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City Of Wolverhampton – Have You Spare PPE?

Have a Company base in Wolverhampton, or have some other connection with the City….Want to help the City Council in the task of keeping our population, and our community safe.
Then please read this – Then contact me on

City of Wolverhampton stocks of PPE are decreasing by the day. We would be hugely grateful as a City, if you have stocks that are not required at this time, to ask whether you would be willing to come to an arrangement where we could access your stock. The following equipment is urgently required to help our citizens.
• Fluid resistaSaant surgical masks
• FFP3 face masks
• Plastic aprons
• Fluid resistant long-sleeved gowns
• Alcohol handgel
• Nitrile non-sterile gloves
• Visors/protective goggles

Please if you can help in any way contact me and feel certain that your help will be put to very good use.

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Covid-19 Information – Wednesfield North

Good Morning Wednesfield! Monday 30th March 2020 – its an overcast morning and a little chilly.

Corona Virus – Our Local situation on Sunday 29th March was that the City of Wolverhampton 153 cases of Covid-19. Whilst it is a sobering number it is not the highest number in the Country. In fact, some 30 plus other -Upper Tier Authorities have a higher set of statistics than we do. Hope that these local statistics help you better understand what is happening in the City.

Corona Virus -Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick has confirmed that every region has now been placed on an emergency footing, with the Government establishing “strategic coordination centres” across the country. Each centre will be led by gold commanders, with senior leaders drawn from emergency services, the police, ambulance service, local authorities and the NHS.

Wolverhampton is working hard setting up its distribution centre at what was the Aldersley Stadium complex.

The UK is facing a “significant period” of strict measures to cope with the coronavirus outbreak, Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove has said. The number of people who have died with the virus in the UK has reached 1,228 – an increase of 209 since Saturday. Speaking at the Government’s daily coronavirus briefing, England’s deputy chief medical officer Dr Jenny Harries said it could be six months before life in the UK returns to “normal”. She added: “This is not to say we would be in complete lockdown for six months”, but stressed the country has to be “responsible” in its actions and reduce social distancing measures “gradually”. Lockdown measures will be reviewed for the first time in three weeks.

Chemist Ashmore Park – Can I please remind you.
1) Only queue at the Pharmacy if you are running out of your medicines. Stay 2 metres apart .
2) Allow plenty of time on requesting your medicines at the surgery for the staff to generate the prescription , send to pharmacy , for us to order stock , dispense it and check it and have it ready for collection.
3) Give the staff chance to catch up on an extra-ordinary amount of prescriptions that have been requested last week.
4) Please allow us to get the support from the Nhs volunteers that will be helping us deliver around Ashmore Park every prescription we can possibly manage to complete. The local Council and Public health England will be helping us with this mission.
5) Staff will do their best to serve you promptly. Should you also need some Pharmacy items to buy please ask the Staff to assemble for you.
6) We have reduced our opening times even though staff will be on site working. We will open at 10.00am till 1.00pm and then close for lunch . We will then open 2.00pm till 6.00pm. This will be reviewed regularly.

Addressing matters a little bit more local, and away from the Covid-19 issues.

Graffiti I have reported graffiti that is appearing on the wall alongside Griffith Drive. Please if you know who is doing this please let me know. With many of our staff, not working, or redeployed. I may be that this eyesore will last for a longer period. If you know who is responsible let me know.

Rubbish Bin I have reported an over spilling rubbish bin at Moathouse Lane by the Dump Bridge. Following information sent to me by residents. Again it may take some time for it to be addressed, again because of the situation around staff and Covid-19.

images Pharmacy

A Message From Northwood Park Chemist’s at Ashmore Park

The Pharmacy on Ashmore Park is having some difficulty in serving the local demand, in what is some extraordinary circumstances.

