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New Trams

The Tram Should Serve The New Molineux!



With a new municipal year starting, and with a new political Leadership firmly in place at the City of Wolverhampton. I feel strongly that now is very much the time that the City Council should be bold,

My arguments that we should have a strong and resilient public transport system which included trams has been one that I have proposed for decades. As we open our eyes to a new day, and a new Municipal Year, the politicians must listen to the call from the fans of the city football club, and its owners.

Having had the debate about moving the club from the City Centre, the owners have firmly come down into the decision of staying on the present site and developing it. That means a successful football club will attract more fans both from within the City and outside of the city. This is good news for our own economic base and specifically in the retail sectors, hotels and tourism, and the transport and leisure services here in our City.

The City and the West Midlands Combined Authority are developing quite rightly a new City based transportation Hub. This Hub is based on a new Heavy Rail station already under construction in the City Centre, with new tram links to the station and the Local bus station. Over the next decade we expect to see more people over the period arriving into Wolverhampton by train, bus, and tram.

If I have read the city correctly – there is huge excitement about the plans now being openly discussed about the new direction the Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club are heading.

Fosun the owners of Wolverhampton Wanderers and with the Directors of the Football Club, are striving to provide, a bigger and better stadium. A Club that excites on the football pitch with even more and better success, both as a sporting Club, and also as a business.

My argument is that as a Wolverhampton City Council, we  should also be using this time to also start developing plans to  introduce the Midlands Metro Light Rail System into the street scene in the heart of our City Centre to create the sort of transportation system that will help serve the new Wolves stadium over the next thirty years or so.?

I have written and spoken thousands of words about Wolverhampton and the West Midlands needs to ensure that they build the transport requirements that give future prosperity to our conurbation, and here in Wolverhampton over the last 38 years.

Its clear that the Molineux is now going to be transformed as a stadium, it will have even bigger crowds, than it gets now. Plus, when it reaches the heights the owners and the fans are projecting. It will need an efficient transportation system to bring them and take them away back into the City Centre and the transportation hubs without creating more traffic jams and highway delays, and damaging the air quality and the environment.

With climate change causing massive concerns its important that this City own visions are as bold as the Wolverhampton Wanderers football club is. Wolverhampton needs to start planning for a new tram link from the rail station through to the new Molineux and out towards the M54 and the new planned and proposed sites for industry and Staffordshire’s proposed new housing developments on our City boundaries.

We need two new lines to serve our own Cities needs. We need an extension of the Metro line into serving New Cross, and Wednesfield, and able to link with Walsall. We also need the metro to deliver a new line from the transportation hub out to the Molineux and down to the Fordhouses area.

I really do hope that we will be brave and start the process to ensure that these two lines are started.

We cannot just leave our current tram system as it is. That would be a huge dereliction of duty by our political leaders.

Wolverhampton needs strong vision, and plans to overcome the decline in fossil fuels, and strong policies to develop climate friendly policies that enhance our city and its transportation requirements…both today and over the next thirty years!

IMG_5161 Wednesfield Canal Fest 2018

2019 – Our Coming Action Packed Summer !

An Action Packed Summer of 2019 Is stretching out before you Wednesfield! I do hope that you will join with our Volunteers and help us where and when you can.

Now how about this for an action-packed Summer here in Wednesfield North and Wednesfield. All of this program is aimed at making our community a better place to live and work and take fun. It is designed to improve our Local Economy. Increasing footfall in the local businesses across our community. Making the place look good, and enhancing our environment.

Please place these dates in your Diary! If you can help, or want to take a part  in any of these events please contact me on

Wednesfield in Bloom-  In 2018 Wednesfield was Gold Award winners and a winner in the Community Awards. We want to do the same if not get better recognition above last year’s success.

This year Ashmore Park will be part of the integral arrangements for judging by the Heart of England Inspectors. We do not know the date of the Inspection yet. But it is likely to be taking place in the first week of July.

If you are a keen gardener, love flowers and feel you want to help and contribute to the volunteers in making our part of the entry up here a winning one, please let me know. We had a meeting yesterday at the Ashma Café and I want to thank those volunteers that came along and offered to volunteer their services.

It was good to hear that the Pet Shop and The Ashmore Hardware Store, are keen to be involved again, as is L&A Lettings.

We will be encouraging all our shops to become involved in a small way. Placing flowers in their shop windows. Hanging baskets if appropriate, window dressing etc.

