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Police Meet Residents at The Hub at Ashmore Park!

Wednesfield PACT Meeting 6th September 2018

The Hub at Ashmore Park.


Well there was 15 members of the public turned up for the Wednesfield PACT meeting

The Crime stats as they effect Wednesfield North were given here, this covered a two month period.

  • Business Crime – 4 This includes Shop Lifting
  • Burglary – 4
  • Robbery – 0
  • Criminal Damage Motor vehicles -3
  • Motor vehicle Theft -2
  • Cycle Theft – 0

The Priority areas for Policing were agreed as Junction of Bayliss Ave and Kitchen Lane. The Ashmore Park Shopping Parade and a request was made for Sandy Crescent.

Wednesfield Police told how during this period they arrested two persons on Ashmore Park for criminal acts, and had their car seized. They also reported that a mini motorbike had also been seized, for having no Insurance.

Parking around Griffith Drive and on the footpaths at the junctions with Phillips Ave & Barnard Road was discussed. Residents felt that the parking across footpaths in this area was unacceptable.

Social Media questions asked of the Police during the session were

  • Question – What are they doing to combat speeding on PRESTWOOD Road West, Amos Lane and Linthouse Lane! Answer –  Police Sgt keen to see Community taking part in a speed watch….any names and addresses in box me and I will pass it on!
  • Question – Could we see walking police on estates ? –Answer We will do our best!


At the end of the meeting residents spoke to the Police individually about issues they had and wanted discussing.IMG_5189sgt dalton

Blue Light

Independent Advisory Group ?

Councillor Phil Bateman said today ” I have received this note from West Midlands Police it may be of interest to residents of Wednesfield North. If so perhaps you could follow the instructions and contact Sgt Alicoon.”West Midlands Police is in the process of establishing an Independent Advisory Group (IAG), therefore we are looking for expressions of interest from residents and organisations across the West Midlands who may want to take part in this important piece of work. The purpose of the group will primarily be to: Provide a two-way dialogue between members of Faith / Belief within the community and the police service.

Mobilise and enable active citizens to work in partnership with the police and other agencies to tackle the issues that concern members of the community around Religion. 

Provide transparency around cases of Hate Crime towards a person(s) targeted by Religion (where appropriate and sanitised) either to identify learning or sharing best practice/good news stories. 

At this time we are simply seeking expressions of interest, so please do not feel that an early reply is committing you to anything at this stage.

This is a voluntary role and it is envisaged that meetings will take place quarterly, where possible at various locations around the West Midlands.

Could you please send expressions of interest to Sgt Simon Alicoon 0263 by emailing: directly, please feel free to also email Sgt Alicoon with any questions you may have.

Please ensure replies are received by 1st September 2018 where possible.

Thank you

Sgt Simon Alicoon
West Midlands Police
Force Operational/Tactical Crime Lead – Religion

IMG_5189sgt dalton

Big Turnout for Wednesfield Police Meeting Today!

Today (Friday 17 August) Mary and I along with Councillor Greg Brackenridge attended the Police and Community Together Meeting in the Wednesfield Library.

It was a very well attended meeting and the new Wednesfield Sgt Rob Dalton, was also in attendance.

There was a lot of discussion about the situation in the High Street, The  traders spoke of the damage to their shops, the vandalism, and the constant fight against Anti Social Behaviour . h the begging and the homeless issues. Local traders who were present were explaining how difficult it is for customers when some of those that were begging were aggressive with it.

The Police informed that many of those that were regularly seen in the High Street, were neither homeless or destitute. That in fact they are begging to fuel their own drug addiction. Warning notices issued by the Police have been served to some of these individuals.

Sgt Dalton impressed upon the meeting that the best approach to this problem is for people to stop giving them money. Also to report the incidents of aggressive begging to the Police either via the telephone, and the Police 101 system or CrimeStoppers 0800 555111, or via the West Midlands Police email reporting system.

Traders warned that there was also an alarming number of elderly people who were having their purses lifted after visiting High Street Banks and Post Office. The police appeared to be unaware of this, possibly due to the fact that the thefts were not being reported after it had happened. The 101 telephone calling system was lambasted as being hopeless and in effectual. Almost everyone who spoke reported that the system did not work for them.

The Police have a tiger by the tail on this. There systems which they want the taxpayers to use doesn’t work! The Police stations they are closing, is leaving a massive hole. The Police are growing further apart from the public….and the frustration of this well attended meeting is plain for all to see!


The Meeting was very vocal about the intentions to close Wednesfield Police Station. It has a closure date of Autumn 2019. The three Labour Councillors present informed the meeting that we were still campaigning to get this decision reversed. The Meeting left it very clear that the Police Station should stay open. Many spoke about it being required now, and in its current ‘Zombie’ stage it is frustrating for residents who want to use it to report crime and seek West Midlands Police Advice!

There was a very strong call made from those attending to have a direct link with the Police via a Police Surgery if the Police Station and its Police commanders continue to ignore the publics call, one that could be held in one place at a regular time and be well publicised.

Wednesfield North Issues

Mary and I raised the issue of motor bikes and the nuisance they are being faced with, of the bikes being raced around the shops, the Park , and estate roads. We raised the need for the Police to treat as a priority The Ashmore Park Shopping Parade – Motorbikes, Fly Tipping and now criminal damage in the shape of crude graffiti. Speed issues on Peacock Ave, Broad Lane North, Kitchen Lane, and Woodend Road and Linthouse Lane. I also spoke with the Sgt about Drug related issues.


