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Information On Scammers!



I have received this information from the Police who are acting with this charity. Residents in Wednesfield North and elsewhere may find the information useful. 

Age UK comment on landline scams

Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director at Age UK, said:
“Scammers will use any means possible to cheat people out of their money and we’d urge everyone to be cautious when they receive a cold-call from someone requesting personal information, no matter where they say they’re calling from. If there are any niggling doubts it is always sensible to end the call and contact the company or government department separately using a phone number taken from a piece of official correspondence or their website.
“We encourage people to feel in control of who calls them at home, for example by signing up to the Telephone Preference Service or installing a call blocking device. To find out more about how Age UK can help, including obtaining the Charity’s free information guides ‘Avoiding Scams’ and ‘Staying Safe’, people can call Age UK Advice on 0800 169 6565, visit or speak to their local Age UK.”

Age UK press office contact details

Liz Fairweather: 020 3033 1718
Out of hours number: 07071 243 243.

Kind Regards The Partnerships Team


Crime on the Rise Again – Says The Express and Star!

The constant worry I have is that this Government is so darned tied up with trying to save the Conservative Party, that they have lost the requirement to look after not only their own partisan voters, but the rest of us as well.

How long can neighbourhoods, people , families, individuals, young people ,old people vulnerable people and the down right able bodied be left to their own devices?

When crime is rising and criminals and organised crime are becoming so emboldened that the worst actions imaginable are becoming the norm?

Just look at this Crime report from the Express and Star!

Its not a one off head line. It is a head line that is becoming repeated month after month!

For Gods sake when the people of Wednesfield, Wolverhampton , and West Midlands come to finally vote…Remember this callous Tory Government who have no care for you or your family! To the Police, please never vote for this lot again! We need more Police and we need our National Government to use our tax resources to pay for them….NOW

Read the full story in the Express and Star


I Think This Is Criminal! What Is Your View?

There is something very wrong when you can receive unsolicited mail through the internet especially when the nature of the email is to encourage you to receive a ‘Daggar’ that is apparently undetectable!

I was horrified to receive this saying that I could have it for free! I have sent the information to the Police and I thought that the Express and Star may have been interested. It seems a huge issue – knife crime, and this morning the papers are full of a very horrific murder on a train in the UK.

Am I wrong in thinking that this ‘undetectable’ knife is aimed at ‘criminal’ and subversive actions? If that is so, why are we not concerned about this type of promotion. Why would anyone want an undetectable serrated Dagger to carry around? I think this is aimed at criminal activity.

Am I wrong? I will be speaking with other agencies to get their view. But I am very interested in what my constituents think about this.

Did you see this new UNDETECTABLE DAGGER?

The Undetectable Dagger Is The Only Knife You Can Carry With You Literally Everywhere That No One Will Ever Know You Have!

Made from Griv-Ex™- the latest in fiberglass reinforced plastic – our Undetectable Dagger is UV and heat stabilized to make them incredibly durable.


West Midlands Police

Eyes open! Be Vigilant….

Wolverhampton please can you remain vigilant for a silver vehicle possibly an Astra, focus or Fiesta partial registration HY12. This Vehicle is believed to have been seen at a number of offence location across the city centre.

Remember to remove all valuables, don’t park in the dark and remember to lock your vehicle and activate your alarm if you have one.

If you see anything or would like report non-emergency crime then visit you can also speak with a live chat adviser between 08:00 am and midnight.
or call 999 in an emergency.

Police Mind how You Go.47187901_10216700509878670_3157296129339555840_n

Your Shame Prime Minister!

The Midlands Newspaper of the Year, The Express and Star had this photo and story as its main headline last night.  MInd How You Go!

Well this morning (Wednesday) one of my constituents woke up to find that he is now another victim of crime! It is  more disturbing news that yet another van has been broken into on Ashmore Park, it’s a crime epidemic in my eyes!

I am doing all I can to press the Police. I know that they feel very anxious about the situation, these statistics in Richard Gutteridge’s  story last night made headlines in our newspaper. It underlined that our Thin Blue Line is getting thinner by the day.

But this headline also really fully exposes this rotten government for the way that they are treating Wolverhampton and the West Midlands. The Conservatives just don’t care at all for this City, or for the people. Crime is a real fear now for everyone. Roll on a General Election!

