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Wolverhampton 400 miles of roads- 6418 Potholes reported in Three Years!

Potholes here in Wednesfield North are often the centre of conversations at this time of the Year. Like after a tough winter of ice and water. Both of which work hard against the surface of our highways. So I asked the following questions. So you can see the huge size and scope of the operation here in Wolverhampton.

1-Can you tell me how many miles of road that the City Council maintain.
Answer – 730km or 437 miles
2 How many pot holes have the Council repaired in the last three years -2020-2021 -2022
Total number of potholes reported
2019/2020 2020/2021 2021/2022
1,854 2,327 2,237

3 At what cost have the potholes been repaired at over the same three year period?
Expenditure for pothole repairs
2019/2020 2020/2021 2021/2022
£462,340 £903,830 £978,870

Councillor Phil Bateman says- “As you can see the operation is a large one, and the cost keeps rising. There has been a united pressure by Local Government on this Conservative Government because the state of Britain’s roads are declining across ever Borough in the UK. Simply put – they (Government) are not giving Local Government enough Grant! and against that pressure this City Council continues to repair and maintain with all the speed and efficiency they can muster..”

UN World Water Day Kicks off the UN Water Conference- then read about what is happening here in Wednesfield.!

The UN’s World Water Day yesterday, coincides with the start of the UN 2023 Water Conference (March 22-24, New York).
The conference is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to unite the world around solving the water and sanitation crisis.
National governments and stakeholders from all levels of society are collaborate to make voluntary commitments to accelerating progress on SDG 6 and other internationally-agreed water-related goals and targets.
These voluntary commitments will form the Water Action Agenda, designed to deliver rapid, transformative change in the remainder of this decade. This is important news for the World and of course water and sanitation are the real big Third World Issues that the UN and other Governments and Local Governments want to crack.

In the meantime back here in Wednesfield
But even here much closer to home and equally as important to our Local Community, water distribution is a key civilised objective. Living with low water pressure brings its problems. During hot summers, and times when water services are under stress. Low water pressure can bedevil both homes and business.
Councillor’s here in Wednesfield North have been pressing Severn Trent Water company to deliver a better water distribution service to residents, here in our Ward of Wednesfield North for some time now.
Last January (2022) Severn Trent- told us they knew that there was a problem with low water pressure in the Wednesfield North area. They told us that they had “a plan to upgrade a local (booster) pumping station and that this would require significant capital investment.”
This is the pumping station at the corner of Kitchen Lane. It’s true to say that Severn Trent have always explained that this investment would take some time to deliver. Earlier comments we received from Severn Trent Water company suggested possibly 2025?
We have been dogged in our approach for the need for stronger water pressures. We are pleased to now inform you that the company have now reaffirmed that they are “committed to starting work this year and (b) we’ll complete the upgrade in 2024.”
This is of course good news for everyone living and whose business is in the Ward. It means that it is quite possible that increased water pressure to our homes will be supplied 12 months earlier, than originally, we were informed.
I hope residents and business note the latest information that has been brought to you by Wednesfield North Councillors.

Changes for Exmoor Green & Suffolk Close- Polling Arrangements

This part of Wednesfield South Ward is to be transferred into Wednesfield North Ward this next election day.
Our hope is that when the homes come into Wednesfield North. that you will be continued to be well served by the Ward Councillors.
These homes in Exmoor Green and Suffolk Close are likely to be voting in a different Polling station than they have been used too. As your potential new Wednesfield North Labour Councillors, can we welcome you into our Ward.
If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them.

Dumping Carpet Into the Canal- Not A Clever Trick!

Today Local residents told me how angry they were this morning.

As someone had dumped floorings underlay and carpet into the Wyrley And Essington Canal over the Olinthus Bridge. Not only was it a danger to the water borne traffic that uses the canal. It was a hazard to all the wild life in this regionally renowned designated Local Nature Reserve .

