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Wednesfield – A Great Place Of Activity This Summer!

What a summer we have planned for Wednesfield! Now these are the fun things that I am working on with friends and colleagues and other Volunteers for this summer (2019)

  • Wednesfield in Bloom Village & Ashmore Park (July)
  • #Stuff4Steph! (July)
  • Wednesfield Canal Festival (August)

There are other fun packed plans also being worked upon by other Volunteer Groups.

Wednesfield will be a great place for fun, this summer. As well as being lifted by the Wednesfield Bloomers who will working hard to lift both the Villages and Ashmore Park image and visibility, using flowers as the tools.

Ultimately its people who are volunteering that will be the drivers of this set of great projects.

Please keep a watchful eye out for further news on these items and others.


Transport Development in Wolverhampton.

Click on this link to see the full story…….

Wolverhampton Railway station is starting to take shape! A new development for an ambitious city. A City that recognises that having good transport links will help with not only connectivity, but prosperity also.

Pleased to see Wolverhampton Council fighting to improve the City on lots of fronts, transport, economy, education ,housing, manufacturing!

Wolverhampton Labour Council Fights for You!

The Children's Society

The Children’s Society,With Children for Children!

In March (2019) Mary and I again made a donation to the The Children’s Society a charity that has become amongst our favourite charities.

We have been collecting loose change from the bottom of Mary’s hand bag, and from my trouser pockets now, for many years for this charity.

Every year Roger Poole the St Thomas’s Church Warden comes around to our home and we have a little chat and then offer the donation to him.

This year the amount came to £103.00. Not exactly a Kings ransom! But nevertheless a small donation that I know will be added to others, and will do some good for Children. So that means we have started again in our saving box for the next time!

Thank you Roger Pool and your wife for being so good and collecting for The Children’s Society.I know that people like you make a huge difference to our Wednesfield community. Volunteers are really the key to a great community.


A New Traffic Warning Sign In Linthouse Lane?


A local resident in Linthouse Lane approached me concerned about the long queues that were building as cars approach the Lichfield Road busy times. The resident was concerned that cars travelling too fast over the bridge and then confronted with queuing cars, would have little time to put their brakes on, and an accident may occur .

I took this issue up with the Highway Engineers and this is the latest information that I have on this issue.

“I have been out to the site a number of times and, on occasions, the queue from Lichfield Road extend as far as the canal bridge, just north of Rosemary Court. When that happens, there is a slight risk that drivers approaching from the Griffiths Drive direction may not be able to see the last vehicle in the queue, as it may be obscured by the ‘humped’ bridge.

Consequently, I will arrange for a “possible queues ahead” warning sign to be erected on Linthouse Lane.”

I am pleased with this response – and I hope my constituent who first raised the situation, will also be pleased with the outcome!


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Councillors Report – March 2019 Was A Busy Month!

March -2019

This is just a brief note with regards to my activity with colleagues held over the month of March.

It does not amplify everything that is happening, but it is a good descriptor of the wide range of activities that are undertaken here in Wednesfield North and the City Council.

Advice Surgery – Two were held and attended at Ashmore Park Nursery School, and The Hub at Ashmore Park.

All three of your  Councillors attended a Public Meeting organised by Severn Trent Water Company as they close part of Griffith drive for 5 weeks in April.

  • I attended the Police and Community Together Meeting in Wednesfield.

This is the headlines of the issues, and cases I am dealing with in March.

Charitable and Funday Planning Activities that have taken place during this month 

  • Councillors Wednesfield in Bloom attended three organisational meetings during March.
  • #Stuff4Steph Charitable activities start and organisation help for the Opening event on the 6th July 2019 and making arrangements for activity. This continues to be a time tabled activity with many individual meetings taken.
  • Wednesfield Canal Festival – A two-day event scheduled for the 10th & 11th August 2019 a number of meetings attended through March, and paperwork dealing with Licences continue to be addressed.

Individual Case Work Opened in March and activated. These are new cases.

70  pieces of case work opened including –  

  • 7 Housing cases
  • 6 Police issue
  • 1 Oak Meadow School
  • 3 Blue Badge cases
  • 2 Canal & River Trust
  • 1 Vandalism
  • 3 Litter
  • 1Public Protection
  • 3 International Women’s Day
  • Welfare Rights.
  • 6 Planning
  • 1 Volunteering
  • 6 Transport
  • 2 Shopping

I have also attended four  City Council Meetings.

Why not follow the activity taking place daily and reported on  via Twitter Facebook and


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Bus Service Changes Ashmore Park – Road Works.

here is the link to bus services from National Express West Midlands and how they intend to serve Ashmore Park during the five weeks of disruption on Griffith Drive.

Severn Trent Water Company will be renewing pipes from Southall Road to the Junction of Griffith Drive -where it meets Griffith Drive, by the little island in the Highway.

Low Emission Bus 18222638_1651317048214149_678855519241832171_n

In April Bus Services Changes On Griffith Drive Will Take Place.

Changes to Bus Services will take place when the Severn Trent Water company starts work in Ashmore Park.

The Severn Trent Water company will be making road closure during the water infrastructure work that will take place in part of Griffith Drive. Here is a response I have got from Transport for West Midlands – who are the transport co -ordinator with the Local Bus Companies and City of Wolverhampton Council.


“Hi Phil,I have contacted colleagues at City of Wolverhampton Council (CWC) and National Express and have some news to report, which will hopefully be seen as positive as most of Ashmore Park will continue to be served during the closure.

During the works which are scheduled to place between 8/4/19 and 29/5/19 Service 59 will operate the following route;

  • ‘Lichfield Road, Linthouse Lane, Griffiths Drive, buses will operate to the junction of Griffiths Drive and Ecclestone Road and then turn around, and follow the same route in reverse’.

The following roads will not be served during the closure;

  •  Peacock Road and the section of Griffiths Road between Ecclestone Road and  Griffith Drive roundabout (just beyond St Albans Church).

National Express will liaise with CWC if any operational issues are experienced, such as indiscriminate parking at the Ecclestone Road turnaround, and this will helpfully resolve any possible issues during the period of the diversion.

James Shaw at National Express is leading on this from their side and has agreed to share any publicity/social media with yourself when it is produced.  Please let me know if you require any further information at this stage. Richard Hardman Area Manager-Transport Operations (Black Country)”



So as readers will see, there is going to be some public transport disrution to local bus services. I will bring any further information through my Social Media sites as I get it.

10462542_715400025192216_4193381832399208680_n Ashmore Park Sign

Palmers Close Garage Site – Earmarked for Housing.

Palmers Close former  Garage Site – Ashmore Park

I have received the following information relating to the former Palmer Close Garage Site.

In recent years the Garage site has been plagued by Fly Tipping and other anti social activities.

This latest correspondence indicates that an alternative use for the site is now being considered. Here is what Wolverhampton Homes have told me –

“I am writing to inform you that the Council owned garage site adjacent to your property, as shown on the red line plan overleaf, has been identified for disposal by the Council and, subject to approval being granted by Cabinet, will go forward to auction in due course.

Prior to the sale of this land at auction, the Council shall be applying for outline planning permission for residential development.  Thereafter, the successful purchaser shall apply for full planning permission, which will show the proposed development, including the location of any new buildings.  As part of the planning application process, all adjoining residents shall be provided with the opportunity to submit their views/comments on the proposals at this stage.”

Can I urge you. If you have a comment please contact the the numbers and the person that is named in the paragraph below.- 


If you have any comments you would like to make regarding this site, or any queries concerning the potential disposal of this land, please contact  (01902) 551345 or at