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These Geese Are about to get a new home on the soon to be designated Local Nature Reserve!

Local Nature Reserve – “long laborious Job”.

It’s been a long and laborious job at times, pressing and promoting the need to turn our fabulous Wyrley & Essington canal into a Local Nature Reserve of some repute.

It seems to have been a lifetime in arguing for this to happen!

But today I can inform you that I have been informed, that the City of Wolverhampton Council has now signed a collaboration agreement and all we are waiting for now is for the Canal and River Trust to approve and sign it.

I am still not sure on the timescales for this, but I have been pushing for a quick resolution.

Walsall appear to be on a slower track and so they are now proceeding separately with the CRT regarding the designating of their section of the Wyrley & Essington canal as a LNR.


By and large this is very good news! Sad that Walsall is on ‘a slow line’ but I am sure there will be an agreement later this year, and I will continue to keep you all updated on the progress.

Aldi IMG_4303

New Aldi Announces Plans!

Aldi on Coppice Farm has written to Mary and I pointing out that they have had their plans validated by Walsall MBC and that they are now out consulting residents.

They tell us that they had distributed a community newsletter to 1,996 households and businesses in surrounding areas to their future store.

They tell us that they had very strong support, for their proposals for Aldi. Which will lead to an on- going programme to rebuild a high quality carefully designed store. They will be employing around 40 workers in full or part time jobs, when it opens.

So it looks like the local economy is going to get a much needed boost!

It also means that our Wednesfield residents living in Coppice Farm will get a highly prized award winning discount food retailer, right on their doorstep, with free customer parking.

Everyone keeps asking when it is to open , so we know it will be a highly prized local asset.

Sadly the correspondence doesn’t give an opening day…but it is nevertheless a great indicator that the plans are on the move…..If you want to ask Aldi more about their plans and proposals you can contact them direct on 0800 298 7040

VIDEO: Creative and Tech on rise in the city

Creative and Tech in the rise in this City!

Young business owners tell us how the City of Wolverhampton is the place to be for the fast-growing Creative and Tech sectors.

Wolverhampton is one of 12 European cities participating in the Gen-Y City project, which aims to help regenerate cities by identifying what young people also known as Millennials or Generation Y want and need, so helping attract and retain skilled young people in these cities.

We caught up with a number of them at a recent Creative and Tech meet-up at the Light House in the city. Watch video…

Councillor Mary Bateman.  Picture by Shaun Fellows / Shine Pix

Labour Councillors Fighting For Your Green Belt!

We are fighting for your Green Belt! This will be a battle – It will be a tough one to win!

This Wolverhampton City Council election on Thursday 3rd May 2018, is very much about having strong representation here in Wednesfield North. We want you the Voter to be able to rely on the strongest team and the strongest representation there is.

Wednesfield North Labour Party were the first to break this story about how 2,500 homes are being made ready to be constructed on Green Belt land locally, and we are pleased that we did!

It wasn’t the Councils of South Staffordshire District Council, Essington Parish Council, or even Staffordshire County Council that told the public about these proposals first. It wasn’t the Express and Star, or the Local Radio stations that told the public about the enormous interest the developers were showing in this Green Belt Land!

It was Wednesfield North Labour Party and it’s Councillors who were vigilant and found the information buried deep in a regional report. It was our team that went public, and told you. It was twenty four hours before the Government confirmed their plans on housing in the House of Commons!

We have made our opposition to the proposals for the construction of 2,500 homes a major part of Wednesfield North Labour Party’s Local Election Campaign, in the run up to the City Council elections on the 3rd May 2018

The proposals that will go to South Staffordshire District Council to build 2,500 homes on this agricultural land within the Essington Green Belt is strongly opposed by all three of Wednesfield North’s City Councillors.

Councillor Mary Bateman has been telling residents on the doorstep and in her election literature “SpeakingUp4WednesfieldNorth” that has been distributed to homes right across Wednesfield North that – “We will strongly object against the loss of Green Belt and the loss of any further agricultural land, North of Linthouse Lane and Kitchen Lane.

We will strongly object to the reduction of these Green Field sites.”

