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I’m Off To Get My AZ Jab Today!

My message to Wednesfield is that “Today – I present myself for my second Astra Zeneca Covid-19 vaccination. I receive it this afternoon.

I know that there are some health concerns around this particular type of vaccination. But I am still presenting to receive this jab!

There is a relative risk, but it is so very tiny .

I take risks everyday as a City Councillor, This vaccine is well worth the risk of having, if I can get back to a more normal life.”

Latest News On Water Supply- Severn Trent Burst!

Severn Trent Water Company has been back in touch (Saturday 3rd April 2021) with the latest information on the loss of water to 22,000 homes and customers here in Wednesfield and across Wolverhampton.

At 9.25pm tonight. Severn Trent Water Company supplies have been restored to much of their customer base, and those that had unfortunately suffered a loss of water pressure.

Whilst the job is not yet fully maintained, the information they have given me is that all the network will have water supplies “soon”. This is the last message they are going to give me tonight. So on face value it should be almost fully completed and restored.

If there are issues with the supply in the morning please inform Severn Trent.

I have thanked Severn Trent Water Company for this further information tonight.

Water Main Burst – Cuts 22,000 Homes of Water.

Councillor Phil Bateman said tonight “With Severn Trent having difficulty supplying water to homes in Wednesfield. I thought that you would like to receive the latest information I have with regards to the situation

A mains burst has left 22,000 homes without water or with reduced water pressure. across Wolverhampton and Wednesfield.

Severn Trent Water Company tell me that they have teams working on the re-supply. They are also looking to re-route water to the areas that are suffering. All of which is substantial work.

There have been 13 homes flooded during this incident, I am sure we are all aware of the problems that these home owners in the Stow Lawn area are having and our thoughts will be with those families.

Whilst there is not a definitive time for our water here in Wednesfield, to get back to normal. The company has informed me they are confident that later tonight – they will have got on top of the problems.

Hope you find this information useful to you.”

I will keep people informed as and when I get information via my Social Media sites.

Thanks Jack & Zac Saving Potential Injuries!

Tonight I was informed that there was broken bottles all over the play area and the Skate Park on The Ashmore Park. Some body has enjoyed setting a fire , and smashing bottles causing a danger to other children, pedestrians, people walking their pets.

Why do they do it? What pleasure do they get?

With Easter and Good Friday the Park would have been attracting a lot of activity, and the glass was dangerous.

But there is a good news part to this story in here,as well. Two young guys , Jack Weaver and Zack Lewis,,after spending all day at the Hub at Ashmore Park, as part of the team testing for Corona Virus -19, Finished work and then went over the Park with Black Bags and collected as much broken glass that they could find. Indeed they had two black bags full.

I want to thank these two young people, who have shown a magnificent community spirit. The Testing team at Public Health should be hugely proud of both Zack and Jack. I know I am.

There is still a message to parents though. Please be careful at the Park ,as its highly likely there is still some broken glass about.

I will report to the Authorities the situation.

But perhaps readers of this news would also like to thank Jack and Zack too!

Here’s News! – “Shop A Tipper to Return!”

City of Wolverhampton “Shop a tipper” will be re-launch in the Spring of 2021-

This programme was reported to the Vibrant and Sustainable Scrutiny Panel tonight.

The Council is aiming to relaunch this initiative to encourage residents to provide information regarding fly tipping offenders.

Images of offenders caught on CCTV will be displayed on the Council Website and social media platforms will
be used to increase viewing figures. A spending voucher to the value of £100 for use in local shops will be available to anyone that provides information leading to the successful payment of a Fixed Penalty Notice or prosecution.

Anonymous reports will also be considered.”

