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Planning Application – 601 Griffith Drive – Sunbed Salon

A planning Application has been submitted for a business which wants to operate Sunbeds at the vacant store alongside the Co-Op and the Ashmore Inn.This will require a change of use from the current planning permission.

The Planning Application is 17/01363/FUL – Change of use from Class A1 (Retail) to Sui Generis (Sunbed Salon) | 601 Griffiths Drive Unit 2 Wolverhampton West Midlands WV11 2LJ

It is for sunbeds (15 cubicles). The site notice went up Friday of last week.

Residents will want to note that the Consultation period expires on 8th December 2017.

The full planning application is viewable by placing this link into the browser

Residents who want to object to the scheme or who want further information,may make contact through the planning department of Wolverhampton City Council.

There is a facility that allows you to make an electronic comment if you so require – The Planning Officer dealing with the application is Mr Ragbir Sahota.

Or you may contact your Local Councillors with your views via email.




23754894_1747871078618279_6429949231208514939_n Cycle Speedway OZ

Breaking News From Oz! – Britain’s Juniors Beat Australia in Cycle Speedway Test!

Big News from Adelaide Australia Today

“Job done for the Cycle Speedway Junior GB team taking the Ashes and now a series white out.” 

Third and final match finished Australia 74 – Great Britain 100. Wednesfield riders played their part.

Wednesfield Councillors want to congratulate all of you especially the Wednesfield riders…..on  playing your part in this international match! We are all very proud of you and your Club and International team mates.

23754894_1747871078618279_6429949231208514939_n Cycle Speedway OZ

13920275_1265947616750146_4586699960268093008_o crime

Government Budget – Ignores Public Anxiety Over Lack of Police Resources

Councillor Phil Bateman MBE responds to the Government budget today. ” I want to place on record my concern that the Government missed a great opportunity today to say that they cared about the safety of our communities.

I am very concerned with crime in my City of Wolverhampton and particularly in my Ward of Wednesfield North. Yet this Government takes no notice at all of our concerns and continually squeezes resources to West Midlands Police.

Recently the City of Wolverhampton Council passed a resolution demanding action from the Government….yet this Conservative Government just ignores the concerns.

The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner bemoaned the fact that “Having lost £145 million and 2,000 officers since 2010 our police force has diminished considerably in size.”

Today the Government had a chance to build confidence by increasing police resources and assuring citizens that they had a plan to tackle our concerns. But they didn’t, and they appear not to care a fig about protecting and serving our communities…….remember this when the Tory candidate turns up canvassing votes at the next General Election.”

photo Emma Reynolds MP Unveils bus!

Its The Economy That Matters!

Our traditional High Streets are in state of flux, more evidence is coming out that suggests that Britain’s changing shopping habits is having a fundamental shift in the make up of retail.

A recent report commissioned by the Confederation of Passenger Transport warns that there are a number of potential threats to the High Street materialising. it is a useful pointer.

The Report  commissioned by the Confederation of Passenger Transport Scotland (CPT), used data from some of the largest transport groups. It found rising levels of car ownership and usage had wiped out 15 million bus journeys during the past four years. Auditors KPMG said an increase in car ownership cut bus journeys by 12 million over four years, while different shopping habits, including an increase in online services and home delivery options, contributed to a decrease of 7.3 million trips.

Reduced bus service routes and increased bus journey times arising from congestion accounted for a fall in 5.9 million trips and increases in bus fares putting people off four million trips.

Changes to economic and workplace structures, such as flexible working, a mix of full and part-time work and changes to the number of people in self-employment and zero-hour contracts. This, alongside competition from rail, trams, taxi companies — such as Uber — and cycling, explained a reduction of 8.7 million trips.

So whilst Scotland is not England.

The information must be seen against the local conditions that prevail. Here in Wednesfield Wolverhampton and the West Midlands we have decent bus services currently.

But the changing face of retail will create situations where local bus routes will be under intense pressure, as bus companies themselves face pressure on their own budgets and bottom lines.

Retail is facing its biggest ever changes, as more and more people turn towards the internet for shopping. Forcing shops to close and altering the retail mix of High streets, reducing traditional market stalls etc.

Currently the City Council here in Wolverhampton is undertaking a scrutiny review of the Local Economic Development of Bilston and Wednesfield. Its well worth noting that our economy is not itself unique enough to withstand the sort of structural change that this CPT Scottish report tells of. We must be ready to support and help our local economies when and where we can.

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Tree-Mendous Tree’s – What a Variety!

The trees on Ashmore Park are both loved and in some areas a source of complaint.

