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Wednesfield Road Signs

Wednesfield Public Opinion Is Powerful!

Have We Done Enough to Get Wednesfield Included in Gov Town Plan, and accessible for £25m of Government Investment?

During this last week I have been very buoyed by the way that Wednesfield Public opinion has come together, when such an obvious disaster was on the cards, for our community.
I do not apologise for trumpeting the injustice that was being played out with regards to the Government plans to deny access to both Wednesfield and Bilston from the £25m Town Fund. I am pleased that I spotted the situation. I am pleased that I spoke out!

I am pleased that I was able to confirm with the Labour Leader, the terms of the fund, and that when pressed The Government through their officials, continued to resist the inclusion of Wednesfield and Wolverhampton.

But the most pleasing part of this growing row, was the fact that so many people here in Wednesfield and across the City thought that it was a disgraceful move by this Government, and said so on social media and through the other media outlets. More important Wednesfield folk spoke about the injustice, on the streets, and over the back garden fence.
Now the information I am receiving suggests that the situation is on the move again, this time the Government may have been persuaded, to alter their original proposals and now include Wednesfield and Bilston into this Town Fund!

Guys make no mistake, the reason for this move if proved to be true, is down to YOU!

Wednesfield Public Opinion here is very much the winner! If people hadn’t supported my original statements, and so many of you did with horror, I wonder if the rumours sweeping the City today would have been so very welcoming?

I am looking forward to receiving some positive news from the Prime Minister, and the Secretary of State, following the correspondence I wrote informing them of what Wednesfield residents views were.

I am looking forward with some relish for today!


News On Wednesfield Highway Works.

There appears to be many sets of road works surrounding Wednesfield at the moment. Residents are concerned and are asking questions, and these are the answers to the road works I have been asked about –

But first beware – If you use Linthouse Lane there will be – New roadworks for Linthouse Lane from 28th Jan to 30th January. This is because Severn Trent will have two way traffic lights in place as they maintain their assets

Again on Neachells Lane – 20th Jan to 6th March 2 way Traffic Lights As footpaths are resurfaced.

Pool Hayes Lane/Stubby Lane Broad Lane South – These works are due to be in place until – 20th jan to the 24th January. Again it is Severn Trent Water who are renewing their assets.

Give yourself plenty of time to meet your appointments during these periods.

Police 43473511_2362235603788953_5038011168082362368_n

Beware – Police Speed Checks In Force!

There has been a lot of requests from residents concerned about speeding traffic and the dangers that this brings to other road users and pedestrians.

I am informed that the Neighbourhood Police team will now be conducting “Speedwatch” Operations across Wednesfield. The Police inform me that “as we have been made aware of increasing concerns”.

The Police inform that “Linthouse Lane, Amos Lane, Planetary Road, Griffiths Drive and Broad Lane North and South have been highlighted.”

So please be aware as you go out and about with your business. Please keep your speed down and drive safely in our neighbourhood. Now finally, the Police team have asked “Please let us know of any other areas of concern, including specific days or times of day that seem to be more prevalent,”

They are listening folks.If you would wish me to make your views known. I of course will!

With regards to other Police activity the day was very much full of Wednesfield Police taking action against illegal vehicles they say “Yesterday was a highly productive day for the police team. Yesterday 20/01/20 the team removed two more vehicles off your streets for being untaxed and having no m.o.t, both had expired sometime in 2019 and were still being used, both vehicles were found in the same street, one of which was being driven at the time. A costly time for the owners if they want them back If you have any intelligence of suspicious vehicles-please let us know.”

Councillor Phil Bateman said today” I will continue to inform you of the Police activity, as they inform me.”

Wednesfield Road Signs

Prime Minister & Sec of State – Urged to Keep Wednesfield In!

I have written to the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State regarding the cutting of Wednesfield from the Government’s new Towns Fund and the £25m of monies that is on offer. Its a travesty as it stands now. I am hoping even at this stage, that the Government will find away to include our great community of Wednesfield in to the bid.

I have explained how important it is to have Wednesfield in – not out!

A total of 100 places – including 45 places across the Northern Powerhouse and 30 places in the Midlands Engine – will be the pioneers of new Town Deals building on the Prime Minister’s announcement in July of an additional £1.325 billion to support towns as part of a renewed vision to level up every part of our country, which took the total value of the Towns Fund to £3.6 billion.”