Your City Councillors have spoken with Officials at Wolverhampton City Council and the information is becoming clearer by the day. The key to the development is what South Staffordshire District Council does with their Local Plan Review.

It will be down to South Staffordshire who will make the initial decision probably in this Autumn on how they designate their land.

Wednesfield North Labour Councillors are already collating information that will need to be used to argue against these proposals. The homes may be constructed on South Staffordshire land. But we suspect that the infrastructure for its delivery in terms of highway capacity, beefing up local road networks will be off our own Local road network here in Wednesfield. We suspect that the extra homes will add to the problems we have here in Wednesfield around health delivery, education, and where we look to replace the valuable amenity that we lose under bricks,tarmac and mortar.

Halting or ameliorating proposals will revolve  around how we oppose the proposals. Your Labour City Councillors are already making their own plans to defend the Green Belt.

We recognise how valuable the current site earmarked for construction is for wildlife, how rich and diverse the site is in flora and fauna and what significant heritage and historic interest would be lost if the site was designated for construction. Your Councillors have already contacted South Staffordshire politicians to seek and meet with them to understand where they stand. We have opened up lines of communication with interested local naturalists to see what help with their expertise that they can bring.

There is a lot yet to find out about the process, and how elected members and the general public will have their say, and how that say is then reflected in decisions.

Your Wednesfield North Councillors are already looking closely at the Authorities time table

  • South Staffordshire District Council start a Review of their Local Plan in the Autumn of 2018
  • Followed by a decision of that Council in 2020 of next year
  • Proposal then for an issues and options stage in 2021.


Wednesfield North Councillors also set an on-line survey and the information that was returned is very valuable.


  • 257 people responded to the survey on this housing announcement.
  • 143 persons who responded were from Wednesfield North – and the next largest cohort of responders were from South Staffordshire.
  • 143 who responded were from Wednesfield North Ward. That is 56% of the Poll. Of all the responses received, irrespective of whether they came from, Wednesfield North or South Staffordshire –
  • 95.7% said the Greenbelt was important.
  • 91% or 236 people either living in Wednesfield or Essington didn’t think the proposals were a good development for either Wednesfield or Essington.
  • 60% of those surveyed believed that local people needed homes. But the info suggested that it should not be at the loss of this Greenbelt!
  • 89% or 231 of the people responding to the survey agreed that the site being earmarked for housing is rich in Wildlife and Heritage. They agreed that the Housing Development should not take preference over this important Green Belt.

We will be using this information on what your views are in our campaign going forward.

Wednesfield North residents have a simple task to make now.

A Vote for Mary Bateman Labour at the City Council elections will be a very strong indicator of what you – the Wednesfield residents want!

Voting for Mary Bateman Labour will keep our team intact as we go into battle with the planning authorities in the Autumn.

Voting for Mary Bateman Labour will signal that the residents of Wednesfield North are fully behind us in this battle.

I know that the residents of Wednesfield North recognise that together we are a very strong team. We are not just here at election times, we are here the year around. None of the other candidates have either the experience or the public awareness required to win this argument.

My plea is that you use your vote on Thursday to return Mary as your Councillor for another term! That will be a significant move that can only help our cause, and help you in the battle to save our Green Belt.

Vote Mary Bateman Labour – Thursday 3rd May Wolverhampton City Council Election.



10462542_715400025192216_4193381832399208680_n Ashmore Park Sign

Consultation Time Is Running Out.

The  request for Planning Permissions for two semidetached homes at 52 Millbank Street, Ashmore Park has been a local issue in the area for a considerable while now.

The consultation period for the latest proposals are now running out.

As I understand it there has been a considerable number of objections made. Residents may just have this week end to place their views and perhaps their objections.

You can make those comments on line



Twenty One (21) Narrow Boats To Visit Wednesfield!

Councillor Phil Bateman said – I am pleased to announce that Wednesfield will once again have The Explorer Cruise  arriving in Bentley Bridge and mooring in the Bentley Arm . The Explorer Cruise team which will be made up of 21 Narrow Boats will be leaving Walsall on the morning of Tuesday 22nd May cruising our most wonderful Wyrley and Essington Canal and arriving sometime in the afternoon, in Wednesfield.

