Billy Ellitts – On the Way To Become Our Own Billy Elliot?!

IMG_3591BillyEllittsOn Saturday night 11/11/2017 Mary and I attended the Ingram Academy of Performing Arts who were putting a show on at the Dormston Centre. The principle reason for attending was because Craig Spencer invited Mary and I along to see the progress being made by Ashmore Park’s own  Billy Ellitts.

Billy is from Ashmore Park and his talent as a dancer is starting to get noticed, and the rave reviews are not unjustified following what Mary and I witnessed tonight.

Currently attending Wednesfield School, Edward the Elder, Billy tells me he has his sights on Coppice (Performing Arts) High School when he progresses to comprehensive schooling.

All the adults I have spoken to that know more about dance than I do, told me that the lad has real talent. Now having seen his extraordinary performance live for myself I was blown away by his talent, skill, and personality.

I know his family are really proud of the way that he has improved. They put that down to the  Ingram Academy of Performing Arts. The Academy seems to have brought the best out of him to date!

In recent weeks I have been stirred into looking at the talent that is here in Wednesfield, we appear to have the same kind of talent in dance and the Arts as we turn out for Sport. Except we just do not give the Performing Arts and Arts and Culture the same promotion as we do for sporting prowess.

Watching Billy perform tonight I felt I was watching an amazing dance talent, a talent that could be recognised in not too many years on our own Ashmore Park ‘Walk of Stars’. Indeed If I was a betting man I would consider betting that this young man will become a dance star that we will all be proud of.

I also had the surprise in watching my God Daughter’s – own  daughter, make her stage debut on tonight’s bill. I would like to say I am so pleased coming to watch Billy tonight, led me to watching Lottie’s own stage entrance. Now that was an unexpected bonus!



Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more