Yet trees are often just taken for granted by most of us. It is trees that clean the air we breath, it is trees and their roots that create soil stability, they also reduce  noise by absorbing traffic noise, and then dulling it. They also are used to ‘suck up’ excess water and reducing flood risk.


We have all sorts of trees on Ashmore Park and across Wednesfield North.

Trees are also important for our wildlife , birds in particular. Every time we lose a tree we affect the local wildlife. Now its also true that we have to ensure that trees are healthy and unaffected by disease and pests. There has been a reconition that an increasing number of diseases are affecting trees in the UK.

Ash dieback alone has affected millions of Ash trees in the UK.

Trees within the Ashmore Park itself are a great resource, and there is a huge number of variety to be found there. You may not know but there is a line of Common Oak (Quercus robur) in Ashmore Avenue, Griffiths Drive and Kitchen Lane that appear to be over 100 years old and the thoughts are that these trees were part of the old field boundaries.

Inside the park (The Ashmore Park) our tree population is of a mixed age and species

The park was constructed when the estate was built back in the 50’s; there are a massive 427 mature trees on The Ashmore Park site that may have been planted when the park was first established and the remainder have been planted since that date.

A further note of interest that due to the wet nature of this site, it would appear that a number of trees were planted on the parks perimeter; this may have been done to dry the site and reduce the risk of flooding (the park is higher than adjoining land on the south and west side of the park).

There is 60 trees that belong to the Common Lime species and there are 60 trees that are Grey Alder. Whitebeam is represented by  44 trees. 37 Poplar trees and 32 Horse Chestnut trees. They are the biggest varieties in the Park. According to the Forestry Commission, black poplar is the most endangered native timber tree in Britain. We have 37 of these trees in our Park! How about that then!

We also have  2 Silver lime (binomial name Tilia tomentosa) it is a species of Tilia native to southeastern Europe and southwestern Asia, from Hungary and the Balkans east to western Turkey.

One of the varieties of trees we have is one of the giants of the tree World – Red Cedar – Thuja plicata is a large to very large tree, ranging up to 65 to 70 m (213 to 230 ft) tall and 3 to 4 m (9.8 to 13.1 ft) in trunk diameter, exceptionally even larger Trees grow in North America! In short you can see rather than Ashmore Park having just boring old trees! In fact we have a marvellous set of tree species that the City of Wolverhampton should be proud of!


Ashmore Park – Tree Inventory 2/9/2016
Common Name Botanical Name Age Class Total Trees
Cappadocian Maple Acer cappadocian Semi mature 5
Caucasian Elm Zelkova carpinifolia Mature 16
Common Alder Alnus glutinosa Mature 3
Common Beech Fagus sylvatica Mature 4
Common Lime Tilia europeus Mature 60
English Oak Quercu robur Mature 5
Field Maple Acer campestre Mature 27
Flowering Cherry Prunus spp Semi mature 12
Flowering Crab Apple Malus spp Semi mature 9
Common Ash Fraxinus excelsior Mature 18
Golden Ash Fraxinus ‘Jaspidea’ Semi Mature 3
Grey Alder Alnus incana Semi Mature 60
Hawthorn Crataegus spp Mature 5
Holly Ilex aquifolium Mature 1
Horse chestnut Aesculus hippocastanum Mature 32
Italian Alder Alnus cordata Semi Mature 1
London Plane Platanus hispanica Mature 3
Lombardy Poplar Populus italica Mature 8
Maple Acer spp Semi Mature 6
Norway Maple Acer platanoides Mature 4
Poplar Populus nigra Mature 37
Purple Sycamore Acer ‘Crimson King’ Semi Mature 2
Rowan Sorbus aucuparia Mature 15
Silver Birch Betula pendula Mature 1
Silver Lime Tilia tomentosa Mature 2
Swamp Cypress Taxodium distichum Mature 11
Swedish Whitebeam Sorbus intermedia Mature 17
Sycamore Acer pseudoplatanus Mature 10
Tree of Heaven Ailanthus altissima Semi Mature 4
Western Red Cedar Thuja plicata Mature 2
Whitebeam Sorbus aria Mature 44
Trees on Site 427




New Trams

Tram Back Running On Track – 2nd December 2017

Councillor Phil Bateman said ” Today I have received this information relating to Line One of the Midlands Metro.” Please readers note the content…….

14 November 2017

Dear Councillor

Return to two-way traffic on A41 Bilston Road

We are delighted to announce the tram track replacement works are to complete on 2 December 2017. These works have been completed ahead of schedule and on budget by the Midland Metro Alliance, working on behalf of the West Midlands Combined Authority. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your constituents for your patience and understanding during this essential maintenance project.