It would be a travesty if Wednesfield remained out of the vision that the Prime Minister had when he talked about leveling up “every part of our country” . At the moment it appears our great community, our ancient Village of Wednesfield is out! If we are to be treated in this way we shouldn’t just not complain!I intend to do all that I can to get thiis foul decision reversed. Please join me get your voice heard too!


#ShopLocal Dates for your Diary.

#ShopLocal Dates for your Diary.
Wednesfield North City Councillors are again going to organise a set of #ShopLocal campaigns in our Ward, aimed at increasing footfall to Local Shops and stores. Boosting our very local economy, reducing the carbon footprint of residents. Helping to reduce the climate crisis. Plus, just helping those local small businesses we all rely on during the course of the year. Plus a real effort is to be made to have fun!

We have been doing #ShopLocal for a couple of years now. It works…!

This year 2020 – We will have our great #Shoplocal days on
• Saturday the 18th April
• Friday 3rd July -Coinciding with Wednesfield in Bloom Judging Day
• Saturday 4th July Partnered with the #Stuff4Steph Funday.’
• Saturday the 12th December in the run up to Christmas!

Will all those local shops who will be taking part in all these events, place the dates in your diary’s, and let me have your comments or ideas. Please everyone share the article. Let’s get some buy in!

We will be working with The Hub at Ashmore Park and Wednesfield in Bloom with all these events, and I want to thank Gemma Ballinger and James Clarke for their support for #ShopLocal and for volunteering their own personal time to this, as well as the Ashmore Park Community Association who already do so much for our community.

We have a great community. We look as though we are going to have a great year in 2020!

17 Police Lamp

Police and Crime In Wednesfield.

Police and Crime – Taken from a Wednesfield North Ward report to be published in the next few days.

Wednesfield North Labour City Councillors have campaigned for the whole year for more resources for West Midlands Police, and we have campaigned strongly also to keep the Wednesfield Police Station open.

I am proud of the way that we have worked with Wednesfield Police, providing help and support for their initiatives where and when we can. We have also campaigned to get speed cut on a number of roads across the Ward. Save the Wednesfield Police station – which has been hard campaign. I think this can be viewed at the moment as a partial success, as it hasn’t closed completely. It is still being used by the Neighbourhood Police. Though it is disappointing that we still have not been able to persuade the Police to open the station to the public. In total I have written – on behalf of my Councillor colleagues. Some 148 individual Police and crime correspondence/email in the course of this year. As Labour Councillors we are concerned about the levels of crime and the poor force numbers. What to me is sad though is that from December 2018 through to November 2019- The latest Police UK statistics for Wednesfield are these. Many may feel that they are indeed low for the expectations the public have, as to how the Police should be protecting them – and their property.
• Total number of crimes are 2297.
• Of these crimes 1639 offences had No Further Action against them.
• That is 80% of those crimes reported.
• There was 3.38% of offenders dealt with by the Police.
• Sent to Court were just 4.70%.
• 5.78% of those were dealt with by a Court.
• That equates to just 118 persons getting justice
These are the reasons whilst we have been campaigning to the Government for more Police and more Police resources.

Sadly, with the GE2019 gone, and West Midlands Police struggling to recruit. It looks like 2020, will be much like all the other past years for Wednesfield. I just do not know how the public puts up with it! Final word on this- Wednesfield is a low crime Ward here in our city- Thankfully! I would like to say that the few Neighbourhood Police and PCSO’s we have, do a really great job. Its just there is not enough of them! Source -Crime stats (Police.UK)

Kitchen & Linthouse LaneIMG_3943

Wednesfield North City Councillors Oppose Green Belt Development.

Objections – South Staffordshire District Council Local Plan Review.

The three Wednesfield North City Councillors are to oppose the development of agricultural land in Essington, marked as ‘Land North of Linthouse Lane’ in the South Staffordshire District Council – Local Plan Review.

• We object against the Preferred Option G- and its proposals for thousands of homes aligned alongside City of WOLVERHAMPTON Boundary adjacent to the Wednesfield North Ward.
• We strongly object to this huge residential housing project which we believe will alter the area, and the amenity we share with Essington.
• We want to see the Brownfield sites identified, and developed first in our own conurbation, before the developers are able to press Local Authorities for valuable Greenfield Sites.
• We strongly Object to natural light, flora and fauna, animals and birds plus losing valuable amenity. Adjacent to our own local Wednesfield boundary with Essington and Staffordshire.
• We also support Essington Action Group in their demand for evidence of the requirements regarding Brownfield sites outside the West Midlands conurbation to be examined again.
• We also feel that the Essington Action Group are correct in their submissions that the ‘Preferred Option G- chosen by South Staffordshire District Council ‘ has been written just for this land on the Wednesfield Boundary – and not for any other area of their document.