Finally I also raised with the Police the good work they do with the Annual Fishing contest they organise, sponsored by Fatties Bait and Tackle Shop on Ashmore Park. I asked that the Police continue to work in this way with the young people in Wednesfield North and Wednesfield. It was a good thing to do and didn’t go by unnoticed. I was very pleased to see Fatties being so supportive.

West Midlands Police

Police and Community Together Meeting – Ashmore Park


Police and Community Together!

There is an extra Police and Community Together Meeting today Friday at 17th August 2018 at the new Library in Well Lane Wednesfield. The meeting will start at 10.00 am. It is likely to attract a lot of interest.

The next ordinary Police and Community Together Meeting will take place on Thursday 6th September 2018, and this meeting  will beheld  on Ashmore Park at The Hub at 6.30pm.

These meetings are organised by the Police so that you can tell them what your problems are!

Chief Superintendent Andy Beards

New Police Chief for Wolverhampton!

We have a new Chief Superintendent. He is Andy Beards and he started his career in Wednesfield as a PC some 24 years ago. He is I am informed ‘excited’ about taking up his new position here in the City of Wolverhampton.

He has a long established career in the West Midlands and knows the City well.

Hopefully Chief Superintendent Beards will be able to get on top of the crime in Wolverhampton, and do something for our City in tackling  the crime ring that relates to drugs and gangs.

I for my part, and on behalf of the Wednesfield North Councillors  welcome him to the City, and I do hope that we will see him from time to time in Wednesfield North.


Wednesfield North – Not a Hot Spot of Violent Crime!

Knife crime is making all the news. I wanted to find out the latest information as it affects Wednesfield North.

I wrote to Chief Inspector Beth Bridges. I have yet to receive the full details I requested, but I do think that this interim response gives an indication that Wednesfield North is not a ” hotspot area for knife and violent crime.” Here is what Chief Inspector Bridges states to me in correspondence.

Councillor Bateman,

I have forwarded your email to Sgt Dalton who will be able to provide the data that you require with some context supporting it. However, you have hopefully seen via media outlets that Wolverhampton, along with the rest of West Midlands Police, have been focussing on knife crime for a sustained period of time.

I share your concerns regarding the incidents that we are currently seeing and we have responded by amending our patrols, increasing resources in key areas and working with schools and other partners to raise awareness of the dangers of carrying knives.

This area remains a priority for us and we will continue this work with partners, families and the wider community to work to make Wolverhampton a safe place to live and work.

Again, Sgt Dalton can discuss the specifics within your Neighbourhood but you are not one of our hotspot areas for knife and violent crime. Chief Inspector Wolverhampton Neighbourhood Policing Unit.

Councillor Phil Bateman added “When I have the full information from Sgt Dalton I will of course publish it, for residents to see.






West Midlands Police

Another Day! Yet Another Scam!- Beware….

DGYxbH7XcAATgKo Police Knife Crime poster

Police Asked To Update Knife Crime Stats in Wednesfield North.

I have written to the West Midlands Police asking them to update the statistics for me around knife crime in Wednesfield North.
Those that read my social media sites will remember that I raised this issue a little while back –
I wrote to West Midlands Police towards the end of 2017, about knife crime in Wednesfield North. They reassured me with these facts then. “There had only been 7 reported knife crimes in Wednesfield North from January 2014 through to September 2017.
Less than 2 offences a year.”
But since the murder of the young boy in Wolverhampton and the fact that another youngster was stabbed in Bentley Bridge.
I have asked the Police to comment on the situation currently. Asking if knife crime has risen here in Wednesfield North in the  last 9 months?
From September 2017 through to June 2018.
When I have a response I will place it on my web sites, so that you may see the latest information. Knives are deadly weapons and parents really must keep a watchful eye on their children, helping keep them safe, and safe from others.
Lets all together end the knife culture….

Motor Cycle Thefts In Wednesfield.

Chief Supt Jayne Mier DfLAiwAXUAAfvq1

Meeting Wolverhampton’s Top Cop!

On Friday 8th June 2018 I met with Wolverhampton’s Chief Police Officer where we discussed issues of importance for Wednesfield North.

It was a full and frank discussion as they say!

I was impressed with Chief Superintendent Meir and the kind way she received me.  The meeting covered a range of issues relating to Policing in Wednesfield North. I spoke with Wolverhampton’s top cop about concerns I had over the way that the force communicated with elected members. We spoke about how the force was stretched. Its lack of resources, and I was able to inform her of the support the City Council showed, when Full Council in September last year called for more Government support for West Midlands Police.

I raised a number of local issues that had been nagging away at me relating to the West Midlands Police poor response to constituents problems. I didn’t mince my words on these issues.

I gave details about two cases relating to burglary that I was deeply unhappy about.

I raised further concerns about the poor communications I had experienced myself. I was critical of the 101 telephone number. I informed the Chief that my constituents didn’t want to see the closure of Wednesfield Police Station. That I and my constituents felt strongly about this.

Chief Superintendent Meir responded to all these and more issues. I am expecting to have these issues I raised, responded too later in correspondence. I very much appreciated the ‘face to face’ meeting which allowed me to make my case  in person. The meeting lasted an hour.

I want to thank the Chief Superintendent for the polite way that she conducted our meeting.