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Looking for A Job? -Action Fraud Has Identified Fraudsters!

Message sent by
Action Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National)

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) has identified a number of reports where job seekers are being targeted by fraudsters trying to obtain personal and banking details from them, or requesting money to secure accommodation.  

Individuals registering with job seeking websites or searching for jobs on The Student Room website are being contacted by bogus recruitment companies/businesses asking them to complete application and interview forms which request personal details and banking details, as well as copies of identity documents.

In some instances the applicant is invited along for interview, either in person or over the phone, to make the process look as legitimate as possible. This is impacting on students and graduates looking for work both in the UK and overseas. Some job seekers, as well as divulging personal details, have paid money to the fraudsters in order to secure a bogus rental property alongside the job offer. 

How to protect yourself: 

  • Check emails and documents from the recruiter for poor spelling and grammar – this is often a sign that fraudsters are at work.
  • If visa fees are mentioned, ask the embassy representing the country where you believe you will be working how to obtain a visa and how much it costs. Check that the answers the potential employer or recruiter gave you are the same – if they’re not, it may be a sign of fraud.
  • Carry out thorough research to confirm that the organisation offering you the job actually exists. If it does exist, contact the organisation directly using contact details obtained through your own research or their website to confirm the job offer is genuine.

 What to do if you’re a victim: – If you think your bank details have been compromised or if you believe you have been defrauded contact your bank immediately.

  • Stop all communication with the ‘agency’ but make a note of their details and report it to Action Fraud.
  • Warn the operators of the job website you used that their site is being used by fraudsters.
  • If you have been affected by this, or any other type of fraud, report it to Action Fraud by visiting or by calling 0300 123 2040.
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Shed & Outbuilding Are At Risk!

Please will residents living in Wednesfield please take note of this information, and if you have any suspicions or information please  contact the Police.

This is important advice which West Midlands Police have contacted me with!

There has been a recent increase in overnight shed breaks on the Wednesfield area. We are responding to this by dedicating officers to the area working until the early hours in order to try and catch these criminals.

May I ask if anyone would like some crime prevention advice or a shed alarm, then to please get in touch with us. The alarms are in short supply. If anyone has any expensive items on display that can  be seen through a shed window, then please either remove it or cover it up.

If anyone has any information they wish to share then please get in touch or contact Crimestoppers.

IMG_8696 sgt Danher

Police Sgt Danher Runs Marathon for Charity!

I am happy to support Sgt Martin Danher who is going to run a Marathon for charity. I am happy to support Martin and his charity run.

Can I ask our Wednesfield North  community to also support this Policeman who is originally from Wednesfield, and always trys so very hard for our community in his day job!

Martin tells me that he is running for a charity that “support children suffering with cancer, such as trips away and also supports parents with accommodation for those travelling long distances to be near their children in hospital or bereaved parents who have lost their children to cancer.

I have never run a marathon before as such the thought of doing it for such a worthy cause, will keep me going through the hard times!”

He further requests that ”I hope you can take the time to make a donation to My Just Giving page on the following link

I am happy to share this with anyone who may want to help. Martin further tells me that “I would be even more appreciative.  If you know of any charity events that I could support or any ideas for fundraising then I am all ears. I am planning on baking a lot of cakes!! I have just started the fundraising process so I could really do with your support. “


Police Sergeant 0805 Martin Danher

Wednesfield North/South and Bilston Neighbourhood Team

Police and Community Together.

Would You Help With A Community Speed Watch?

Speed is a constant issue in Wednesfield North…there are reports of fast speeds taking place right across the Ward.

Wednesfield Police tell me that they are very willing to involve residents in their quest to quell speeds by some motorists.

Would you be prepared to take part with Wednesfield Police in a Speed Watch campaign if it took place in your street/neighbourhood.

If you would be- Please email me with your name and address and contact numbers, and I will liaise with the Police about your involvement.

Grafitti - Ashmore Shops

Graffiti- No Useful Evidence!

I have raised graffiti and the huge out break we are experiencing not just in Wednesfield North, but also in other parts of Wednesfield including the Village.

The Wolverhampton Homes team thought that they had a useful lead, but the Police have knocked that theory down in a message that they have sent to me which is repeated here for your attention.

West Midlands Police “As part of the investigation, officers viewed the CCTV just after the offence had occurred and there was no evidential value to the footage.”
But I am keen that we do continue to try and combat this ugly nuisance which is causing criminal damage and costing both public finances to deal with it and private financial resource as well.

If you happen to know who these people are who are painting on property, please inform the Police or contact me.

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Speeding In Or Near Your Street?! – Want to help?

I have been in contact with West Midlands Police following neighbour comment in Broad Lane North relating to the traffic speeds.

The Police are keen to recruit some local people to be part of community speedwatch. Here is what Wednesfield Police have informed me “ We would gladly welcome volunteers to assist with speedwatch.

It is a community priority and is continually raised at PACT. I am sure you are aware that I always ask for volunteers at these meetings, sadly I rarely get any.”

