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Hatched areas Griffith Drive.

Warning- Police Message for Ashmore Park.

Folks, this message is mainly regarding Ashmore Park and the hatched areas next to the traffic calming bollards, but also applies anywhere.
Due to complaints about vehicles being parked in the hatched areas, the police are now duty bound to act upon the parking issue.
This refers to- RT88508 in contrary to Sec. 22 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and schedule to the Road Traffic Offenders act 1988. Contravening this act could incur a £100 fine and 3 points on a driving license.
Hatched areas Griffith Drive.

However, we are trying to give residents ample warning before we actually issue endorsable tickets, by means of WM NOW, TWITTER and WARNING TICKETS on vehicles parked in the hatched areas.

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Message From Wednesfield Police

Message from Wednesfield Police

If you notice strange outgoings of people in an address there could be a possible cannabis grow. You may also notice a distinct smell and the curtains may be drawn.

If you suspect anything at all – please let us know

On another note have a fantastic and safe weekend

Message Sent By
Vanita Patel (Police, PCSO, Wolverhampton)

West Midlands Police

Message from Wednesfield Police

Wednesfield Police – “There has been recent activity involving cannabis cultivations across the Wednesfield area. If you see something strange or notice any smells please do let us know.

There has also been an increase in burglaries. Please ensure lights are on and doors and windows are locked. If you see something out of the ordinary please let us know.

It is better to be safe than sorry.

Please also check on elderly neighbours as they are most vulnerable.”

Message Sent By
Vanita Patel (Police, PCSO, Wolverhampton)


Police Make Arrests for Burglary.

The link at the top of the page, is what I hope is the start of a good news story.

If the Police have managed to arrest these people and they are responsible for burglary across Wolverhampton and the Black Country. Then this will be seen to be a good piece of Police work.
Please if you have any information relating to crime, please pass it onto the Police.


Council & Police Check Taxis Today!

I understand that today West Midlands Police have been busy working with Wolverhampton council
and checking the permits of taxi drivers.

A number of checks were made and warning notices were given to taxi drivers.

This is a task that the team will be taking frequently to ensure passengers are safe.

Councillor Phil Bateman added – “I am pleased that these checks have been made…
Perhaps we could see some checks made on taxis travelling through Wednesfield High Street.”

West Midlands Police

Wednesfield Police – Request Your Help!

#Wednesfield There have been reports of a tipper truck being driven around Wednesfield. The truck is described as a white tipper and is being driven by white males (early 30s.)They may knock on doors asking for work on properties. They may target the elderly.

If there is any suspicion let Wednesfield Police know via webchat or 101

If in doubt always ask! If you see this truck phone West Midlands Police straight away

Blue Light

Latest Official Crime Statistics for Wednesfield

Crime statistics in Wednesfield continue to cause me great concern.

Whilst Wednesfield is not the worst place in the West Midlands for Crime activities. it nevertheless is very much part of an area that is subjected to crime.

We have lost yet another Police Constable to another area. Yet the crime statistics haven’t fallen dramatically in the last year according to these statistics.
There are still so many crimes where no further action is being taken. 1102 where investigations have been completed – and No suspect identified.

The top ten crimes recorded for Wednesfield are for
703 -Violence and sex crimes
280-Vehicle Crime
279- Anti Social behaviour
243-Shoplifting offences.
241-Other Theft
170-Criminal Damage & Arson
17-Theft from the Person

The stats are from September 2018 through until August 2019. We have seen one of our Police Constables transferred elsewhere this last week.I am unhappy about losing a Police Constable having seen these statistics. I think it is right that we should question why?

Click on the link at the top of this article – and see how crime has changed in Wednesfield over the last year. See how the different crime categories are performing. These are Home Office statistics and they do help you gauge what is happening in Wednesfield.

I am convinced we need more Police Officers not less! What is your view?

17 Police Lamp

We Need More Police!

“Robberies are increasing at a faster rate in England and Wales than in any other major developed country, research seen by the BBC suggests. A new report says the wide use of smartphones and cuts to police patrols are behind the rise. It also found some 269,000 young people were involved in or at risk of violence last year.”
Councillor Phil Bateman said “I am not surprised at all by the BBC’s report today. Ordinary people have been calling for a halt to the axing of Police Officers for around ten years now. It all fell on deaf ears. The Tory Government just kept axing the Police, and now we are facing the consequence of those deliberate Tory Government policies.
Let me say now that these robbery statistics that relates to Wednesfield are not particularly bad, we are still seen when in comparison to other Local Wards in the Black Country to be a low crime area. That matters not a jot, if you suffered at the hands of a Robber, or you were burgled, you will have felt the pain, and you will have felt the fear!. I have been calling for more Police resources regularly over all these years. I always make the case for additional Police Officers for Wednesfield and Wolverhampton as I am doing again today.
As we approach a General Election, I really do hope that the people of Wolverhampton and Wednesfield will remember which Party axed the Police, and steadfastly ignored all the calls to have the police ranks and resources increased”.

Here is the Years statistics for Wednesfield North and South as promoted by the Home Office UK.

Comparison of crime types in this area between August 2018 and July 2019
Number of crimes
Crime type Total Percentage
Anti-social behaviour 272 – 11.42%
Bicycle theft 18 – 0.76%
Burglary 209- 8.77%
Criminal damage and arson 175 – 7.35%
Drugs 23 – 0.97%
Other crime 35 – 1.47%
Other theft 259 – 10.87%
Possession of weapons 19 – 0.80%
Public order 132 – 5.54%
Robbery 32 – 1.34%
Shoplifting 242- 10.16%
Theft from the person 18 – 0.76%
Vehicle crime 278 – 11.67%
Violence and sexual offences 670 – 28.13%