Councillor Phil Bateman said ” Fly tipping is the bane of the Country at the moment. This was quite an interesting policy last time it was introduced, lets hope it is even better this time round. Residents together with the Council can deal with these merchants that have no civic pride, or pride of any sorts. “

Unkept Hedge – Church Understands Concerns

Following complaints from residents, I wrote to Corpus Christi Church on the 5th March 2021, explaining that the front of the Corpus Christi Church on Griffiths Drive Ashmore Park, was causing some health and safety problems. As the ‘spikey’ hedge was growing more and more into the footpath. I explained that the spikey leaves were scratching peoples faces, and were an impediment for parents with children.

I have had a response from the Parochial Church Council where they accept the situation needs dealing with. They explain that they “agree” that “this needs dealing with as a matter of some urgency.” I know with the Covid -19 difficulties that the Church has some real issues here, as Parishioners would normally deal with garden maintenance.

But I wanted residents to know that there is no denial of responsibility, it is a matter of getting it done within the Covid-19 regulations that have impeded the Church in dealing with this matter.

My plea to those walking on that popular footpath is please take care until the Church arrangements are carried out. I will of course continue to talk with the Church, if the delay starts to become extensive. We are in the Spring and one would expect the hedge to start growing even more swiftly.

City of Wolverhampton – Lockdown procedures, and the return to school.

I know that many of our residents here in Wednesfield North will be keen to see how school attendance is, following the return to school -Here is the results from City of Wolverhampton schools. (I received the briefing note yesterday.) –

Lockdown procedures, and the return to school.

“School attendance – More than 95% of primary and 89% of secondary pupils have returned to the classroom in Wolverhampton – with more than 33,000 young people attending school this week. Schools were able to welcome all children back full-time from last week as part of the first step of the Government’s road map out of the Covid-19 lockdown, with attendance once again mandatory.

Thanks to the efforts of school staff, parents and pupils, and the support of the council’s education and public health teams, the return of children and the introduction of regular rapid testing for secondary pupils has gone smoothly, with high attendances – the 95% attendance recorded in primary schools in the city compares favourably to the national average of 94%, while the 89% figure for secondary schools is in line with the nationwide average.”

Wolverhampton – Covid-19 vaccinations and infection rate update

Covid-19 vaccinations and infection rate update
More than 97,000 Covid-19 vaccines have now been given in Wolverhampton – an increase of nearly 10,000 in just seven days. Latest figures show a total of 97,286 vaccinations have been delivered in the city so far, with 91,773 people having received the first of their two doses and 5,513 patients having had both.

Vaccinations are currently available to anyone aged 50 and over; anyone who is clinically extremely vulnerable; frontline health and social care workers; and people who are in receipt of Carer’s Allowance or are the main carer of an elderly or disabled person whose welfare may be at risk if their carer falls ill.

Meanwhile, latest data shows there were 63.7 new cases of Covid-19 per 100,000 people in Wolverhampton over the seven days to 16 March. That means 168 people in the city tested positive for the virus during that seven day period.

Covid-19 – Wednesfield & Wolverhampton Stay Focussed!

Residents living and residing in Wolverhampton and Wednesfield must stay focussed, because we are still in Lockdown, and whilst there is movement towards lifting the worst of the Lockdown procedures. We are not yet out of this pandemic.

Since the 21st January we have had 3753 persons turn up and be tested at The Hub at Ashmore Park. 78 persons have tested positive during that time. With some 3665 persons testing Negative.

There is a real need to ensure that people, even after their Vaccinations, should continue to test at least once every 7 days.
These stats relate to and include dates up to Sunday 14th March.

Please residents lets keep the pressure up on the Virus. Keep testing, keep washing your hands, stay socially distant, stay at home, until its safe for you and your family to resume activities as the Lockdown is slowly lifted.

Neachells Lane Closure -More Info!

Please see below details of an emergency road closure in place on Neachells Lane due to a burst water main requiring repair.

Notification of emergency road works:

Location: Neachells Lane between junction of Strawberry Lane and junction Watery Lane

Promoter: Severn Trent Water

Nature of works: Emergency burst water main repair

Traffic management: Road closure

Duration expected: 14/03/21 – 17/03/21