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green ways Coppice & Ashmore

Garden Fires/Bonfires

Recently there has been a number of garden fires here in Wednesfield North- Which led to a number of enquiries from other residents about what can take place lawfully.

It is permissible for householders to have occasional bonfires. City of Wolverhampton Council do however receive a large number of service requests relating to persons having frequent bonfires that cause disturbance to neighbours by preventing them from using their gardens, putting out their washing to dry or causing smoke ingress into their own property. In such cases the Council can take action on the complainant’s behalf to restrict or abate the bonfires.

The law on statutory nuisance covers a wide range of issues which include matters such as noise disturbance, accumulations of refuse, dust from building activities, smoke from bonfires, smells from deposits such as dog faeces and light from security lamps. Where the investigation identifies a statutory nuisance the Council can serve an abatement notice requiring the nuisance to be stopped. If the nuisance continues the person causing the nuisance can be prosecuted.

During investigations of such complaints we would initially write to the person allegedly causing the nuisance and also send the complainant a diary sheet to keep a log of the occasions when nuisance occurs and the impact the nuisance is having on them. The diary sheet would later be used in court proceedings to prove nuisance.

Where the investigation is unable to prove statutory nuisance the complainant can take private action. There is an information leaflet available which describes what actions are needed.

My advice is that if you have concerns. Please start the diary sheet as outlined here. Its the evidence that is required, which will be crucial going forward.

17 Police Lamp

We Need More Police!

“Robberies are increasing at a faster rate in England and Wales than in any other major developed country, research seen by the BBC suggests. A new report says the wide use of smartphones and cuts to police patrols are behind the rise. It also found some 269,000 young people were involved in or at risk of violence last year.”
Councillor Phil Bateman said “I am not surprised at all by the BBC’s report today. Ordinary people have been calling for a halt to the axing of Police Officers for around ten years now. It all fell on deaf ears. The Tory Government just kept axing the Police, and now we are facing the consequence of those deliberate Tory Government policies.
Let me say now that these robbery statistics that relates to Wednesfield are not particularly bad, we are still seen when in comparison to other Local Wards in the Black Country to be a low crime area. That matters not a jot, if you suffered at the hands of a Robber, or you were burgled, you will have felt the pain, and you will have felt the fear!. I have been calling for more Police resources regularly over all these years. I always make the case for additional Police Officers for Wednesfield and Wolverhampton as I am doing again today.
As we approach a General Election, I really do hope that the people of Wolverhampton and Wednesfield will remember which Party axed the Police, and steadfastly ignored all the calls to have the police ranks and resources increased”.

Here is the Years statistics for Wednesfield North and South as promoted by the Home Office UK.

Comparison of crime types in this area between August 2018 and July 2019
Number of crimes
Crime type Total Percentage
Anti-social behaviour 272 – 11.42%
Bicycle theft 18 – 0.76%
Burglary 209- 8.77%
Criminal damage and arson 175 – 7.35%
Drugs 23 – 0.97%
Other crime 35 – 1.47%
Other theft 259 – 10.87%
Possession of weapons 19 – 0.80%
Public order 132 – 5.54%
Robbery 32 – 1.34%
Shoplifting 242- 10.16%
Theft from the person 18 – 0.76%
Vehicle crime 278 – 11.67%
Violence and sexual offences 670 – 28.13%

542_133226 Agenda

New Dropped Kerbs for Ashmore Park

I am pleased to announce that there will be a number of dropped kerbs that will be constructed in Ashmore Park.
I had made a case for them over recent weeks. I have now had written confirmation of the scheme.

When I have the start of the project confirmed I will ensure readers will be informed
of the arrangements. I am expecting that this will be some time in September.

Dropped kerbs are an important facility for those residents who have mobility difficulties, and for the young parents and grand parents that have to use prams and buggies.

IMG_7903 Corpus Christie

An Interesting Day!

An interesting day for your three Councillors today Monday. Early this morning we met with the Chair of Governors and senior staff at the Corpus Christi Primary School. We had a tour of the school Met the senior team, and spoke with Asan Wood Saints and Jessops. We were all gathered to have a discussion about an exciting new community project that will be led by the school. More about this later.

We then visited The Hub at Ashmore Park, where we had a nice Cup of Tea, and a chat with the Volunteers there.

Followed by an important Labour Group meeting tonight in the City of Wolverhampton.There is never a quiet moment! Today gave us the chance to talk about the individual cases and activities that are being pursued by the three of us. There is a lot going on…..

litterpick 67185846_2757285964283913_7183036308082655232_n

Wednesfield Local Nature Reserve – Our Canal Needs You!

Our new Local Nature Reserve on the Wyrley & Essington Canal here in Wednesfield, needs your Help!

Following the very successful litter pick, in the summer at this location. We will once again be out on the tow paths of the Wyrley & Essington Canal doing it all over again. You see keeping our environment rubbish free needs some hard work and dedication. It just will not get done unless we all do something for the good of the wildlife and the flora. The Canal & River Trust are providing a boat once again to support the event, and they will also provide gloves and bags and other equipment. But we will need to know roughly how many people intend to come along? If you want to bring your own Gloves and Litter Picker that is also fine. But we still need an idea on numbers attending.

Also the work that we put in now will help with our preparations for the delivery of the Wednesfield Canal Festival in 2020!