One of the first to discover the mess, that had been most likely tossed from the canal bridge .,. was Mr Tony Levey who was horrified at what he found. Tony quickly contacted the Canal and River Trust after taking time from me to get the contact number. Tony was fulsome in his praise of CRT for in just hours they arrived and retrieved these items from the canal. Well done Aaron and the Wolverhampton CRT team you were ‘angels’ today!

International Women’s Day 2023

Today is International Women’s Day and Councillor Councillor Mary Bateman and Councillor Rita Potter, are celebrating with Women across the Globe.
Today is International Women’s Day which celebrates the social, and economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.
So, today Wednesfield North Labour Party introduces and thanks our two currently elected City Councillors, for the work they do helping people with their problems here in Wednesfield and in the City of Wolverhampton.
Both our City Councillors work very hard for residents, business and commerce. Plus, both of them are heavily engaged in voluntary work within our community. Thank you Rita and Mary. You do Women proud!

Bentley Bridge Retail Park Expands! New Jobs to Come?

New Planning Permissions for Bentley Bridge Retail Park.
Wednesfield is an historic settlement in its own rights, set within the City boundaries of our thriving Metropolitan City of Wolverhampton.
Sureena Brackenridge – The Labour Candidate for Wolverhampton North East said to the team gathered “I congratulate both the Bentley Bridge Retail Park on moving the retail offer for our city forward, at a time of huge concerns about the economic future of retail shops and importantly the jobs they deliver to local people. Its pleasing to be able to congratulate the Bentley Bridge Retail Park for reconfiguring their Retail Park to accommodate and then attract new investment, and at the same time winning three new Planning Permissions from Wolverhampton City Council.
Sureena went onto say – “Bentley Bridge Retail Park is such an important asset now to Wednesfield, it is one of the prime retail sites in our city. It already delivers 500 local jobs, and it has strengthened its retail offer following this series of successful planning permissions to the City of Wolverhampton Council.”
These are the planning permissions with an estimate as to when they will be trading.
Starbucks – planning permission has been granted for a new drive thru coffee shop – this should be open before the end of the year.
Sports Direct – planning permission has been granted to facilitate SD’s relocation from Unit B6 to Unit B1. The new store will be open by June.
Home Bargains – planning permission has been granted to facilitate Home Bargains’ relocation from Unit C4 to Unit A1/A2. The new store will be open by September.
Councillor Phil Bateman (Labour,Wednesfield North) added “ it is expected that along with the new premises and the new permissions these three new planning permissions will add another estimated 150 jobs and part time jobs, to the retail workforce that will staff these initiatives. All of this economic activity and the improvement in retail activity will strengthen the job market for both Wednesfield North residents and Wednesfield South residents.”
The Bentley Bridge Retail Park is served by public transport as well as offering car parking arrangements . Sureena Brackenridge at Bentley Bridge Retail Park

Councillor Phil Bateman Calls for Canal Dredge!

The Canal and River Trusts – Wyrley and Essington Canal .

I have held talks with the CRT Officials in the last few week trying to ensure that we continue to get the best out of our canal amenity.

I spoke with them about having the Bentley Arm dredged, to allow full use of the moorings for trading boats as we ready ourselves for the Wednesfield Canal Festival in August.

I spoke with them about the need for extra moorings on the W&E upto Sainsbury’s so that we can get more trading boats in on Festival days. Plus, I spoke with them about the management plan they are working too, which delivers the Local Nature Reserve that CRT , Wolverhampton and Walsall have signed up to deliver. Its a 21 year plan and it is important to Wednesfield and the City of Wolverhampton.

Walsall end of the Wyrley and Essington Canal is having some work undertaken, and the scientists tell me they are using some interesting bio actions to try and control invasive water weeds.

CRT have embraced the well being nature of the canals that they have in their ownership. Working in partnership with Local Authorities across our conurbation. Here in Wolverhampton the City Council working with CRT have seen financial investment into the network which has led to lights being installed, driven by Solar Energy along the canal towpath until it reaches Sainsburys.

This is to improve walking and cycling routes along the city’s towpaths.

In all the lights have been installed along six miles of the canal with one every ten metres. The lights stretch along the Main Line Canal from Coseley to the bottom of the Wolverhampton Lock Flights and then along the Wyrley & Essington from the Wolverhampton Train station to the Bentley Bridge Retail Park, in Wednesfield.