I am currently looking for additional flower containers to be placed around the Shopping Parade. The Hub at Ashmore Park is in! and they will be looking at the way they can improve their front and back gardens. I want to see if the Ashmore Park Nursery School will do some work with flowers on their school frontage. I am also going to talk with the Medical Centre and hope that the Doctors will also come on board.

Our brilliant Community interest Public House the Ashmore Inn always has a magnificent display of hanging baskets. Again, I am hopeful that the Gaffer Kevin, will allow his Public House to play a key role in the Ashmore Park entry. 


#Stuff4Steph! – Ashmore Park Fun Day Saturday 6th July 2019- This is a date for your diary! On the 6th of July we will be holding a #Stuff4Steph Funday here on Ashmore Park outside and including the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade. It is aimed at family fun and entertainment. It will be this event that will open a week of other community events and actions, and I and the volunteers from the Hub that are putting the programme together plan to have a #Stuff4Steph event taking place on everyday of this week.

It should be good for all the shops and trading outlets on the Parade, it should be good for Families, and it will be good for our whole community. Please put the #Stuff4Steph date in your diary now!


Wednesfield Canal Festival August 10th & 11th Bentley Bridge on the Wyrley & Essington Canal- This will be the fifth event of its kind that has been held here in Wednesfield. The program is brought to you by the Volunteers of ‘Hands on Wednesfield’. Last year even with poor weather more than 4,500 people turned out to enjoy the live music the stalls and the events. We are all aiming for it to be even better this year! 

Wednesfield North own #ShopLocal Campaign Saturday 17th August 2019-  #ShopLocal is the brand that your three Councillors – Cllr Rita Potter Cllr Mary Bateman and myself Councillor Phil Bateman here in Wednesfield North have initiated and supported. We all believe in the need for vibrant local shops and stores, and we have a track record of support. #ShopLocal has put a focus on the shops and added much needed colour and pride into our community. In the run up to the 2017 designated #ShopLocal day – Councillor Mary Bateman was able to advocate the need for the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade to be given a lick of paint. As it was looking tired and a bit unloved.

This was achieved, and with some crisp and bright painting the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade, and the shops and stores have been made to look – that bit more attractive. In 2018 the #ShopLocal campaign was about making residents more aware of the tough trading that is taking place in all the local neighbourhoods in Wednesfield North, where Local Stores exist. This time of the year when many Local Residents go on holiday is tough for Local shop keepers. As they often have to take account of less footfall. The economy is the key to peoples shopping habits, and of course people will look for bargains to match their purse. In 2018 I paid for Social Media advertising and the results show that this promotion reached 2891 persons. However, the organic reach of our #ShopLocal campaign also reached out and informed a further 1485 persons about the message and the needs of the campaign. So in total 4376 local people were made aware of what your Councillors in Wednesfield North were trying to do to support our own Wednesfield North traders.

2019 #ShopLocal will have a theme and a vision which will be announced later this year.

I hope you agree with me that all these events will make Wednesfield ‘Rock’ it all takes hard work in organising, but the Summer will be brilliant! Watch out for further information.


Wednesfield In Bloom 2019 – Ashmore Park Is In!


Wednesfield In Bloom 2019

Preparing for Wednesfield in Bloom 2019 is now well underway. There is a lot of work to be undertaken, not just the physical graft which is always needed, but the work behind the scenes planning and getting the right permissions.

This week we had our first Planning Meeting of 2019. The Wednesfield in Bloom team agreed some changes that will impact heavily on the way we organise for this year.

We will for instance concentrate on getting some fund raising going! Everything that we do, is geared to expenditure in some way, and therefore needs resourcing in one way or another. The team are looking at the following fund-raising events to deliver some of the required resource

  • Spring Raffle is being considered
  • Coffee Morning linked to something around Roses.
  • A Community Planting Day Maybe 1st June

We are also looking to confirm the Heart of England Judges arrival date. When that is confirmed I will quickly let you know.

Wednesfield in Bloom are considering adopting a new theme following last year’s successful campaign when the 2018 entry won a Gold Award for the Village, and a coveted Community Award for the work we did across the diverse cultures that exists here in our Village. We were very pleased with this additional recognition.

Within our overall plan for this year (2019) there will be

  • Craft Projects
  • School Celebrations
  • Residents Garden Showcase

The team set up further sub-groups

  • Plants
  • Events
  • Ashmore Park
  • Schools
  • Craft

Ashmore Park

Now this is the exciting news. Ashmore Park will be part of this years Judges itinerary. I shall be leading on the Ashmore Park contribution. What we achieved last year with the magnificent Planters on Ashmore Park Shopping Parade was very well received. We will need to build on this for 2019.

