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The Gov Home Office -Crime in Wednesfield!

Here is The Home Office UK report dealing with crime in Wednesfield North and South.
Here are the Wards crime statistics for Wednesfield North and South between August 2018 and July 2019.

Number of crimes
Month Total
July 2019 197
June 2019 201
May 2019 183
April 2019 200
March 2019 188
February 2019 200
January 2019 180
December 2018 209
November 2018 227
October 2018 215
September 2018 196
August 2018 186

Comparison of crime types in this area between August 2018 and July 2019
Comparison of crime types in this area between August 2018 and July 2019
Number of crimes
Crime type Total Percentage
Anti-social behaviour 272 – 11.42%
Bicycle theft 18 – 0.76%
Burglary 209- 8.77%
Criminal damage and arson 175 – 7.35%
Drugs 23 – 0.97%
Other crime 35 – 1.47%
Other theft 259 – 10.87%
Possession of weapons 19 – 0.80%
Public order 132 – 5.54%
Robbery 32 – 1.34%
Shoplifting 242- 10.16%
Theft from the person 18 – 0.76%
Vehicle crime 278 – 11.67%
Violence and sexual offences 670 – 28.13%

The top 8 crimes being committed in the period recorded are these
• 670 Violence and Sexual Offences 28.13%
• 278 Vehicle Crime
• 272 Anti Social Behaviour
• 259 Other Theft
• 242 Shoplifting
• 209 Burglary
• 175 Criminal Damage and Arson
• 132 Public Order

There were 32 Robberies recorded in Wednesfield North and South, but only 23 Drug crimes reported. That statistic may indeed surprise some people?
There were 19 persons reported for being in possession of weapons.

Crime is a huge issue in Wednesfield and has been for a number of years. But of course, it is going to be, as this Conservative Government has axed Police Officers right across the Country. West Midlands Police has suffered badly, and of course that filters down to the Neighbourhoods we all live in.

Wednesfield Labour Party has been running a long-standing campaign to keep open the Wednesfield Police Station. When it is gone it will be much harder to restore. To date we believe it’s the public support that has been with us, that to date it has not closed. Though the Wednesfield Station is not open to the {Public. It still houses Wednesfield North and South Neighbourhood teams.

Can I appeal to the readers, please let us know that you are in support of more Police, and that you are still committed with the Labour Councillors and our MP to keep the Police Station open?
Your Wednesfield North Councillors never miss an opportunity in supporting our Neighbourhood Police, and we meet them regularly in the Ward all the while.

Blue Light

Wednesfield Police List Actions.

I have been away on a break with Mary for a few days, I have returned tonight and have seen an interesting message left by Wednesfield Police Neighbourhood team

Here is what they have informed me.

“A quick update as to what the team at Wednesfield have been up to over the last few weeks.

Numerous vehicles, including stolen cars and motorcycles, Quad bikes and untaxed/uninsured vehicles have been taken off the road to disrupt the criminal element of society, plus vehicles that have been used in the committal of crime ie – shop theft have also been seized and removed.

The recovery of a large machete and it’s subsequent destroyal has also been achieved by the team.

Some very good joint work with the council and Bentley Bridge Security and shop staff, have also resulted in multiple shoplifters being caught and bought before the courts and following a whole raft of complaints from the general public, banning orders have been placed on some of the towns most Prolific beggars, banning them from the whole of the Bentley Bridge retail and entertainment sites and also Sainsbury’s.

This is on top of our regular reassurance patrols and visits, arrest attempts for criminals wanted on warrant and on going investigative work around information gathered and received regarding criminality. I hope this reassures you all that we are working hard to make Wednesfield a safer place to visit, live and work.”

Now whilst I and my fellow Councillors are extremely pleased to receive this information. I am also keen for Wednesfield North residents to note, that we are still doing all we can to press the Government to set more Police on. That is the only way that we are going to deliver a better result when it comes to crime. I think its ironic that the Government is saying that they are going to recruit 20,000 new Officers. Over the last 10 years we have been imploring them to stop axing our Police. Finally it appears our arguments seem to have gotten through. But now is the time to press the matter again. In the meantime I will be seeking a meeting with senior officers as soon as is practicable.

Blue Light

Wednesfield Police – Warning!

Wednesfield Police are warning – Please be aware of bogus text messages being sent to mobiles. They concern messages around TV LICENCES, stating you have not got a TV licence and to contact the number on the message. Whatever you do don’t click on the link, this will give the people direct access to your bank details and they will be able to take money from your account. If you receive a message please contact Action Fraud.

Message Sent By
Steve Cosford (Police, PCSO, Wednesfield North and South NPU)

Bentley Bridge CR_RW_3521_Bentley_Bridge_Shopping_Park_Wolverhampton_picture_7_p8_1800x1440

Youths on Cycles Cause Concern


I HAVE HAD Wednesfield North Ward Residents contact me about the recent problems of youths on cycles creating a nuisance down at Bentley Bridge, and causing concern for the less mobile of us.