The Explorer Cruise will overnight in Wednesfield.

I do hope that if Wednesfield Business and residents who meet  these tourists in the Village, or shopping or in our Pubs and Restaurants,  will make them feel happy and at home here! There will be around 40 persons and they will be spending their hard earned cash in our Village. This Narrow Boat Cruise is a great resource for Wednesfield, it is estimated that in the course of a year more than £20,000 is spent by boaters in our Village of Wednesfield.

Plus we have made some great converts to Wednesfield history and our fight to make the Wyrley & Essington canal a Local Nature Reserve, from these boaters visiting the Village.

Our history and the great Battle of Wodensfield in 910AD when the Danes were defeated by the Saxon army – enthrals them.

The 220 year old canal is a heritage trail in its own right, and these Narrow Boat  boaters  just love the way the ‘curley-wurley’ look’s and wildlife that lives along and in our canal.

Make them welcome folks and come and take a few photo’s of the boats when they moor up. They will continue their cruise through the Midlands on the 23rd May…..

Glass shards in Higgs Road.

Glass Shards To Be Removed.

In the last few days I had reason to contact Wolverhampton Homes who are the owners of the shops at Higgs road, because of the amount of broken glass and shards surrounding the shopping area.

They have been back in touch having contacted our grounds maintenance partner Continental Landscapes today,  and requested  one of their litter teams to promptly attend the shops at Ashmore Park and undertake work to remove the broken glass from around the precinct.

Now this is a good result for parents with young children & pets, as it will make the walking surface safer!

Kitchen Lane Ashmore Park.

Highways Capital Budget – Wednesfield North!

Wednesfield North is to benefit modestly from proposals that will be debated at Wolverhampton City Cabinet Meeting on Wednesday 25th April 2016.

The City Council Cabinet is due to meet to process the new Capital Budget for Highways – the money target appears to be around £12.1 million in total to be spent for 2018-19 across the City of Wolverhampton.

Kitchen Lane – The news for Wednesfield North is that Kitchen Lane appears in the programme. There is a target estimate in the region of £70,000 earmarked for a 20 mph traffic calming scheme for the Lane. This will undoubtedly  be welcomed for all those residents that have campaigned to cut speeds on this Lane.

Also within the estimates is £280,000 in the Unclassified Roads and Carriageway budget for maintenance, again for Kitchen Lane.

Spondon Road on the Linthouse estate will likely also feature in the works for 2018-19, as there is £30,000 estimate earmarked for work on this Unclassified Roads footway.

Appearing in the future years programme under the –

Local Road Safety Programme is the Amos Lane Pedestrian Crossing project that will have an effect on residents and parents of Wednesfield North and Wednesfield South & Heath Town Wards. For me this is an important project for parents and children attending schools in the Heath Town Wards.Your Wednesfield North Labour team will be pressing on this issue, as we have been through the course of this year.

Safer Routes to Schools – There is plans for a project on Griffiths Drive & Peacock Ave, there is a £20,000 estimate set against this project.

If the Cabinet agrees the proposals they will be passed ready for 2018-19 period, and a later funding programme.

WIB SEMINAR 30741025_1853672751364564_462595169217150976_n

“Wednesfield In Bloom – “Going for Gold!” How Volunteers Make All the Difference!”

Hi Everyone just a little note to thank everyone from me that was involved in last weeks Big Seminar here in Wednesfield. –

Wednesfield In Bloom – “Going for Gold!” How Volunteers Make All the Difference!”

The seminar was agreed at a planning meeting earlier in the year. I can tell you now it was a huge success. Our Wednesfield team explained how they had involved themselves in the Britain in Bloom competition, how Wednesfield had been part of the competition for just two short years. But we had harnessed energy and great enthusiasm from our community.

Our Key Note Speaker Mr Keith Ireland Managing Director City of Wolverhampton explained how the Wednesfield in Bloom team was an important part of how the City functions.

