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Good morning Wednesfield! Wednesday 4 August 2021

Good morning Wednesfield Wednesday 4 August 2021
I thought that I would give you a brief update on the issues that have been brought to my attention this last few days.
A water leak running down Ecclestone Road- reported to the Authorities.
I have reminded the City Council that it is Battle of Wodnesfield anniversary over 5th and 6th August, our history is important, not only because this battle gave our Village its name, but the battle was very significant nationally. Some suggest that if the Vikings had won, and then governed the whole of the country through heir Danelaw. We would be ordering our drinks at the bar in Danish now not English!
I have asked that the Highway team take a look and inspect the tree canopy between the Millbank St junction with Kitchen Lane as the street lights are being impeded by the strong growth of the canopy. I will report back on their findings. I have asked them to check the lamp light from that junction to the Essington Boundary.
Since the month of June, the biggest number of contacts reported to me around the environment. Some 53 issues are under that report or have been dealt with. This is a bit of a surprise as housing issues usually grab the top spot. Housing from my latest data is in second place with 27 cases, Public Health is third with 7 cases.
Your three Councillors Rita Potter, Mary and Phil Bateman are working on giving support to a Volunteer Group who are well established, and arrange help for parents with school uniform . We are hoping that in the next few days we will have some positive news around this issue.
Have a great day Wednesfield North!

Raise The City Flag! -On Battle of Wodensfield Day!

Wolverhampton City Council sitting in Full session in 2014 passed an important resolution . Councillor Phil Bateman said “I placed an important resolution before the full Council.”

It read – “This City Council recognises the importance of the Battle of Wodensfield, which took place in August 910 ,within the current City Boundaries. We wish to ensure the historic significance of this battle by declaring that the City Council flag is flown over the two day Anniversary (5/6) August annually.We further request the City Council to investigate and report back to Cabinet, ways in which this historic event can be marked to regenerate and develop our local economy.”

Councillor Phil Bateman added “A lot has taken place in the City, since that resolution was passed. We have come through our own war with the Covid-19 Pandemic, which of course we are still in. But in getting back to normal. I am looking forward to the City Council raising the City Flag to commemorate this historically significant battle. Where the West Saxons and Mercians fought and stopped the Vikings extending Danelaw in England. We need to remember our history and make work for us by promoting this battle and using it to lift our local economy.”

‘Celebrity’ Leaning Tree on Kitchen Lane- To Be Removed!

The Red Hawthorne tree on Kitchen Lane has been growing at an oblique angle for years, and years. It is quite the ‘celebrity’ of trees. Acting as a street reference point for many.

But the roots have weakened , or through a collission, and it is now dropped afew feet causing pedestrians to duck or weave under it. High winds or ground pressure could make it even more dangerous than it currently is.

The City tree team have now agreed that the tree must be made safe, and so it will be removed soon. I thought local people and residents should know of this decision. Sad, but a must for safety. I will see if we can get the same species to replace it at the right time.

Monday Morning 26 July 2021 -Good Morning Wednesfield

Monday Morning -Good Morning Wednesfield – Start of a new week. Over the week-end I still carried out some volunteering and some public duties. These duties included an issue around tall trees in a private Garden. Help and advice had been requested.

Saturday ensured the WIB plants got watered. Mary helped me in that process. Also, we visited a resident whose home is being blighted by a neighbouring back garden that has been allowed to run wild. There are alleged issues of vermin as well as the problems of weeds and briars invading surrounding gardens. We will be contacting Wolverhampton Homes about this later today.

I was shocked that so many people think that the cctv in the bottom shops is not working. In fact the cctv did pick up 4 males causing damage to the flower’s outside the Butchers Shop on the Ashmore Park Parade. They left the scene in a car. The footage has been saved. Plus, the incident has been reported to West Midlands Police by the Local Authority. I would be very pleased if this item could be shared widely.

I hope you all have a great Monday.

Wolverhampton to Bid for UK City of Culture 2025!

Last night I was lucky enough to be lending support to The Canal and River Trust, (as I am a Director of their West Midlands Advisory Board) at an event in Coventry.

