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News On Wednesfield Highway Works.

There appears to be many sets of road works surrounding Wednesfield at the moment. Residents are concerned and are asking questions, and these are the answers to the road works I have been asked about –

But first beware – If you use Linthouse Lane there will be – New roadworks for Linthouse Lane from 28th Jan to 30th January. This is because Severn Trent will have two way traffic lights in place as they maintain their assets

Again on Neachells Lane – 20th Jan to 6th March 2 way Traffic Lights As footpaths are resurfaced.

Pool Hayes Lane/Stubby Lane Broad Lane South – These works are due to be in place until – 20th jan to the 24th January. Again it is Severn Trent Water who are renewing their assets.

Give yourself plenty of time to meet your appointments during these periods.

Wednesfield Road Signs

Prime Minister & Sec of State – Urged to Keep Wednesfield In!

I have written to the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State regarding the cutting of Wednesfield from the Government’s new Towns Fund and the £25m of monies that is on offer. Its a travesty as it stands now. I am hoping even at this stage, that the Government will find away to include our great community of Wednesfield in to the bid.

I have explained how important it is to have Wednesfield in – not out!

A total of 100 places – including 45 places across the Northern Powerhouse and 30 places in the Midlands Engine – will be the pioneers of new Town Deals building on the Prime Minister’s announcement in July of an additional £1.325 billion to support towns as part of a renewed vision to level up every part of our country, which took the total value of the Towns Fund to £3.6 billion.”

It would be a travesty if Wednesfield remained out of the vision that the Prime Minister had when he talked about leveling up “every part of our country” . At the moment it appears our great community, our ancient Village of Wednesfield is out! If we are to be treated in this way we shouldn’t just not complain!I intend to do all that I can to get thiis foul decision reversed. Please join me get your voice heard too!


#ShopLocal Dates for your Diary.

#ShopLocal Dates for your Diary.
Wednesfield North City Councillors are again going to organise a set of #ShopLocal campaigns in our Ward, aimed at increasing footfall to Local Shops and stores. Boosting our very local economy, reducing the carbon footprint of residents. Helping to reduce the climate crisis. Plus, just helping those local small businesses we all rely on during the course of the year. Plus a real effort is to be made to have fun!

We have been doing #ShopLocal for a couple of years now. It works…!

This year 2020 – We will have our great #Shoplocal days on
• Saturday the 18th April
• Friday 3rd July -Coinciding with Wednesfield in Bloom Judging Day
• Saturday 4th July Partnered with the #Stuff4Steph Funday.’
• Saturday the 12th December in the run up to Christmas!

Will all those local shops who will be taking part in all these events, place the dates in your diary’s, and let me have your comments or ideas. Please everyone share the article. Let’s get some buy in!

We will be working with The Hub at Ashmore Park and Wednesfield in Bloom with all these events, and I want to thank Gemma Ballinger and James Clarke for their support for #ShopLocal and for volunteering their own personal time to this, as well as the Ashmore Park Community Association who already do so much for our community.

We have a great community. We look as though we are going to have a great year in 2020!

Phil CRT 82394530_3168809886464850_2371767578931494912_n

Working With The Canal and River Trust!

I met with representatives of the Canal and River Trust to discuss this years program of Voluntary work on our fabulous Wyrley and Essington Canal.

Here is the fab team I met Aaron Atwall, Lee Bates and Gemma Hessey! Thanks for making the time to speak with me. Looking forward to working with you in 2020. — with Phil Bateman at Minerva Wharf Wolverhampton

Awarding Wednesfield in Bloom 'Thank You certificates, Nisa , Ashmore Park. Taking part in a Community venture.

Wednesfield- Yes Its Open For Business!

Wednesfield – Yes It Is Open for Business!
Many of you have been talking about the poor publicity that is taking place in Wednesfield Village around the High Street and the Market.
Many of the stories are getting a little sensationalised.
There is not a High Street or a Market in the UK that has not been hit by the recession in retail, and the change to the publics shopping habits. As more and more people change to use the internet for food shopping and other purchases.

Lots of People do Shop in Wednesfield
Our Wednesfield Village boasts around 100 different businesses (Source Wednesfield Village Alliance), it has a really strong bus service with a Bus in the High Street in the Peaks every 4 minutes or so. Many of the surrounding Towns and Cities would give their high teeth for a similar bus service. Not only do the buses link local housing estates, but they travel further afield providing services for people in Walsall, Bilston etc. All of these communities linked into our Village High Street. Including bus services from Wednesfield North – and in particular the 59 bus service, perhaps the most frequent bus service in the City.

