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Councillor Mary Bateman.  Picture by Shaun Fellows / Shine Pix

Wednesfield North Labour Party – Ward Party Secretary’s Report May 2018.

Councillor Phil Bateman said “As part of my Secretary’s Report – I  reported on the City Councils election result – 4 May 2018 – The Labour Party was a clear winner in the City of Wolverhampton. : The Labour Party once again controls the City with 51 seats against the Conservatives 9. A third of the City Council was up for election,  the  turn out on election day averaged 28 per cent.” 

Wednesfield North – Here in our Ward of Wednesfield North, Mary Bateman the Labour candidate won with 1242 votes that is 60.31% of the votes cast. That is a massive endorsement for Mary and her campaign. She also increased the size of her vote from 1192 in her last election in 2014 to 1242 which is 50 more votes in total. 

The last time Mary stood in 2014 she had a majority of 234 votes over UKIP who had finished second…

This time Mary increased her majority to 493 votes over the Conservative Party who this time finished second in our Ward. That is a massive 47% increase in Labours Majority over all the other Party’s contesting the 2018 election. 

It is disappointing that the overall vote was down across the Ward, but you cannot take away Mary’s result, which was very positive and gives her a marvellous mandate from the electors in our Ward

Wednesfield North Elected Mary Bateman Labour.

Name of Candidate                                         Candidates party                 Number of votes
Mary Bateman Labour Party 1242
Lee Harris Green Party 67
David Hunt The Conservative Party Candidate 749
Eddie Szwarc UK Independence Party (UKIP) 231


Wednesfield North Labour Party wants to thank the electors of Wednesfield North for voting for the Labour Party, and placing their confidence in Mary!


IMG_5708 City Council

Poorer families missing out on free food scheme

Councillor Phil Bateman said today – “I just wonder if everyone in Wolverhampton is receiving all that they are entitled too?. This article in the Guardian throws doubt on the knowledge that this type of help is available. I will be asking the City Council if they have any evidence that the information is getting out to those that the scheme was designed for, and would benefit from the scheme.”

Data obtained by Frank Field MP shows that a third of low-income families are missing out on Government-funded free fruit, vegetables and milk.

Out of 402,384 people on low incomes in England who are eligible to receive Healthy Start vouchers, 135,671 (33.7%) are not registered to do so.

Prof Russell Viner, president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, said the lack of uptake could be linked to not knowing the vouchers exist, the system’s complexity, and the stigma of exchanging them for food.

Take up in England is lowest in Windsor and Maidenhead, at just 47%. Other areas with low levels of take-up include Wokingham and Buckinghamshire, where take-up is 52%. Hartlepool has the highest take-up rate, at 84%, followed by Newcastle and Halton, Cheshire (82%).

"One of he homes currently being constructed in Ashmore Park, on the former Danesmore site"

71 Homes Built In Wednesfield North In 5 Years!

Wednesfield North Labour Party and its candidate Cllr Mary Bateman ran a Local Election campaign based around the huge issue of the threat to local Green Belt land in nearby South Staffordshire. Where developers are lobbying to build 2,500 homes on Land North of Linthouse Lane and bordered by Kitchen Lane.

Housing and House building in Wolverhampton and the region is a very hot topic at the moment.

I have asked for some statistics relating to planning applications here in Wednesfield North. Here is the result of those statistics.

Remember Wednesfield North is pretty built up. It has little space for homes, but where they can be planned to build using Brown Field sites. They are!

This is the result of the questions I have asked –

2012-13 – 1 home at land adj 5 Parker Road

2013-14 – Change of use 1 flat to 2 bedsits at 82 Lower Prestwood Road 12 homes at Fmr Linthouse Inn, Linthouse Lane

2014-15 –  2 homes at Rear of 6-8 Wootton Avenue

2015-16 – None

2016-17 – 1 home at Corpus Christi Church, Griffiths Drive 52 homes at Fmr Danesmore School. 1 home at 80 Lower Prestwood Road; 1 home at 73 Bellamy Lane by

So in total there were 71 homes given permission in Wednesfield North between April 2012 and April 2017 (I am yet to complete a housing monitoring update for 2017/18).We do not have immediately to hand figures for all of the Wards separately.