They like other Pharmacies are doing their best, in the current environment we are all in. Please to help them and keep yourself safe.
Please adhere to the advice that is being offered here –

1) Only queue at the Pharmacy if you are running out of your medicines. Stay 2 metres apart .
2) Allow plenty of time on requesting your medicines at the surgery for the staff to generate the prescription , send to pharmacy , for us to order stock , dispense it and check it and have it ready for collection.
3) Give the staff chance to catch up on an extra-ordinary amount of prescriptions that have been requested last week.
4) Please allow us to get the support from the Nhs volunteers that will be helping us deliver around Ashmore Park every prescription we can possibly manage to complete.
The local Council and Public health England will be helping us with this mission.
5) Staff will do their best to serve you promptly. Should you also need some Pharmacy items to buy please ask the Staff to assemble for you.
6) We have reduced our opening times even though staff will be on site working. We will open at 10.00am till 1.00pm and then close for lunch . We will then open 2.00pm till 6.00pm. This will be reviewed regularly.

Councillor Phil Bateman added – I know that these medicines are important to you. Please though keep to the advice here, and between us we will stay safe, and the Pharmacy will provide the service you require. I am in constant touch with all the relevant organisations.

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Its Sunday Wednesfield – But Its Not A Normal Sunday!

Good Morning Wednesfield – A sunny start to the day with a very Cold Wind. That is perhaps the most normal thing that will be said today, Oh! and the clocks went forward an hour last night! As many of you reading this should be inside your homes and sheltering from the Corona Virus. Those that are volunteering for the NHS and the Local Authority alongside those residents that are working because you are on the front line so to speak with the NHS workers. You have Mary and my own with Rita’s ‘Big Thank You’ for providing your enthusiasm and expertise in the current circumstances, in our community and further. It goes without saying, but I will repeat it. Please keep safe,take note of the Government guidance, keep washing those hands as well!

Now into the very bad news as the death toll across the Country has passed the 1,000 mark- The information I receive in a morning briefing from the Local Government Information Unit tells me that. I thought this morning you would benefit from reading what is happening a little further away from Wolverhampton as the Authorities try hard to combat Covid-19.

“The NHS warns against COVID-19 complacency as death toll passes 1,000 – “Now is not the time to be complacent,” NHS England medical director Stephen Powis has warned. He said “every one of us” had a part to play if the UK was to keep the death toll under 20,000. The professor was speaking after the UK’s Covid-19 death toll reached 1,019. Prof Powis said: “If we can keep deaths below 20,000 we will have done very well in this epidemic”, before adding: “If we can reduce the transmission rate between the population then the virus will start to decline”. Meanwhile, a letter from Boris Johnson will be sent to 30m households next week, warning that “things will get worse before they get better” and urging the public to “stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.” The Prime Minister adds that the Government will “not hesitate to go further if that is what the scientific and medical advice tells us we must do. Elsewhere, Business Secretary Alok Sharma announced that insolvency rules will be changed to allow firms greater flexibility as they face the coronavirus crisis. He added that a range of measures to boost the supply of personal protective equipment, such as face masks to protect frontline NHS staff, are also being introduced. The Health and Safety Executive and local authorities will be asked to fast-track PPE through the product safety assessment process, and to make this a priority over “market surveillance activity.”

Councils report coronavirus-related abuse of staff
A number of councils have reported staff being abused while delivering essential services amid the coronavirus pandemic. In Swindon, recycling centre workers were spat at and sworn at after the service was restricted to essential visits only. In Northampton, bus drivers and road maintenance staff have been shouted at by members of the public confused as to why they are still working on the highways. Police are also investigating reports that a Bristol council worker was racially abused by a man in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak. And a Southend community support officer was enforcing the Government’s social distancing guidelines when a cyclist rode into him, breaking the officer’s leg. LGA chair Cllr James Jamieson said: “I am appalled because, in the current crisis, people are working very, very hard and pulling together. I am seeing an increase across the country in workers going the extra mile and working seven days a week.”

Report warns of services being overwhelmed by COVID-19 deaths
A paper by academics from the University of Huddersfield has warned that death and bereavement services will highly likely be overwhelmed even if just 1% of people who contract COVID-19 die as a result. A major increase in mortality rates, coupled with staff absences, would lead to struggles issuing death certificates, a bottleneck in funeral services and overfilled mortuaries, they warn. Limited cemetery space could also be a major problem, with mass graves a possibility. The predictions were based on analysis of a northern English local authority’s capacity to manage excess deaths resulting from a pandemic. The authors’ analysis suggests services in the area would be over capacity each week by several hundred bodies, based on an overall death rate of 1%.

