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Wednesfield Police Send Message!

To parents who have children with a mobile phone.

Councillor Phil Bateman said today ” I have received this information from Wednesfield Police, they want as many parents as possible to be made aware of this Apt. It is all about safety. Please read and if it is applicable to you. Please follow the advice through”

This is what Wednesfield Police have messaged-

Download the HOLLIE Guard APP for them.

If they are walking home late at night, your children can switch on the app and it allows you to track them. If someone approaches them, and they don’t feel safe, all your child needs do is shake the phone, it will set off a high pitched alarm, and also message an alert to you or whoever is listed as the contact.

This app is not only for children but for anyone to use.

Police inform Another Knife Handed In.

Today another knife has been handed in by a member of the community. The knife was found hidden in a bush in a front garden on Ashmore park. Your neighbourhood officers would like to thank the person for calling the police so we could collect it, and safely dispose of it, like yesterdays message, yet another dangerous weapon off our streets.

Theft of Dogs! Police Offer Message.

My sister has been warning me for a few weeks now about the theft of dogs, and how this was becoming a nationwide problem. Now Wednesfield Police have issued some advice, I think dog owners must see.

Wednesfield Police tell me that “Fortunately I don’t believe we’ve had any incidents locally, However that’s not to say the potential isn’t there. Theft of dogs, seems to have become a real problem across the UK and has been spoken of widely on TV and social media sites, as our fur babies have become a precious commodity, particularly throughout this awful pandemic.
So, with that in mind, can we just ask that everyone stays vigilant and particularly when walking alone with your dog, try and stay in a public place, rather than becoming isolated.
This wasn’t meant as a scaremongering message, just an awareness pointer.”

As the Police say this Post is not meant “as a scaremongering message, just an awareness pointer.”

Police Request Help! – Can You Find Time?

Councillor Phil Bateman said “I have received this note from Wednesfield Police. I really do think that there will be quite a few residents here in Wednesfield North that will want to help our local Police Force. So please if you are interested. Contact the Wednesfield Police team on these contact numbers.”

If anyone would be interested in joining the West Midlands Police Streetwatch scheme, you can contact PCSO 30536 Ian Kerrigan, who is Wednesfield’s lead officer, he can be contacted on his e-mail , on his work mobile 07391864067 or by dialling 101, then ext 872 3006

In short, this scheme is to encourage residents to take some ownership of where they live and where residents carry out patrols of their own local neighbourhood, noting issues and reporting back to us or direct to the council to highlight problems.

Nobody is expected to challenge any individual and put themselves at risk, in fact exactly the opposite. Issues could be, littering, flytipping, dog fouling, damaged street furniture, suspicious behaviour, and or any other general ASB.

You would be accompanied by an officer initially, but then left to go out as and when you can.

There is a requirement to register and provide details plus undergo a Police National Computer check by ourselves. “

So residents of Wednesfield please if you can help contact PCSO Kerrigan. We all want to live in a safe neighbourhood.

Wednesfield NHT

Police Give Tips!

Cannabis factories are increasingly being found in residential properties. Electricity meters are usually bypassed and the lighting equipment used to grow the plants are often poorly wired and pose a high risk to the individuals involved in the cultivation but are also likely to be a fire hazard to neighbouring houses.

Tell tale signs of a cannabis factory:
Blinds drawn day and night.
A constant low buzzing from inside the property.
Strong odour emanating from the property.
Air ducting tubes protruding from the property.
Bright lighting from rear windows, loft or eaves.
Large amount of fertiliser, compost or pots outside.
Tampering with electric meter or wiring.

If you have any information regarding the above please contact West Midlands Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

Message from West Midlands Police

Protect 999, go online

Thank you for helping to keep our emergency 999 phone lines free.
More and more of you are using our online services for non-emergencies and this is making a huge difference in making sure that 999 services can respond quickly to those who need them most.
Many of the calls we receive can be resolved online. So for all non-emergencies please try visiting our website first.

If home doesn’t feel like the safest place to be, you can contact us on Live Chat where specially trained officers can provide support and help keep you safe. Remember, in an emergency always call 999.