So if you are interested in becoming a member of the Local Speedwatch campaign…Direct Message me.Or contact me via my email address which is –

Phil B Police res 20Sept2017

Wolverhampton Council – Calls For More Police Funding!

Councillor Phil Bateman said today This is the Resolution I placed before Wolverhampton City Council – on Neighbourhood Policing on Wednesday.

“The City of Wolverhampton Council is concerned about the ability of the West Midlands Police as it is currently funded to continue to deliver the sort of proper Community and Neighbourhood Policing that keeps our City safe.
We note the Chief Constable’s recent comments that the force is very stretched, and that he may not be able to deliver ‘neighbourhood policing’.
We therefore request that the Police and Crime Commissioner urgently demand
increased funding from Government to meet the needs and requirements of West
Midlands Police and the Chief Constable and return confidence in Policing to our City.
We call on the Government to provide the resources that tackles the changing face of crime, protects our residents and their property, delivers better and safer policing, in an age when large Metropolitan conurbations also have to protect themselves from terrorism.”

The City Council debated the resolution and all 60 Councillors including the City Conservatives supported the motion. The Conservatives though were just a little concerned about the ’emotion’, but I appealed to them to support the motion and they did!

Here is the speech I gave on Wednesday night!

“This city Council does not debate the standards of Policing in this City often enough in my humble opinion, but that is in itself a for debate another day/
In Moving the motion on your order paper I strongly feel that we have to have police numbers to reflect the crime that is taking place.
During this summer period my frustration was that there were numbers of consecutive days when my Ward of Wednesfield North did not have either a Police Constable or a Police Community Support Officer on duty.

I estimated that this happend at least a couple of days every week. When you go days at a time when your Sgt is not in situ it gets harder to get a response from the Officers when you email information or make requests around crime.

So if I pass information on to my Police team electronically about issues, you can wait a week or longer to get a response. There are no Local Police stations that are open in Wednesfield. Making contact with the Police is a real chore. That what my constituents tell me.

Senior Police Officers are shrinking from sight, you never see anyone other than a PC and a Sgt, the link between the force and the public is getting more and more remote. The reason is clearly because the police numbers are shrinking, and shrinking. The thin blue line is getting thinner and thinner!

In March 2017 Her Majesties Inspectorate of Constabulary for Policing in England and Wales said that policing was in a “potentially perilous state” as government cuts lead to investigations being shelved, vulnerable victims being let down and tens of thousands of dangerous suspects remaining at large.”

I want to question where this lack of Government funding is taking us!

Serving Officers are currently unhappy at the way the Government has axed thousands of Police Officers from their ranks. We are reading of their comments in the national press, and in the social media.

The HMIC said, Some Police forces are reclassifying high-risk domestic abuse victims to a lower level of concern.

Police Officers is some forces are being assigned to investigations that they are not qualified to conduct, the HMIC found, while other forces are struggling to get to grips with the volume of wanted suspects – including murderers, rapists and violent offenders.

Around a third of domestic abuse cases across England and Wales are being shelved because the victim does not support police action – this rises to 50% in five of the 43 forces, which has led to concern at HMIC that officers are not properly discharging their responsibilities in a bid to slash their workload.

HMIC also issued a warning that a shortage of detectives and investigators amounts to a “national crisis”.

There is a great swell of Public Opinion that wants to see MORE police officers not less on the local beats and active in our communities. The Prime Minister who was Home Office Secretary for 6 years and who as Prime Minister has driven forward more Police cuts, needs to know that we all want to be safe!

We all want to be safe from crime, we all want to see crime solved quicker, and at better rates than they currently are now here in the West Midlands. We all want to be safe from terrorism also. I also want to see more PC’s and PCSO’s in Wednesfield not less.

We do not want our Police here in Wednesfield or the West Midlands to be in a perilous state.

I can inform you that in the days I formulated this resolution in July and August we had gangs issues in WN .There were reports of knives, Macheti attacks and a youth with a gun to his head!

During this period I had call to phone 101= I couldn’t contact the police through 101, and had to finally dial 999

The public were very concerned. There are no police for days, officers have told me they are embarrassed by the situation. There are Logs that have never been investigated.

It’s a regular occurrence on the Ashmore Park estate…no police, no PCSO’s, as our neighbourhood police get dispatched to yet another West Midlands Town.

This Government needs to know as our PCC needs to know . Residents are unnerved, they are scared, they want a better police presence. I have written to my MP, Now I am seeking a support from the City Council I move the motion! I urge all 60 City Councillors to support it!.”

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Wolverhampton City Council – Inadequate Police Funding for City?

Residents of Wednesfield North and those that read my social media sites will know that for a long period now I have been concerned about West Midlands Police and their ability to police our communities in a way that carry’s our broadest community support. We have had a difficult time in Wednesfield this summer.

Many of you as residents have told me that you are concerned that this Ward is not receiving the Police support it has in the past.