First tenant handed ‘coronavirus injunction’
In what is thought to be the first injunction imposed to enforce new Government rules on coronavirus, Preston Crown Court has ruled against a tenant who was reported to be holding parties with more than 20 guests at a time, flouting social distancing guidelines. The legal order was requested by the Mosscare St Vincent’s housing association. The injunction prohibits any visitors to the tenant, and will remain in place until official guidance on social distancing changes.

Manchester Mayor wants stricter business lockdown rules
Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham has warned that that hundreds of companies in Manchester have remained open “without good reason” during the coronavirus lockdown, and he has called for stricter policy on businesses from the Government, following complaints from workers. Mayor Burnham is also seeking legal advice about whether it is possible to enforce action against firms that put employees at risk.

Big tech helps prioritise NHS equipment distribution
The NHS has confirmed it is teaming up with leading tech firms to ensure critical medical equipment is available to the facilities most in need during the coronavirus outbreak. US companies Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Palantir, as well as London-based Faculty AI, will create computer dashboard screens to show the spread of the virus and the healthcare system’s ability to deal with it. These will draw on data gathered via 111 calls and COVID-19 test results. The first should be made available to Government decision-makers next week.

Police issue domestic abuse warning
Police have warned that more people may find themselves being victims of domestic abuse under measures designed to stop the spread of coronavirus. Being stuck at home due to social distancing is a “very daunting prospect” for victims of domestic abuse, Leicestershire Police has said. Health concerns and job losses may also add pressure, causing some people to experience abuse for the first time. ONS data shows that an estimated 1.6m women and 786,000 men experienced domestic abuse in England and Wales in the year ending March 2019.

Home Office to hold on evicting asylum seekers during lockdown
The Home Office will suspend evictions of asylum seekers staying government accommodation for twelve weeks as the coronavirus lockdown continues, the British Red Cross has said. Home Office minister Chris Philp wrote to the charity on Friday to confirm that people would not be asked to leave their asylum accommodation once their claim or appeal had been decided.
The Guardian

WASTE -Council could impose fines for failure to recycle
Bath & North East Somerset Council could become the first local authority in England to fine households that throw away packaging that could be recycled. The threat to introduce the “formal enforcement” comes after the council declared a climate emergency last year. Cllr Sarah Warren, cabinet member for climate emergency, said: “We want to become carbon-neutral through a raft of measures, including reducing waste by encouraging recycling and discouraging the use of single-use plastics”. Whilst three councils – Islington, Mid Devon and Swindon – have made recycling mandatory, no English council has ever imposed a fine for not doing so.

EDUCATION – Metropolitan Police faces legal challenge over officers in schools
The family of an autistic boy has taken the Metropolitan Police to the High Court over the deployment of officers in schools, which is said to have “disproportionality negative consequences” for black and minority ethnic boys and those with special educational needs. The family of the boy, known only as A for legal reasons, is challenging the Met over so-called Safer Schools Officers, about 300 of which are currently working in schools across London. A, who says he was investigated by the Crown Prosecution Service after he got into a verbal altercation with a member of staff, is challenging the Met’s alleged failure to “monitor, assess and understand the equalities implications of putting police officers in schools in London.”

All these stories and articles were gathered by the LGIU from various media and newspapers this morning.

Please stay safe Wednesfield!

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Pharmacy’s Need Help – Wednesfield North Residents.

Residents are being asked to help reduce pressure on local pharmacies over the coming weeks.

The coronavirus pandemic is placing a big demand on community pharmacy teams across the city, with local pharmacies working incredibly hard to safely supply the vital medications people need while making sure they support social distancing measures to help prevent the spread of the disease.

They have placed limits on how many people can be in-store at any one time and are asking customers to stand two metres apart when in-store and whilst queuing. Please be patient and cooperate with this requirement which is for both staff and customer safety.

Please do not stockpile medicines or other goods; only buy the medicines you need now for you and your family. This will ensure there are enough medicines for the whole community.