Councillors Phil Bateman MBE, Councillor Rita Potter, and Councillor Mary Bateman – All strongly object to the loss of this land – marked now by South Staffordshire District Council in the Parish of Essington, as Green Belt.
The residents of Wednesfield North which we as City Councillors represent, enjoy the current countryside, the animals, the birds, the Flora and Fauna of the Green Belt in Essington. We in Wolverhampton see the current land as a delight and a much-used local amenity.
We enjoy seeing the land farmed agriculturally, as an amenity.
All three of us enjoy the farming that takes place on the land inside the Essington Parish.
We love to see the crop rotation, the cattle from time to time. As does our residents. Whilst it is on the ‘other side’ of our Local Boundary, we see as do our local Wednesfield inhabitants. An agricultural sector that within our great City is indeed a rare occurrence now.
So, the tasks that we see taking place from our borough boundary, are not to be scoffed at. They help to define the neighbourhood.
They are of course educational to city folks, a great activity that was once practiced far more regularly inside Wolverhampton than is the fact today.
The history that is evident on the land, from the historic Monarchs Way, to the industrial history of the old Mineral Railway, are valuable to local Wednesfield residents. The agricultural life is just feet away from urban and city living. Two very different activities that takes place just a few yards south of the Local Government boundary line within Essington and Staffordshire. The history of the land as it once was used is important for everyone today.
Wednesfield residents will not want to see the land lost to residential development of such huge proportions.
The land also has a huge historic interest to Wolverhampton and the Black Country.
This land now being discussed for housing once provided Wolverhampton and the Black Country with aviation history. History is an economic driver. We can harness that history into providing informed walks and generating amenity value with even greater benefits to Public Health and Wellbeing.
In Kitchen Lane there was regular landing and take offs of planes. In 1928 and 1929. Captain Summerfield of the Cornwall Aviation Company gave flights also from Blackhalve lane in Wednesfield. Amazingly as many as three thousand people took flights 1928. I am sure that neither Essington or Wednesfield people would want to see this aviation and such historical sites lost forever by the building of residential homes. Especially when we can develop an historic interest to go alongside the rural character that we already have here.

One such air-show came to Kitchen Lane on 30th July 1931. It was a very big air-show and putting on a big air-show you had to have a big back up team. They cleared the airstrip, checked with farmers, and the Ministry beforehand, then ran a motorcar over the airstrip at 60mph!
These shows were very popular but they did require a very big organisation and the flights took place for around four years. So, there you have it Ashmore Park has a history of aircraft landings and take offs
In a City the size and complexity of the City of Wolverhampton, there is very few green spaces within our City boundaries, that give this sort of wonderful experience, we have that Essington and South Staffordshire has provided and still does provide.
The City of Wolverhampton is a City of 260,000 people. We form part of the West Midlands Conurbation.
Living where we do there is nothing locally that allows the general enjoyment, we get from having the proximity of this land for our general amenity. If we lose it our residents will be impoverished forever.
It’s one of the few geographical places that City of Wolverhampton folk can see a ‘big unhindered sky’, watch the sun set, and then see the moon and the stars. There is little or no light pollution, so it is indeed a very rare site indeed.
We can watch Brown Hares, Foxes and Badgers hunt across the fields, and watch a Peregrine and Buzzard hunt the fields for their food. Its important we keep the Green Belt in this area as it is without doubt a huge benefit to our physical and mental health.
It is our view that our residents in Wednesfield North Ward which has a population of 11,019 of which 8% is BME. Should have the benefit of the Green Belt to help mitigate against the conditions that are prevalent locally.
it is a fact that 18.5% of Wednesfield North children are living in poverty. Having the Green Belt as an asset on the doorstep, plays an important role in the ability of these children and their families to take advantage of these green spaces locally. Losing the Green Belt would have a detrimental effect on Wednesfield North families.
As a City Council we are always looking to improve our Local Neighbourhood. Work undertaken by the City informs that 64.8% are satisfied with their neighbourhood. This is close to the City average. But if we lose this huge Green Belt benefit to housing or any other development.
Then we will also start to see us lose our own hard fought for Wednesfield Neighbourhood satisfaction ratings.
This will be because our already heavily used roads, and infrastructure here in Wednesfield will be also submerged as the 9,000 homes will tip huge amounts of people motorists and pollution into, and onto our own infrastructure and highway requirements.
9,000 homes alongside Wednesfield North and Wolverhampton City and County Boundaries will stretch our City education and health services, our District neighbourhood facilities, local district shopping and Public transport requirements.

