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Chief Superintendent Andy Beards

New Police Chief for Wolverhampton!

We have a new Chief Superintendent. He is Andy Beards and he started his career in Wednesfield as a PC some 24 years ago. He is I am informed ‘excited’ about taking up his new position here in the City of Wolverhampton.

He has a long established career in the West Midlands and knows the City well.

Hopefully Chief Superintendent Beards will be able to get on top of the crime in Wolverhampton, and do something for our City in tackling  the crime ring that relates to drugs and gangs.

I for my part, and on behalf of the Wednesfield North Councillors  welcome him to the City, and I do hope that we will see him from time to time in Wednesfield North.


Urgent Road Works…Take Note!



Notification of emergency road works:


Location: Cannock Road junction of Bridge Street / Powell Street.


Promoter: Cadent Gas


Nature of works: Gas emergency repair work


Traffic management: 4 – way temporary traffic signals


Duration: 07/08/2018 19:00 – midnight.


IMG_1366_Parade VJ Day2005

Service of remembrance as city marks anniversary of VJ Day

Wednesfield North Councillors, would like to draw residents attention to the VJ Day Anniversary which takes place next week. Many of the fallen will have come from the City and from Wednesfield. If you can make the date and the time. I know that your attendance would be much appreciated.

The featured Photograph is from Councillor Phil Bateman’s Archive Collection and it shows the ‘VJ veterans of 2005.’


Wolverhampton will come together next week to mark the 73nd anniversary of VJ Day – an event which effectively heralded the end of the Second World War.

Veterans, civic dignitaries and members of the public will be among those taking part in a service of remembrance at the Cenotaph in St Peter’s Square on Wednesday 15 August, 2018.

It will commemorate 73 years since Victory over Japan Day – the day in 1945 that the Japanese Army surrendered to Allied forces. In doing so, it brought an end to a conflict which had claimed the lives of an estimated 60 million people around the world.

The City of Wolverhampton Central Branch of the Royal British Legion, the Wolverhampton and District United Ex-Service Council and the Burma Star Association’s Wolverhampton Branch will attend the annual service at the Cenotaph from 11.30am.

It will begin with a parade of standards and veterans followed by prayers, the Kohima homily, Royal British Legion exhortation, the Last Post and two minutes’ silence.

Mayor of Wolverhampton Councillor Phil Page will be among those in attendance. He said: “Commemorating VJ Day gives us the opportunity to remember the courage and bravery shown in the Far East by many thousands of British servicemen, some of whom were sadly never to return.

“It is now more than seven decades since the end of the Second World War and, as the number of veterans who are still with us sadly diminishes, it is very important that we continue to show our immense gratitude for the sacrifices they made for our freedom.”

Pat Johnson, chair of the Central Branch of the City of Wolverhampton Royal British Legion, said: “I’d like to invite everyone to join us and remember the sacrifices shown by countless Wulfrunians who served in the Far East during the Second World War, including the Chindits – the British India special force which served in the Burma campaign.”

Wolverhampton is a signatory of the Armed Forces Community Covenant, a pledge of mutual support between the city and its Armed Forces community.

It calls on local people to support the Armed Forces community, recognise and remember the sacrifices they have made over the years and encourage activities that help members of the Armed Forces integrate into local life.

It also encourages members of the Armed Forces support the wider community, and promote understanding and awareness among the public of some of the issues faced by former members of the Armed Forces as they return to civilian life.

For details of the help and support available to the Armed Forces community in Wolverhampton, please visit


1/ For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact Paul Brown, Communications Manager, on 01902 555497 or email

* Issued by the City of Wolverhampton Council’s Corporate Communications Team.

* For more information, please call 01902 555439.

* More news from the City of Wolverhampton Council is available at:  o o o o

Great News for Railways, and Good News for Wolverhampton.

I was delighted to read in the Express and Star that DB Cargo was investing more than #6m into its Lower Walsall street freight terminal. When I first joined the railway back in 1965 working at Herbert Street. We had a large Gantry and unloaded both steel and iron for local manufacturing.

Then in 1966 they built what was called Then Wolverhampton New Depot at the Lower Walsall street site.  The railways were very much at the centre of the manufacturing industry way back then.

Its interesting to note that this new investment, though isn’t coming from British Rail!

But an off shoot of German National Railways. I for one though welcome the investment and the investment decision. This is a good news story for Wolverhampton, and for the manufacturing industry that uses steel and steel products.”

This is what the Express and Star reports.

The UK arm of Europe’s biggest rail freight business, DB Cargo, brought in a special train from its headquarters in Doncaster packed with staff and customers to see chief executive Hans-Georg Werner break the ground at the Lower Walsall Street site.

The plan is build a vast new shed to site over a rail line that will bring in thousands of tons of steel every week.

From Wolverhampton the steel coils are picked up by lorries and delivered to manufacturing, engineering and steel processing companies across the Black Country and Birmingham. There it is turned into cars, white goods size as fridges and cookers and a range of engineering products.

DB Cargo’s head of logistics sales, Roger Neary, said growing demand from its customers had driven the company’s decision to double the size of its Wolverhampton terminal.