We are of course making preparations to ensure that the Wyrley and Essington Canal is fit for purpose, all the year around. If you would like to be part of the Volunteers that will be undertaking the ‘Litter Pick’ of the canal, please let me know. Give me a rough indication of attendance by responding via email- Or leaving a message on Facebook.

The Litter Pick will start at 9.00am and finish at 13.00 on Sunday the 6th October 2019- We will gather outside of The Nickelodeon at 9.00am – Will we see you there?

WEdnesfield North Councillors 2016

Community Excellence Award -Catching Wednesfield Interest!

It was good to see Birmingham Live picking up on our Wednesfield North Community Excellence Awards. These are a set of new Awards that will be promoted by Wednesfield North City Councillors. Click on the Link and see how you can help deliver for all those fab people that we have living in our community, and are always helping, or doing ‘Good Deeds’! 

monarchs-Way Linthouse Lane

No News From The Staffordshire Boundary.

As we run into the Summer Holiday period, I thought that it would re-assure readers regarding the latest information I have on the potential for this development on Wednesfield North’s boundaries, with Staffordshire.

With the continued interest in the South Staffordshire D.C. and Staffordshire County Council development proposals for agricultural land North of Linthouse Lane. I have again been in contact with City of Wolverhampton planners who I have asked to keep me informed of any proposals for this site.

I have been told that the  latest information from South Staffordshire Council is that they intend to publish a consultation on their “Spatial Strategy and Infrastructure Delivery” later this year.

This document is probably the one that would include indicative housing figures / broad locations for growth on the edge of Wolverhampton,

As soon as it is published – I will ensure our Ward of Wednesfield North is  made aware of any implications listed.  I hope that this information keeps you aware of the current situation, as you head off for your holidays!,

Wednesfield MagazinejuneJuly2019 IMG_0050 (002)

Wednesfield Magazine – June & July 2019 Edition Out!

The Wednesfield Magazine is an independent Local Magazine.

The Magazine is written in Wednesfield, and it serves the people of Wednesfield and the local businesses. Its a great little read and it is free .

In Wednesfield North you can pick the Magazine up at the Hub, The Library, and at numerous Local shops. In this Month’s edition it carries a real nice obituary in a tribute to Jean Shinton.

Jean was one of Wednesfields ‘Movers and Shakers’ she loved her community. It’s a nice read. Well done Editor Simon for writing this very nice tribute.  Rest In Peace Jean.

New Trams

The Tram Should Serve The New Molineux!



With a new municipal year starting, and with a new political Leadership firmly in place at the City of Wolverhampton. I feel strongly that now is very much the time that the City Council should be bold,

My arguments that we should have a strong and resilient public transport system which included trams has been one that I have proposed for decades. As we open our eyes to a new day, and a new Municipal Year, the politicians must listen to the call from the fans of the city football club, and its owners.

Having had the debate about moving the club from the City Centre, the owners have firmly come down into the decision of staying on the present site and developing it. That means a successful football club will attract more fans both from within the City and outside of the city. This is good news for our own economic base and specifically in the retail sectors, hotels and tourism, and the transport and leisure services here in our City.

The City and the West Midlands Combined Authority are developing quite rightly a new City based transportation Hub. This Hub is based on a new Heavy Rail station already under construction in the City Centre, with new tram links to the station and the Local bus station. Over the next decade we expect to see more people over the period arriving into Wolverhampton by train, bus, and tram.

If I have read the city correctly – there is huge excitement about the plans now being openly discussed about the new direction the Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club are heading.

Fosun the owners of Wolverhampton Wanderers and with the Directors of the Football Club, are striving to provide, a bigger and better stadium. A Club that excites on the football pitch with even more and better success, both as a sporting Club, and also as a business.

My argument is that as a Wolverhampton City Council, we  should also be using this time to also start developing plans to  introduce the Midlands Metro Light Rail System into the street scene in the heart of our City Centre to create the sort of transportation system that will help serve the new Wolves stadium over the next thirty years or so.?

I have written and spoken thousands of words about Wolverhampton and the West Midlands needs to ensure that they build the transport requirements that give future prosperity to our conurbation, and here in Wolverhampton over the last 38 years.

Its clear that the Molineux is now going to be transformed as a stadium, it will have even bigger crowds, than it gets now. Plus, when it reaches the heights the owners and the fans are projecting. It will need an efficient transportation system to bring them and take them away back into the City Centre and the transportation hubs without creating more traffic jams and highway delays, and damaging the air quality and the environment.

With climate change causing massive concerns its important that this City own visions are as bold as the Wolverhampton Wanderers football club is. Wolverhampton needs to start planning for a new tram link from the rail station through to the new Molineux and out towards the M54 and the new planned and proposed sites for industry and Staffordshire’s proposed new housing developments on our City boundaries.

We need two new lines to serve our own Cities needs. We need an extension of the Metro line into serving New Cross, and Wednesfield, and able to link with Walsall. We also need the metro to deliver a new line from the transportation hub out to the Molineux and down to the Fordhouses area.

I really do hope that we will be brave and start the process to ensure that these two lines are started.

We cannot just leave our current tram system as it is. That would be a huge dereliction of duty by our political leaders.

Wolverhampton needs strong vision, and plans to overcome the decline in fossil fuels, and strong policies to develop climate friendly policies that enhance our city and its transportation requirements…both today and over the next thirty years!