We will object by December 12th deadline – and continue to develop argument against this South Staffordshire District Proposal.

Wednesfield MagazinejuneJuly2019 IMG_0050 (002)

Wednesfield Magazine – June & July 2019 Edition Out!

The Wednesfield Magazine is an independent Local Magazine.

The Magazine is written in Wednesfield, and it serves the people of Wednesfield and the local businesses. Its a great little read and it is free .

In Wednesfield North you can pick the Magazine up at the Hub, The Library, and at numerous Local shops. In this Month’s edition it carries a real nice obituary in a tribute to Jean Shinton.

Jean was one of Wednesfields ‘Movers and Shakers’ she loved her community. It’s a nice read. Well done Editor Simon for writing this very nice tribute.  Rest In Peace Jean.

New Trams

The Tram Should Serve The New Molineux!



With a new municipal year starting, and with a new political Leadership firmly in place at the City of Wolverhampton. I feel strongly that now is very much the time that the City Council should be bold,

My arguments that we should have a strong and resilient public transport system which included trams has been one that I have proposed for decades. As we open our eyes to a new day, and a new Municipal Year, the politicians must listen to the call from the fans of the city football club, and its owners.

Having had the debate about moving the club from the City Centre, the owners have firmly come down into the decision of staying on the present site and developing it. That means a successful football club will attract more fans both from within the City and outside of the city. This is good news for our own economic base and specifically in the retail sectors, hotels and tourism, and the transport and leisure services here in our City.

The City and the West Midlands Combined Authority are developing quite rightly a new City based transportation Hub. This Hub is based on a new Heavy Rail station already under construction in the City Centre, with new tram links to the station and the Local bus station. Over the next decade we expect to see more people over the period arriving into Wolverhampton by train, bus, and tram.

If I have read the city correctly – there is huge excitement about the plans now being openly discussed about the new direction the Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club are heading.

Fosun the owners of Wolverhampton Wanderers and with the Directors of the Football Club, are striving to provide, a bigger and better stadium. A Club that excites on the football pitch with even more and better success, both as a sporting Club, and also as a business.

My argument is that as a Wolverhampton City Council, we  should also be using this time to also start developing plans to  introduce the Midlands Metro Light Rail System into the street scene in the heart of our City Centre to create the sort of transportation system that will help serve the new Wolves stadium over the next thirty years or so.?

I have written and spoken thousands of words about Wolverhampton and the West Midlands needs to ensure that they build the transport requirements that give future prosperity to our conurbation, and here in Wolverhampton over the last 38 years.

Its clear that the Molineux is now going to be transformed as a stadium, it will have even bigger crowds, than it gets now. Plus, when it reaches the heights the owners and the fans are projecting. It will need an efficient transportation system to bring them and take them away back into the City Centre and the transportation hubs without creating more traffic jams and highway delays, and damaging the air quality and the environment.

With climate change causing massive concerns its important that this City own visions are as bold as the Wolverhampton Wanderers football club is. Wolverhampton needs to start planning for a new tram link from the rail station through to the new Molineux and out towards the M54 and the new planned and proposed sites for industry and Staffordshire’s proposed new housing developments on our City boundaries.

We need two new lines to serve our own Cities needs. We need an extension of the Metro line into serving New Cross, and Wednesfield, and able to link with Walsall. We also need the metro to deliver a new line from the transportation hub out to the Molineux and down to the Fordhouses area.

I really do hope that we will be brave and start the process to ensure that these two lines are started.

We cannot just leave our current tram system as it is. That would be a huge dereliction of duty by our political leaders.

Wolverhampton needs strong vision, and plans to overcome the decline in fossil fuels, and strong policies to develop climate friendly policies that enhance our city and its transportation requirements…both today and over the next thirty years!