While national figures released during Tuesday’s Budget point to lower production and a slower UK economy, DB Cargo says it is seeing a dramatic increase in the need for steel from West Midlands companies.

The new centre will sit alongside the existing shed, which stores up to 1,380 coils of steel at a time. The new shed will be more than 25 per cent bigger and will enable the site to hold 3,325 steel coils at any one time – around 40,000 tons in total.

Ground is broken on £6m steel terminal expansion in Wolverhampton

At present the terminal receives one or two trains a day, each pulling up to 30 wagons of steel. Once the new terminal building opens next summer it will be able to cope with three a day or more.

DB Cargo UK CEO Hans-Georg Werner took to the controls of a digger to remove the first pile of soil from the ground. He said: “The breaking of th ground is a major step forward in the development of the Wolverhampton Logistics Centre. We first opened our facilities in Wolverhampton in 1966, when the city was at the centre of steel and iron production.

“Now, over 50 years later, the industry has changed massively but the site is still of huge importance. Building the new centre will expand our capabilities and the number of rail services we can provide, offering our customers a fast, efficient, reliable and eco-friendly way to transport their steel.

“We are very pleased to support the British manufacturing industry and the city of Wolverhampton with the development. Over £6 million has been invested into the site and three new jobs will be created when the centre opens.”

Terminal supervisor Alan Handley, who has worked at the site for 17 years, said: “It’s very good news. It secures existing jobs and creates a few more, as well as investing in the future of the site.” He added that the transport of steel to Wolverhampton from North Sea ports meant 90 lorry loads a day where kept off the UK’s roads.

The current terminal building is equipped with two overhead 30-ton cranes and can unload a train full of steel in around two hours.

The new shed will help cope with additional demand from the site’s biggest customer, ArcellorMittal – the world’s largest steel company with sites across the region. Its coils of steel will take up 50-60 per cent of the space in the new warehouse.

Simon Penfold

By Simon Penfold
Business Editor – @SPenfold_star

Business Editor based at the Express & Star’s head office in Wolverhampton, looking for stories big & small.

IMG_5708 City Council

Council gets gold recognition for Armed Forces support

Released: Monday 6 August, 2018

The City of Wolverhampton Council has been given a prestigious award by the Ministry of Defence in recognition of the support it offers to the military community.

The council is just one of a handful of local authorities nationwide to receive the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme Gold Award – the highest recognition for employer support to the Armed Forces.

The City of Wolverhampton Council ensures that the military community – including serving personnel, veterans, their families and cadets – get a fair deal in employment and the services the council provides.

This includes the development of positive recruitment policies for service leavers, veterans and their families. It also offers reservists employed by the council an additional 24 days paid leave to fulfil their duties if and when they are mobilised.

Councillor John Reynolds, who chairs the Wolverhampton Armed Forces Covenant Board, a partnership of organisations committed to tackling the disadvantages that members of the military community may face, said: “The City of Wolverhampton Council is extremely proud to have received this award in recognition of our work in this area and our ongoing commitment to the Armed Forces community.

“Since signing the Armed Forces Community Covenant six years ago, we have been on a journey to better support our military community.

“We have raised the profile of the Armed Forces and the issues they face through a highly successful social media campaign and developed a new website at which acts as a first port of call for anyone needing help and support.

“We are supporting veterans into employment, helping homeless veterans into accommodation and delivering fantastic events such as Armed Forces Day. We have also supported businesses and local organisations to sign an Armed Forces Community Covenant of their own.

“We are delighted to receive the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme Gold Award from the Ministry of Defence and hope to use this as a springboard for further action.”

Minister for Defence People and Veterans Tobias Ellwood said: “We all have a role to play in ensuring that the Armed Forces community is not disadvantaged by service, and each of these employers is a setting an example as meaningful advocates for those protecting the nation.

“Their commitment is a testament to the fantastic contribution our serving personnel, veterans and their families can make to any organisation.”

The award will be presented to the City of Wolverhampton Council at a special ceremony later this year.

For more information about the Armed Forces Community Covenant, a pledge of mutual support between the city and its Armed Forces community, please visit


Notes to editors:

1/ For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact Paul Brown, Communications Advisor, on 01902 555497 or email

2/ The official announcement can be found here:

* Issued by the City of Wolverhampton Council’s Corporate Communications Team.

* For more information, please call 01902 555439.

* More news from the City of Wolverhampton Council is available at:  o o o o

Kitchen Lane IMG_3942

Councils warn planning changes favour developers

Councillor Phil Bateman said today “The newspapers are full of this story this morning. It could have huge implications for the proposals to develop thousands of homes within what is currently Green-Belt land in South Staffordshire. I feel that we must make as much protest as possible so that Local views are fully taken on board…..not just left to property developers to set and drive planning proposals.”

Councils warn planning changes favour developers
Councils have warned the Government that new planning rules have created a developers’ charter that could see local objections to house building ignored to hit targets.

Communities Secretary James Brokenshire announced yesterday that housebuilders will be able to ignore local plans for mapping areas for homes if fewer than 75% of those required by Whitehall targets for 2020 are constructed.

