Black Country Fuchsias Show -Great Success At The Hub!

I want the people of Ashmore Park & Wednesfield North to see this. Councillor Mary Bateman and I attended this event. It was a great and very colourful flower show and we even bought some Fuchsias at the show and they are now flowering magnificently in our back garden!

I want to share with you all these extracts from a great note from the Black Country Fuchsia Society Chair Pat Rogers.    I want our community on Ashmore Park to see how successful they viewed their own show was which was held at The Ashmore Park Hub on the 1st of August.

The Society Chair Pat Rogers wrote and said “our show was a great success, mainly due to the venue, this is what we required a bit of space to spread our things out, room for people to sit down, the place worked like clockwork.   All of our members were in agreement with us that the venue is a must, this is why we decided to book this for next year there and then.” 

All three of your Councillor’s, Mary, Rita and of course me! think that is an absolute tremendous endorsement of our Community Hub and the volunteers that staff and run it! This is a major flower show which is open to the public. I believe that if we can get local people to put the show in their diaries, this great event will thrive and prosper. I know that clubs and lovers of flowers will come and take a look at what is being shown if they have enough time to organise .

So I have offered The Show Organisers some of my time next year to help publicise and promote the event here in Ashmore Park & Wednesfield. The Secretary has responded by accepting my offer she said “Thanks for your offer to work with us”

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Micky Fullard A Wednesfield North Resident & A member of the BCF Society, exhibiting at the Hub at Ashmore Park.

She goes on to say that “In the previous two years we were down on attendance, but this year we have doubled our attendance”  She added “thanks to the volunteers at the Hub they could not do more for us, it was so nice that they kept popping to see if we needed anything,  this is  a good move for us.”

For me I think this is also a good move for our community also. I understand that in 30 years of the Black Country Fuschias Society’s existence. This is the first time that there society has worked with a local Councillor. It’s my pleasure folks!


Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more


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