So, I shall be looking to develop all that we did last year on Ashmore Park with even more flowers.

If you feel you can help please message me or contact me via

So keep an eye on this page as I inform you what we are doing. Please like last year we will need donations of plants. More than that I will need the good will and the help of Ashmore Parkers! I will be speaking with Shop owners, and others to see what help they can offer,

  • The Ashmore Inn gave our community a fabulous display of Hanging Baskets, as they do every year, I am hoping that Kevin will be in for the ride this year.
  • Plus I am hoping that the Ashmore ParkNursery School
  • The Hub at Ashmore Park
  • With the Ashmore Park Doctors at the Clinic will join in also.

Please keep an eye open for the next bits of information that will be disseminated as we build for a great event and the added colour that getting ready for Wednesfield in Bloom brings!

Hope you can help! 

20994020_10212973891915550_8976397568423595299_n Wednesfield Canal Festival.

Tuesday Blog – Ahoy! It’s Wednesfield Canal Festival.

Tuesday – Time to Turn to Wednesfield Canal Festival.

Everyday there is an issue that takes time to investigate and find a resolution for.

Tuesday was one of those difficult days.

No set meetings for either Mary or me, but a lot to do during the day.

But a lot of casework to be dealt with from Housing cases through to environmental and road safety issues were in the list of things that were attended too!

I was pretty pleased to be informed that I had been able to give advocacy for one constituent, which has led to her case being reviewed and revised, but the best news is that the Tribunal she attended was successful and she has been awarded Employment and Support Allowance with the Support component. She has received a substantial sum of money for the arrears that the Government had denied her for a considerable time.. I am pleased with this result!

Besides the fact that we need shopping, and there were one or two family issues to divide our time into.

During the remainder of the day I had to move up a gear to start the preparations for the Wednesfield Canal Festival that Hands on Wednesfield, and I are leading on, which will take place on the 11 and 12 August 2018.

The venue will be The Bentley Bridge Leisure Park and at the heart of the festival will be the Wyrley & Essington Canal and The Nickelodeon Public House.

There is a huge amount of work to be undertaken as we start accelerating the proposals that goes into its planning and the detailed activities. All of this effort is designed to first put Wednesfield on the City and regional map, and to provide fun and activities here in our City during what is very much a holiday month.

Last year 4,300 people visited over the two days the Wednesfield Canal Festival operates. That is a big event and of course the work behind the scenes is itself epic.

As soon as the ‘Wednesfield in Bloom’ judging day is over, a good many of the same volunteers that take part in the supporting of the ‘In Bloom’ activity, are quickly marshalled into the production of the Canal Festival.

There really is no rest for the wicked!

!cid_D3D8D3FB-1945-49CF-934A-D193A5AA1A41 Ashmore Park Dog Litter Bin

Pet Owners – Please Pick Your Pets Poo Up!

There is a lot of complaints coming in that dog walkers are not picking their poo up after their dogs have fouled the pavements  here in Wednesfield North.

I am told that there is a particular problem around the Sandy Crescent, Ashmore Ave and Bargery road area of Ashmore Park. I would like to remind pet owners that it is against the law to allow your dog to foul public areas including parks.

You could even be stopped, to see if you are carrying two bags. to deal with your dogs mess!

Please if you are a pet owner please pick up after your dogs fouled.

I have asked the Local Authority to inspect the roads/footpath mentioned here.

Ashmore Park ‘Walk of Stars’.

Ashmore Park Walk of Stars!

Today the 12th December 2018 – We announce the twentieth person who has entered our magnificent Ashmore Park Walk of Stars!

Ashmore Park is a great community, and Ashmore Parker’s are great folk! The estate has always fostered good sportsmen and women. But not everyone is aware that the estate has nurtured other great talents also.

I have represented Ashmore Parkers and Wednesfield people on two Councils for some 32 years! I lived on Ashmore Park in the early part of my life and my sister Eileen still does. I went to school on the estate and I have had the great fortune to be involved in every day estate life, for decades.
One of my constituents Ian Eastaugh tapped out a message on my Face Book Page suggesting we had a roll of honour for ‘famous Ashmore Parker’s!

I thought it was a great idea, I knew about the decent amateur footballers that the estate produced like Brian Blower and Arthur (Archie) Richards, Steve Williams and his brother professional footballer Gary Williams, and Sean O’Driscoll. But what other Ashmore Parker had become ‘famous in their field’!

I decided to turn to the World Wide Web. It is a wonderful tool, I asked through my Face Book page for Ashmore Parkers, to tell me who they thought should be recognised in some public way!