However for Wolverhampton- the figure is generally 300-500 homes granted permission each year, so you can see that permissions in Wednesfield North are very low, reflecting the developed nature of the area.

These statistics helps  to deliver the reasons why the residents of Wednesfield North  feel so strongly about the potential loss of Green Belt amenity in South Staffordshire. The very fact that such low house building is recognised by the fact that Wednesfield North is such a developed area. Makes the amenity on our door step all the more important to save.

The 2018 City Council election was fought on saving the Green Belt and Wednesfield Police station….residents vote for Mary and Labour. This certainly helps to give a mandate to ameliorate the proposals that property developers  and land owners are currently hatching.




Delays on Waddensbrook Lane Wednesfield.

If you have been held up by the road works like many Wednesfield North residents have. I thought that you may like to know what has caused the problem…A gas leak was discovered upon excavation at Waddens Brook Lane junction of Silverton Way.
Cadent Gas are currently working to repair this leak and once this has been repaired, Western Power Distribution will then continue to repair the cable fault.
It is expected the signals will be now be removed on 22 May 2018, I will keep residents informed as I receive information.

Woodend School Appeals To The Chicks!

Whist still on Woodend School, there is a little buzz of excitement as the school prepares to receive a clutch of Living Eggs …. This is what the school says –

After the half-term break, we will be having a special delivery in school of chick eggs.  These will be cared for in an incubator and will hatch within the first few days. The incubator will be placed in the area outside the school office for everyone to see the progress of the chicks after they have hatched.

They will be with the school  until 14th June when they will be available for adoption by anyone that can care for them.  We have information on rearing chicks available if you think that you may be in a position to provide a suitable home.


Woodend School Tells Parents – It’s Walk to School Week!

This week is ‘Walk to School Week’

Woodend Primary School has asked its parents and their children in their latest leave their car at home.

The School asks – Could you leave the car at home?  Or park away from school and walk a little further. Come to school on your bike or scooter!

Now that is a very useful call, especially as parents often park in a hurry and in dangerous positions. I hope the schools call for this week is heeded and taken up. A little bit of walking is good for everyone including parents!


Road Works Being Planned – Wood End Road Wednesfield.

I would like to give early warning to Wednesfield North constituents, Road works are being planned by Severn Trent to replace a manhole cover at Wood End Road junction with Amos Lane.

This will take place on the 19th June, for a day.

There will be three way temporary Traffic lights, and this will likely to lead to delays…pop the date in your diary and try to avoid the junction. It will be to your advantage…….

national express logo nationalexpress

National Express – Award Winning Quality and Performance from this Coach Operator!

If you are interested in transport here in the West Midlands…You may be interested in the following information.

National Express has proven itself king of the road after coming away from two industry awards ceremonies with armfuls of silverware. In the last four years National Express has shown its quality by consistently being recognised as a company displaying innovation and performance. Achieving the runner up position consistently.

Now the UK’s largest coach operator finally has been crowned Large Operator of the Year at the 2018 UK Coach Awards.

Beating tough competition from The Kings Ferry, Edwards Coaches and Lucketts Travel.

National Express then went on to win the biggest prize of all – overall Operator of the Year – by topping the winners of the Small and Medium Operator of the Year categories.   At the ceremony held in Blackpool, National Express also won the Making Coaches a Better Choice award for its excellent next generation coach the Caetano Levante III, meanwhile the customer response team were runners up in the Customer Service award and the lost property team Ann Colley and Merlyn Bryan narrowly missed out on the Unsung Heroes award.

All of this indicates to National Express passengers and customers, that the business is always looking to improve. That in itself is rather good news for residents in Wolverhampton and the wider West Midlands. We need more quality operators serving our conurbation.


Emergency Road Works Waddensbrook Lane- Traffic Delays.

Notification of emergency road works:


Location: Waddens Brook Lane junction of Silverton Way.


Promoter: Western Power Distribution.


Nature of works: Cable Fault.


Traffic management: 3-way temporary traffic signals.


Duration: 14/05/2018 – 16/05/2018.


Please Note this information…traffic is already building around the lights. This will cause congestion whilst it is being treated. Give your selves plenty of time to travel the road……