Coventry is the UKs City of Culture 2021.
Tonight we have heard from the Lord Mayor of Coventry and the Leader of the Council about the partnership between CRT and the City in what is a huge year for this City and the West Midlands.
All of this here in Coventry has helped me get an idea of the benefits of the recent Wolverhampton decision to join the City of Culture race for 2025.
City of Wolverhampton Council leader Cllr Ian Brookfield has confirmed that the city is to bid for the title of UK City of Culture 2025.
Cllr Brookfield said Wolverhampton is “a fantastic, culturally rich, diverse and dynamic city that’s going places. We have worked hard to create momentum on this.”

Wolverhampton joins Bradford, Durham, Southampton, Wakefield and other cities and areas in submitting bids. So watch out for further information. Exciting times ahead!

Covid’s not over – stay alert as 1,100 test positive in week Released: Monday 19 July, 2021

Covid’s not over – stay alert as 1,100 test positive in week
Released: Monday 19 July, 2021

Residents are being urged to be on their guard as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted today, after more than 1,100 people in Wolverhampton tested positive for the virus in the last week.

Latest figures show there were 426.4 new cases of Covid-19 per 100,000 people in Wolverhampton over the last seven days, meaning 1,121 people in the city tested positive for the virus in that same period – though the true number of new cases will likely be higher.

And with case numbers nationally at their highest point in six months and hospitalisations increasing, the City of Wolverhampton Council is strongly advising people to continue to act with extreme caution.

Councillor Jasbir Jaspal, Cabinet Member for Public Health and Wellbeing, said: “Our message is clear: Covid’s not over.

“Well over 1,100 people in Wolverhampton tested positive for this potentially deadly virus in the last week alone, and all the indications are that, nationally, we are heading for the biggest wave of infections so far.

“The life-saving vaccine is helping to keep hospitalisations down and preventing many more people from becoming seriously ill, but sadly the growth of infections means that more people will die with Covid-19 in the days, weeks and months ahead.

“These are worrying times, so we need to stay alert, be cautious, act carefully and use common sense to protect ourselves and others.

“That means staying safe when we meet others, getting vaccinated when we have the chance, keeping our distance from each other, wearing a face covering in enclosed public places like in shops and on buses, trains and trams, and getting tested regularly.

“If you are meeting up with others, please try to spend as much time outside as possible, and minimise social contacts as much as you can.

“As a council, we are taking this approach, and we are strongly urging all residents, city businesses and other organisations to do the same to help keep infection rates as low as possible.”

For full details of the current measures, please visit

People are reminded they must still book a PCR test if they have symptoms of Covid-19 via or by calling 119.

People must also isolate when positive or when contacted by NHS Test and Trace while everyone arriving from red list countries must quarantine – as must those people not fully vaccinated arriving from amber list countries.

People without symptoms of Covid-19 are encouraged to get a regular rapid – details at – in order to reassure themselves and others that they don’t have the virus.


Flooding In Lichfield Road Traced! Read About It Here

This is the story of the excess run off and the actions taken to find – why the drainage of the Lichfield Road had become so problematic! In early July we had some considerable flooding taking place, when the clouds burst and a lot of rainwater came down.
It caused flooding in many parts of Wednesfield including the Lichfield Road between Peacock Ave and the Lichfield Road Canal Bridge. It had been a flooding problem for some years!
What exacerbated the water and the floods that effected the homes on Lichfield Road, was also a water leak, that was reported in February to Severn Trent Water Company and regularly by a lot of other people – including me, but the company failed to act. The water created a marsh for months in the verge, and was a real hazard, for pedestrians, plus the run off started to continually run into the properties which are built at a lower height than the footpath.
Finally in the last week or so. Severn Trent agreed it was their leak and treated it. I had written about it here on all my Social Media sites.
So, we were still left with the drainage system operated by Highways. You can see the sort of problem that was happening if you look and see the example I placed with the photo of the blocked drain.
Trevor Fletcher from City Highways and his team were determined to find out what was happening in this area, they then assured me they would mount a full investigation.
Today I went down and spoke with residents, and the team, who had indeed worked out what was happening.
They traced the fault to a culvert that emptied from the highway into the canal. Except the culvert wasn’t there!
A landslip a very long-time ago apparently occurred – causing the culvert top to collapse, and the water then had nowhere to flow. The team located the culvert – dug it out and are to insert a pipe to ensure it now does the job properly. The landslip narrowed the canal, and the vegetation with shrub’s quickly taking over.
You can see this clearly on the photos showing how the team cut away the bank to locate the problem. I hope that this will now reduce the flooding on the Lichfield Road, during periods of heavy rain. Allow the highway drainage to be better distributed run off into the canal in which it was originally designed to do. Plus, with the work done by Severn Trent, turn the grass verge back to a better piece of the street highway scene. One that will not ever become a marsh again. I hope the residents are happy with the work undertaken.