Please do not contact your pharmacy or GP surgery to order your regular medication before it is due. You should order it when you have seven to 10 days of medication left.

If you have repeat prescriptions and are self-isolating, ask a friend, neighbour or relative to pick up your medicines for you. They can drop them off outside your door so that you can avoid face-to-face contact. And if you are collecting medication on behalf of a vulnerable person, please check with the pharmacy that it is ready to collect before visiting.

Remember, if you have symptoms of coronavirus – a new continuous cough or a high temperature – please do not visit the pharmacy. Instead, stay home and follow NHS advice on self-isolation.

John Denley, the City of Wolverhampton Council’s Director of Public Health, said: “Everyone in this city has a key role to play in the fight against coronavirus, including the hard-working members of our community pharmacy teams. Not surprisingly, they are feeling the pressure at the moment, but by following this guidance we can all help reduce demand on them at this key time.

“People should also be aware that some pharmacies will close for an extended period of time over the coming weeks. This is to enable them to replenish stocks, dispense prescriptions and clean surfaces appropriately. It is therefore advised that people check opening hours before visiting – and of course only visit if absolutely essential.”

Dr Tim Horsbourgh, Local Medical Committee Secretary, said: “We are asking that our patients allow time for prescriptions to be processed by local practices. Please order when you have around a week left and where possible please use the online ordering services as the phone lines in practices can be busier than normal at the moment.”

Stephen Noble, Local Pharmacy Committee Representative, added: “Our local pharmacies are well prepared to respond but we need you to help us to help you. Please carry on as normal in terms of ordering the right medicines, in the right amount and at the right time. If everyone follows this simple advice it will ease the pressure on the pharmacy system and ensure that everyone can get the medicines they need, when they need it.”

The latest information and guidance around coronavirus is available at and on the council’s own coronavirus pages at There’s lots of advice on how people can protect themselves and their families from coronavirus from the NHS at


Notes to editors:

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Covid-19 Urgent Advice – Canal and Tow Path Use

Hi this is the Covid-19 Latest update I have had and the advice that is now in place = This advice relates to all CRT property and in particular for us – on using our Canal and River Trust towpaths along the Wyrley and Essington Canal here in Wednesfield and Wolverhampton, at this particular time

Dear Phil,

We don’t want to overload you with emails at this time, but we do want to keep you up-to-date with the latest information on using our towpaths.

Whilst our canals and rivers remain open, we are letting everyone know that, in an effort to keep everyone safe, use of them should now be limited.

If our waterways are local to you, and you use the towpath for your daily exercise or journey to undertake essential work, we are now urging you to please avoid any stretches with boats moored against the towpath, and of course, strictly observe social distancing at all times, always following the latest advice from Government.

We will continue to update our website page with the latest information as the situation evolves.

As always, please stay safe as we look after one another at this unprecedented time.

Steph, Canal & River Trust

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Corona Virus Up Date- Plus Our NHS Pride!

Good Morning Wednesfield -Its Friday and the end of the working week is coming. Here is a Post on what the City of Wolverhampton has done, and been involved with as we tackle this awful World Wide Corona Virus.

How we are linking with neighbouring authorities in this crisis
During this crisis, Wolverhampton is working in close partnership with neighbouring local authorities and other agency partners to coordinate our response. Wolverhampton has a representative on a West Midlands Local Authority Strategic Group with representatives from six neighbouring authorities. This group meets daily (virtually) feeding into a regional Strategic Coordinating Group (SCG) which includes representatives from partner organisations such as West Midlands Police, local NHS trusts, West Midlands Ambulance Service, and West Midlands Fire Service. The regional SCG links directly with the Cabinet Office Briefing Rooms (COBR), providing a clear communication line with central government.

City Fibre workers are considered Key Workers
Following queries regarding whether the work to lay high speed fibre broadband on the streets of Wolverhampton will continue, we can confirm that the telcoms workers undertaking this are considered to be key workers under current government guidance. As such this work will continue with workers following the government’s social distancing guidelines.

City Fibre have been awarded the contract to deliver the Local Full Fibre Network connecting 170 public sector buildings across Wolverhampton. The network build is due to start in April. Current Government guidance considers network build part of the nation’s critical infrastructure with digital infrastructure playing a significant role in the current response to COVID-19, hence why they are considered as Key Workers.

