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‘Thank You’ – Message for Wednesfield North!

IMG_0881 Phil vid

” I want to thank every individual in this Ward who made the time to vote for me. I really do thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Well yesterday I was walking around like a Zombie….I went to bed sometime around 4.00am on Friday morning, after a full day in manic mood electioneering on Thursday. Our First Labour Group meeting and AGM was held last night on (Friday) when we (as a Labour Group) supported the Labour Leadership team that has seen our Party grow to 49 Labour Councillors in this City.

Labour Group Leader Roger Lawrence was returned, as was Deputy Leader Peter Bilson. The Group Chair remains Councillor Linda Leach, as does the Group Secretary Cllr Andrew Johnson.

I want to give personal thanks to my Agent Geoff Foster who again masterminded a great local victory here in Wednesfield North. Also Councillors Rita Potter and Mary.

We really are a very good team here in Wednesfield North, each of us are different, each of us have different strengths, but in essence we all get on and that is the secret to being able to deliver the sort of service that our residents want.

I want to thank every individual in this Ward who made the time to vote for me. I really do thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I also want to say that I shall represent everyone in this Ward regardless if you voted for me or not. If you doubt that statement there are others around who are active in a different Party, that have actively sought my help, and yes I represented them and had the success they needed with their case.

Representing Wednesfield North has been an important part of my life for decades, there is still much to be done, and I am excited by a new four year term.

Can I once again thank all of you for voting for me.

Our New Municipal year starts now, and I will once again report events and issues via social media. In fact I believe that the very good result we have had here in WN is because of the effect of social media. Day to day events and issues are reported by me. That gives our residents up to date information on what is happening in the Ward. This information is not usually printed by our evening newspaper the Express and Star.

I think those social media news story’s have helped to create a great conduit to you our residents. The theme of my next four years will be the same as the last year #SpeakingUp4WednesfieldNorth. There is a lot to do…..thanks for reading this.



Want a Lock Up Garage On Ashmore Park?!

During a recent enquiry I have made with regard to the garage site on Snape Road, Ashmore Park.

10462542_715400025192216_4193381832399208680_n Ashmore Park Sign

I have discovered that surprisingly the site is subject to low use. I had asked that it be ‘spruced up’ following a complaint from a local resident to me. Quite rightly he pointed out to me that the site is opposite the True Briton PH. It attracts visitors both locally and a little further afield. It is detracting from the street scene as they are not hidden away…they have a frontage open to viewing from street level and the PH itself.


Now Wolverhampton Homes tells me that ” Due to its low usage and the lack of demand for the garages it was decided that it was not financially viable to carry out repair work either on the garages themselves or the forecourt.  Given the low occupancy rate at present, the need to recoup any investment over a maximum of 10 years via the rental income would not be possible.”

There are 13 garages on the site, yet only 3 of which are let.

Wolverhampton Homes go onto tell me that “Interest in the site from other residents is limited although we are currently looking to see if we can generate more demand by way of advertising.  If the number of garages let increases it may be possible that the site is reconsidered as part of the garage improvement programme for 2016/17”

If there are any residents living locally that would like a lock up garage to rent.

Email me on………………….

For the resident who contacted me I have not given this up at all. Just the first round of a skirmish I think!

Twenty Two More Boats To Visit Wednesfield!

More Good News for Wednesfield!

Canal Boats Visiting WednesfieldI have really a great deal of pleasure in announcing that the second ‘cruise’ of the summer will dock in Wednesfield on Sunday 13th September.

Indeed it is the biggest ‘cruise’ yet with some 22 narrowboats plying the Wyrley & Essington canal with a view to spending the night here.

The Cruise organisers have informed me that “ We plan to moor all 22 boats in and around the Bentley arm overnight Sunday 13th September.

This great news for Wednesfield as 22 narrow boats around 40 people will be spending their leisure time in the village. This is good news for tourism and local businesses.

The trade that businesses will do with these visitors is welcome and I hope that it continues to grow and prosper.

On the flip side the narrow boat owners will see and experience a wonderfully diverse canal in the Wednesfield area. Fabulously tranquil places with a great deal of wild life diversity. They may be lucky enough to see a ‘flashing jewel’ in our local Kingfisher, while they are here.

The Wyrley & Essington canal is currently in a process which will lead to the canal becoming a Local Nature Reserve. This is just the start of a really good future for Wednesfield based on the canal which itself has been serving Wednesfield since 1790