Busy Day! Productive But Also A Little Exasperating!

Today I have had a busy day first of all dealing with Constituents cases. During the election campaign in May dozens if not scores of issues were raised on the doorstep. None of these were urgent. But the issues raised do need resolving. The easy part was the door step interviews! Its now working through that information that is taking the time…writing and more writing!

I have also attended a meeting at Wednesfield Police Station to talk with  the West Midlands Police, and Wolverhampton City Council officials. The item up for discussion was Anti Social Behaviour. There is pockets of this, in and around Wednesfield North. I am pleased with the discussions. I think that we have a way forward over the next municipal year.

IMG_8856 Water Leak Shops

The Leaking Manhole cover – Shops Griffith Drive.

Recently I Identified a leak in a pipe, I raised the matter with the Severn Trent Water Company, Wolverhampton Homes, and then Wolverhampton Highways Department! All denied that they had responsibility. I vowed to continue to investigate and find the owner…well I can tell you I have now received this response – “I can only apologise that the issue wasn’t addressed when first reported earlier in the year. I visited site this morning and subsequently checked some of the records I have access to, and believe the parking area to be a WH responsibility.” So there you are, it was a Wolverhampton Homes responsibility! I visited the site today and though I haven’t had the further correspondence yet. The manhole was not leaking water! I think I can put this down as a result.

I recently took a constituents case up with Bushbury Crematorium around the way that parts of the grounds were looking. A lot of information was passed backwards and forwards. My constituent was not happy with the official responses. But she felt she did not want to continue, as it was wearing on her. In short she did not believe that the answers were wholly correct. I have agreed to her request. I will not pursuit the issue. I think that this was an issue that I have not got full satisfaction –  for my constituent.

I have also taken an issue up of Safeguarding. I wrote to  the Director at the beginning of May.

I have written three times to date and I have failed to date to get a response. I will not let the matter drop. If the Director thinks that this is the way to deal with me then they are sorely wrong!  I will give one more chance before I take the matter further.

I have received a letter from the West Midlands Police Inspector Stephen Perry  – He said ” I am now the new Neighbourhood Inspector for the entirety of Wolverhampton with the exception of the City Centre. I manage the seven neighbourhood teams that cover the 20 constituencies, so the role is certainly a challenging one. I intend to endeavour to meet with you all hopefully in the near future and would be keen to hear your views on what you and the communities you serve feel the police can help with, what are their concerns, what do we do well and what can we improve upon. I would also be keen to hear of any thoughts, ideas or indeed initiatives that are already underway in terms of encouraging our communities to contribute to tackling crime and anti social behaviour. West Midlands Police are in the process of rolling out an Active Citizens Programme for which there is funding available which is tailored for the community to come together and identify and then help tackle problems in their area with the police.”

I have responded to this request on behalf of your three Councillors.  Mary and Rita and I are looking forward to engaging with Inspector Perry, we are now waiting for his suggestions on dates for the meeting.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more


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