Good morning Wednesfield!

Good morning Wednesfield! – here is a briefing on the recent issues that I have raised or have been involved in.
• Ashmore Park Wolmer Road Fly Tipping. It has been reported to me that the Garage site that links Wolmer Road and Griffith Drive has lots of fly tipped rubbish. I have reported the matter and Wolverhampton Homes have asked one of their caretaking teams to visit and remove.
• There is a dispute about a tree- and I have asked the Chief Legal Officer to get involved.
Its worth reporting that your three Councillors over the last financial years (2019-2020) supported Wednesfield community, in a variety of ways.
We managed to help provide resources –
• For the successful Wednesfield History Society’s Lancaster Memorial on Lichfield Road.
• The Christmas lights at the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade.
• We also supported #TheShopLocal campaign.
• We introduced the ‘Community Excellence Awards’. Which we are again supporting this year.
• Two Remembrance benches in The Ashmore Park and on the ‘Black Path at Coppice Farm.
• We also supported The Way -Sensory project.
• Plus ‘door counters’ at the Hub through the Hands on Wednesfield Voluntary Group.
Woodend This week we have reported a damaged pathway in Woodend Road, and is now being examined by the service team.
Lichfield Road –We are involved with a water leak on Lichfield Road, where a dispute has broken out with Severn Trent Water company regarding a water leak that is making a Marsh out of the grass verges. This matter has been rolling along since the early start of this year.
The Oaklands- Twyford Grove where a mine shaft was uncovered. The Coal Authority after a slow start took control, and over the last few days of last week has filled and capped the anomaly. The work was completed last Saturday.

What A Sunday – Well done Wednesfield Litter Pickers!

Good Day Wednesfield! I want to thank all the supporters of our Wyrley and Essington Canal litter pick. Despite a lot of rain you all turned out this morning to litter pick on this grand old canal. It is Wolves newest Local Nature Reserve and it goes from strength to strength because you the residents care.

There is no doubt that it was a dramatic day, heavy rain that brightened later! The Worshipful The Mayor of the City of Wolverhampton, Cllr Greg Brackenridge joined us and gave an address, about the importance of the work we do. Then we set out to pick rubbish!

The day didn’t sop there though! True to form we hit a problem just before we reached Wards Bridge. The engine of Narrow boat Lea, built in 1982 packed up!

Many telephone calls later the message from CRT came through, “could we drag the boat back to Bentley Bridge moorings.”
That left us with a dilemma.

Our team working from Perry Hall Bridge back into Wednesfield were left without support. They had been bagging litter, now we had to tell them that rubbish they had bagged was now to stored by the bridge they were nearest too. That will now be picked up tomorrow Monday.

Two more of our litter pickers collecting litter in the Moathouse area also had too do the same.
The rest of the team turned into ‘horsepower’ and then muscled the boat back to Bentley Bridge moorings. As James Clarke remarked, “This May just turn into a uniquely Wednesfield sporting challenge!”

What a Sunday folks. I want to thank everyone of you that turned out. That is the spirit in what makes Wednesfield great!

Wednesfield Bloomer’s- A Joy not a Chore!

Well tonight I was down the ‘Big Bed’ in the Village doing a bit of planting, bit of weeding, with Wednesfield Bloomers Maureen and Julie, with Sharon, and an awful lot of watering.

But there is a tranquility in Wednesfield in the Summer evenings, that make it a joy not a chore. Well done you Bloomers.

Wednesfield a great Urban Village, looking good with some great planting by Volunteers!