Your three Wednesfield North Councillors – Rita, Mary and I, have heard your concerns.

We have acted together as your Councillors and this resolution which will appear on the City Council Agenda in my name. It will be debated (next Wednesday, 20th September, 2017, 5.45 pm) at City Full Council – the resolution was put together to address those concerns you have as a community.

It’s not only Wednesfield that is suffering through stretched Police resources. It’s the whole of our City! That is why the resolution is couched in these terms.

Now you too can help.

You can address your views directly to me, or you can make your concerns known on Facebook and Twitter!

If we are to get the right police resources for our City, The Police & Crime Commissioner must be made aware of our feelings, and he must in turn make the strongest case that can be mustered to alert the Government. Short changing Wolverhampton and denuding us of police cover is not making Wolverhampton or Wednesfield Safer, it is having quite the opposite affect! – Tell me what you think!

Resolution to Wolverhampton City Council – Neighbourhood Policing

“The City of Wolverhampton Council is concerned about the ability of the West Midlands Police as it is currently funded to continue to deliver the sort of proper Community and Neighbourhood Policing that keeps our City safe.

We note the Chief Constable’s recent comments that the force is very stretched, and that he may not be able to deliver ‘neighbourhood policing’.

We therefore request that the Police and Crime Commissioner urgently demand
increased funding from Government to meet the needs and requirements of West
Midlands Police and the Chief Constable and return confidence in Policing to our City.

We call on the Government to provide the resources that tackles the changing face of crime, protects our residents and their property, delivers better and safer policing, in an age when large Metropolitan conurbations also have to protect themselves from terrorism.”


Policing Debate Heats Up!

Back in July I wrote to the Leader of the Wolverhampton City Council and The Police and Crime Commissioner, setting out in very strong detail, the concerns I have for Neighbourhood Policing in Wednesfield North and within the City of Wolverhampton.

They were very strong and forthright views I sent. That is why I am pleased to receive the following briefing note from the PCC just a few days ago. On the 14th August 2017 – The Police and Crime Commissioner distributed his briefing note to Councillors.
It was headed –

Taking the fight for funds to Westminster – He says in this note that – “Here in the West Midlands we have watched as our policing budget has been slashed by central government to the tune of £145 million over the last 7 years. It means we’ve lost nearly 2000 officers. Many, including me, say enough is enough.

That’s why I decided to use the Annual General meeting of Police and Crime Commissioners in London to press Government Minister Nick Hurd over funding for policing in our region. This was a question and answer session with the newly appointed Minister of Policing and Fire and I had plenty to ask.
It’s a well-known fact urban forces, with bigger populations, suffer from higher crime rates. That’s why I pressed him on ensuring money for police forces is distributed more fairly.

Demands on West Midlands Police have been particularly high in recent months after an increase in terror threats, cyber and knife crime nationally. During the Manchester terror attacks our officers were deployed to assist local efforts in maintaining security in the North West.
We didn’t hesitate in helping our friends. But co-operation of this sort, whilst vital, stretches policing around the country.
That’s why I also called on Mr Hurd to reassure all of us that funding will be available to enable this to continue. I am not alone in my calls for increased funding. Other Police and Crime Commissioners share equal concerns.

Was he listening to us? I hope so.

Mr Hurd appeared to hear the concerns raised on the day. He talked about an increased strain and worry amongst the public regarding the changing nature of crimes. What’s more, he asked all the Commissioners to submit evidence backing up their calls for more money and promised it was something the government was looking closely at. I will be making the case for the West Midlands very strongly indeed.”

Councillor Phil Bateman added…The Minister asked for evidence to back up the call for more resources for West Midlands Police. I believe you the public have that evidence tell me on this page what your real thoughts are on the police? No Swearing! I want to send him your views in a cut and paste….so let’s make your comments trend!

car anti theft 01 may 2013

West Midlands Police – Want to see You!

“West Midlands Police have contacted me” said Cllr Phil Bateman, ” They want to recruit from within our community. If you are interested please read on, this is what they contacted me with!”

You’ve told us you want to hear from us, why not join us and be part of our presence in your community?

We’re opening our doors again, from Saturday (12 August), to recruit the next generation of Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) to serve the region’s diverse communities.

It is the second time in a year that WMP have advertised for new PCSOs, with the last round of recruitment, in January, attracting over 1,000 applications for 80 posts. The successful candidates are due to begin their training from September 2017 and will be patrolling the streets by October 2017.

The new recruits will be based across the West Midlands and successful candidates will be at the heart of neighbourhood policing, becoming the friendly face of the force throughout the region.

PCSOs provide a visible police presence within their local communities by conducting patrols to help prevent crime, to keep people safe from harm and to increase trust and confidence in West Midlands Police.

Applicants do not need specific formal qualifications to apply for the role, however anyone keen to consider a career as a PCSO should have a good standard of education and an ability to communicate effectively both in writing and verbally.

Applications are welcome from people aged 18 or over.

Recruitment closes to all applicants on 25 August.

To view more details, visit: