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Vehicle Crime Increases in Wednesfield

On Friday 23rd November 2018 we had a Police and Community Together meeting at Wednesfield Community Association at the New Library in Well Lane.

Wednesfield North and South share the same Neighbourhood Police team. The meeting started  with the acceptance of the Minutes of the last meeting.

The Police gave a report on crime covering both Wednesfield North and Wednesfield South.

There was quite a debate about the crime statistics. What is clear is that there is a spike in the number of vehicle crime that is taking place.

In total the Police informed us that some 79 vehicle crimes had taken place in Wednesfield. This is much more than the last period that the Police reported on. In fact  it  is a massive increase of 40% in vehicle crime in Wednesfield.

I made the point that these figures were well too high.

That if the crime statistics were accurate, it points to something serious going on in our Wednesfield Wards.

I urged the Police to take a look at this issue, and requested them to consider the impact that this crime wave was having on independent tradesmen who’s own livelihood, was being threatened by loss of their vehicles, with their tools being stolen from their vehicles etc.

I warned again that the residents were losing trust and confidence in the Police. I told them that on social media in Wednesfield and surrounding areas, people were openly looking for ‘criminal suspects’ that they believed were responsible for crimes such as these.

Vigilantism was likely to spread if the Police do not deal with these issues.

I underlined to the Police that this was an issue that needed more resources and a definite will to capture those responsible for these crimes. Everyone is aware that our Wednesfield Police are under resourced. We all recognise that the team of PC’s and PCSO’s are working hard for us.

But the need is for the Government to start putting resources into the Police. Crime statistics are rising, in areas that were once lauded as being ‘low crime’. It is so frustrating for everyone…but tragic, very tragic for the victim.

West Midlands Police

The Police Remind Us!

THE POLICE REMIND US – Whilst we wish for you to enjoy Bonfire Night on Monday please be safe and remember the Firework Safety Code.

.Only buy fireworks marked BS 7114.
.Don’t drink alcohol if setting off fireworks.
.Keep fireworks in a closed box.
.Follow the instructions on each firework.
.Light them at arms length.
.Stand well back.
.Never go near a firework that has been lit even if it doesn’t go off.
.Never put fireworks in your pocket or throw them.
.Always supervise children around fireworks.
.Light sparklers one at a time and wear gloves.
.Never give sparklers to a child under five.
.Keep pets indoors.
.Don’t let off noisy fireworks after 11pm.


Chancellor You Really Need To Do This!

Yesterday I wrote to the Chancellor Mr Philip Hammond re today’s forth coming Budget 2018.

This is the contents of that correspondence.

Now its a case of sitting back and seeing if the arrangements that I have asked for is forthcoming. As a Local Councillor I am very frustrated by these two issues, as well as a few others relating to other important sectors that need attention. There is not much I can do except do what I have on all your behalf’s……


“Dear Chancellor Tomorrow is a ‘Big Day’ for both you and the Government.  I wish you well in your time management of the day. I write directly to you to inform you that here in the City of Wolverhampton and my Ward of Wednesfield North there are two ‘Big’ issues that are affecting the almost 12,000 people I represent here in Wednesfield North.

My constituent are worried about the increasing levels of crime. They are like me concerned that the Police numbers are going down and the savage budget you are operating is creating massive Police Cuts,  which are  pressing the West Midlands Force into breaking point. Losing more Police Officers will make the Police even more remote from the .

The public in my Ward of Wednesfield North are scared that losing  even more police, will expose them to ever more escalating violent crime , burglary and a further assault on their property.

The Police here do not have the personnel to attend burglaries!

Time and time again we have the message from our residents about vehicle  crime, burglaries, and other crimes.  When they report the crimes because of your budget cuts,  no home calls are made. Police Stations are closing, Police officers are seen only in cars and on the television! The public are talking about not reporting crime because they see nothing happen. This cannot be the way forward for a Country like ours?

  • My first plea to you tomorrow is when you are at the dispatch box that you really do plough some real new resources into West Midlands Police.
  • My second plea is to urge you to provide proper funding Maintained Nursery Schools

Here in Wednesfield North we are proud of our Maintained Nursery School and along with the 400 other Maintained Nursery Schools across the Country. Our constituents wish that our school and that excellent  work they do making children ready for education, is funded properly again which would allow them to continue to stay open.

