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Poo Bags Coppice High116789081_759053818198840_2545167653072958272_n

Disgraceful! Scoop the Poop-Then Take it Home

The_Big_Scoop_-_Bag_it__Bin_itWhat can dog walkers think they are doing when having ‘Scooped the Poop’ from their dog’s doggy doo’s. They go and hang the bag on a tree, or in this case on the fence at Coppice High School.

It’s a disgrace and it is a crime.

It looks awful, and it drags down the neighbourhood in the eyes of others.

If you know the individual that is doing this, in this location, then please inform the City of Wolverhampton Council or the Police.

It’s a disgraceful act, and it is a dangerous way of spreading disease.

If you have a dog it’s your duty to pick up after your pet, and then to take it home and dispose of it safely. That is your duty as a pet owner. Please let’s stop this shocking activity.


Wednesfield Crime Statistics to June 2020

These are the crime statistics that relate to Wednesfield. These statistics make up the
Wednesfield Police Beat – which includes our Ward of Wednesfield North. The Police administrative
area includes the Bentley Bridge Shopping Park. So when you are looking at issues relating to for instance
Shop Lifting. Those statistics in the Wednesfield Police Beat relates to Bentley Bridge, as well as in other shops and stores across the area.

Crime levels overview
Jul 2019 197 8.6%
Aug 2019 196 8.5%
Sep 2019 171 7.4%
Oct 2019 182 7.9%
Nov 2019 190 8.3%
Dec 2019 179 7.8%
Jan 2020 184 8%
Feb 2020 231 10%
Mar 2020 220 9.6%
Apr 2020 171 7.4%
May 2020 197 8.6%
Jun 2020 184 8%

Amongst those facts are the individual Crimes that they relate too.
Violence and Sexual offences are consistently standing out for me.along with Anti Social behaviour
which is also a stand-out number. With more than 16% (ASB) of these crimes making up the total.

Anti-social behaviour 30 16.3%
Burglary 11 6%
Criminal damage and arson 9 4.9%
Drugs 4 2.2%
Other theft 6 3.3%
Possession of weapons 1 0.5%
Public order 16 8.7%
Robbery 2 1.1%
Shoplifting 11 6%
Vehicle crime 10 5.4%
Violence and sexual offences 76 41.3%
Other crime 8 4.3%

Pharmacy News AshmoreIMG_3824

It Was a Hot Day Today!

It was good chatting to people on the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade today. Lots of concerns still around Covid-19. Both residents and businesses are in fear of the future.

Remember the Pharmacy will be closing for a refurb. Don’t leave your prescription in the shop if you need them. The Butcher Phil is back at work and suffering pain! Give him a smile when you pass by.

I have re planted the flower bed outside the Butchers Shop to lift his spirits! I also watered the three flower beds and the two hanging baskets with help from Danny at the Vape Shop. Thanks Danny that was helpful. Goodness it was hot today.

Thanks everyone for passing the time of day with me.

You know it’s a pleasure to be your elected City Councillor!

Pharmacy News AshmoreIMG_3824

Pharmacy To Close – Then Re-Open! Ashmore Park

The Pharmacy on Ashmore Park Shopping Parade is to close. Then Re-open again,
the renewed investment by the Northwood Paharmacy Group will be much appreciated.

If you are a customer – read the Notice and be prepared for the new arrangements.

Get all your prescriptions before the closure, and take a few minutes to talk to the staff
if you think you will have difficulties, during the time the shop is closed.

Councillor Phil Bateman said ” In these dark Covid-19 days, its good to see Northwood Pharmacy continuing to invest in
our community, health is so important to our Wednesfield North well being.”

Cov19 download

Wednesfield – Please Take Note! Covid-19

Councillor Phil Bateman said ” Wednesfield take Note! Covid-19 testing site in Wolverhampton will start accepting walk-ins from Friday (August 7).”

The Showell Road site off Stafford Road had previously been used for pre-booked drive-through tests only.

It will now also be open as a walk-in site as part of efforts by City of Wolverhampton Council to make testing more accessible.

John Denley, Wolverhampton’s Director of Public Health, said: “Although we encourage people to book appointments for Covid testing, we want to make it as simple as possible for people to get tested.

“The steady increase in cases in recent weeks shows us that coronavirus is prevalent in Wolverhampton. Increasing testing will help tackle the spread of the virus.

“The message remains that if you have got symptoms – no matter how mild – you simply must get a test.”

Coronavirus symptoms are a high temperature, a new and continuous cough, or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.