It means developers will have the power to override a rejection of planning permission by appealing over local councillors. LGA chair Lord Porter said: “It is hugely disappointing that the Government has not listened to our concerns about nationally set housing targets, and will introduce a delivery test that punishes communities for homes not built by private developers.”


Could Cologne’s People Mover Work in Wednesfield!

Culture Wednesfield!

– I was enthralled by this People Mover in Cologne this weekend. Mary and I watched as it linked up parts of Cologne evening out the tourists, making sure the tourist Euro was evenly spread. We discussed how popular it was. We chatted about it maybe working in Wednesfield.

It was popular with all sorts of ages. It got me thinking of how it could link parts of Wednesfield up. How about this for an idea –  The New Cross Hospital site  then The Leisure Park at Bentley Bridge, the Bentley Bridge Retail Park, the new Wyrley and Essington Local Nature Reserve, The Library , the Gurdwara, St Thomas’s Church, Wednesfield High Street, and Market with maybe the chance to link the Woodend Island and then back around the loop again repeating every 15 mins.

Perhaps it could be funded by Transport for West Midlands, The City Council, Bentley Bridge business etc I think it’s worthy of at least a thought

Ashmore Park bloom

Go Soak A Plant!

Wednesfield in Bloom has been a great community effort again this year.

On the 6th July the Heart of England in Bloom Inspectors came and inspected the Village. We added to our reputation I am sure of that.

Add to that effort the great work that the Ashmore Park Community added to the sum of things with a volunteer led  planting on the three main flower containers at the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade. It was a great effort and the flowers look marvellous.

I want to thank the shop keepers at Fatties The Tackle Shop, The Pet Shop and Parm at the Ashmore Park Hardware stores  for continuing to water them in the hottest weather we have had for decades! The Ashmore Inn and Kevin ‘The Gaffer’ has also added a vibrant splash of colour to the estate with those fab ‘Hanging Baskets’.

Now the big appeal is to keep the flowers a live and going for as long as is possible. Certainly the flowers look great today. So you can help too! If your passing by take an old bottle fill it with water “and soak a plant!”

Soak a plant wherever you see where the volunteers have worked so hard, especially when the weather is so darn hot.

Come on everyone go Soak a Plant!


Wednesfield North – Not a Hot Spot of Violent Crime!

Knife crime is making all the news. I wanted to find out the latest information as it affects Wednesfield North.

I wrote to Chief Inspector Beth Bridges. I have yet to receive the full details I requested, but I do think that this interim response gives an indication that Wednesfield North is not a ” hotspot area for knife and violent crime.” Here is what Chief Inspector Bridges states to me in correspondence.

Councillor Bateman,

I have forwarded your email to Sgt Dalton who will be able to provide the data that you require with some context supporting it. However, you have hopefully seen via media outlets that Wolverhampton, along with the rest of West Midlands Police, have been focussing on knife crime for a sustained period of time.

I share your concerns regarding the incidents that we are currently seeing and we have responded by amending our patrols, increasing resources in key areas and working with schools and other partners to raise awareness of the dangers of carrying knives.

This area remains a priority for us and we will continue this work with partners, families and the wider community to work to make Wolverhampton a safe place to live and work.

Again, Sgt Dalton can discuss the specifics within your Neighbourhood but you are not one of our hotspot areas for knife and violent crime. Chief Inspector Wolverhampton Neighbourhood Policing Unit.

Councillor Phil Bateman added “When I have the full information from Sgt Dalton I will of course publish it, for residents to see.






green ways Coppice & Ashmore

Battle Lines Drawn – As City Declines Request!

I had been requested by some residents to source a durable bench from the Wolverhampton City Council, to be fitted on the Green Walkways that link Ashmore Park with Coppice Farm .

The walkways were constructed during the 1980’s so that walkers and ramblers could be linked from Essington and the South Staffordshire Green Belt with the Black Country’s own  Dudley Castle. Our Part of the ‘link’ became known as the ‘The Black Path’. It is much used for local journeys between locations in the surrounding areas of Walsall and Wolverhampton. I am not sure if many ramblers use the footway. But I know it is popular with City residents living in Wednesfield ,Ashmore Park, and Coppice Farm. It also links Essington with local shops and a frequent bus service on Ashmore Park.

Now I have written to the Wolverhampton City Council about the bench. But the response has been that there is no budget, and that there will be no budget created for this equipment.

I have pressed the request as I am sure you would expect me too. But I am keen to see what kind of local support it would engender if it gets into a bit of a battle.

Walking is of course a healthy lifestyle the City Council is keen to promote, and that means for youngsters as well as other family groups and senior citizens. I know the walkways are popular as a short cut to the schools. Both St Albans and Coppice High School are linked via the ‘Black Path’.

School children are safer to walk as well as they do not have to cross busy roads. Lots of residents enjoy the great varieties of birds that are drawn there as the Green Space is a very valuable resource for our large housing estates. The walkways are pleasant and in this brilliant summer, the senior citizens in our community would have a valuable amenity in which to sit and take it all in!

I am keen to hear residents and others views. It looks like we will have to fight for the resource, so I want to see what the strength of support is like…..let me have your views on here!