In the meantime if you have a suspicion about the people that are robbing us, please tell the Police or ring crime stoppers and tell them. Please keep an eye open for neighbours and friends. Dob these criminal  people in!

Police 43473511_2362235603788953_5038011168082362368_n

Fear Surrounds Wednesfield Begging!


This post that I placed on my Councillor Phil Bateman Facebook site referring to the PACT meeting of  Friday November 23, appears to be catching a lot of peoples interest.

More than 4,000 people have been reached and there has been an awful lot of engagement (1230} , Much of which shows the incredible concern that residents have for their own safety, as well as some considerable concern about those individuals that are begging themselves.

The report from the Wednesfield Police and Community Together meeting is important.

There is also some growing concern with regards to aggressive begging by a person who approaches motorists at traffic lights at Deans Road, so much so there are some alarming comments relating to fears that motorists have. I have emailed this link to Wednesfield Police.

Here is that original comment I made on Facebook relating to that PACT Meeting..

At the recent Police and Community Together meeting held at Wednesfield Community Centre the Police spoke of the problems of persistent begging in the High street and at Bentley Bridge. They informed that the private owners at Bentley Bridge were taking actions that forced the beggars to locate to the High street. This was building problemsfor business in the High street.

They informed the meeting that 2 to 3 persistent ones had been arrested and that had led to an improvement.

The Police urged the public not to give support to directly to the beggars themselves.

There were some con men who were begging for drugs and alcohol money! Please listen to the advice Wednesfield!

Police 43473511_2362235603788953_5038011168082362368_n

Vehicle Crime Increases in Wednesfield

On Friday 23rd November 2018 we had a Police and Community Together meeting at Wednesfield Community Association at the New Library in Well Lane.

Wednesfield North and South share the same Neighbourhood Police team. The meeting started  with the acceptance of the Minutes of the last meeting.

The Police gave a report on crime covering both Wednesfield North and Wednesfield South.

There was quite a debate about the crime statistics. What is clear is that there is a spike in the number of vehicle crime that is taking place.

In total the Police informed us that some 79 vehicle crimes had taken place in Wednesfield. This is much more than the last period that the Police reported on. In fact  it  is a massive increase of 40% in vehicle crime in Wednesfield.

I made the point that these figures were well too high.

That if the crime statistics were accurate, it points to something serious going on in our Wednesfield Wards.

I urged the Police to take a look at this issue, and requested them to consider the impact that this crime wave was having on independent tradesmen who’s own livelihood, was being threatened by loss of their vehicles, with their tools being stolen from their vehicles etc.

I warned again that the residents were losing trust and confidence in the Police. I told them that on social media in Wednesfield and surrounding areas, people were openly looking for ‘criminal suspects’ that they believed were responsible for crimes such as these.

Vigilantism was likely to spread if the Police do not deal with these issues.

I underlined to the Police that this was an issue that needed more resources and a definite will to capture those responsible for these crimes. Everyone is aware that our Wednesfield Police are under resourced. We all recognise that the team of PC’s and PCSO’s are working hard for us.

But the need is for the Government to start putting resources into the Police. Crime statistics are rising, in areas that were once lauded as being ‘low crime’. It is so frustrating for everyone…but tragic, very tragic for the victim.

West Midlands Police

The Police Remind Us!

THE POLICE REMIND US – Whilst we wish for you to enjoy Bonfire Night on Monday please be safe and remember the Firework Safety Code.

.Only buy fireworks marked BS 7114.
.Don’t drink alcohol if setting off fireworks.
.Keep fireworks in a closed box.
.Follow the instructions on each firework.
.Light them at arms length.
.Stand well back.
.Never go near a firework that has been lit even if it doesn’t go off.
.Never put fireworks in your pocket or throw them.
.Always supervise children around fireworks.
.Light sparklers one at a time and wear gloves.
.Never give sparklers to a child under five.
.Keep pets indoors.
.Don’t let off noisy fireworks after 11pm.


Chancellor You Really Need To Do This!

Yesterday I wrote to the Chancellor Mr Philip Hammond re today’s forth coming Budget 2018.

This is the contents of that correspondence.

Now its a case of sitting back and seeing if the arrangements that I have asked for is forthcoming. As a Local Councillor I am very frustrated by these two issues, as well as a few others relating to other important sectors that need attention. There is not much I can do except do what I have on all your behalf’s……


“Dear Chancellor Tomorrow is a ‘Big Day’ for both you and the Government.  I wish you well in your time management of the day. I write directly to you to inform you that here in the City of Wolverhampton and my Ward of Wednesfield North there are two ‘Big’ issues that are affecting the almost 12,000 people I represent here in Wednesfield North.

