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Today I have been involved with Duties commensurate with my role of Chair of Ashmore Park & Phoenix Nursery.

I chaired a meeting of the seven Nursery Schools across Wolverhampton, (W.H.E.E.L) lt stands for Wolverhampton Hub for Excellence in Early Years. As they unveiled a policy document with proposals relating to furthering the development and investment in the Early Years Community.

Those attending the conference were the seven maintained Nursery Schools, also in attendance was Meredith Teasdale the new Wolverhampton City Council Education Director, Councillor Claire Darke Chair of the Education Portfolio, and the City’s Managing Director Keith Ireland.

It was a good and interesting meeting – A report written by Annie Davy who had been commissioned by the Nursery Schools was delivered by the Author. The report talked about supporting a proposal to form an on line connector that can support a quality improvements by sharing Ideas, materials and training and development opportunities.

It was a good meeting – it set out how valuable the maintained Nursery Schools were, and a very good debate took place around the presentation. I summarised what had taken place, and I was very pleased to see the interest that was being expressed by the City Council and the Officer Corps about the detail.

The meeting closed with a tour of the Ashmore Park Nursery, which was led by Head Teacher Sue Lacey (Pictured Above) who had earlier spoken to the WHEEL report, and set the scene relating to the development of our federated school. On the short tour of the Nursery  we were able to speak to Councillor Clare Darke, the MD, and Education Director about Ashmore Parks work with the EU around the European Erasmus Project of which we are part.

I believe the Managing Director Keith Ireland was interested in what he had seen and heard about the Wolverhampton Nursery Schools initiative and the work we were undertaking here in Ashmore Park in International Education.

Barnard Road care home

Supported Living Scheme – Barnard Road

Here is the latest situation concerning the construction of the Supported Living Scheme taking place in Barnard Road –

In a recent article on this blog I wrote about the request a resident spoke with me about concerning the poor state of Barnard Road on Ashmore Park. The new Supported Living Home being constructed by Voyage appeared to have ‘lost control’ over the contractors building the development.

The resident asked me to pop a long and take a look. Which I did.

It was an appalling mess. Mud on the road and footpaths, which were also obstructed, Vans everywhere!  There appeared to me to be a lack of control, and the planning conditions placed on the developer, were it seemed not being carried out.

I wrote immediately  to the Highway Authority and Planning Authority so that they could be made aware of the situation. They have responded by telling me that –

“The supported living scheme currently being built on Barnard road is designed to support adults with a learning disability who will benefit from living in a community environment rather than residential care. 

The building was originally scheduled to be completed at the end of October 2017, however the contractor has reported difficulties recruiting and retaining appropriate tradesman and a design issue with the roof has resulted in a delay to the completion of the building, which is now scheduled for completion by 8 January 2018 with new tenants moving in by 22 January 2018

The trench in the road has been filled in and covered up, the final top layer of tarmac was placed on 28 November 2017. And the project manager will be on-site to check that this is completed correctly.

Voyage have held a number of community events and a recruitment event locally in the Hub. 

A further ‘drop in’ session is planned to take place on 16th December at the Community Hub. Residents of Ashmore Park will be invited to drop in between 1030 and 1230, should they have any questions about the build.

I will continue to inform residents via my social media sites as more information is delivered.


Wolmer Road Fly Tipping

I had a complaint about Fly tipping from residents. The complaint referred to public rights of Way Wolmer Road and Griffith Drive and Wolmer Road and Kitchen Lane.
Wolverhampton Homes Estate Services have visited the two sites and confirmed the presence of fly-tipped items on both of the sites.

Checks have been made and there does not appear to be any evidence present to help identify the perpetrators that we could refer on to the Councils Public Protection department for further investigation.
Therefore we have raised a works order for an Estate Caretaking team to attend to both sites and arrange for removal of the fly-tipping.
The works order has been raised this morning (28 Nov 2017)and a team will attend within the next 7 days.
Can I make a plea and ask if there are any residents who have seen this happen or who knows who have tipped these items, could they contact me on
12507275_992412354140059_5103971420602862818_n gritters

City Has 4500 Tonnes of Rock Salt – For the Roads!

With winter hovering over Wednesfield it is perhaps just worth reminding motorists to be careful when driving. City of Wolverhampton Gritting crews are now on standby and ready to for action when icy conditions are forecast.

The city has a plentiful supply of salt! In fact they have  4,500 tonnes of rock salt in stock for the winter season. The way that is spread onto the roads by a fleet of 9 gritting lorries and a team of drivers who each have a specific route to treat around the city when the temperatures plummet!

City of Wolverhampton Council  routinely treat 239 miles every time the gritters go out – that is more than 50% of all roads in the city. The roads are divided into priority 1 and 2 routes.

Your Councillors in Wednesfield North are always grateful to the Gritters as they do a magnificent job on the whole, keeping our main roads passable for traffic , and playing their part in keeping the region moving when cold hard weather hits our City.


Barnard Road care home

Barnard Road- “Appalling Mess. Mud on the road and footpaths!”

Barnard Road – Last week a resident spoke with me about the poor state of Barnard Road on Ashmore Park. The new Care Home being constructed by Voyage appears to have ‘lost control’ over the contractors building the development.

The resident asked me to pop a long and take a look. Which I did.

It was an appalling mess. Mud on the road and footpaths, which were also obstructed, Vans everywhere!  There appeared to me to be a lack of control, and the planning conditions placed on the developer, were it seemed not being carried out.

I wrote immediately  to the Highway Authority and Planning Authority so that they could be made aware of the situation.”