Showell Road will accept walk-ins for the first time between 2pm and 5pm on Friday, August 7. It will open between 10am and 5pm on Saturday, August 8. It will then be open between 8am and 8pm, seven days a week.

The swab test is free, takes less than a minute and results are delivered the following day. To book a test visit

Anyone who tests positive for Covid-19 will be contacted by NHS Test and Trace and will be asked to share information about people that have been close contacts recently.

If NHS Test and Trace ask you to self-isolate due to contact with a person who has coronavirus, you should stay home and not attend the test centre, unless you then develop symptoms yourself.

People can also use the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust’s Ask A&E tool at to input and monitor their symptoms and speak to a healthcare professional via video chat if required.

The latest information and guidance around coronavirus is available at and on the council’s own coronavirus pages at There’s lots of advice on how people can protect themselves and their families from coronavirus from the NHS at

The council’s Stay Safe, Be Kind campaign offers clear and simple advice about how people can help themselves, and how they can support others who may be particularly vulnerable at this time. For more information, please visit

Phil BatemanIMG_7686

Things are Changing! Stay Safe, Be Safe!

Councillor Phil Bateman said today” Things are Changing, Stay Safe Be Safe! Face coverings will be mandatory for visitors to all City of Wolverhampton Council-run buildings from Saturday (8 August).”

Staff will also have to wear a face covering where screens or visors are not already in use in any situation where they are dealing with members of the public in person.

The measures are being put in place to help prevent the spread of coronavirus and to protect members of the public and staff.

It is already mandatory to wear face coverings in shops, supermarkets, takeaways, hospitals and on public transport and in transport hubs.

The Government announced on Friday (31 July) that the requirement to wear a face covering would be extended to more indoor settings, including museums, cinemas, art galleries and places of worship. It will enforceable in law from this weekend.

Face coverings will be mandatory in council buildings as and when they reopen to the public, including the Civic Centre, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Bilston Craft Gallery and Bantock House Museum and Café, City Archives, West Park Café, Bilston Town Hall, the Mobility shop and the Registry Office. Face coverings will also be required by visitors to the council’s WV Active leisure centres, but only when they are entering and leaving the building or purchasing food and drink, not when people are exercising.

Please note, face coverings will not be mandatory for anyone under the age of 11 and those with disabilities or certain health conditions, such as respiratory or cognitive impairments that make it difficult for them to wear one.

Used correctly – safely and comfortably covering the mouth and nose – face coverings limit the number of droplets which are spread by people when they speak, cough or sneeze. It is important to avoid touching the front of the face covering while wearing it, and to wash reusable coverings after each use as it may have collected virus particles that could then be spread to the hands.

Councillor Jasbir Jaspal, the City of Wolverhampton Council’s Cabinet Member for Public Health and Wellbeing, said: “Face coverings do not replace social distancing, good hand washing and good hygiene as the most effective measures we should all adopt to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

“However, there is some evidence that wearing a face covering in an enclosed space can help protect individuals and those around them from the virus.

“As a council we want to do all we can to protect our staff and customers and so please remember to wear a face covering when you are visiting one of our buildings, unless you are not required to do so.

“We were already planning on enforcing the use of face coverings in all our buildings, and we hope that last week’s announcement that it will become law from this weekend will ensure good compliance from the people of Wolverhampton. This will also help us to Avoid a Local Lockdown.”

She added: “You can buy face coverings from many retailers or make your own at home. They can be as simple as a scarf or bandana that ties behind the head, as long as they cover your mouth and nose and allow you to breathe comfortably.”

The latest information and guidance around coronavirus is available at and on the council’s own coronavirus pages at There’s lots of advice on how people can protect themselves and their families from coronavirus from the NHS at

The council’s Stay Safe, Be Kind campaign offers clear and simple advice about how people can help themselves, and how they can support others who may be particularly vulnerable at this time. For more information, and to download a free poster showing how to make and wear your own face covering, please visit

Jackie Jones IMG_7217

Rest In Peace Jackie Jones- You Will Be Missed!

On July 2nd Jacqueline Mary Jones passed away in New Cross Hospital aged 64, after suffering
a number of ill health episodes. Jackie was a long term resident of Ashmore Park, first
living in Millbank Street with Mom Francis and Dad Ron.

Then more recently of Griffith Drive.

Jackie spent all of her life in Ashmore Park, she was a well-known figure on and around
the estate. She was a pupil at Ashmore Park Primary and then Coppice High School.

On Thursday the 6th August, Jackie will make her last journey
from Millbank Street where she grew up – to Bushbury Crematorium.