He spoke about the changes that were taking place in the City. The huge investment taking place in Wolverhampton and how important the regeneration programme was to the City. He linked al that was takino place in Wolverhampton to the work our community volunteers were doing here in Wednesfield.

Other speakers at the seminar included Simon Archer, Wednesfield in Bloom Chairman. It also included James Clarke, Hands on Wednesfield Chairman. The Rev Nick Watson from St Thomas’s Church who spoke about the importance of faith, and Paul Singh from Guru Nanak Gurdwara and the way in which the two diverse community’s had come together around the ‘power of flowers’.

This seminar was very much a chance to congratulate volunteer community groups ‘Wednesfield in Bloom’ and ‘Hands on Wednesfield’. It was an opportunity that was not missed. There was a really good audience made up of people like Wolverhampton North Easts Emma Reynolds MP, and a number of Wednesfield Councillors including Greg Brackenridge and Mary Bateman. Plus there were lots of our brilliant Volunteers.

Keith Ireland said he was “delighted to speak at the Wednesfield in Bloom seminar.”

He said “The seminar was a chance to congratulate volunteer community groups like Wednesfield in Bloom’ and ‘Hands on Wednesfield’.

He said he was impressed with the recent success in competition, winning the Silver Award in the 2016 ‘Heart of England in Bloom’ Urban Community competition, and the Gold Award in 2017.

Keith Ireland further explained in a note to all the City Councillors in a Councillors Briefing at the end of last week.

“That Wednesfield was to be the focus of an episode of the new BBC Show ‘Britain in Bloom, on BBC 2. He reported that the show follows fifteen different communities from across the country as they prepare to compete for gold in the Royal Horticultural Society’s prestigious ‘Britain in Bloom’ competition.

He further went onto say “I’m sure all Councillors will join me in wishing Wednesfield good luck at the next competition (2018).”

He talked up the recent success Wednesfield had in the competition.” Winning the Silver Award in the 2016 ‘Heart of England in Bloom’ Urban Community competition, and the Gold Award in 2017.”

I know that Mr Ireland was impressed with how Wednesfield had gone about competing in the competition and what the challenge has done for the local community.

In his Briefing Note he further said “The show follows fifteen different communities from across the country as they prepare to compete for gold in the Royal Horticultural Society’s prestigious ‘Britain in Bloom’ competition.  I’m sure all Councillors will join me in wishing Wednesfield good luck at the next competition.”

Also there were other important actions that came out of the seminar

  • There was an offer by the City Council to make a £500 contribution to the flowers
  • Wolverhampton Homes offered a chance to talk about offers of help

We were very pleased to have had the seminar, and volunteers that were there heard for them selves the great pride that people in positions of power, view their commitment and hard work for our great  community.


Wednesfield in Bloom – Gets Praise from City Councils Top Official!

Mr Keith Ireland City of Wolverhampton Managing Director had this to say in his weekly briefing for Councillors tonight!  All I will say is that it is really good that so much focus is being placed on our Volunteers…..Wednesfield is a real ‘top notch’ place. Keith Ireland said “Wednesfield in Bloom: Today, I was delighted to speak at the Wednesfield in Bloom seminar held at the St Thomas Church Centre. Other speakers included Simon Archer, Wednesfield in Bloom Chairman and James Clarke, Hands on Wednesfield Chairman. The seminar was a chance to congratulate volunteer community groups ‘Wednesfield in Bloom’ and ‘Hands on Wednesfield’ who have seen recent success in competition, winning the Silver Award in the 2016 ‘Heart of England in Bloom’ Urban Community competition, and the Gold Award in 2017. It also explained to guests how Wednesfield has gone about competing in the competition and what the challenge has done for the local community. Wednesfield is set to be the focus of an episode of the new BBC Show ‘Britain in Bloom, tonight, on BBC 2 at 6:30pm. The show follows fifteen different communities from across the country as they prepare to compete for gold in the Royal Horticultural Society’s prestigious ‘Britain in Bloom’ competition. I’m sure all Councillors will join me in wishing Wednesfield good luck at the next competition, and I would like to encourage you all to watch the BBC2 programme tonight.”