Burglary Wednesfield North – A Male Is Arrested!

As one of your local Councillors – I can vouch that our Ward of Wednesfield North is indeed a low crime Ward. It is consistently shown as being a Ward that has amongst the lowest crime within five miles of the Ward Boundary’s.

However this morning I wrote to the Police following the concerns that residents in the Ward have raised with me about the burglary that has taken place in Wednesfield North. I asked if there had been any increases in Burglary over the last three months?

I went onto explain that there is a real concern in Wednesfield North with regards to this horrendous offence at this moment.

I suggested to Sgt Danher that the most recent attack in Bellamy Lane had a lot of people talking, and I am quite rightly, being questioned about the effectiveness of the Police patrols. I went onto explain to him that one of my residents recently contacted me requesting more Police patrols in the Ward because of the fear that is stalking the community. 

Since I wrote that letter this morning I was informed that another burglary had taken place in Gurnard Close Coppice Farm.  I can inform you that Sgt Danher has responded very quickly and he has what I think is good news to report. 

IMG_8696 sgt Danher

Sgt Danher of Wednesfield Police.

Sgt Danher states “Over the past 3 months there have been 8 Burglary Dwellings reported to Police in the Wednesfield North area, overall we are showing a  -35% reduction. I am afraid other neighbourhoods aren’t as low as ours. 

As I type we have successfully arrested and have in custody a male who we believe is responsible for a number of Burglaries on Wednesfield North.  

The team still complete their dedicated Burglary patrols and are proactively targeting streets offering crime prevention advice to houses that appear vulnerable or may be possible targets. I believe you yourself witnessed one of these proactive patrols recently? These have not stopped and we will maintain them on a daily basis. 

Whenever a Burglary is reported we also complete a reassurance visit to the resident and offer a crime prevention walkthrough by one of our experts as well as offering crime prevention tools such as the product “Selecta DNA”, which is a property marking item.  Although frustrated at being burgled, a resident attended the last PACT and praised the work that we had completed with him, making him much less likely to be  a repeat victim. 

In relation to the Bellamy Lane incident, there are live enquires on going, which may expose the identity of potential offenders, CID are investigating the matter and my team are attending the address as I type to seize CCTV and complete the follow up enquires.”

Now I wish to put on public record my thanks for the swift response. It helps me to keep you the residents of Wednesfield North informed of what is taking place. I think everyone of us will be pleased to hear that a suspect has been detained. I do hope that the evidence is also forthcoming that will allow the Courts to deal with him .

What I would also add here is that it is still the community’s role to help the Police. More Neighbourhood co-operation is required. We need to report suspicious behaviour, and we need to keep an eye open for our neighbours and their property.



Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more