News from the Food Distribution Hub
The emergency Food Distribution Hub at Aldersley Leisure Village is expecting its first food delivery today. The infrastructure is now in place and training of redeployed council staff will take place.

Helpline for vulnerable residents
On Thursday I informed about the letters that the City Council are mailing out to 28,500 of the city’s high risk vulnerable residents. As well as self-shielding advice mirroring that issued by Government, the letter includes instructions for how to access an emergency hotline that the City Council are coordinating. This will operate a number of pathways to ensure that vulnerable residents have access to the support they need, particularly with accessing basic food provision, shopping and medicines.

Council staff, redeployed from services that have been closed or scaled back, will triage the call and follow pathways agreed with Wolverhampton Voluntary Services Council (WVSC), who will coordinate volunteers and support requests. The hotline went live today following yesterday’s dispatch of the first letters. Over 60 council staff have now received training, and over 270 local volunteers have registered to help through Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Community’s website since Friday. The helpline can be contacted through the following email address

The link to WVSC’s website where volunteers can register their desire to help can be found at

Clamping down on profiteers and rogue traders
Yesterday evening (Wednesday 25 March), Councillor Evans, Cabinet Member for City Environment, appeared via video link on BBC Midlands Today to discuss steps the council will take over businesses who are profiteering by inflating prices of essential products, such as toilet roll and hand sanitiser.

School Attendance
Today, 1.5% of children who would normally attend were in school. We continue to work closely with schools and other settings to ensure the right children are attending, including those we have identified as vulnerable and those who have an EHC plan. Almost all of our schools continue to remain open to eligible pupils, and parents/guardians of children who are eligible for free school meals have now received much clearer guidance on how this will be provided.

Update on business support
A media release was distributed today regarding the letters and emails that we will be sending to the thousands of city businesses that are eligible to receive grants from the Government’s Small Business Grant Fund and Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grant Fund. The first batch of letters and emails will be sent today, detailing how eligible businesses can apply online for the following:

• small business grant funding of £10,000 for all business in receipt of small business rate relief or rural rate relief, and have a rateable value of £15,000 or less; or
• grant funding of £10,000 for retail, hospitality and leisure businesses with property with a rateable value of £15,000 or below; or
• grant funding of £25,000 for retail, hospitality and leisure businesses with property with a rateable value between £15,001 and £51,999

The City Council are expecting the grant money to be with us on the 1 April, after which claims will be processed as a matter of urgency.

Latest on the Coronavirus Act
The Coronavirus Act became law yesterday and we are now awaiting sight of a number of Statutory Instruments that will set out exactly how some of the provisions will operate including those relating to remote meetings (which is part of the Act) and in relation to delaying any potential by-elections.

Councillor Phil Bateman added, ” I thought last night was incredible as I followed what Wednesfield North residents were doing street by street in supporting our wonderfully brave staff working in Social Care, and the NHS. I had an immense feeling of pride in all that was going on. I know Rita Potter and Mary feel like I do about your great contribution. Mary aand I from the bedroom windows in Broad Lane North clapped like mad with neighbours at 8.00pm. We have a great community in Wednesfield North.”

untitled NHS Logo

Wednesfield North – Supporting Our Wonderful NHS Workers!

Well Mary and I were hanging out our windows tonight at 8.00pm, along with our neighbours in Broad Lane North supporting the brave NHS workers at New Cross Hospital, and elsewhere across the country.

I was proud as Mary was, to be with them! You could hear clapping and cheering on Wyvern Park estate and from the length of Broad Lane North. Tonight again I am so proud of you residents of Wednesfield North!

I am in awe of the fantastic work NHS workers are doing, and the support and recognition from everyone else. As we all come together to try and keep all our families safe from this awful Corona Virus.

Wash those hands! Self isolate, follow the guidance, and thank you everyone – wherever you work in our Social Services and our wonderful NHS. You are all awesome!

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Covid19 – New Info For Vulnerable Groups.

