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Indoor Bowling

Councillors Call For Water re-Connection!

Wednesfield North Councillors are working with Ashmore Park Bowling Club to get their water supply re-connected, in time for the advent of the new Bowling season.

The water supply may have been affected by the deep freeze weather we have had recently.

Councillor Mary Bateman said ” We are however on the case, and will do our best for it  to be connected soon.”

Kitchen Lane IMG_3942

We Need Your Opinion – Now!

There has been a big explosion of interest in the Black Country Core Strategy and the implications it could have on housing and the Greenbelt that has been in use for decades. Essington and Wednesfield have been protected from merging by the stringent regulation and operation of Greenbelt policy. With these proposals your Wednesfield North Councillors are now looking to understand your views as to the consultation. If you can take a few minutes to complete this survey, it would be appreciated!


IMG_8642 Cllr Gwen Stafford Good

A Look Back At Wednesfield North Labour Party History!

I was looking at the Wednesfield North Labour Party minutes book last night . I had open the page relating to the 9th January Meeting 1994, some 24 years ago.

The names of those attending that meeting were instantly recognisable – We had three Labour Councillors then as we have today. They were Councillor Gillian Walton. Councillor Gwen Stafford Good, and Councillor Phil Bateman. Also in attendance was Bob Jones, (Still a Labour Member) and still attending meetings! Len Davies, Iris Major (Iris is still a Party member) a real stalwart of the Party. Doug Legg, Alan Radford, and Mary Bateman.

We held a one minutes silence for the passing away of an Ashmore Park Legend – Bernard Gandy. Branch members stood in silence for Bernard as a means of  respect. Bernard was a longstanding member of the Wednesfield North Labour Party. He was a Councillor on Wednesfield Urban District Council.

The main issues discussed at the meeting was

  • Correspondence from Wolverhampton North East CLP re the vacancy for the Euro -Coordinator for the forthcoming European Elections.
  • The shortage of Education Psychologists
  • Rumours about the Ashmore Park Co-Op closing
  • The condition of the roads and the complaints about gritting, and pot holes!
  • The new investment being made in Oak Meadow School
  • The Pedestrian Crossing on the Lichfield Road
  • Letter from Ken Purchase MP praising the excellent Ward Reports!

John Donelly was t+

he Ashmore Park Tenants and Residents Association Chairman. He was a good man and did much good work for Ashmore Park. He had recently passed away, and the Branch instructed the Secretary to write to his widow expressing sympathy and condolences.

Councillors Reports

Cllr Stafford Good reported that she had attended the Police Consultative Committee, acted to assist Gary Cooper at Hodson House, with regards to a toilet, and had involved herself with the Garden development there. Gwen then informed the Branch she had informed the MAYOR and  had written to Joan, Bernards widow – about his huge contribution to Wednesfield and Wolverhampton.

Councillor Gill Walton – Raised some issues relating to a public meeting with residents living above the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade, which was held at Corpus Christi School. Also a meeting held at Moat House Lane Depot on the 17th January for local residents. She suggested that the new cable TV which was taking place on Ashmore Park would play havoc with the footpaths.

Councillor Phil Bateman – reported that – We had campaigned against the sale of the sports fields at Jennie Lee School. Wednesfield North had led the expose of the 83 children who were waiting for occupational therapy in Primary Schools in Wolverhampton. He also spoke about the death of Bernard Gandy. He appealed for the need to boost Labour Party membership in Wednesfield North. He told the Branch that they should prepare for a dirty campaign in this years Local Elections.

Any Other Business

  • The Branch were told of a Public Meeting being scheduled for 14th Jan 1994 with Malcolm Wicks MP the speaker. It was about the Child Support Agency.
  • Another Public meeting 3rd March 1994 – With Peter Hain MP –  ON THE ‘FUTURE OF THE LABOUR PARTY.

Doug Legg raised a number of questions about the funding of the Youth Club, Councillors responded to Doug’s requests, He also raised the issue about the need to have a new Community Centre on land close to the Youth Club.

The Branch agreed to have a horse racing night on the 9th April to raise funds for the Wednesfield North Party.

Chairman Bob Jones signed the Minutes as being true and correct….




Kitchen Lane IMG_3942

Proposal – 2,500 Homes on Essington – Wednesfield Boundary!

Wednesfield North City Councillors said today “We fear that this Strategic Plan has put the cat amongst the pigeons!”

Wednesfield North Councillors said “Developers and constructors have made it known yesterday of their keenness   to look at sites to develop homes along the Green Belt within in Essington and in Staffordshire, and the beautiful amenity that gives Wednesfield North residents the  only ‘big sky’ vista available in this part of the City. This landscape which has remained unchanged for centuries is now clearly under threat.