The Local Government Association has recently carried out research into the impact of the revised funding for maintained nursery school (MNS)

And 61% of councils with MNS provision responded to the question – “what will happen if the supplementary funding for Nursery schools does not continue beyond 2019/20 ?”

  • 33% said closure of MNS was very likely
  • 28% said closure of MNS was fairly likely

This is very worrying for parents, its putting great strain on Schools and their Governing Body’s as they work hard to maintain and continue  successful teaching and highly qualified educator teams, at the schools.  With no information from Government about what funding levels will look like in 2019-2020,  this uncertainty is not the way forward for Families in Wednesfield North, or Wolverhampton or for parents and children in all the other great Cities of this Country..

Maintained Nursery Schools are still the future of our Towns and Cities, good and outstanding nursery schools, who are supporting the most disadvantaged children, should be the way forward. If the  funding ceases, and you allow this to happen. Parents and families who send their children to these establishments will be outraged.

Those are my pleas to you Chancellor.

Wolverhampton as a  City have over  800 – 3- and 4-year olds in these Maintained Nursery Schools in our great and historic City, where they are  delivering  either Good or Outstanding education to those children that attend.

I do hope that you will read this correspondence and take these two issues I have raised, and look at them with some degree of sympathy, and prepare  a budget that deals with these two great issues fairly. They are both very important to my electorate here in Wednesfield North.

Best Regards

Councillor Phil Bateman MBE

Wednesfield North

City of Wolverhampton Council.


Budget 2018 = Police and Maintained Nursery School Funding Chancellor!


Tomorrow the Government sets out its budget and the architect of that budget The Chancellor Philip Hammond MP, will spend the whole day explaining what he has done to direct and drive the UK’s economy. Brexit will no doubt feature heavily.

I need to tell you that I have written to The Chancellor him asking for two areas of his budget to reflect the overwhelming political needs of our Ward here in Wednesfield North.

I have asked him to ensure that there are new financial resources to be made available to West Midlands Police.

One of the overwhelming issues we have here in Wednesfield North is crime, and the fear of crime. I have urged the Chancellor to provide much-needed further resources that our Police force needs to police our community in the way that we all want to see. We need a well resourced Police force if the public confidence that we all want in our force is to be developed.

I have also asked The Chancellor to ensure that Maintained Nursery Schools have the financial resources to allow them to continue to provide the sort of educational benefits that Ashmore Park Nursery provides currently for our children.

Currently this Government has no financial plans for Maintained Nursery School  funding beyond 2019-2020.

I know that I may be whistling in the wind. I know also that I could have picked on at least a dozen other political policies to write to him about.

The issue of poor and declining police resources though is on everyone’s lips.

Plus, the lack of an education funding plan for all 400 Maintained Nursery’s in the Country is in itself a travesty.

Here in Wolverhampton the 800 children who are being guided into Early Years education by Maintained Nursery Schools need a better,  and deserve a better deal, than this Government is currently offering.

Will This Make My ‘Top Tweet’ – for October

As we enter the last few days of October will this tweet that I placed earlier in the month be overtaken! This information is from my own Twitter account! I think it shows the concerns that people have about the very poor Government record on crime……

Top Tweet earned 3,107 impressions

We need more Police on the beat, doing old fashioned community policing.
We also need a Gov that feels the fear and pain caused when crime strikes.
For Goodness sake Prime Minister stop robbing West Mids of resources for the Police
21,000 Police Axed DVbkoGfXUAEO60Z

Police Need More Resources -PM Stop Ignoring Us!

I am so frustrated with the Prime Minister and this rotten Conservative Government.

Let me say as clear as I can say – There is not enough Police in the West Midlands Police Force, and there is a growing crime problem in Wolverhampton fuelled by drugs, and gangs.

Every day I am told crime horror stories about issues that affect my Ward of Wednesfield North, we have had the recent human tragedy of a murder, we have had horrific burglaries, where senior citizens have been targeted. Car crime and motorcycle theft are happening almost daily.

On a daily basis citizens tools are being stolen from their  vans and light vehicles, putting their own trades and business and their own family’s future at risk.

