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Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more


Panto Season Is At The Grand!

The Grand Theatre Panto – Jack and the Beanstalk. Is an important part of any Christmas Season. I am informed that It is an excellent production and comes highly recommended.

A good Panto season is critical to the future success of the theatre, and so for all those individuals and those that have families here in Wednesfield, I urge you to go along and support one of the last remaining theatres in the Black Country!

Besides it is just good fun of course!


The Victorian Christmas Market Arrives Friday for Three Days!

Wolverhampton city centre will burst into life with the sights and sounds of its first official Victorian Christmas Market from tomorrow.

The festive 3 day market will be delivered by the council’s approved market operator LSD Promotions, and will take place on Friday 15 December (10am to 9pm), Saturday 16 (10am to 9pm) and Sunday 17 (10am to 5pm).

It will be located on Wulfruna Street, the Civic Centre Ceremonial car park, St Peter’s car park and the pedestrian area outside the University of Wolverhampton’s Ambika Paul building.

More than 100 stalls will fill the streets at the heart of the city with the colours, sounds and irresistible aromas of Christmas. The ceremonial car park will be closed throughout the weekend as will entry to the Civic Centre car park from Wulfruna Street.

new_recycling_bins Wolverhampton

Waste Recycling – Latest Information

Waste and Recycling: Date 13th December 2017

Our contractor Amey are operating a normal collection service today (13/12/2017)wherever possible.

They report that all is going well and most roads are accessible. Those roads they haven’t managed to access this morning were being revisited this afternoon when the forecast rain will hopefully improve conditions on the ground.

  • Amey have also confirmed that the Shaw Rd household waste and recycling site is open today and operating normally.

Customers whose bins were not collected on Monday or Tuesday when collections were cancelled have been informed of the following arrangements:

  • Brown bins (residual non-recyclable waste) will be collected on customers’ normal, scheduled collection dates next week and crews will also take up to 2 bags of side waste (this must be bagged).

Additional crews have been deployed to collect black bins (recyclable waste) due to the fact the next scheduled collection dates for black bins wouldn’t be until after Christmas for those whose collections were missed on Monday and Tuesday. Customers are advised to leave their black bins out and crews are confident they will have collected all missed bins by the end of next week.

  • All bulky waste collections that were scheduled for Monday are being collected today. No bulky waste collections were booked in yesterday.

Any tip permits for use on Monday when tips were closed will be honoured for the rest of this week.

Hope this information is useful to residents.

IMG_5708 City Council

Weather Is Improving – BUT!

Update 13/12/17

I have received a weather up date that as Councillors we would like to share with you!

The severe weather seen in recent days is improving with snow and ice thawing. The Met Office forecast for Wolverhampton is as follows (please note that a warning of ice is in place tonight for much of Scotland, Northern England part of the Midlands – Wolverhampton is on the southern edge of the warning area):

Perhaps some early icy patches, otherwise becoming windy with frequent, heavy and blustery showers, merging at times to give some longer spells of rain. Brighter spells at times, especially later. Feeling cold, despite higher temperatures than recent days. Maximum temperature 6 °C.


Staying windy, with a squally area of rain, sleet and some snow, mostly over hills through the evening. Scattered heavy showers following overnight. Cold, with patchy frost and ice. Minimum temperature 0 °C.


Sunny spells and scattered showers on Thursday, however slowly turning less windy through the day. Feeling cold, with patchy ice where lying snow still remains. Maximum temperature 6 °C.

Will Wednesfield North Residents Please Continue to take care!

Blue Light

Fire Service Fitted 4.6% of Free Smoke Alarms in Wednesfield North!

I am very pleased to find out that the West Midlands Fire service have fitted 125 free smoke alarms to homes in our Ward of Wednesfield North in 2016

That is a magnificent response when I compare the statistics with neighbouring wards.

In fact our WN Ward during 2016 had 4.6% of all the alarms fitted by the Fire brigade (across the whole County including Birmingham, Coventry, Walsall, Dudley, Wolverhampton, Solihull, and Sandwell) which is testimony to the fact that we value the service that they perform for us.

The 2016 statistics are in excess of the 2015 results for the fitting of free Fire Alarms when 86 homeshere in Wednesfield North were fitted with the free smoke alarms. Here are the 2015 results – Wednesfield North Ward 86 free smoke alarms out of 2407 fitted across the conurbation which is 3.57% of all smoke alarms fitted.

Of the 11 fires 2015/16 that took place in Wednesfield North, there were 7 properties which had a working Alarm .One property had an alarm but it was not working, and just 3 did not have any alarm.

Fires in Wolverhampton over this period amounted to 330 for the City of Wolverhampton, which translated, suggests that the fires that took place here in Wednesfield North are 3.3% of the total fires that took place in the City.