Yes, there is local trading issues in the Wednesfield High Street, but Wednesfield it is not a place to shun!
Wednesfield Village is not a place that is devoid of shops and local services. Its still a Village with a High street that is constantly attracting new business. It still has a Market. A market that is very much a meeting point for old friends and still attracts Wednesfield people’s loyalty. Shops have come and gone in Wednesfield since it was formed. Some disappeared because they were sold, or changed hands, some got lost in the economics of their period. But they do get replaced. The national economics of the period is not something that can be ignored. When the national economics hit a difficult period, High streets across the nation, hit trouble. Not all the structural change is down to poor Local Trading, or poor management.

Remember Brownhills? 30 years ago, you would not have predicted that this monster of a market would ever be slimmed down, never mind finding it now being totally extinct
The Wednesfield High Street trading is very much in our own hands. If Wednesfield folk do not use the High Street, it’s that sort of personal decision which will decimate trading.
Currently we have free car parking as well in Wednesfield. There are of course issues with regards to that. With traders concerned that there are not enough car parking places on offer for the shopper. This is because the argument goes – that too many of us are parking our car, then going to the hospital, where they would have to pay for their parking. Thereby ‘blocking’ a car parking space for hours at a time. Which then leads to shoppers not being able to park. Then the argument goes that transient trade is lost.

Bentley Bridge Shopping Park’
In Bentley Bridge more than 3.8 million cars visit that Shopping Park in a year! Almost 4m cars!
Not every one of those cars that visit Bentley Bridge come and spend in the High Street – But in the course of a year thousands of people will make two stops or walk across to visit both places. Without Bentley Bridge we would all be the poorer in Wednesfield as a community.
Bentley Bridge Shopping Park, supplies lots of jobs and wages for Local People. I don’t moan about it. I feel we should encourage more people who visit the Bentley Bridge facility, to spend a little more of their money locally in the High Street. But I am willing to wager, that if Bentley Bridge closed today – The impact of the loss of all those traders, the spend of all those shoppers, would quickly impact upon the Wednesfield High Street, like a blast of wind from the arctic!

So What does Wednesfield North consists of;-
Wednesfield North consists of Ashmore Park, Linthouse, Woodend, Wyvern Park and Coppice Farm. We may all live up here in Wednesfield North, but the health of Wednesfield Village is as important to our residents, as it is to residents living in the Village itself. We do our best to warn that we need to do things differently, as the Climate crisis will affect us as much as it will affect the more exotic places in the World. That is why Mary, Rita and I, do all we can to encourage Local Trade, and Local spending.

We here In Wednesfield North work hard to encourage our community to take part in designated #ShopLocal campaigns. We urge people to give just a little of ‘their spend’ to our local traders. Which includes the Wednesfield Village
We all have to work together to make our communities aware of the importance they have in our Local Economy. As part of that information we are looking for some feedback from Local traders.
This year on the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade we will be consulting shop keepers about yet another #ShopLocal campaign. Our Plan is to have three designated days in the year.

I would like to hear from Local Traders here in Wednesfield North about their views on joining with your Councillors to promote #ShopLocal on these following dates.
• Saturday 18th April #ShopLocal
• Saturday 4th July #ShopLocal and #Stuff4Steph Funday
• Saturday 12th December #ShopLocal
Your three Wednesfield North Councillors enjoyed the work we did with the community in 2019. It was fun and very productive. The Wednesfield in Bloom activity across the Village and in Ashmore Park, caught the eye. It provided more visitors, as people came to look what we were doing. It made the place brighter and better.
We are going to be rolling our sleeves up again in 2020. We hope the community will join in.
Let’s think about all the activities we do, and try to make them popular and successful! Oh and make trade that little bit better for the very local shops and stores in our community…We would all miss them if they had to close!

Ashmore Park Swings and Matting

The Ashmore Park – Rumour Of Rat Poison Denied!

I received an enquiry recently from a member of the public, who told me that there was “a rumour doing the rounds”
that the City Council was using rat poison on The Ashmore Park.

I checked the allegation out and this is what I have been told by the Public Realm team.

“We have not been asked to bait Ashmore Park; unless we know where a nest is,
it would be difficult to bait and as we can’t bait in the open because of the risk to public and non target species.”

Hopefully this information will help dismiss the rumour and allegation.


