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Severn Trent Water Company -Information

Severn Trent Water Company has been a cause for concern for many residents in Wednesfield North, since the start of April.

Local residents have had a lot of problems with water pressure, bursts and highways closures. The core problem to the drinking water supply, was a single burst, that had knock-on problems for the rest of the Severn Trent Water company network locally.

On the 4th of April a second burst happened. I spoke with Severn Trent as the Broad Lane South highway was closed, and residents in Wednesfield North, and elsewhere were suffering low water pressure, and some experienced no water at all. Severn Trent Water Company inform me that they have now fixed the problem and service should have returned to normal. I understand that the Broad Lane South should be opened to traffic today the 12th April, after some highway treatments.

Secondly I received notification again from Severn Trent Water company that on the 6th of April “that a sewage spill in Tonadine Close was caused by the flushing of ‘unsuitable products down the toilet’. Severn Trent told me that “We have now cleared the blockage and have renewed our request for people to help protect their neighbours from potential sewage problems by only flushing the ‘3Ps’ – poo, pee and paper! This is what the overwhelming majority of people already do, but we also need to do more to get the message out to the minority of people who flush other things away, which tends to cause blockages.”

This message about sewerage is an important one. Not just for Tonadine Close, but its a message that needs to be given to everyone. Nappies and Kitchen Wipes block drains causing unsightly and upsetting blockages. Those products do not break up in water, like toilet paper, and that leads to more spills and blockages.

This is the most up to date information I have had from Severn Treant Water company. Hope it provides additional information to residents..

HRH – The Duke of Edinburgh

HRH – The Duke of Edinburgh
In light of the sad news about His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh the Council’s flag is flying at half mast and will be until 0800am on the day following the Funeral in line with Government Guidance. The Council has posted the following message.

“It is with profound sadness that we have learned of the death of His Royal Highness the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. On behalf of the council and the people of the city of Wolverhampton, we extend our sincere condolences to Her Majesty The Queen and the Royal Family as this sad time.”

We will be having an on-line books of condolence and these will be made available shortly via the following link . We are awaiting further guidance from Government on key issues over the weekend.

Campaign 2021 Launches Today! Vote on Super Election Day May 6th 2021.

Well today I launch my Official Campaign to get Re-Elected as your Wednesfield North – City of Wolverhampton Councillor. I am standing as the Labour & Cooperative Party Candidate in this May 6th 2021 election.

I do hope Wednesfield North residents will take into consideration when they vote, the many years of service I have given.

If you see me out and about, give a wave, or a toot of a horn. If you would like a poster to display DM me or contact me via my email address of –

Please share with Family and friends.

‘No Boundary Dispute’ – Between City & Walsall Reports Chief Legal Officer

Over the last month or so, I have had residents living in Simmons Road and Snape Road on Ashmore Park – asking about the maintenance of the trees and hedges that back onto their property. The trees and the hedges are in the ownership of Walsall MBC.

What has been happening is that when the Ashmore Park residents ask them to maintain their tree and hedge line. They have been met with Walsall MBC stating that there was a dispute over the boundary line.

I have written twice now to the Chief Executive of Walsall and am awaiting a response, but I also wrote to the City of Wolverhampton as well.

Here is what the Head of Legal Services at City of Wolverhampton has written back to me. she said ” Further to your query re the above, I am advised that that there is no dispute between Walsall and Wolverhampton Councils regarding trees on the boundary between the two boroughs, the boundary line is clear. There is no boundary dispute.”

So if there is no boundary dispute it seems to me quite legitimate to expect Walsall to deliver some maintenance to the trees and shrubs in the hedgerow, that are causing so much consternation to residents in Ashmore Park? The hedges and trees are part of the Walkways between Coppice Farm and Ashmore Park on the Green Open Space the two local Authorities share.

Broad Lane South Road Closure.

Councillor Phil Bateman said “Wednesfield North and South Residents- Here is the official information relating to the road closure, brought about be the water infrastructure failure.”

Please see below details of emergency works currently taking place on the following road – Broad Lane South. There is a road closure in place outside No:6 to facilitate small main repair collar by Severn Trent Water.

Notification of emergency road works:

Location: Broad Lane South o/s No 6

Promoter: Severn Trent Water

Nature of works: small main repair collar

Traffic management: road closure

Duration expected: 05.04.21 – 08.04.21

Fly Tippers Need Catching!

I have made requests for the Authority’s to clear fly tipped rubbish from right across my Ward of Wednesfield North.
Dumps of the stuff have been made in Ridge Lane Garage site, Griffiths Drive, Garage sites in Gorse Road, and the latest in the last 24 hours in Sandy Cres and St Albans Close.

There is no excuse for this. I suspect its some unlicensed users who in operation in Wednesfield.

Someone will know who they are please tell the Police or Environmental services if you have any information at all about these acts.

The City Council is to re-introduce ‘Shop a Tipper to counter the terrible actions taking place. ity of Wolverhampton “Shop a tipper” will be re-launch in the Spring of 2021-

This programme was reported to the Vibrant and Sustainable Scrutiny Panel tonight.

The Council is aiming to relaunch this initiative to encourage residents to provide information regarding fly tipping offenders.

Images of offenders caught on CCTV will be displayed on the Council Website and social media platforms will
be used to increase viewing figures. A spending voucher to the value of £100 for use in local shops will be available to anyone that provides information leading to the successful payment of a Fixed Penalty Notice or prosecution.

Anonymous reports will also be considered.”

Councillor Phil Bateman said ” Fly tipping is the bane of the Country at the moment. This was quite an interesting policy last time it was introduced, lets hope it is even better this time round. Residents together with the Council can deal with these merchants that have no civic pride, or pride of any sorts. “

Urgent Request for Donations-

Urgent request, from the Ashmore Park Food Bank.

The Volunteers have asked me this morning to ask for urgent donations of Milk, Tea, Coffee and Cereals. Please if anyone can help with donations. The Food Bank at St Albans Church will be open on Sunday from 12-noon to 2.00pm.

Donations will be very welcome indeed.

The Impact of Covid-19 -Ashmore Park Nursery School.

Covid-19 and the effects of the Pandemic has had a tremendous effect on our local schools.

Here in Wednesfield North your Councillors have been able to identify some additional funding and we have tried to assist our schools in the Ward.

We have received this nice letter from The Ashmore Park Nursery School.

Headteacher Susan Lacey wrote “I would like to express our sincere thanks on behalf of our School community for the generous donation of £500 from the ward fund, which has been provided to support schools through the challenging times of a global pandemic.

A primary focus for our nursery school, when children are unable to socially distance from each other or staff must be upon safe systems of control in order to minimise the transmission of the virus. This means that the adults and children have to wash/gel their hands frequently throughout the session and enhanced cleaning regimes have been implemented, which has had an impact upon the school budget as the financial resources do not allow for additional soap, paper towels, hand gel etc. Additional learning resources and furniture has also had to be purchased for each cohort of children to reduce the risks associated with co-sharing in school.

The impact of Covid-19 has and continues to have an impact upon the financial position of the school. Any additional funding received is therefore greatly appreciated.”

Councillors Rita Potter Mary and I, are pleased to have been able to help in this situation. We are all three of us committed to be #working4wednesfield.