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Your Memory Not As Good As It Once Was? – Read On.

Dementia is a disease that appears to be very much gripping our century, you hear more about it now, than anytime previously. That is because perhaps our media and our communication systems are so darned tuned in now days. How ever it is talked about a lot in the circles I move in here in Wednesfield North.  It is a disease that to me strikes at anyone, no matter what type of job you did or what sort of job you do.

We all forget a name or a face sometimes. Especially as we get older. But dementia is something different.

Memory problems are one of a number of symptoms that people with dementia may experience. Others include difficulties with planning, thinking things through, struggling to keep up with a conversation, and sometimes changes in mood or behaviour.

Dementia is not a natural part of ageing and it doesn’t just affect older people. Over 40,000 people under 65 in the UK have dementia.

During the course of a year acting as your local Councillor I do get people telling me about their fears, asking me about what help can be given about a range of ailment and disease. Alzheimer’s and Dementia are two of the most frequent half joking, or joking conversation’s people have with me.

My advice has always been this. If you’re worried about your memory, or about someone else’ memory, the first thing to do is make an appointment with their GP.

There are lots of reasons someone may show symptoms similar to dementia. These include depression, chest and urinary tract infections, vitamin and thyroid deficiencies and brain tumours.

Your GP can check for most of these and take the next steps to find out what’s causing your memory problems. If you do get diagnosed with Dementia – With help and support dementia sufferers can lead lives.

Take the BBC Radio WM presenter Ed Doolan. A household name here in the West Midlands for at least thirty years, a man that has interviewed me scores of times over those decades. I have had my battles with him, and once took over his Radio Show for a day, to give the ’Phil Bateman’ version of this much loved Aussie’s own radio show. However the BBC didn’t ask me again, which perhaps says it all….!

Ed is a quick witted, hard hitting journalist with big names always beating their way to his door to be interviewed. Ed can recount Presidents and Prime Ministers sitting down to be given the ‘Ed Doolan verbal treatment’. Always humorous, always updated, always sharp and on the ball was Ed. In the space of a few seconds tough and uncompromising, then the next seconds – understanding!

Ed was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia, and he told the West Midlands about it back I think in 2011. Ed and wife Chrissy are great people. Yet this damned disease has Ed battling away, not giving up, still presenting a Radio Show on a Sunday .

Ed is a battler, his own story is very much now an inspiration for other vascular dementia sufferers.

I am pleased to say that I still keep in touch with Ed.

At the beginning of this year we had a curry evening with the ‘great man’. Mary and I with our friends, former MP’s Peter Snape and Lynda Waltho all met at Ed’s home again, to reminisce and talk about the current state of the World!

Ed is an inspiration his work takes much longer to do than it once did, his shows are pre-recorded and not live as they once were. But he still keeps battling with the support of Chrissy and a small but dedicated team of helpers at Radio WM.

The fact is that if you or a friend, or you find a family member is diagnosed with the disease –People can still live well with dementia.

Although there is no cure for dementia, scientists and researchers are working hard to find one.

Until that day comes, support and treatments are available that can help with symptoms and managing daily life. These can allow people with dementia to lead active, purposeful lives and carry on doing the things that matter to them most. Just like Ed is doing at the moment.

If you want to find out more about Dementia, then the National Dementia Helpline is a very good place to start 0300 222 11 22. But don’t forget to go and have a chat with your own doctor!

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IMG_2367 Speedway 4 Steph

This was a very good project all part of the #Stuff4Steph! events that are taking place right across Wednesfield and elsewhere in honour of our own Steph Clarke who we lost from our great community last year.

Steph was a great community worker with vast amounts of energy. Wednesfield Aces put on a charity event last week for  #Stuff4Steph!  This short video is a taster of the event held.

I also want to pay my own tribute to Scottie who commentates on the video, he really brings the whole event to life with his humour, facts, and general enthusiasm as he belts out in his commentary. All of which adds to the sense of occasion!




Fancy A Stall On Wednesfield Market?

Councillor Phil Bateman said “We all love living, working, and shopping in Wednesfield. The Village is firmly on the shopping map. But we would like to see more investment and more trade taking place in the High Street.”

He went onto say – “Wednesfield Market is well placed on the High Street with buses coming and going every few minutes through the day. Providing transport reliable and frequent bus services for shoppers. It is perhaps the most intensive of any of the local bus routes operating anywhere in Wolverhampton – It’s a great public transport service that serves both the High Street shops and our long established market.

 Many people may have noticed that there are still spaces and stalls available on Wednesfield Market.  

If there are people interested in bringing their trade, their venture, to our High Street then perhaps they should contact the City Council now. 