The funeral cortege will leave from Eileen, (her long term friends home) in
Millbank Street at 10.15am. With the Service due to start at 10.45am

Jackie was a very kind person with a lovely friendly disposition, she was often seen
walking her friend Eileen’s dogs, and always happy to pass the time of day.

The Reverend Tom Fish of St Albans Church on Ashmore Park – will take the short service
at Bushbury Crematorium, in front of a restricted funeral attendance due to the Covid-19

My sister Eileen my wife Mary, and I will Miss Jackie enormously.
She was a lovely person.

Rest In Peace Jackie – enjoy your reunion with your Mom Francis, and your Dad Ron!

The photo was taken at My Party on the 13th March at the Corpus Christi Club.

Simon Foster PCC 2020 CandidateNHS photo 2

Meet Simon Foster – Labour’s Candidate for PCC Elections.

As Wednesfield North’s City Councillor’s, the three of us (Phil Rita and Mary) all know that the fear of crime, is often quoted to us by residents living in our Ward,as one of their biggest concerns they have.

Many of you will know that together your three Labour Councillors are consistently calling for better Policing, the return of a publicly open Police Station in Wednesfield, and for more Community Policing here in Wednesfield North. We are active in fighting crime and speak with the Police in Wednesfield almost every week. Whilst we do have a Ward that is often quoted as being a “low- crime” Ward. Nevertheless the problems that we face here, with the crimes that do get committed certainly makes people nervous.

Recently I have been speaking with the Labour Party candidate for the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner elections – which will take place in May 2021.

His name is Simon Foster, and I thought what he told me – would be better spread on a wider basis. I asked Simon to write to you, setting out his views on the Police, and the type of Policing he would like to see,here in Wednesfield and across the West Midlands. Here is what he has written –

” Hello Wednesfield North- Let’s Rebuild Community Policing, I believe community policing should always be the foundation stone on which policing is built in this country. It embodies the founding principle of policing by consent which is that the police are the public and the public are the police. Community police officers are our ‘bobbies on the beat.’

Over the past 10 years, first the Tory/Liberal Democrat coalition and then the Tories were responsible for imposing £175 million of cuts to West Midlands Police funding. That was a big mistake on their part. It resulted in the dismantling of our community policing. In the West Midlands, between 2010 and 2018, there was a reduction in community police officers of more than 50% from 2,590 officers to 1,292. In addition, there was the loss of 297 Police Community Support Officers. Local communities have been paying the price because they are less safe and secure.

In addition, many of those remaining community police officers have often been in name only because they will also be expected to engage in response and investigation duties. The dismantling of our community policing was and continues to be a significant loss to communities. It was counter productive and a false economy.

Firstly, visible community policing is an effective way to build communication, confidence, relationships, trust and legitimacy between communities and the police. This will improve community relations and reduce the fear of crime.

Secondly, when the police are part of and able to work proactively with their community we are all best placed to prevent crime happening in the first place. Problems can be dealt with before they become emergencies. The prevention of crime is always better than having to deal with the consequences of crime.

Thirdly, community policing provides the opportunity for multi-agency working with local schools, youth services, mental health services, housing providers and others to help identify problems, enable early intervention and address the underlying causes and identify long term solutions.

Let’s rebuild community policing. I want to rebuild community policing. For justice, safety and security. Are you with me? “

Councillor Phil Bateman further added – ” I will ask Simon to keep in touch with us here in Wednesfield North as we turn towards elections next year, his views are going to shape the Police and Crime Commissioner campaign.”

Wednesfield Magazine116935183_10221852574997078_7360095974116015627_n

The Wednesfield Magazine Is Back!

My goodness how pleased I was to see The Wednesfield Magazine pop through my letterbox!

I know the Publisher Simon Archer has had more than one sleepless night worrying about the publication in this Covid-19 Pandemic.

But it was good to see it lying there just below our letter box!

I was also enthralled by its striking front page. I didn’t know about the quiet comeback of the launderette.

That is the great benefit of our local Wednesfield Magazine. It is so useful in highlighting Wednesfield own local economy.

Make no mistake we all need to #ShopLocal so keep the Wednesfield Magazine on the mantle shelf it will help you find local shops etc

lollipop Peacock Ave

20 mph Speed Limit? What is Your View!

I am keen to see what support would be like if there was a call to make Peacock Ave a 20mph Avenue?

Is this the answer to continuing calls about drivers using Peacock Avenue as a race track.
After all it is a well used access road onto Ashmore Park. It has a school and a crossing patrol
during school terms.

It is a well used bus route, and it is an access for heavy lorries supplying the shops and stores
on Ashmore Park.

Councillor Phil Bateman said “Please let me know what you think?”