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IMG_6614 BCN Cruise on a Chilly Wednesfield- 14 9 2015

2019 Will Bring Two Cruises to Wednesfield!

I have been in contact with the Birmingham Canal Navigation Group

I am thrilled to announce the Birmingham Canal Navigation Group are once again organising canal boat cruises, on the least travelled canals in this region.

The really good news for us here in Wednesfield is that in June there will be two BCN cruises. Both of these will be stopping overnight in the Canal & River Trust moorings at Bentley Bridge here on the brilliant Wyrley and Essington Canal. in Wednesfield.

Many of the Narrow-boats will have holidaymakers on them, not only from other parts of the UK. In the past they have been from Australia, and New Zealand, and other far flung places.

As the Narrow-boats arrive and the crew and visitors de-camp in Bentley Bridge. They spend their resources locally. I know that from previous work – that on average one Narrow-boat will spend £100, a night in local stores re-provisioning, and on meals and entertainment.  This is a great economic benefit to Wednesfield’s local economy

I will be giving more information about the Cruise as the dates approach. I just hope that we continue to give these visitors a big Wednesfield welcome!


New Gas Main Sparks Upset In Robin Grove.

Cadent Gas are planning to make proposed works in Bellamy Lane and Robin Grove in Wednesfield North,

This is a gas main replacement. I am informed that Bellamy Lane is a local collector road which is not restricted under the Christmas embargo.

However Local residents are unhappy at the fact that the work will be undertaken just before the Christmas period.

The City and Cadent recognise that these works will cause residents differing  disruption. The start date is planned for December 10th and the estimated completion day is the 21st December. There will be three way traffic lights during this working period.

I have tried to get the work postponed with out success at the moment.

The organisations argue that it would be unreasonable for the work to stop, This work is required to be undertaken to replace a gas main, and I am assured it has been classified as being of low impact.

Advance warning signs have been set and contact has been  made with local residents by the Balfour Beattie communications team. I will be making yet another plea for the work to be postponed but in the meantime I am informed that three way traffic lights will be in place, with the work due to start as planned.

I do hope that local residents will take note of the situation. In the meantime I will be making another late effort to appeal for a postponement. 

Wolverhampton’s Newest Local Nature Reserve Soon To Be Unveiled!

The Wyrley & Essington Canal is soon to be officially unveiled!

For all those supporters that often felt that achieving a fully designated Local Nature Reserve would never quite happen for our wonderful Canal here in Wednesfield.

These magnificent markers leave it in no doubt that it is happening. Can I thank everyone of our supporters for being with me on this campaign.

This started in 2007 when myself and former Councillor Dave Jones felt the canal and all its wildlife needed protecting! Its been a long hard road, but the public in Wednesfield has done nothing but support this bid.

The City Council have been very supportive with help and support from the Canal & River Trust .

That is why the markers and signs have gone up, as together these organisations have managed to persuade the European Union to help fund it! This must be one of the last funding schemes that has been supported by the EU in this City.

I haven’t forgot your enthusiasm Dave! More than a decade has passed now since we sat down and discussed how we could protect and deliver a Local Nature Reserve for our Village of Wednesfield!

Would you believe there is still some work to do on the legals, but that is in the main in Walsall! (Come on Walsall)

The Canal & River Trust with Wolverhampton Council are dealing with those details now….But I couldn’t wait any longer to welcome the arrival of the new signs as a pointer to what is still to take place! Role on the official launch! Goodness amongst all the tinges of sadness this year. This must be a Good News Story!

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Creating new squares 2X5AD333X5FL7MK6HIJTTHUBUY

New Public Squares – Wolverhampton City Consultation.


– The City Council is currently running a public consultation on its proposals to invigorate the City by creating new Public Squares and transforming the way that the city functions going forward.

In its current form I cannot support the City proposals as it will badly impact the city creating less public transport and delivering poor penetration to the heart of our city.

I accept that the retail centres of towns and cities are needing to change because of the change in shopping practice, the digital revolution is sculpting very different retail models.

I accept that City centre changes will have to be made.

I also fully expect that the use of  some buildings in the downtown core  of the City will have to undertake a change of use. Some will need to switch to leisure and changing some retail sites into housing is another feature that will no doubt be required.

Yet all  of those changes will still have to be served by some form of public transport. Either bus services or Light Rail Transit are the most likely form of transport for the job.

In a future Wolverhampton – a lack of transportation will impact heavily on those three important sector elements.

To go with the current plans which are out for public consultation are dangerous and very short sighted.

We need to build a city that gives access to all. Not just the young and the healthy, but to senior citizens, non car owners, people with disabilities. I am informed that at least 15 bus lines will be affected badly by the City’s current plans. That equates to over 7 million passenger journeys per year which will be lost to the city!.

That is a huge number of potential customers for Wolverhampton traders, retail or leisure users to lose out on. It cannot be good for the public transport operators either. If they lose that sort of custom in the City Centre, their local network  services will reflect that loss and they will make amends elsewhere in their network by reducing vehicles or raising fares, or both!. Surely that is not the future City that our City Council wants to  promote.

