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Here is where New Homes are being Built on Ashmore Park!

This is the start of a new week – so good morning Wednesfield!

Over the past weeks we have been highlighting a construction project that will soon be under way in Townson Road on Ashmore Park. Two 2 bed homes are to be constructed in a former WH Garage site. These two homes are going to be added to the WH housing stock. In old parlance they are going to new Council Houses!

We are in 5 of the City Councils “small sites programme” and this phase, will deliver 34 council homes across 11 sites within the City, five of those sites are here in Wednesfield North within the Ashmore Park estate.

I know that people living here will want to know where these sites are. Here is the programme.

The sites at Ashmore Park are;
Townson Road former garage site – 2no 2 bedroom semi-detached houses
Simmons Road former garage site – 1no 2 bedroom bungalow
Wolmer Road former garage site – 2no 4 bedroom semi-detached houses
Southall Road former garage site – 2no 2 bedroom semi-detached houses
Woodside former garage site – 4no 1 bedroom apartments

Work is currently underway on all sites, with the exception of Townson Road, but this will commence once the licence is in place. City of Wolverhampton Council are using those redundant Garage sites, to increase our Council Housing offer. Without building on Green Open Space. If you look at Wednesfield North now you will find lots of homes that have been built in this way. At the same time the sites have squeezed out the Anti Social Behaviour which used to take place. I hope this article is informative for you.

Crime Concerns in Wednesfield as PACT Meeting Looms!

As we approach the very first PACT meeting in person! for a very long time due to Covid-19. I thought that I would set out the latest’s crime figures I have for the Wednesfield North and South neighbourhood district. They are West Midlands Police own statistics,as reported through Police UK.

I have been in contact with the West Midlands Crime and Police Commissioner throughout. I am unhappy about a number of issues. I have made that very plain to him. Crime in Wednesfield whilst no where near the worst in the City by a large margin. Nevertheless is seen by these stats to continue to rise. The trend from April 2021 seems to be continued line upwards. I have also written to City of Wolverhampton Chief Executive and the City Leader Cllr Ian Brookfield, as well as the Police with my concerns. Basically we need more Police in Wednesfield.

Here is the statistics that lead me to make this statement. I hope we get some time at the Wednesfield PACT Meeting on the 17th May 2022 at The Hub at Ashmore Park at 6.30pm, to discuss on the night.

View as a list
Crime levels overview Wednesfield North and South
Apr 2021 219 7.7%
May 2021 254 8.9%
Jun 2021 281 9.9%
Jul 2021 293 10.3%
Aug 2021 240 8.4%
Sep 2021 280 9.9%
Oct 2021 231 8.1%
Nov 2021 255 9%
Dec 2021 238 8.4%
Jan 2022 252 8.9%
Feb 2022 298 10.5%

These are the last full month statistics that are publicly available.

I know local people will have other issues of crime of a personal nature, that they are most likely to want to air on the night, direct with the Local Neighbourhood Police team. In the meantime I continue to keep in touch with the City Safer Wolverhampton Partnership, The Leader of the Council and the WMPCC.

Police in Attendance 17th May at 6.30pm The Hub at Ashmore Park

The Wednesfield PACT meeting is to start again- Here is what the secretariat has written to me. “I am writing to let you know about the next Wednesfield community meeting. This will be taking place on Tuesday 17th May 2022 at 6.30pm. The venue will be Ashmore Park Community Hub, 82 Griffiths Dr, Wolverhampton WV11 2LH.

This is a meeting staged between our Community here in Wednesfield, and the Wednesfield Police team.

Please if you have any questions or comments that relate to the way that our Neighbourhood Police team police our community. Then this the place to air your views. Leave a thumbs up if you are going to attend.

Two New Council Houses On The Way – Townson Road!

Yesterday we met officials from City of Wolverhampton Homes and the City Council in Hodson Close. We had intervened in April as we had heard that the City wanted to use the Two greens for a compound for the two new Council Houses that Wolverhampton wanted to construct, in a garage site in Townson Road.
All three of your Councillors were concerned about this especially when we were informed that the sites were to be used for twenty six weeks
Yesterday we were pleased that Officials agreed to an alternative to use just one of the greens on Townson Road for up to 8 weeks, to facilitate the initial groundworks for the new build site at Townson Road. Not the original 26 weeks we were originally informed of.
Wolverhampton Homes will now arrange for letters to go out to the properties close to the green, to advise them of the use of that area and they will also advise the properties within the street of the delivery of the new build development. The construction will be by Local firm Harpers, who have built similar developments in other parts of Ashmore Park.
The construction will be for – Townson Road former garage site –
and 2 no 2 bedroom semi-detached houses. These are new Council Houses which will form part of the Wolverhampton Homes housing stock.

