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Wednesfield Police Were Active on Wednesday!

Councillor Phil Bateman today said “Today I received this message from Wednesfield Police.”

Wednesfield Police “As requested we have been continuing with the speed watch operations, This week Planetary Road and Fitzmaurice Road have been covered, only 1 vehicle was clocked doing over 30 mph in Fitzmaurice, but on Planetary Road there were 9 vehicles clocked doing between 35 and 43 mph.

In addition to this a lot of our time has been taken up with the floods and also Bentley Bridge retail park with all the anti social behaviour with youths on bikes, a “Section 35″ dispersal order has been in place and several warnings have been issued with 2 arrests as the warnings were breached, the bikes have been seized and will be returned in due course.

There have also been several arrests for theft and several vehicles removed from the roads for varying offences, all in all it has been a very busy week.”

Councillor Bateman further added ” I want to thank Wednesfield Police for their activity. I note that only 1 vehicle was observed breaking the speed limit on Fitzmaurice Road, this is to be something that is welcomed. But the activity also showed that roads where there are reports of speed taking place do get checked. That is also to be welcomed.”

Wednesfield NHT
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Lollipop download

Police -Urged to Act!

On very busy roads outside of schools we have men and women who give their time to protect school children crossing to get, to and from School. We have a particularly busy road where a Lollipop Lady helps the children cross to school here in Wednesfield North. In November of last year an incident occurred.

I am very aware of the unhappiness of parents who witnessed a car and driver ignoring a ‘Lollipop’ Lady going about her business protecting pupils, when a car barged through, striking the ‘lollipop sign’ she was holding.

I am going to raise the issue with the Police, as I understand that there is now a petition of several hundred names supporting and requesting action being taken against the offending car driver.

In Britain a ‘lollipop lady’, is a person who stops traffic by holding up a circular sign on a pole to allow children to cross a road safely. Official name: school crossing patrol.

I will of course keep everyone informed via my web site.


Police Take Action Against Biking Youths!

I received a note from Wednesfield Police on Saturday informing me of the following -Wednesfield Police @WednesfieldWMP

“We have acted accordingly after receiving many complaints by members of the public and businesses about nuisance youths on cycles causing ASB and disorder.
This weekend we are enforcing a Section 35 order to disperse on Bentley Bridge Retail and Leisure, also Wednesfield High St.”

This is after the Police and other representatives have received multiple complaints about Anti Social Behaviour being committed by youth sriding bikes around Bentley Bridge and Wednesfield High Street. This has been a growing issue as the group has been growing stronger, ignoring rules and regulations, and causing upset amongst shoppers. I am sure that the Police action will be seen as positive amongst the majority of readers.


Police Conduct Knife Sweep!

If you are out and about today and you see the Police on any one of our Local Parks here in Wednesfield. They are there conducting a ‘knife sweep’ searching for any knives that have been hidden away.

Its the sort of activity our Local Police undertake from time to time. If they publish the results of the sweep, I will of course inform the residents through this page.

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Police Catch Very Wet Suspect!

police and canal unnamedWednesfield Police have also been doing other great stuff today -Sunday! This is what they have told me “Earlier a male fled from B&Ms Bentley Bridge after stealing 100 pounds worth of goods.
Our PCSOs were quick on the case, and although the male jumped into the canal in an attempt to get away, our PCSOs caught and detained him, all dripping wet, on Graisley Lane.”

So as you can see Super Sunday is more than delivering Speed Watch and apprehending unlawful vehicles! I want to see more Police on our streets! Join me in telling the Government its what you want as well.


Police- Taking Action in Wednesfield!

Wednesfield Police have had this to say – Councillor Phil Bateman said “I want to say that the majority of folk who speak with me about these issues are in support of Police actions. They are aware of the fact that the Police are charged with the up holding of all our laws. They also know that we want even more police to deal with all the law breaking that takes place. We want to have a safer City, Town, and district. There will always be some people who take an opposing view. That is until speed kills, maims, is used in another law breaking incident, or damages other peoples property. We all want the Police the to act, so when you see the Police enforcing, traffic speed, taking an uninsured car or van, instead of criticising them, thank them!”

This is what Wednesfield Police have written today –

“Hi folks, as concerns have been raised in recent times, we have been conducting a series of Speedwatch operations across Wednesfield, so far we have covered Lower Prestwood Road, Amos Lane, Broad Lane North, Waddensbrook Lane, Wood End Road and Griffiths Drive. These ops will continue to happen over the coming weeks.
We have seen some very careful and respectful drivers in the main, but have also witnessed vehicles exceeding 40mph in 30mph zones.
We have received some very good feedback on “TWITTER” and also some frankly bemusing comments, but despite some people not being happy at us attempting to improve the safety of our roads, we shall continue as the majority of people see the bigger picture and agree that speeding IS an issue, after all SPEED KILLS, that’s why we have limits in place to suit the conditions of the road.Please let us know of your concerns and we will do our best to accommodate you.
Wednesfield NHT

West Midlands Police

Want To Join The Police? Looking For Volunteer Cadet Leaders.