My constituent are worried about the increasing levels of crime. They are like me concerned that the Police numbers are going down and the savage budget you are operating is creating massive Police Cuts,  which are  pressing the West Midlands Force into breaking point. Losing more Police Officers will make the Police even more remote from the .

The public in my Ward of Wednesfield North are scared that losing  even more police, will expose them to ever more escalating violent crime , burglary and a further assault on their property.

The Police here do not have the personnel to attend burglaries!

Time and time again we have the message from our residents about vehicle  crime, burglaries, and other crimes.  When they report the crimes because of your budget cuts,  no home calls are made. Police Stations are closing, Police officers are seen only in cars and on the television! The public are talking about not reporting crime because they see nothing happen. This cannot be the way forward for a Country like ours?

  • My first plea to you tomorrow is when you are at the dispatch box that you really do plough some real new resources into West Midlands Police.
  • My second plea is to urge you to provide proper funding Maintained Nursery Schools

Here in Wednesfield North we are proud of our Maintained Nursery School and along with the 400 other Maintained Nursery Schools across the Country. Our constituents wish that our school and that excellent  work they do making children ready for education, is funded properly again which would allow them to continue to stay open.

The Local Government Association has recently carried out research into the impact of the revised funding for maintained nursery school (MNS)

And 61% of councils with MNS provision responded to the question – “what will happen if the supplementary funding for Nursery schools does not continue beyond 2019/20 ?”

  • 33% said closure of MNS was very likely
  • 28% said closure of MNS was fairly likely

This is very worrying for parents, its putting great strain on Schools and their Governing Body’s as they work hard to maintain and continue  successful teaching and highly qualified educator teams, at the schools.  With no information from Government about what funding levels will look like in 2019-2020,  this uncertainty is not the way forward for Families in Wednesfield North, or Wolverhampton or for parents and children in all the other great Cities of this Country..

Maintained Nursery Schools are still the future of our Towns and Cities, good and outstanding nursery schools, who are supporting the most disadvantaged children, should be the way forward. If the  funding ceases, and you allow this to happen. Parents and families who send their children to these establishments will be outraged.

Those are my pleas to you Chancellor.

Wolverhampton as a  City have over  800 – 3- and 4-year olds in these Maintained Nursery Schools in our great and historic City, where they are  delivering  either Good or Outstanding education to those children that attend.

I do hope that you will read this correspondence and take these two issues I have raised, and look at them with some degree of sympathy, and prepare  a budget that deals with these two great issues fairly. They are both very important to my electorate here in Wednesfield North.

Best Regards

Councillor Phil Bateman MBE

Wednesfield North

City of Wolverhampton Council.


Budget 2018 = Police and Maintained Nursery School Funding Chancellor!


Tomorrow the Government sets out its budget and the architect of that budget The Chancellor Philip Hammond MP, will spend the whole day explaining what he has done to direct and drive the UK’s economy. Brexit will no doubt feature heavily.

I need to tell you that I have written to The Chancellor him asking for two areas of his budget to reflect the overwhelming political needs of our Ward here in Wednesfield North.

I have asked him to ensure that there are new financial resources to be made available to West Midlands Police.

One of the overwhelming issues we have here in Wednesfield North is crime, and the fear of crime. I have urged the Chancellor to provide much-needed further resources that our Police force needs to police our community in the way that we all want to see. We need a well resourced Police force if the public confidence that we all want in our force is to be developed.

I have also asked The Chancellor to ensure that Maintained Nursery Schools have the financial resources to allow them to continue to provide the sort of educational benefits that Ashmore Park Nursery provides currently for our children.

Currently this Government has no financial plans for Maintained Nursery School  funding beyond 2019-2020.

I know that I may be whistling in the wind. I know also that I could have picked on at least a dozen other political policies to write to him about.

The issue of poor and declining police resources though is on everyone’s lips.

Plus, the lack of an education funding plan for all 400 Maintained Nursery’s in the Country is in itself a travesty.

Here in Wolverhampton the 800 children who are being guided into Early Years education by Maintained Nursery Schools need a better,  and deserve a better deal, than this Government is currently offering.