The A41 Bilston Road will reopen to road traffic in both directions from on Saturday 2 December 2017.

At this time you may notice trams running from Priestfield to Wolverhampton St. George’s as a period of testing and commissioning is required for the newly installed tram track. Subject to these tests being successfully completed the tram service to Wolverhampton St. George’s will resume on Sunday 10 December.

Whilst our works along Bilston Road will be completing shortly, the Midland Metro Alliance will continue to work with the City of Wolverhampton Council into 2018 to support local businesses in the area where possible. This work focusses on advertisements across tram, bus and also in local magazines.

If you have any further questions or queries regarding the work of the Midland Metro Alliance, please email us at or visit our website at

For further details on passenger services, please refer to the Network West Midlands website at

Yours faithfully,

Shervorne Brown

Stakeholder Liaison Officer

Police car C-m_bVaXoAEqffS


Wednesfield North residents – Anyone interested in being an Independent Custody Visitor!

Please continue to read.

The Police and Crime Commissioner for the West Midlands is looking for Volunteers
to become Independent Custody Visitors

Do you have 2-3 hours to spare each month to volunteer as an Independent Custody Visitor, visiting police custody sites to check on the health and wellbeing of people who have been detained in custody?
Can you communicate well with a diverse range of people? Do you work well in a team? Do you have a general interest in people and care about their wellbeing?
Would you be confident in raising issues or concerns if you had to?
If you can say yes with confidence to these questions, then you could be what we are looking for.
We are recruiting NOW for Independent Custody Visitors in Oldbury, Perry Barr, Coventry, and Wolverhampton.

What is in it for you?
Learn and experience something new
Do something that is out of the ordinary
Learn new skills / improve existing skills
Meet new people and share an interest
Make a positive contribution to a fair and just society for all

For more information please visit:

If you would like to speak to someone informally please call Sarah Matta on (0121) 626 6060


Teachers No Longer Able To Drive School Minibuses – Except!

Now here is a new piece of legislation that I do believe is long overdue –

” Teachers will no longer be able to drive school minibuses on a car driving licence, according to new guidance from the Department for Infrastructure. Teachers must now have a full D1 minibus driving licence and driver certificate of professional competence. The new guidance is contained in a letter from the department to the Education Authority (EA).”

Please if you are a Chair of Governors or a Headteacher please note this new advice……

IMG_3192Phil Bateman

The Curly Wurly! – Partnership Is Key To Success!

Wednesday Night I attended the CRT’s West Midlands Partnerships Annual Meeting. It was held at the Dudley Canal Trust. There was a good turnout of people who attended.

The #WaterwaysWM hash tag was launched, and the work of the Partnership was unveiled through a number of videos. Please click on and take a look at the link at the top of the page it should take you to YouTube and you can see and hear my report to the West Midlands Partnership meeting.

Let me know what you think! contact via

Billy Ellitts – On the Way To Become Our Own Billy Elliot?!

IMG_3591BillyEllittsOn Saturday night 11/11/2017 Mary and I attended the Ingram Academy of Performing Arts who were putting a show on at the Dormston Centre. The principle reason for attending was because Craig Spencer invited Mary and I along to see the progress being made by Ashmore Park’s own  Billy Ellitts.

Billy is from Ashmore Park and his talent as a dancer is starting to get noticed, and the rave reviews are not unjustified following what Mary and I witnessed tonight.

Currently attending Wednesfield School, Edward the Elder, Billy tells me he has his sights on Coppice (Performing Arts) High School when he progresses to comprehensive schooling.

All the adults I have spoken to that know more about dance than I do, told me that the lad has real talent. Now having seen his extraordinary performance live for myself I was blown away by his talent, skill, and personality.

I know his family are really proud of the way that he has improved. They put that down to the  Ingram Academy of Performing Arts. The Academy seems to have brought the best out of him to date!

In recent weeks I have been stirred into looking at the talent that is here in Wednesfield, we appear to have the same kind of talent in dance and the Arts as we turn out for Sport. Except we just do not give the Performing Arts and Arts and Culture the same promotion as we do for sporting prowess.

Watching Billy perform tonight I felt I was watching an amazing dance talent, a talent that could be recognised in not too many years on our own Ashmore Park ‘Walk of Stars’. Indeed If I was a betting man I would consider betting that this young man will become a dance star that we will all be proud of.

I also had the surprise in watching my God Daughter’s – own  daughter, make her stage debut on tonight’s bill. I would like to say I am so pleased coming to watch Billy tonight, led me to watching Lottie’s own stage entrance. Now that was an unexpected bonus!