People with disabilities, parents with buggies and push chairs. All have been very concerned about large gangs of youths on cycles doing wheelies etc in crowded pedestrian areas of the Shopping Park. I have also had a complaint about drug paraphernalia being found in the Disabilities toilet.

I have been critical of this situation around Bentley Bridge Retail Park – I have therefore contacted the management team leading the Park – and here is what they have told me this morning.

Management is aware of the issue of youths cycling in groups in and around the Park. The Management wants to reassure its customers that the on-site security presence is working with the local Police to try and prevent this from happening. The issue of drugs paraphernalia was not known and is now being looked into; the toilets are checked every two hours so surveillance is high.
Hopefully with the action being taken and the Schools opening for a new term. The concerns will dissipate, and these young people will return to being sensible and acting without causing the concerns they have.


Police Ask For Help – As They Seize Vehicles!

Wednesfield Police have informed me that they have acted and that

“Two vehicles have been seized!

One vehicle was used in crime and later found to be on false plates

Second vehicle was declared SORN, no insurance or tax… but the vehicle was still being driven on the roads!

If you have any information of any vehicles that have no insurance or tax etc. do let us know!”

So as one of your Local City Councillor can I ask ” If you know or are suspicious about any vehicle that has no insurance or tax, inform the police straight away, and let them deal with the issue, as they have requested.


Police Chiefs – Make Canals Part of Patrols.

Tow paths alongside canals are becoming ever more popular for short journeys, and cyclists and pedestrians, along with sporting pastimes like Angling is very much encouraged. Rightly so!

But we also need these areas patrolled REGULARLY by the Police. Its increased patrols and building regular Police Patrols into the Duty rostas of Neighbourhood Police that will have a really big impact on the users of the West Midlands canal system.

So Police Chiefs its over to you! How are you going to deal with this issue now and going forward…..

Blue Light

Wednesfield Beware – Be On Guard.

Interestingly Walsall Police have been warning Coppice Farm Neighbourhood Watch that “From July 1st 2019 to-date on the walsall/wolverhampton area we have had 30 recorded ford fiesta model vehicles stolen ( Keyless ). It would appear that a key decoder device is being used to obtain entry and start the vehicle allowing them to steal it.

So that is a standout statistic, and one that perhaps we should do all that we can here in Wednesfield North to guard against.
Its clear that the thieves do have an electronic device that helps them gain access. Please be on your guard Wednesfield.
This the message that their Local Neighbourhood Watch is giving. It seems a sensible bit of crime advice and that is why I am replicating their message here.

“I am aware that i have spoken about this before but i would just like to press the message forward again.

From July 1st 2019 to-date on the walsall/wolverhampton area we have had 30 recorded ford fiesta model vehicles stolen ( Keyless ). It would appear that a key decoder device is being used to obtain entry and start the vehicle allowing them to steal it.

It is amazing to think that with all the technology that has gone into motor vehicles that they can still be easily stolen.

One of the methods which could potentially stop them in their tracks/make them think twice/deter them is the good old fashioned way of fitting a device around the steering wheel.

Disklok is an effective full cover steering wheel security lock for cars and light commercial vehicles. Its ability to spin on the wheel when attacked, preventing steering and damage to the vehicle’s own steering wheel lock.

You can look on u tube to see how effective fitting one of these devices can be.”

Police car C-m_bVaXoAEqffS

Three Speeding Tickets Issued Today !

Wednesfield Police inform me that they had a speedwatch taking place in Linthouse Lane earlier today they write

“The Wednesfield team have had a busy start to the shift by undertaking a speed watch operation on Linthouse lane.

What a success!
3 tickets were given
1 bike seized for no licence and no insurance
Drive safe Be safe”

Speed is an issue that is brought up everyday on roads across Wednesfield North, Woodend Road, Peacock Ave, Kitchen Lane. Broad Lane North and Griffith Drive just to mention a few. All of these roads have been reported to the Police and more. Today they chose to tackle speed in Linthouse Lane.

Please all motorists please be careful and try not to speed.



Police Seize Vehicle – Ashmore Park

Wednesfield Police tell me that on Wednesday the 14th August “A vehicle was today seized and recovered following a non stop road traffic collision on Griffiths Drive, It is believed to have been stolen and dumped at the rear of bottom shops, unfortunately the driver and his accomplice had fled the scene. Enquiries are on going.”

If there are any witnesses I am sure the police would be pleased to hear from you! You should phone 101 and inform the officers as to what you know.


Action Fraud Warns!

Councillor Phil Bateman said ” Please Wednesfield beware! We don’t want these scoundrels ripping you off in this way”

Action Fraud has received 63 reports about a scam in which fraudsters target people with offers of “low cost” loans or “free” government grants. What the victims aren’t told is that the money they’ll receive is actually an advance payment for Universal Credit. The criminals use the personal information they’ve obtain under false pretences to make an application in the victim’s name.

After the fraudsters have taken their “fee” from the advance payment, the victim is then left to pay back the total amount once their repayments begin