Debt Support

The National Debtline have created a Coronavirus information Hub where you can find help if you are financially affected by the coronavirus outbreak.
You can find information on what to do if you have been made redundant or are at risk of redundancy. They also cover the help available to anybody with bills or debts that they cannot afford to pay because of the outbreak.

Government guidance

You must stay at home. The single most important action we can all take is to stay at home to protect the NHS and save lives.
You must not leave, or be outside of your home except where necessary. More information is available on the government website
This guidance is the law and we will continue to enforce it to keep everyone safe.

Message Sent By
Jessica Redmond (Police, Community Engagement officer, Sandwell, partnerships)

Wolverhampton is Complying!

In a recent briefing I have received its very pleasing to be told that.

“People and businesses in Wolverhampton continue to show a high level of compliance with the Covid-19 regulations, following the latest day of action by the police and council on Tuesday 26th Jan 2021..

The vast majority of people were maintaining social distancing and wearing face coverings, while most shops and businesses were also complying with the measures in place to keep infections down. Although in the main people were following the regulations, police issued eight fixed penalty notices – including fines to the five occupants of one car, all from different households, who were out socialising.

In addition, 83 directions to leave were issued affecting 161 people who did not have a valid reason to be out. It is currently against the law to meet socially with family or friends unless they are part of the same household or support bubble or to leave home for recreational or leisure purposes.”

I think that reading this will be pleasing to the majority. Its great that so many are complying. Please note that a further day of action is planned during this next week.

Fraud – Action Fraud Reports 57 Attempts.

As of 7 January 2021, Action Fraud had received 57 reports from members of the public who have been sent text messages claiming to be from the NHS, offering them the opportunity to sign up for coronavirus vaccinations. The texts ask the recipient to click on a link which takes them to an online form where they are prompted to input personal and financial details. In some cases the online form has looked very similar to the real NHS website.

Pauline Smith, Head of Action Fraud, said:
“Remember, the vaccine is only available on the NHS and is free of charge. The NHS will never ask you for details about your bank account or to pay for the vaccine. If you receive an email, text message or phone call purporting to be from the NHS and you are asked to provide financial details, this is a scam.”

How to protect yourself:

In the UK, coronavirus vaccinations will only be available via the National Health Services of England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. You can be contacted by the NHS, your employer, a local GP surgery or pharmacy, to receive your vaccination. Remember, the vaccinations are free of charge and you will not be asked for a payment.

The NHS will never:
• ask for your bank account or card details
• ask for your PIN or banking passwords
• arrive unannounced at your home to administer the vaccine
• ask for documentation to prove your identity, such as a passport or utility bills

If you receive a call you believe to be fraudulent, hang up. If you are suspicious about an email you have received, forward it to Suspicious text messages should be forwarded to the number 7726, which is free of charge.

If you believe you are the victim of a fraud, please report this to Action Fraud as soon as possible by calling 0300 123 2040 or visiting

*Please forward this email to any friends, family members, or colleagues that may find this information useful*

Crime Stats for November Balloon Upwards!

Crime in Wednesfield which includes Wednesfield North & South has ballooned upwards in November 2020. The statistics were published by Police UK .

Councillor Phil Bateman Wednesfield North said “A whopping 66 new crimes were reported to Police in November, over the October stats. That equates to an increase of 34.7%

I cant say that these results make happy reading.

The three top crimes that are driving these figures in November are –
Violence and sexual offences 99
Anti-social behaviour 43
Vehicle crime 27

“These are not good results, and it continues to fuel the communities call for more Police Officers for Neighbourhood Policing in Wednesfield. Plus the community I represent continues to call for the retention of Wednesfield North Police Station. These statistics sadly help to provide renewed evidence for our pleas.”

Hail West Midlands Police Specials- for their commitment!

West Midlands Police Specials

Councillor Phil Bateman Wednesfield North said today ” Please take note of the huge contribution that West Midlands Police Special Constables make to “on the street ” policing here in the West Midlands.

These are huge statistics from a Voluntary force made up of our own individual community members. I think it is a magnificent achievement, I hope that Wednesfield North residents and other Wards in the West Midlands County, will also support their awesome achievements.”

WMP – Over the last 12 months our officers have volunteered over 55,000 hours to
covering over 8500 duties. Amazing achievement during what has been a difficult year.