Here are the names and professions of people who have made it to this list! Its breadth will blow you away. I do hope that this Walk of Stars initiative will help to inspire Ashmore Park youngsters.

23379935_1860314417314410_7744060553883898456_nWilard Wgan 2017 with Lisa Webb neePotts

Willard Wigan MBE (Already in the Ashmore Park Walk of Stars) receiving a Wolverhampton Famous Sons & Daughters Award from George Cross holder Lisa Webb (nee Potts) at an Awards Evening in Wolverhampton 9 Nov 2017.

Here are the 20 names of people who are our Ashmore Park Stars, but not in any particular order

  •  Professor David Rayson – Artist – London Royal College of Art. David was appointed Professor and Head of Painting at the Royal College of Art in 2006. He is a practising artist, tutor and curator and his work has been exhibited widely in the UK and internationally. His work is included in major collections held by the Tate, Whitechapel Art Gallery, the British Council, Deutsche Bank, Rubell Family Collection, The Open University and The Contemporary Art Society.
  •  Tony Milovsorov –Athlete run for Tipton Harriers lived and went to school on Ashmore Park, he took part in World Cross Country Championships.
  • Phil Palmer – Is a legend on the estate with his Musicland Shop. He has given countless children and their families an introduction into the world of music. Bringing pleasure to many and in some cases sparking music talent that is being displayed much wider than in just our locality. Phil has played for royalty and appeared at top notch venues around the UK and abroad displaying his own music talent. He may not live on Ashmore Park, but he is certainly PART of Ashmore Park. A former Military man, who went onto win a Guinness World Record for the longest note blown. Follow the link to see the BBC Midlands Today film taken at the time…
  • Sean O’Driscoll- Footballer, and one of the best known Football Manager’s in the UK
  • Karl Henry who played football for the Stoke, Wolves and QPR. He lived in Ashmore Park and went to St Alban’s School.
  • Gary Williams Aston Villa footballer & brother of
  • Steve Williams who played for Walsall
  •  Barrie Gower- Went to Coppice High School, Barrie has been involved with many productions for both TV and Film including the Harry Potter series and most recently HBO’s Game of Thrones. He also contributed to Academy award winning makeups for The Wolfman and The Iron Lady.
  • Roger Ellis World Cycle Speedway Champion – Roger rode for Wednesfield Aces and his home is on Ashmore Park!
  • Willard Wigan MBE a sculptor- Known for his miniature sculptures, fabulous eye! His work has been recognised by the Guinness Book of Records. His sculptors are typically placed in the eye of a needle! He was commissioned to create the Coronation Crown on the head of a pin! In celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of HRH Queen Elizabeth the Second.
  • Adrian Anslow – fell during an attack on the Atlantic Conveyor in the Falklands War. Much admired and courageous military man. His family received an Elizabeth Cross medal in his honour,
  • Beatrice Cattermole legendary Head Teacher of Ashmore Park Primary School – Influenced hundreds of Ashmore Parkers and was held in great esteem
  • Terry Green teacher- Fund raiser and Local Choir Master – Once again a teacher held in high esteem. for his work at Coppice High School
  • Nigel Garton – West End Actor,stage and character actor
  • Ian Mason- died serving his Country •
  • Annie Wildey – International Artist now living in New York
  • Kenny Rock – Comedy scriptwriter an Ashmore Parker who is a script writer to the stars! – which includes Ken Dodd, Dave Allen, Dick Emery, News Huddlines, The Grumbleweeds, Kenny Everett, Russ Abbot, Joan Rivers, Brian Conley and The Two Ronnies! Wonderful just wonderful!
  • Raj Kumar – Much loved shop keeper who served Ashmore Park for more than 32 years before passing away suddenly in the shop in 2017. More than 2,000 residents and customers turned out for an impromptu service on the shopping parade! All of which underlined the star quality this man had, through his help for others.–He was a stand-out trader here for 32 years, he was immensely popular, and I think he did more for relationships than perhaps anyone we know. So many Ashmore Parkers have asked for his inclusion to the Walk of Stars, I am happy to agree with their sentiment. Raj was a legend locally, on a Par with Ronnie Barkers own cult shop keeper Arkwright
  • Al Barrow of Rock Band Magnum,  He was Born Nov 1968 in Ashmore Park, Wednesfield to Margaret & David Barrow. He plays with Magnum a national and international iconic Rock Band.
  • December 12th 2018 – Here is the latest member to be enrolled in the Ashmore Park Walk of Stars! Martin J Cooper England Rugby Union International, who gained 11 Caps for England.