Not a high number of fires in our Wednesfield North Ward, but hopefully we can drive those incidents down even further.

If you have any further questions about the service the Fire Brigade provides you can always contact me on Do You have a Smoke Alarm fitted in your home or property?


Number of Fires (domestic) in Wolverhampton and Wednesfield North Ward, 2015-16
Working smoke alarm Alarm but not working No alarm Blank Total Fires
Wednesfield North Ward 7 1 0 3 11
City of Wolverhampton 173 17 56 84 330
Police car C-m_bVaXoAEqffS

Pleasingly Low Statistics for Knife Crime in Wednesfield North.

Recently I wrote to West Midlands Police about the levels of knife crime here in Wednesfield North.

I wanted to find out more about the actual knife crime situation locally. This followed some allegations made to me re an incident recently.

I have been very much reassured by the response I have received from the Police and Crime Commissioners Office and senior members of Wolverhampton Police.

I asked how many incidents involving a knife had taken place in our Ward of Wednesfield North between 2014 and 2017.

The response I have received has been very encouraging. Wolverhampton senior Police Officers tell me that

  • There have been just 7 reported offences in Wednesfield North during this period

They point out that this is less than 2 offences a year, and it covers domestic related incidents as well as those in public places. While that is seven incidents too many, it is not anywhere near  epidemic proportions.

I am very re-assured by those statistics. The Police go onto inform me that they do patrol public open space in the Ward, and those patrols have led to weapons being recovered on public open space, here in Wednesfield North. The police find and removal,  led to the police removing weapons from our local streets. I applaud them for this action.

The Police went onto explain that they work in schools and in communities to make people aware of the dangers of knives here in Wednesfield. The PCC said he had supported and ensured that surrender bins had been supported, that has helped get hundreds of knives off the streets in the West Midlands.

I want to thank  Police and Crime Commissioner Jamieson for his response, and Chief Superintendent Jane Meir and Inspector Tracey Packham for also contributing to the response letter .


IMG_5708 City Council

Rough Sleepers in the City.

Local residents have spoken with me about the Rough sleepers in Wolverhampton.

Many are concerned about their conditions with this very cold snap that is on us today and into the week.

Of the 19 known regular rough sleepers in the city, all but 5 were provided with accommodation – some staying in the temporary church centre on Broad Street.

Of the five who declined assistance, they were all seen and are thought to be safe.



snowSunday10th Dec 2017

All Wednesfield North Schools Are Closed On Monday!

Following the very heavy snowfall today Sunday, School Head-teachers and their Governors have decided to close all the schools in the Ward of Wednesfield North, tomorrow morning because of the severe weather conditions. A full list of closed schools for Wolverhampton can be found on Wolverhampton Today.


  • Woodend Primary School 
  • Oakmeadow Primary School
  • Corpus Christi Primary School
  • St Albans Primary School
  • Coppice High School
  • The Federated School of Ashmore Park Nursery & The Phoenix Nursery school

New Planning Application – City Councillor to Object!

I have objected to the proposal to change the retail unit PLANNING USE at 601 Griffith Drive which shares a site with the Co-Op. These are the terms of the objection.

“I want to object to Reference 17/01363/FUL the proposal to change the use of this unit from Class A1 Retail.

The original planning application for the construction of these two units on the part of the Ashmore Inn site was itself contentious. The decision to give planning permission was ‘sold’ to residents on the basis it would enhance the retail situation for the wider community.

This decision to so quickly change the retail classification, to Sui Generis is a very retrograde step.

My objections are that the site is not suitable for the change of use demanded. There are a limited number of car parking spaces that were set out for the development and took into account the requirement of the Public House already on site, and the new Co-Op shop.

I use the facilities and I am concerned that the majority of the customers for the new applicant, will not be local, they will be travelling further and will be coming by car in the main. This will increase traffic flow at a very sensitive part of Griffith Drive. There are three Nursery and Child Care facilities, within 150metres of the proposed shop.

The schools generate a lot of movements of pedestrians and vehicles when the schools are open. As does the Public House and the other retail stores opposite on the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade. Additionally there is a very busy bus stop outside of the Ashmore Inn, with local buses every 6 minutes. These public transport movements also constrain and complicate the highway movements on Griffith Drive.

There are not enough parking bays at 601 Griffith Drive at certain times of the day for the current arrangements as they stand, but to have up to 15 extra cars taking up bays outside the proposed Salon – will create undoubted conflicts of movements.

I would urge you also to consider public safety. Currently there is a very well used pedestrian crossing that serves the Shopping area, the schools, the bus stop, the public house and the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade.   It is already a cause for concern because of cars using the Co-Op car park for access to the shop.

Take 15 bays out of circulation and you will affect the performance and the viability of the Co –Op shop.

Potentially the parking problems will increase, and road and pedestrian conflict in a very tight area is a major concern for me.