The Wolverhampton North East border at Wednesfield North, is being earmarked for a huge 2,500 home development, massive in size and area, and running along side the Essington and Wednesfield Boundary. The plans also want to see even more homes in similar style alongside the Bushbury Staffordshire Boundary.

This land is attracting big attention…. Whilst it is important to flag up that at this stage the Councils are simply publishing the ‘call for sites’ information which has been submitted through a public consultation. 

Nevertheless we know how our Community  will feel and how angry and upset they will be at the implication of construction on this site and others along the City border over the next twenty years, as valued Green Belt land as from today becomes the target for house building.

City Officers have informed your Councillors that “No assessment has been made of the relative merits of these sites, and no decisions have yet been taken.”

They inform your Wednesfield North Councillors that all of the sites will be considered against planning criteria as part of the Black Country Core Strategy Review, following a joint Green Belt review with South Staffordshire Council programmed to take place during 2018.

The responses to the Issues and Options consultation included ‘call for sites’ submissions, where landowners and developers put sites forward for consideration in the review.

 The consultation responses and details of the ‘call for sites’ submissions was made public on 12 March.

The next stage of the Plan process will be a Preferred Spatial Options report, due to be published in late 2018.  There will be extensive public consultation at this stage, which will inform development of the final Plan.”

Councillor Phil and Mary Bateman with Councillor Rita Potter said “Let us state from the outset, Wednesfield North Councillors are strongly against the development of Green Belt and the loss of any further agricultural land North of Linthouse Lane and Kitchen Lane.

We will strongly object to the loss of these amenities, and we will fight to ensure that there is no merging via the 2,500 homes identified for potential construction along our border with Essington and Ashmore Park.

Adding thousands of homes in Essington and marching them right up to Linthouse Lane and Kitchen Lane will alter dramatically the area that our residents enjoy as amenity. We feel that our community will be strongly against these proposals.

We note from the City Officer comments that there will be extensive consultations later this year about these proposals, and we serve notice now that our team of Labour Councillors will be vociferous as we aim to reflect what our constituent’s views will be.”

Please note our strong feelings and our determination to reflect what our constituents will want.


Int Nat Womens day 2018 IMG_3896

International Women’s Day – Inspiring Women #PressforProgress!


Wednesfield North Labour Party is proud to support International Women’s Day 2018

We are proud in Wednesfield North to have  two very active women Councillors, in our team of elected members.

Both Councillor Rita Potter and Councillor Mary Bateman play a full role in the activities that take place here in our Community.

Both Councillors do their best to inspire women in their daily activities. They are great role models, whether it’s through their activities in the community, or by their volunteering, or in their support of progressive policy in the City Council.

The Suffragette Movement is 100 years old this year, we are sure that those determined women who brought about changes to the British Parliamentary System. Women throughout Britain have been pressing for progress ever since.

One suffragette, Emily Davison, ran out in front of the king’s horse during the Derby of 1913 and was killed, in pursuance of giving women the right to Vote.

The International Women’s Day 2018 campaign theme is #PressforProgress. It is a theme that our two Councillors enact every day on behalf of our community. They represent Wednesfield North well and we are very proud of them.


Wednesfield North have three City Councillors two of whom are Women Councillor Rita Potter and Councillor Mary Bateman.


IMG_5708 City Council

2018 Residents Programme


Wolverhampton has its 2018 Residents Programme fast approaching – The Residents Programme showcases what ‘a great place the city is to live, learn, work and have a healthily lifestyle’ and promotes the support available to residents so that they can make the most of the opportunities within the city.

Look out for over 50 opportunities for free support with living, learning and working in the City of Wolverhampton! A packed programme of events runs from Wednesday 14 to Saturday 31 March which includes free drop-in and bookable sessions to support people into work, to find an apprenticeship, to find the right home and improve their wellbeing.

There are also events aimed at supporting families, supporting people to stay independent, and information on how you can get more involved in our city. You can find out more at the website

Waiting and Parking Restrictions Order for Russell Close

AND RESTRICTION OF WAITING AND STREET PARKING PLACES)   (AMENDMENT NO 3) ORDER 2018 Vehicles will be prohibited from waiting/loading/unloading at any time in parts of Russell Close and Barnard Road. Existing traffic regulation orders will be varied or revoked where necessary to facilitate these proposals. Copies of the Orders, Statement of Reasons and plans showing the road(s) affected may be inspected at normal office hours at Main Reception, Civic Centre, St Peter’s Square, Wolverhampton or by e-mailing Any objection to the proposed Orders should be made in writing to the undersigned by 29 March 2018 stating the ground for the objection

WEdnesfield North Councillors 2016

A Message from Your Councillors- A Well Done to City Council Staff!