Here is the Official Result of the City of Wolverhampton Election



City of Wolverhampton Council

Election of a City Councillor for


Wednesfield North

on Thursday 5 May 2016


I, Keith Ireland, being the Returning Officer at the above election, do hereby give notice that the number of votes recorded for each Candidate at the said election is as follows:


Name ofCandidate Description(if any) Number ofVotes*
BATEMAN, Philip Thomas Alexander Labour and Co-operative Party 1615 Elected
HARRIS, Lee David Green Party 200
RANDLE, Andrew Scott The Conservative Party Candidate 641

* If elected the word ‘Elected’ appears against the number of votes.


The number of ballot papers rejected was as follows: Number ofballot papers
A      want of an official mark 0
B      voting for more Candidates than voter was entitled to 8
C      writing or mark by which voter could be identified 0
D      being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty 12
E      rejected in part 0


Vacant Seats: 1 Electorate: 8719 Ballot Papers Issued: 2476 Turnout: 28.40%


And I do hereby declare that, Philip Thomas Alexander Bateman is duly elected.

The majority being 974 votes over the second placed Conservative candidate.


13178864_1218449061500952_7542458944123998116_n 2016 Wednesfield North Labour  Result win

‘Thank You’ – Message for Wednesfield North!

IMG_0881 Phil vid

” I want to thank every individual in this Ward who made the time to vote for me. I really do thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Well yesterday I was walking around like a Zombie….I went to bed sometime around 4.00am on Friday morning, after a full day in manic mood electioneering on Thursday. Our First Labour Group meeting and AGM was held last night on (Friday) when we (as a Labour Group) supported the Labour Leadership team that has seen our Party grow to 49 Labour Councillors in this City.

Labour Group Leader Roger Lawrence was returned, as was Deputy Leader Peter Bilson. The Group Chair remains Councillor Linda Leach, as does the Group Secretary Cllr Andrew Johnson.

I want to give personal thanks to my Agent Geoff Foster who again masterminded a great local victory here in Wednesfield North. Also Councillors Rita Potter and Mary.

We really are a very good team here in Wednesfield North, each of us are different, each of us have different strengths, but in essence we all get on and that is the secret to being able to deliver the sort of service that our residents want.

I want to thank every individual in this Ward who made the time to vote for me. I really do thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I also want to say that I shall represent everyone in this Ward regardless if you voted for me or not. If you doubt that statement there are others around who are active in a different Party, that have actively sought my help, and yes I represented them and had the success they needed with their case.

Representing Wednesfield North has been an important part of my life for decades, there is still much to be done, and I am excited by a new four year term.

Can I once again thank all of you for voting for me.

Our New Municipal year starts now, and I will once again report events and issues via social media. In fact I believe that the very good result we have had here in WN is because of the effect of social media. Day to day events and issues are reported by me. That gives our residents up to date information on what is happening in the Ward. This information is not usually printed by our evening newspaper the Express and Star.

I think those social media news story’s have helped to create a great conduit to you our residents. The theme of my next four years will be the same as the last year #SpeakingUp4WednesfieldNorth. There is a lot to do…..thanks for reading this.



Want a Lock Up Garage On Ashmore Park?!

During a recent enquiry I have made with regard to the garage site on Snape Road, Ashmore Park.

10462542_715400025192216_4193381832399208680_n Ashmore Park Sign

I have discovered that surprisingly the site is subject to low use. I had asked that it be ‘spruced up’ following a complaint from a local resident to me. Quite rightly he pointed out to me that the site is opposite the True Briton PH. It attracts visitors both locally and a little further afield. It is detracting from the street scene as they are not hidden away…they have a frontage open to viewing from street level and the PH itself.


Now Wolverhampton Homes tells me that ” Due to its low usage and the lack of demand for the garages it was decided that it was not financially viable to carry out repair work either on the garages themselves or the forecourt.  Given the low occupancy rate at present, the need to recoup any investment over a maximum of 10 years via the rental income would not be possible.”

There are 13 garages on the site, yet only 3 of which are let.

Wolverhampton Homes go onto tell me that “Interest in the site from other residents is limited although we are currently looking to see if we can generate more demand by way of advertising.  If the number of garages let increases it may be possible that the site is reconsidered as part of the garage improvement programme for 2016/17”

If there are any residents living locally that would like a lock up garage to rent.

Email me on………………….

For the resident who contacted me I have not given this up at all. Just the first round of a skirmish I think!