Wednesfield Bentley Bridge Shopping Park – Performed Strongly!

The retail sector has been giving results on how they have performed over the Christmas period. Retail has become quite a bell weather indicator of the economy and how it performs. That is the same locally.
I am aware that Bentley Bridge Shopping Park has done well in the circumstances. They were very strong in trading in the run up to Christmas, and I know that some 92,000 vehicles visited the Bentley Bridge Shopping Park in the week of the 16th of December.
Wednesfield Bentley Bridge is an important Shopping centre for Wolverhampton and Wednesfield. Around 600 jobs are located at the Shopping Park, this is an important source of jobs for local Wednesfield residents.
In economic terms the Bentley Bridge Shopping Park is an integral part of the City Economy now, the City, and Wednesfield would be the poorer now if the facility was not there.
The latest statistics I have seen indicated as the New Year approached 3,845,144m Vehicles had accessed the Shopping Park during 2019! These are whopping great numbers and with great Towns and Cities all over the Country facing up to big hits in their High Streets, it is important that we here in Wednesfield continue as a community to benefit from the ability of the Shopping Park to create and deliver local jobs.
Whilst when the final sets of statistics come in for 2019, they may be marginally down on last years visitors. Its without doubt that Wednesfield Bentley Bridge has performed well against a national retail climate of severe trading numbers.

Councillor Mary Bateman.  Picture by Shaun Fellows / Shine Pix

Wednesfield North Latest News Round -Up!

Here is a round up of events and things that are happening here in Wednesfield North. Always keep up to date by regularly reading this information.
• Yesterday I completed an Advice Surgery at the Ashmore Park Nursery School. Thank you to the school for making the facility available
• Two new Council properties are imminently going to be filled as the families are signed up and are moving in – in Whiston Avenue.
• I will be announcing a confirmed date in early April for the first litter pick on the Wyrley and Essington canal in 2020. There are some details that have to be worked out still. But if you are interested keep an eye on my Social Media sites for the announcements.
• The City Council has written to the owners of the Pheasant relating to the dumping of textiles on the Car Park of the Public House. I will keep you informed of the progress on this.
• I have had a conversation with the City Council about the Faulkland Road Coach station following concerns by local residents using this facility. I will again keep you informed of this following a response I am expecting from City Officers.
• Following on about concerns I have for policing in Wednesfield North, and relating to the crime statistics which I publish. I have been invited to meet an Inspector to discuss the matter.
There is always a lot of things taking place in Wednesfield North. Keep your self in contact with what is happening in your community.

Public Health Report 2018 -19IMG_6993 (002)

Annual Public Health Report- A Wednesfield North Health Check!

The City of Wolverhampton Public Health Report is an important document. It tries to give information about the Wards that we live in.

The Annual Public Health Report tells of what life is like here in Wednesfield North Ward.
• The Report tells us that there are 11,019 total population.
• We know that men’s life expectancy is below that of women living in the Ward.
• Shockingly 18.5% of children living in Wednesfield North do so in poverty!
• That we rank as 14th of 20 Wards that have a City deprivation ranking. Number 1 being with the worst score and 20 being the best
• That Wednesfield North has a 8.0% of its population who are Black or Minority Ethnic.
• That 3.4% of 16/17 years old are not in employment or in the education or training sectors.
• The report tells us that 64.8% of the Ward are satisfied or fairly satisfied with their neighbourhood.
• That 6.5% of households live in private rented homes.
• We also know that 24.2% – the 5 year annualised uptake of Cardiovascular disease health checks, puts the statistic as “Worse than the City average”.
This report is basically a Health Check on the City. There is a huge amount of information in it, and I will do my best overtime to take a look at it and expand on issues that I feel will be interesting for residents.
If you have any queries, contact me and I will do what I can to answer your questions.

IMG_5708 City Council

Living In Wolverhampton – Life Expectancy at Birth!

The City of Wolverhampton is trying to drive up a 2030 Vision for Health in Wolverhampton. The City wants to see its citizens living longer healthier lives. The policy’s being pursued isto improve health and live longer healthier lives. The new Public Health vision would be a Female Life Expectancy of 84 years of Age – and a Male Expectancy Age of 81 years.

Currently the stats say that
• Females in Wednesfield North have a life expectancy of 83.0years
• Males have a life expectancy of 79.8 years

The statistics place Wednesfield North – as 14th out of 20 Wards measured – Number 1 Ward being the most economically deprived and 20 as the least economically deprived.
Source Public Health Annual Report.