So for ease of action here is what you need to know if you intend or would like a market stall in Wednesfield – Any trader wishing to register an interest in the exciting new city centre market should call the Markets Service on 01902 555200 or email


Meanwhile in the City of Wolverhampton – Dozens of enquiries have been received from prospective traders interested in being part of the City’s new market on Southside.

The temporary market

City of Wolverhampton Council announced in January the relocation of the market from Market Square – and will be submitting a planning application later this month for the new site fronting Cleveland Street.

It will provide increased footfall from the Wulfrun Centre and transport Interchange, as well as situating the market in a student catchment area.

Enquiries have come in from the likes of bakers, jewellers, hairdressers, children’s clothing and cosmetics retailers, and a variety of world cuisine outlets.

The current city centre traders will have first refusal on obtaining licenses at the new market, which will offer the flexibility to trade from bigger cabins, a secure site, CCTV, integrated lighting and power, free WiFi, canopy covered walkways, as well as comprehensive parking and storage facilities.

Wednesfield Fc - IMG_0653

Wednesfield FC – Team of the Month!

Wednesfield FC has had a tremendous season on the field this season, and the Club has just won yet another cup last Saturday. They are now in the Final of the JW Hunt Cup against big boys Alvechurch at the Molineux.

This week the West Midlands Regional League also presented the Club with a trophy for being the Team of the Month….all in the same weeks as they have denied Wednesfield promotion!

Some readers may be scratching their head at this point!

Well done Wednesfield FC, you are great for the Village and thanks for  promoting Wednesfield.


Tata Steel Park -Fifty acres, located in Wednesfield.

Wednesfield – Steel Park In The News Again!

Wednesfield is not just a place to own a home, or visit for a shopping trip. It also has great leisure activities and it has some great national and international companies active in producing jobs, product and headlines worldwide.

For instance Wednesfield’s Tata Owned Steel Park is in the news again, as the 525 employees learn that the major investment that Tata made over recent times, has reaped dividends as the company has swung back into the black.

The Wednesfield Steel Park is the largest steel service center of its type active in the UK.

That by itself sets it out from its competitors.

It appears that the new robot welding line has gone down very well, and is making a significant difference in the way that the site operates. Welding robotics have also made an impact on profit. The welding line is now a key component in producing car parts, not just a few car parts, but more than two million of them a year!

Now taking Wednesfield with other Tata investments from around their Group in Europe, the performance over the last twelve weeks has lifted profits towards £230million and the companies best quarterly results since 2008.

This fifty acre Steel Park is a massive benefit to Wednesfield, and certainly helps put the City of Wolverhampton in which Wednesfield is a district , on the international manufacturing map.

Long may it continue I say!

Good Morning Wednesfield !

Phil bateman Paul sweetC-7jZdCXUAESKSJ

Phil having a break, with Councillor Paul Sweet!

Good Morning Wednesfield! I really do hope the morning starts with better news for you personally than the news I am getting from the national news on the BBC for example!

Looks like we are in for a week of rain & showers, plus the threat of more cybercrime on doctors surgery’s and NHS hospitals and clinics. Take time to check on your own computers and the security systems that protect your own devices.

Over the week end I have had a number of queries that I have to look into for constituents that cover for instance

  • Wyrley & Essington canal and the floating markets
  • Traffic Lights
  • Food Parcels – Searching for help
  • Road Safety issue
  • Housing
  • Canal Festival
  • Parking issues
  • A sporting issue
  • Wednesfield in Bloom matters

So the week starts with a lot of varied work and no doubt a lot of correspondence to deliver, I hope that all those constituents who have contacted me will have a little patience as I work through the issues you have raised.

Also please keep an eye on my social media sites which include; Facebook & Twitter accounts.

Academy To Shed 20 Jobs – Wednesfield High

I have recently been informed that a Wednesfield Academy is to shed 20 jobs. Here is my view on this issue –Wednesfield High “I am sure that the school – its whole staff and its pupils, will be very much saddened by these revelations.

I know that the initial shock announcement by Ofsted, that Wednesfield High Specialist Engineering Academy was ‘inadequate’, caused much concern right across Wednesfield, including amongst parents here in Wednesfield North.

This new announcement by the University about Wednesfield High Academy will also create its own ‘concerns’, and I would imagine that the consultation with the Academy staff will not be without its own sadness. Hopefully the requirements of matching financial resources with teaching, will be undertaken by the Head and Governors with sensitivity, and without the requirement for compulsory redundancy.

My wish is for the school to quickly get back to developing education excellence, so that Wednesfield High pupils, can achieve the highest educational chance a civilised society can provide.

You only get one chance in this life at secondary education, and the focus therefore has to be on the pupils, and their path to achievement.”