The project is being funded partly, by Priority 4 of the European Regional Development Fund(Last of the EU funding I am afraid! ).

The Wednesfield Town part of the overall plan for The Wolverhampton Investment Plan Town’s Fund – titled the ‘Wednesfield Interventions- speaks of a project, “comprising of improvements to around 2 kms of currently unpaved towpath along the Wyrley& Essington Canal from Bentley Bridge into Wednesfield Town Centre to enhance pedestrian and cycle connectivity and provide improved connections to residential areas along the canal are also included.”

“Criminals Get Off – Residents Get Let Down”

What this Conservative Government just does not get, is that Policing is important to our Community.

We all want to see more Police. Over the last twelve months, I have done as much as I can to try and raise the profile of the importance of more Police in the battle against crime.

Here in Wednesfield North one of 20 individual Wards here in the City of Wolverhampton, the crime relating to Anti Social Behaviour has been pretty well catalogued in the Police UK Crime statistics.
From January 2022 through to December 2022 we have had recorded 114 ASB crimes in here in the Ward.
ASB is a crime that really annoy people. Like the photograph taken in Ashmore Park where the featured play equipment for children was vandalised and spoilt by Anti Social Behaviour.

If you look at the same ASB stats for (Wednesfield North) but take them over 3 years. The figure grows to 649 ASB incidents. As we move towards a General Election, I am really hopeful that Wednesfield North will vote Labour, because we cannot afford another 5 years of this Governments lack of investment in the Police. If you feel like I do that “Criminals Get Off -Residents Get Let Down” then please join with me at the local elections, and the next General Election and vote Labour!

Road Works – New Electric Supply New Cross Hospital

Councillor Phil Bateman said today “I have been picking up criticism relating to the number of road works taking place across the Wednesfield area and the City. I contacted the City Councils Permit Officer, and she has set out the situation with regards to Highway Work now here on my Social Media sites. I want to thank Emma for the response. Which I think readers will find interesting.”

I can advise that the works in the Wednesfield Area, predominantly along Wednesfield Way and Wolverhampton Road are all part of the same major project being undertaken by National Grid ( Electricity Distribution) to facilitate a new supply to New Cross Hospital.
This scheme is on a very tight deadline and NG have therefore commenced works in several locations with numerous teams along the required route, from March End Road to Wolverhampton Road, to ensure works are expedited as safely and efficiently as possible.

Advanced warning signs were on site along this route in December 2022, to advise the travelling public of the works and potential delays on the network from January 2023, when works commenced.

Any other works currently being undertaken in the Wednesfield area are minor works or emergency repair works with little or no impact on the network as they do not require temporary traffic management. No other planned works requiring temporary traffic management in this area will be approved until after the NGED project has been completed.

The NG project is due to complete 26/05/23, however, works are progressing well and it is anticipated that they may complete sooner than originally anticipated.

There are currently 146 permits in progress across the whole of Wolverhampton. 40 of these are immediate emergency permits. There is no marked increase in the amount of permits we are currently receiving in relation to this time last year, however, we do have several major projects currently being undertaken including the NGED project mentioned above, Public Realm works and STW water mains replacement scheme.

Councillor Bateman further added ” I hope readers of this site find the information useful.”

Update – Severn Trent Water Pressure!

New investment in my report my ref T7261 – which relates to the Severn trent Water Company. It was an issue I first raised in 2022.

At the start of the New Year (2023)I asked STW to inform me where we are with the investment in the water pumping station at the corner of Kitchen Lane. STW were looking to make an investment in the station to improve the water pressure that serves homes in Wednesfield & I believe Essington.

My contact at STW tells me ” The team are hopeful we’ll start work on this project this year and complete it in 2024, a little bit earlier than first thought. There are a few hurdles we need to go through to make this a reality – we very much try to prioritise things in the right way – but the team seems pretty hopeful.”

I will keep in close contact with STW and keep Wednesfield North informed by my social media sites.