I have made my views known in the Labour Group, and I have responded to the Consultation. I want to make sure that Wednesfield North residents know where I stand on this issue. Lets make the plans work, because we will need to be amongst those City’s and Towns that have to change their offer. Lets just do it with public transport in our minds!

542_133226 Agenda

Agenda! Small Items – But They Are Important!


Wednesfield North -Here is a number of issues that I have been dealing with over the last few days. You may find them interesting –

  1. I have been receiving complaints about a bus shelter which is replacing a long standing box type bus shelter on Lichfield Road Wednesfield, just North of Peacock Avenue on the -To Wolverhampton side of the road. This new refurbished and replacement shelter replaced a fully covered bus shelter. I have written to Transport for  West Midlands  stating that “Your customers my constituents are very concerned because the shelter now in situation has an open front. It stands close to the kerb line.  The bus passengers are getting soaked when it rains as the lorries and cars now splash the water directly into those waiting for the bus.” I am hoping that TfWM will replace and find a shelter that the passengers feel safer and more comfortable waiting in.
  2. I have requested the Local Authority clear leaves from the Public Highway in Woodend Road Wednesfield.
  3. Woodend School will shortly be re-siting the rubbish bin that is attached to the inside of their fence on Wood End Road.  This bin is frequently used by dog walkers along Wood End Road to dispose of excrement.  The School have let the Council know that they will be removing this bin and requested that a rubbish bin is provided on the public footpath along Wood End Road.  They have asked for the City Councillors support. I have written a note to the Local Authority supporting the schools wish.
Xmas lights 2018 46508376_2361248607220986_2540751924731314176_n

Happy Christmas Wednesfield!

It was the Wednesfield Christmas Lights (2018) switch on last night.

Congratulations Hands on Wednesfield volunteers for once again putting on an event  that was really enjoyable for families!

There was a lot of hard work that went into the planning and the construction of the night!

All three Wednesfield North Councillors attended the switch on

We would like to be the first to wish you  a  Happy Christmas this year !

So from Councillor Rita Potter, Mary  and Phil Bateman,  “Have a great family Christmas Wednesfield”!.

10462542_715400025192216_4193381832399208680_n Ashmore Park Sign

Ashmore Ave Garage Site For Disposal!

Today I received notice that the Local Authority is to investigate a Garage site which is set behind  Ashmore Avenue and Sandy Crescent, Wolverhampton, WV11 2LT . So that constituents can know early as possible about these proposals i am publishing this information.

Letters are to be delivered to local residents informing them that the Council owned garage site has been identified for disposal by the Council and, subject to approval being granted by Cabinet, will go forward to auction in due course.

The note informs me that prior to the sale of this land at auction, the Council shall be applying for outline planning permission for residential development. The successful purchaser must then  apply for full planning permission, which will show the proposed development, including the location of any new buildings.

It will be at that point  that as part of the planning application process, all adjoining residents shall be provided with the opportunity to submit their views/comments on the proposals during this stage. Now I know that there will be some questions that need asking, so if you wish to make a comment  regarding this site, or have any queries concerning the potential disposal of this land. The Officer to contact can be spoken to on  (01902) 551345 or by email at





images_articles_streetlight_797552124Street Light Warwickshire

A New Column To Be Erected!

Residents living in Peach Road will be pleased to know that a street lighting column that had been recently damaged due to a road traffic accident, is to be repaired. I made the report to the Authority, following a local resident contacting me to explain about the Lamp Column and the damage that had occurred.

The Street Lighting Team at the City of Wolverhampton dispatched a team the same day I made the report and they made the column safe.Due to the damage sustained The Street Lighting team   have asked for a new column to be erected and the old one taken away.

Western Power Distribution the contractor has up to 20 working days to complete the servicing works.I want to thank the Street Lighting Team for reacting straight away and making the column safe. Hopefully Western Power Distribution will swiftly deal with the lack of light and get the road back to normal.

Remembrance Day 2018 46091031_2345861115426402_5639480368194125824_n

Wednesfield North Councillors Active in the Community.

This weekend has seen your Wednesfield North Councillors, along with Wednesfield South Councillors and Emma Reynolds MP were  attending a number of community events on your behalf.

They have included the following – The Dutch War Graves Remembrance at Jeffcock Road cemetery, where Dutch soldiers paraded as a mark of respect to their comrades who fell during the second World War here in Wolverhampton.

A little known fact. The Dutch Royal Family kept their Crown Jewels in the Mayor’s Safe in Wolverhampton Town Hall during the second World War!

We have also attended a Remembrance Service on Saturday at the Hub at Ashmore Park, plus we also enjoyed visiting the Wednesfield Photographic Club Exhibition, and the Art Classes at The Hub at Ashmore Park also.

Then on Sunday the main Remembrance Service at St Thomas’s Church. By my estimate there was close on a full house in the Church, and a huge crowd had gathered in the Remembrance Gardens.

Adding the numbers who watched The Parade to the Church from the Royal British Legion Woodend Club,  close on a thousand people will have taken part or watched or played a part in the Villages Remembrance  service on Sunday.

I am so proud of our community! So proud of Wednesfield and its people!