. Looking at the data that we have obtained so far it would appear that we are going to struggle though to get anywhere near the 4,000,000 score required.”

The Road Safety team duly carried out a second survey and the school crossing traffic doesn’t match the national criteria, which has been established to deliver this highway service. This is what the team have reported to me on the 3rd October 2017 –
“We have now carried out our second visit to this location. We conducted a second informal count on Griffiths Drive near to Ashmore Avenue and Southall Road.

Again the morning session was the busiest in terms of vehicles travelling along Griffiths Drive. During the busiest 30 minute period we counted 207 vehicles, and 24 child pedestrians crossing the road. This generated a PV score of 1,028,376. As per our previous visit this is short of the 4,000,000 score required to justify a school crossing patrol site being established.

After carrying out both visits I’m afraid that we are unable to consider the provision of a school crossing patrol at this location due to the sites not meeting the nationally established criteria for implementation.”

I will be writing to the schools to inform them of the results of the testing of the School Crossing at the point outlined. In the meantime I remind everyone that children going to school and returning from school, should be able to walk in safety. Kill your speed around school locations and stick to the speed limits.

Echo Arena

Dancing into the Finals – Liverpool The Venue for JSDA!

I am proud to say that Wednesfield has been in the news a great deal recently-
Today is no different because the JSDA (Julie Sarah’s Dance Academy) based in Wednesfield, returned from a week end in Blackpool having wowed judges with a talented bunch of dancers. JSDA have been assembling talented dancers of all ages for years.

Last week end they went to the Opera House in Blackpool with 62 students in total. They returned to Wednesfield after the competition with 33 students having qualified for the finals in Liverpool at the Echo Arena . How about that for an achievement!

Julie tells me that “Both these groups are through to the finals at the Echo Arena in March the first group song and dance sounds amazing! Our teams brought back eight trophies ‘Naughty’ won adjudicators choice of the whole competition!

Full results;- Didi kidz 3rd place; hip for Hair Up Mini kidz 3rd place; open Girlfriend Kidz 3rd place; open Naughty Adult 2nd place; modern Show me Adult 2nd overall; Show me Adult 1st place; modern Diamonds Adult second overall; Diamonds Adjudicators choice award (favourite dance of the day!) Naughty;

All this means that there are three routine through to finals at Echo Arena in Liverpool to dance in front of 3000 people!!

Now I am sure that residents of Wednesfield will tell me that this is a great story – which I think adds a little bit of cultural magic to the Wednesfield scene, of great history, sport, business and choice living.

It goes without saying that Wednesfield North Councillors wish Julie and her bunch of talented dancers at the Julie Sarah Dance Academy the very best of ‘British Luck’ in the finals!

IMG_1086 LNR Canal

Local Nature Reserve – Wyrley & Essington Canal Chugs Nearer!

I can now inform you that both Wolverhampton City Council and Walsall MBC Cabinet’s have now approved the Local Nature Reserve designation for the Essington & Wyrley Canal, now the only impediment to formal designation is the signing of the documents forming a legal agreement between the three parties.

The Canal and River Trust legal team are currently looking at the detail of the documentation, hopefully the delays will be sorted soon.

I remain very optimistic that the final legal agreements, are just days away from being sorted!

Having waited since 2007 for some success with this Local Nature Reserve scheme for Wednesfield, I think I can summon up a little more patience.

I will keep residents and constituents posted on the events as they happen…..