Councillor Phil Bateman said today ” Wednesfield North residents will be informed along with the rest of the City, as thousands of letters are being sent out to vulnerable people who are registered with a Wolverhampton GP, to provide them with essential advice and guidance to help them stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Please read the letter when it is received and take on board the advice and guidance.”

The City of Wolverhampton Council and Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning group is writing to everyone aged 70 and over in the city, and to under 70s who are living with a long term condition.

Thousands of letters are being posted and will be landing on doormats over the coming week.

Councillor Ian Brookfield, Leader of the City of Wolverhampton Council, said: “Supporting the most vulnerable in our city is an absolute priority for the council and health services. That’s why we are writing to those who are most at risk of coronavirus to compliment the work taking place nationally to raise awareness of what we all need to be doing at this time.”

Wolverhampton’s Director of Public Health John Denley said: “We are writing to tens of thousands of people who we believe are at a higher risk of getting very ill, and therefore needing hospital care, if they get coronavirus – either because of their age and because of underlying health conditions.

“The letters provide a wide range of information, including the latest Government guidance around social distancing, as well as advice about keeping happy, healthy and connected while people are staying at home.

“Importantly, there is also information about what vulnerable people should do if carers or family members who usually support them are unable to do so, including about the support available from local voluntary services to get essential food, shopping and medication, run urgent medication or to maintain social contact with others.”

Dr Salma Reehana, Chair of Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “We know that many vulnerable people are very worried about what the next few weeks will bring, and how they are going to cope when they have to stay at home for a prolonged period.

“We hope these letters will provide reassurance, and complement any national guidance or information which may be provided in the coming weeks.”

There’s lots of advice on how people can protect themselves and their families from coronavirus at For further information and guidance, please also visit the council’s own coronavirus pages at

The council has also launched a new Stay Safe, Be Kind social campaign offering clear and simple advice about how people can help themselves, and how they can support others who may be particularly vulnerable at this time. For more information, please visit

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Latest Covid 19 Information – for Wednesfield North Residents!

Good Morning Wednesfield!

Here is the latest news for all of you who are residents here in Wednesfield North. Today we are all hoping that the Government will come up with a plan to support Self Employed persons. I called for this as did many others, as soon as the first package of measures were announced by Government. Fingers crossed the proposals will focus on this sector today.

So, the uncertainty goes on. But from what I am being informed Wednesfield people are in the main following the Government guidance. But drawing on the best news that we can from this extraordinary situation we find ourselves in. The latest new I have is now very much part of this bulletin for you.

I want to tell you that – There is more help being organised for the homeless.

The City Council is involved in additional bed and breakfast rooms which will be offered to Rough sleepers. As well as those that are using our Night Shelters, and those in temporary accommodation, homeless individuals in the city are still being informed about following social distance guidance to keep themselves safe.

Updates on business support
Businesses who have been identified as potential recipients of the additional business rate relief measures (described in the update on the 19 March) are being excluded from the direct debit payment request for 1 April. We are awaiting clarification from our software provider on how to update our system to reflect this award. Once received, the updating of Business Rates accounts will be treated as a priority.

Letters/emails will be dispatched from Friday to all businesses who satisfy the criteria to receive grants from the Government’s Small Business Grant Fund and Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grant Fund, informing them how they can apply online through a solution built by our ICT team.

For cases where the billing address we have on record is that of the business premises, ratepayers will be contacted through email and telephone by our Business Development Team. The grant funding is expected to be with us on 1 April, at which point claims can start being paid.

The Government has outlined the following support:

• small business grant funding of £10,000 for all business in receipt of small business rate relief or rural rate relief
• grant funding of £25,000 for retail, hospitality and leisure businesses with property with a rateable value between £15,000 and £51,000.

More information on support we are providing to the city’s businesses can be found in the Guidance for Employers and Businesses section on our coronavirus advice webpage here.

Food Distribution Hub
|News from Aldersley Leisure Centre’s transformation into a Food Distribution Hub, which will provide weekly supply packages to vulnerable residents. A fleet of 30 vans have been secured from Eastgate Commercial Vehicles, which will be used for deliveries to residents. These have now been delivered (pictured below) and will be undergoing a medical grade deep clean today.