This is a message from your Wednesfield North Councillors team….To all Wednesfield North residents. Hopefully we will have seen the last from the “Beast from the East”! It certainly brought March in with a roar!

We want to thank Wolverhampton City Workers and all the staff that put in extra effort to try and keep the city open and safe, and moving.

A huge thank you to city officials and staff from right across the council who worked overnight and sometimes, in atrocious conditions, to keep the city safe and moving.

We have seen some local criticism about what the Gritting Crews ‘havent done’.

But I can assure you all that Gritting crews worked tirelessly over the period this weekend to treat the roads – covering more than 1,000 miles of highway and spreading over 263 tonnes of salt on the priority network as well as refilling salt bins across the city.

The Gritters have been working non-stop, mechanics have been working hard to keep the wagons moving and many other colleagues have been on call and helping too.

Wolverhampton Homes staff have done everything we have requested of them for tenants who have been unfortunate with the weather. It’s inevitable that with the kind of arctic weather we have had to endure, that some homes pipes and boilers have been breached by the sub-zero weather and snow. There have been multiple call outs at the same time for the same problems with pipes bursting and condenser boilers suffering badly from the sub arctic temperatures.

We want to thank everyone for helping our constituents here in Wednesfield North.

Social media has been immensely important, and unlike in previous weather storms, it was noticeable how much the Wolverhampton Today pages were used for communication. Also our own social media sites were being read, and responded too by larger numbers of residents than before..

We do hope residents will continue to be informed through the City Council social media channels, Wolverhampton Today on Facebook and @wolvescouncil on Twitter. Plus please use ‘blog’ site for information which is linked to CouncillorPhil Bateman MBE Facebook site, and Phil Bateman Twitter account.

So finally let’s hope it is better and warmer weather from now on!

Thank you for reading this from your Wednesfield North Labour Party Team.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Phil Bateman

Councillor Rita Potter

Councillor Mary Bateman

IMG_5708 City Council

Millbank Street Up date

The Planning Permission for the House of Multiple Occupancy in Millbank Street that was submitted to the Planning Committee in December 2017, has now been withdrawn. Here is what Wolverhampton City Council Planning team has officially informed me.


“The application has been formally withdrawn and so is no longer under consideration.”


That means that there is no HMO being considered for this site.


But the issue of the site and the house has not yet be resolved, as the agent will want to do something with this property. So everyone will have to be alert! If it is to remain the same as it was a family home. I am sure that everyone locally will be in favour.


I can say however that if there is a further application submitted I have it from the City Council that they will of course consult residents.


I must admit it was good to see so many local residents coming together in the way that the community did, to make their views very clear, about the unwanted planning application.

Make no mistake it was very much the unity of your purpose that helped convince the decision makers!

Please keep together and be alert about the owners alternative proposals, if he comes up with any.

Wednesfield History Society Logo3

The Angel Inn is of Historic Importance to Wednesfield.

History is important, and Wednesfield history is so darned interesting….

The Angel Inn in Wednesfield High Street has been rebuilt around 1932, it was rebuilt on the existing site of the old Angel PH. The Angel has long been a place where Wednesfield folk have congregated for a drink, a natter, and it looks like the odd wager and fight! It is a very important local Public House and has been at the centre of Wednesfield life for hundreds of years!

In 1866 The Angel Inn was where fighters wagered their fists against others!

In this snippet of Wednesfield History – A Mr J Done of Wednesfield (Could this be a member of the Wednesfield Bakery Family?) Announced he would fight J Clift of Lane End Willenhall at 9st .6lb.The wagers were touted and Mr J Done announced that he would be “at Mr Leedhams Angel Inn Wednesday, and any night next week to meet and make a match.

The news made it all the way to London and was reported in Bells Life in London and Sporting Chronicle 27 January 1866……

Nearly 30 years earlier The Angel Inn was very much the place for Cock Fighting some – the same publisher Bells Life in London & Sporting Chronicle in January 1837 reported. “James Hadley of Wednesfield will fight a main of Cocks against Whitehead of Gornal for £5 a battle, and £50 the main. “His needful is ready at the Angel Inn”.

Interestingly Cock Fighting had been made illegal two years earlier in the UK in 1835!

It had clearly not gone away in Wednesfield in 1837 where it was still being advertised in publications.

Cock Fighting is still taking place illegally and underground in the UK today. Its very much an underground cruel sport . But the RSPCA is still involved in the battle to stop this activity from taking place today in 2018.

My hope is that it isn’t happening in Wednesfield today, even an underground version…..!


Once again I owe much to Jackie Harrison of Wednesfield History Society who finds these useful snippets of history for me…