Wednesfield North Labour Councillors Working for You!

As we approach the close of the Municipal Year 2021-2022 and get ready for 2022-2023.

We have had a wide range of cases that we have been investigating for constituents.

They range from Licensing, Fly Tipping, Highways, Pest control, Dog Fouling, Fencing, Graffiti, Hedge Maintenance, Bins, Leisure issues, Litter, PublicTransport, Manhole covers, Anti Social Behaviour, Police, Parked Vehicles, Planning, Parking, Flooding. Traffic Regulations, Street Lighting, Adult Social Care, Children services. Pathways, Licensing, Revenues, School Parking, Abandoned vehicles, Dead Animals,CCTV, homes,Park Security, Public Health and much more!

We are not in an election period now. But, I can inform you that your three City Councillors have been dutiful and diligent in looking after the Ward.

We appreciate that we will not always win every case. But we do take up hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of cases each year.

We work very much as a team, that means we collaborate where we can on problems and solutions. We share information, and we often empower each other to investigate problem issues, then come together to press the City on the outcomes of our working together.

(Photograph shows a Planning Issue that was a major concern for residents. It was reported to City Councillors, and working practice was examined, and a close watch on its development continues)

Empty and Void Dwellings in Wednesfield North.

During the course of the Local City Council Election 2022. Local Housing need was a major part of the debate with local people.
A vacant private property came up here in the Ward, when a resident complained about its long time being void. So here is the situation. We have at least two dwellings that are being treated by the City Council through the Legal processes here in Wednesfield North, to ensure that these homes are brought back into use.

The two long term empty and void private property’s, are in different neighbourhoods in Wednesfield North. Cabinet Resources Panel approved the acquisition of one of the the property’s “either voluntarily or by Compulsory Purchase on the 17/2/21.”

The other property is well down the legal road to change of ownership.

Resolving probate, unfortunately takes some time, there are legal processes to go through, and indeed some of the issues to be solved are very complicated.

These two dwelling’s are a very live issue locally, to their neighbours, and I hope that it will not be too long before the future of these property’s have been resolved.

I have been in touch with the City Council and will be receiving up dates on their progress. Which I will of course share.

Linthouse Lane Closure Details.

This is an important date so please place it in your diary.Please find details below regarding the proposed temporary closure of Linthouse Lane, Fallings Park/Wednesfield North, Wolverhampton.

• Linthouse Lane closed in both directions between its junction with Wood End Road and its junction with Argil Close.
Vehicular Diversion Route: Wood End Road, Lichfield Road and vice versa.

It is expected the above closure will be in place on 30/05/22, between the hours of 09:30 & 15:00 only, to facilitate Severn Trent Water remedial works.

If you have any concerns or comments please contact me by 11/05/22 in order to process the advertisement of the Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) accordingly

A ‘Big Thank You’ –

What a good Night for Labour Councillor Mary Bateman winning her 3rd election for #WednesfieldNorth on Thursday night the 5th of May. However, it was Election Agent Geoff Foster (First on the left, in the photograph) who helped make this all possible again this Year.

Well done Geoff! The man on the left with the Big Smile….#LocalElection22 – 20 years an Agent!

Plus a real ‘Big Thanks’ to everyone else that played a part in Labour winning this seat. Thanks to the team of supporters that placed ‘Mary Bateman -Labour’ Posters and window bills in their windows.

Those that tramped the streets putting thousands of leaflets through the doors. Our friends who put up with us for being late everywhere! Thank you to everyone for being so helpful and understanding. Plus an even bigger ‘Thank You’ for the Voters who trusted in Mary and the Labour Party and who cast their Votes for Labour!

Mary Wins Wednesfield North for Labour!-

Big result for Mary as she once again wins her third election for Labour in Wednesfield North on City of Wolverhampton Council.

As Labour romps to success in the City Council election.

I am proud of Mary, she is a caring individual and it’s pleasing that she won the seat 1358 over her Tory opponents 875. A cracking majority of 484.

Labour holds Wolverhampton City Council which is a great result for the City.