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Burglary in Gandy Road- Stay Alert Folks!

Councillor Phil Bateman said ” This is a Message from the Wednesfield Neighbourhood Police Team. If you can help the police please do so.

There has been a Burglary in the location of Gandy Road, Wolverhampton.

The time that this crime happened was on the 1st February at 02.00 hours.

Offenders have tried to gain access to the property via an insecure porch door causing damage but were unable to gain access.

If you have any knowledge of this incident that you think could help with the investigation of this crime please call us on 101 or please call Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111 in confidence.

You can also report crime on line now by following this link
Preventing crime, protecting the public and helping those in need.
If it’s not 999, search WMP Online

Please take some time to check out our crime prevention advice to help prevent and deter burglaries

Your Views on Policing In Wednesfield North Ward

I am really interested in what you think of Policing here in Wednesfield North.

Is it responsive?
Do You see Local Police Patrols?
If you have had a crime committed was it solved/detected?
Were you satisfied with the Police service given to you?
If there was a Police station or Police ‘Drop-in’ within our Ward would you use it?

If you want to give a response to any of these issues confidentially contact me on

Wednesfield High Street Drivers Prosecuted

There is a current restriction on vehicles entering Wednesfield High Street which is aimed to deliver safety measures for pedestrians and shoppers . The traffic signs warn drivers of the restricted access to the High Street.

Private vehicles are excluded to reduce the fear of pedestrians and shoppers from being involved in accidents. The latest statistics inform that in the High Street in Wednesfield had – 13,730 drivers prosecuted over the last three years. Having been caught on camera breaking the highways law.

Well Done Wednesfield Police- £200,000!

Wednesfield Police

Our team today executed a warrant at an address which was a substantial cannabis farm.Plants inside estimated to have a street value of £200,000 pounds. Two males were found hiding in the loft and were arrested.

Councillor Phil Bateman said ” Good work by Wednesfield Police, more information will become known as the investigation continues. But for me it is pleasing to see the Police discovering such a huge haul, and taking action.”

Police Recover £14,000 of Property – Vehicle Crime

Wednesfield Police inform me that – ,

“It is always nice to share a good news story when we can so here we go.

Last week property to the value of £14K was recovered from the site of a chop shop. Investigations identified that the recovered tools were stolen as part of a theft from vehicle.
Two victims were identified through initial reports made, they were contacted and it was confirmed that the items belonged to their respective businesses.
Arrangements were made for the property to be returned to their rightful owners.


We try to give out as much Crime Prevention as we can and we hope people know there is always advice available on our website
For now here are some simple tips incase you do happen to fall victim to these thieves.
1. Mark your tools / equipment with SelectaDNA and keep a note of serial numbers.
2. Remove tools / equipment from your vehicle on a night if possible.
3. Park your vehicle in a well lit area or in view of CCTV.
4. Better still, park your vehicle in a secured garage.
5. If you do have items stolen, ensure you give us a full description at the time of reporting including:
• Make, model and colour of items
• Distinctive markings, e.g. scratches, paint splatter
• Serial numbers
• If the tools are hired / owned and if so, who by.

Don’t forget we are always available if you need our help or advice.
LiveChat and 101 for all non emergency calls and advice.
999 always in an emergency.”

Councillor Phil Bateman added “I do hope that Wednesfield Residents will continue to report crime and suspicious behaviour. If you have any information with regards to gangs that are out robbing vehicles. please tell the Police.”


Police Warning! Distraction Burglars About In Bellamy Lane

Today 2/11/21 there was a report of a male described as 6’4″ tall, blonde hair and in his late 20’s wearing a red t-shirt under dark clothing, in company with another male (description unknown) in the Bellamy Lane area, he claimed to be from the council and that they were talking to people about installing a cycle path, the male described, distracted the house owner whilst a 2nd male entered the house and got away with a large sum of money. this was done in broad daylight.

PLEASE be vigilant when ANYONE comes to your door, DO NOT get distracted, stay alert and if there are any reasons for suspicion call 999 in an emergency, 101 or use the web chat with none urgent incidents, with as much information as possible as soon as you can.

The Police Give Warning!

Good Morning all,

We are currently seeing delivery drivers attacked for the goods they are carrying, any cash they might be collecting on food orders or the vehicles they are driving.
We are working with the big delivery companies like Royal Mail, Amazon, Just Eat, Uber Eats and the big supermarkets to help stop attacks. However with so many new drivers starting work recently it’s impossible to contact everyone.

Do you know someone working as a delivery driver? If so please pass on this safety advice to them:
• Be aware of vehicles following you and where you are.
• If something does not look or feel right, do not make the delivery. Stay in your vehicle and report any suspicious activity to us or your employer.
• Do not leave your engine running or keys in the ignition when making a delivery. Make sure you remove your keys and lock your doors.
• Be aware of anyone acting suspiciously when you’re in any delivery area. Think abut fitting an approved vehicle tracker and install a dash cam.
• If you’re delivering take away food, can the take away or restaurant take payment in advance.
• If you feel there’s a threat to your life, or someone else’s life, call 999 immediately. If you feel you cannot stay where you are, call us and get to a place of safety.

If you want to report any concerns about delivery driver attacks in your area or tell us something you think we need to know – you can Live Chat us via the website or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Please do NOT report crime on WMNow. Use the appropriate means as mentioned above.
Thank you for your help in keeping the community of drivers on the road and keeping them safe as they help others.

Message Sent By
Emily Rhodes (Police, Engagement and Consultation Officer, Wolverhampton)

Good Work Wednesfield PCSO’s!

Yesterday, officers were alerted to a robbery offence that had happened on Bentley Bridge. A young male had been threatened with a large kitchen knife and another male was holding a baseball bat.
Area searches were immediately conducted for the offenders and shortly after, two males were detained near to New Cross hospital by our PCSO’s and subsequently arrested by our PC’s for robbery and possession of a bladed article and an offensive weapon, both are currently still in police custody.

Councillor Phil Bateman said ” This was a particular good piece of work. Many people will be pleased because of the potentially dangerous activity of the two men and the allegation of the threats made.”

Wednesfield Police – Please Residents This is For You!

Councillor Phil Bateman said Today I have received this message from Wednesfield Police, who are looking for residents to help them kill speed in their local streets,and roads. Please if you feel ou can help read then make contact via email, to the Police email address at the end of the message.”

Good morning.
If you care about speeding in your local area and would like to participate in a “Community Speedwatch Operation” with the team from Wednesfield, please contact me on the below email address.

I will be setting up very informal training sessions at Wednesfield police station in the near future for anyone wishing to take part.

Community speedwatch will involve members of the team and the public (maximum of 5 at any one time) to use the uncalibrated speed gun and to send out advisory letters to anyone breaking the recommended limit. No vehicles will be stopped and drivers spoken to on these particular operations.

Many Thanks

Carl, Wednesfield NHT

Fly Tippers Face City Legal Action

Back in May, a witness watched a Lorry and loaded with rubbish and its driver dumping Garbage near the boundary with Staffordshire. She was sharp enough to take the details and photos, even a short video clip.

I reported the matter to City of Wolverhampton Environment officials. They gave the offending Wolverhampton company a Fixed Penalty Notice of £400. I understand that this penalty has not been paid, so the Council will now be instigating legal proceedings.
My very grateful thanks go, to the resident who has performed a civic duty, to allow the case to be developed. Your witness statements are the difference. We really do need to ensure that we capture these individuals who cause so much damage to our environments, and loads Counciltax payers and others with the cost of removal of their garbage.