West Midlands Police have written to me with this information.If you are interested please contact the links in the information.

As a force priority we are currently recruiting for volunteer Cadet Leaders and would like to highlight this role working in the local community.

The scheme recruits 13-17 year olds, from a diverse range of backgrounds, and provides them with unique opportunities to gain experience and insights into West Midlands Police. Unlike its predecessor, this scheme is not a recruitment tool, but is about creating active citizens, engaging with our communities, and giving our young people opportunities to help others and learn new skills.
Cadets are provided with a uniform, are organised into cohorts of up to 30 members, and are expected to attend meetings every week during school term time. There is no charge – everything is supplied for free, including the uniform and any trips.

The force is open to applications from people across our communities who are at least 18-years-old and would like to become Volunteer Cadet Leaders. There is no upper age limit, and applications are welcome from All.

Volunteers have access to a variety of professional development opportunities and the chance to have a positive influence in the lives of young people in our communities. It doesn’t matter where you live or work if you want to volunteer. Volunteers will be needed throughout the region to help support the continued growth and management of the scheme.

To apply, follow this link:

For further information please see the attached documents or contact:

Kind Regards The Partnerships Team

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Police 43473511_2362235603788953_5038011168082362368_n

Beware – Police Speed Checks In Force!

There has been a lot of requests from residents concerned about speeding traffic and the dangers that this brings to other road users and pedestrians.

I am informed that the Neighbourhood Police team will now be conducting “Speedwatch” Operations across Wednesfield. The Police inform me that “as we have been made aware of increasing concerns”.

The Police inform that “Linthouse Lane, Amos Lane, Planetary Road, Griffiths Drive and Broad Lane North and South have been highlighted.”

So please be aware as you go out and about with your business. Please keep your speed down and drive safely in our neighbourhood. Now finally, the Police team have asked “Please let us know of any other areas of concern, including specific days or times of day that seem to be more prevalent,”

They are listening folks.If you would wish me to make your views known. I of course will!

With regards to other Police activity the day was very much full of Wednesfield Police taking action against illegal vehicles they say “Yesterday was a highly productive day for the police team. Yesterday 20/01/20 the team removed two more vehicles off your streets for being untaxed and having no m.o.t, both had expired sometime in 2019 and were still being used, both vehicles were found in the same street, one of which was being driven at the time. A costly time for the owners if they want them back If you have any intelligence of suspicious vehicles-please let us know.”

Councillor Phil Bateman said today” I will continue to inform you of the Police activity, as they inform me.”

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Police Meeting Ashmore Park – Are You Attending?

Wednesfield Police and Community Together Meeting – will be held at The Ashmore Park Hub on Griffith Drive
shmore Park Tuesday 14th January 2020, starting at 6.30pm.

The Wednesfield Police team will be in attendance and will be running the meeting. If residents have a
question for the Police they should do their best to attend the meeting. Sadly the meeting clashes with
a Wolverhampton Scrutiny Board Meeting,and both Rita and I will be at that meeting at the Civic Centre.

This is a great meeting to attend, if you wish to raise a matter on Law and Order with the Police,
you can raise your question at the Meeting, or ask to see the Sgt privately after the public part of the meeting has taken place.


Wednesfield- Vehicle Crime Statistics.

Vehicle Crime in Wednesfield is a constant concern for many of us.

I recognise that it is no good just making the comment that” Wednesfield is a Low Crime Ward,” which it is! Residents want to see our crime reduced even more.
The statistics delivered show that that Wednesfield (this is the combination of Wednesfield North and Wednesfield South Wards) has had 241 instances of vehicle crime between December 2018 and November 2019. A 12-month period.

These crimes do cause misery and anxiety. They are easy for the criminal to do, if we also make it easy for them to gain access to our vehicles.
Please do all you can to protect your vehicle and your possessions. Please we are all neighbours! Let’s keep an eye open for things that do not look right and raise our suspicions. Report the concerns to your Local Police.

Interestingly the last three months of the stats showed that vehicle crime was at its highest here in Wednesfield- with 83 cases of crime reported in September/October and November 2019.

The best thing that could happen to Wednesfield is to see the Police Station brought back into Public use , and see the Wednesfield Neighbourhood Police team increase in numbers. This could happen if the Government put enough resources back into our community….Perhaps you should tell them!