There are  planning condition attached to the permission that requires the developer to manage such things as spoil/waste, parking and wheel washing and so enforcement of such matters rests with the Planning Department.

I also contacted the people working with the Voyage Company who own the development. The fact of the matter is that this development is not being managed as the planning conditions said it should. I have made very strong representations about this situation. I will keep residents informed of the results of my action.



The Children's Society

Supporting The Children’s Society

November 2017 – Mary and I have donated another small sum, this time of £57 to the Children’s Society.

We have been a long time supporter of this charity. We like the fact that the Children Society is all about trying to create a better world for children!

In March of this year we also donated £108.00 to the charity…..We have been supporters of the charity for a very long time. If you too are interested in supporting this charity…perhaps calling in on St Thomas’s Church would be worthwhile. They help and support the charity here in Wednesfield.

Working In His Shop!

Raj Kumar Drive- How About That Then!

Here is a good news story that will please lots of residents of Ashmore Park.

Following the death earlier this year, of popular tradesman Raj Kumar. I had a request made by local resident Peadar Brewster asking if it was possible to get the service road running at the back of the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade named after him.

I have been actively advocating this action and I can tell residents today that the Authorities have written to me stating that –

I am pleased to let you know that I have had no objections to the request to name the service road off Griffiths Drive as shown on the attached plan.  

Therefore I can confirm that the name, Raj Kumar Drive, has now been allocated. 

As discussed this will not be used for postal addresses, it will still remain a private service road to the rear of the shops providing access. As noted in the wording for the consultation it will be by way of a memorial to a much respected local trades person who passed away earlier this year.”

Your three Local Councillors are delighted with this turn of events, and think this course of action will be the best way to remember Raj, a great bloke. Who as we all found out earlier this year, did much for individuals, and really did help to enhance the reputation of Ashmore Park.

Thanks to Padda, for pressing the idea initially. I will inform residents when the plates are ready.

Finally thanks to Wolverhampton Homes, who have agreed the proposals, and have willingly and with pace delivered the wishes of our Estate.

IMG_5708 City Council

Planning Application – 601 Griffith Drive – Sunbed Salon

A planning Application has been submitted for a business which wants to operate Sunbeds at the vacant store alongside the Co-Op and the Ashmore Inn.This will require a change of use from the current planning permission.

The Planning Application is 17/01363/FUL – Change of use from Class A1 (Retail) to Sui Generis (Sunbed Salon) | 601 Griffiths Drive Unit 2 Wolverhampton West Midlands WV11 2LJ

It is for sunbeds (15 cubicles). The site notice went up Friday of last week.

Residents will want to note that the Consultation period expires on 8th December 2017.

The full planning application is viewable by placing this link into the browser

Residents who want to object to the scheme or who want further information,may make contact through the planning department of Wolverhampton City Council.

There is a facility that allows you to make an electronic comment if you so require – The Planning Officer dealing with the application is Mr Ragbir Sahota.

Or you may contact your Local Councillors with your views via email.




23754894_1747871078618279_6429949231208514939_n Cycle Speedway OZ

Breaking News From Oz! – Britain’s Juniors Beat Australia in Cycle Speedway Test!

Big News from Adelaide Australia Today

“Job done for the Cycle Speedway Junior GB team taking the Ashes and now a series white out.” 

Third and final match finished Australia 74 – Great Britain 100. Wednesfield riders played their part.

Wednesfield Councillors want to congratulate all of you especially the Wednesfield riders…..on  playing your part in this international match! We are all very proud of you and your Club and International team mates.

23754894_1747871078618279_6429949231208514939_n Cycle Speedway OZ

photo Emma Reynolds MP Unveils bus!

Its The Economy That Matters!

Our traditional High Streets are in state of flux, more evidence is coming out that suggests that Britain’s changing shopping habits is having a fundamental shift in the make up of retail.

A recent report commissioned by the Confederation of Passenger Transport warns that there are a number of potential threats to the High Street materialising. it is a useful pointer.

The Report  commissioned by the Confederation of Passenger Transport Scotland (CPT), used data from some of the largest transport groups. It found rising levels of car ownership and usage had wiped out 15 million bus journeys during the past four years. Auditors KPMG said an increase in car ownership cut bus journeys by 12 million over four years, while different shopping habits, including an increase in online services and home delivery options, contributed to a decrease of 7.3 million trips.

Reduced bus service routes and increased bus journey times arising from congestion accounted for a fall in 5.9 million trips and increases in bus fares putting people off four million trips.

Changes to economic and workplace structures, such as flexible working, a mix of full and part-time work and changes to the number of people in self-employment and zero-hour contracts. This, alongside competition from rail, trams, taxi companies — such as Uber — and cycling, explained a reduction of 8.7 million trips.

So whilst Scotland is not England.

The information must be seen against the local conditions that prevail. Here in Wednesfield Wolverhampton and the West Midlands we have decent bus services currently.

But the changing face of retail will create situations where local bus routes will be under intense pressure, as bus companies themselves face pressure on their own budgets and bottom lines.

Retail is facing its biggest ever changes, as more and more people turn towards the internet for shopping. Forcing shops to close and altering the retail mix of High streets, reducing traditional market stalls etc.

Currently the City Council here in Wolverhampton is undertaking a scrutiny review of the Local Economic Development of Bilston and Wednesfield. Its well worth noting that our economy is not itself unique enough to withstand the sort of structural change that this CPT Scottish report tells of. We must be ready to support and help our local economies when and where we can.