People keep telling me they want more CCTV on the streets, they also tell me that they want more community police officers on the beat, they plead with me for the protection of their property and their family’s safety. Many individuals are deeply unhappy with the service that West Midlands Police provide for our community.

Yet all we can do is wring our hands and cry out for more resources for the Police……Shocking just shocking!

So another plea from me…Prime Minister this is not crying Wolf. We need many more Police Resources, and every time you ignore this public call, you just stoke more anger,frustration and resentment. Both against the Government and the Police, who are growing more remote from communities day by day.

Police car C-m_bVaXoAEqffS

Crime problem taking place in Wednesfield

Huge issues around unlawful and suspicious activity in Wednesfield and on Coppice Farm, as well as on Ashmore Park,  Plus there was a Ram Raiding which took place in Stubby Lane and Silverton Way last night.
Clearly there is a crime problem taking place in Wednesfield at the moment. Please if you see someone or something and they are acting very suspicious. Contact the Police right away.

I will be raising the problems you speak with me about directly with the Police,

I have had contact with them this morning about other issues, I have previously raised with them.
Its beyond me that the Government can continue to cut Police resources when there is so much concern about crime in almost every part of the West Midlands….

21,000 Police Axed DVbkoGfXUAEO60Z

No More Police Station Closures!

I despair with the Police here in the West Midlands!

Policing  is an important public service. It is vital that the force here in the West Midlands,  police with the consent of the public,  that pay their wages, and provide the finance through local and national tax for their infrastructure, and other resources.

Why oh why is it that the West Midlands Police are now considering reducing the police response teams across the Black Country?

Crime hasn’t been solved, it hasn’t gone away, its still here and active in all our local communities.

The public will I am sure be as angry as I am at these proposals. Never mind arguing about having just two Police Stations operating in the Black Country! I certainly don’t agree that we should lose any more Police stations be they in  Walsall or  Dudley, taking officers further away from the neighbourhoods they work in.

I strongly disagree that our own Wednesfield Police Station closes! But it is down for closure and this is bad news for my community here in Wednesfield. The Local Councillors and our MP are battling hard against this happening.

Taking the police out of their neighbourhoods will take them further away from the people who pay for them. It will lessen the links, it will ensure the only police people will see are those in cars. It will make the police unapproachable and remote from residents, children and business.

It isn’t the way to run a  police force!

This rotten Government also need to know that their voters, our communities,  are demanding that more national resource is place into our regional Police forces.

If you start to police , without the community consent to the style of policing, you will force people into thinking about other ways to police their property, and their families.

That is not what is required. Drop this silly proposal and everyone join together to have more of our tax pounds pumped into our Regional Police Force. Save the Police. That is why its important you raise your own voice. Be it through social media, the press, or by individual letter to your MP!


Please do your best to get your voice heard…….We need to Save The Police in your Town! and we need to save neighbourhood policing where you have chance to speak with a Police officer direct.

Abandoned car Millbank st 17 September 2018 41907734_288288085111284_7698440814623457280_n

Abandoned Car- Reported!

There has been a car abandoned in Millbank Street Ashmore Park Wednesfield.

I have reported the car to West Midlands Police. I have also reported it to the City Council. I will keep local residents informed of events when I have received a response from the Authorities.

I want to thank Local residents for bringing this issue to my attention. Hopefully the Authorities will take the matter up and respond quickly to dispose of it. Making the highway safe again,


Wednesfield Burglaries And Stolen Vehicles Recovered

Wednesfield Burglaries And Stolen Vehicles Recovered

Dear Residents
In the early hours of the 12th September 2018 a residential burglary occurred at an address in the vicinity of Wood End Road/Linthouse Lane Wednesfield. Two vehicles were stolen in what is known as a ‘car key burglary’.
A few hours after this offence, officers from Wolverhampton’s Offender Management Team located and recovered two stolen vehicles a short distance away in Castle Bridge Gardens. One of which was from the burglary mentioned above. The other vehicle was stolen from the Heath Town area a few hours before also.
At the same time West Midlands Police Traffic Unit also located another stolen vehicle just off Mill Lane Wednesfield. This was stolen several day before from the Scotland’s Area of Wolverhampton.
In the past 7 days there has been 2 residential burglaries and 7 business burglaries within Wednesfield area – this includes Wednesfield North/South and Fallings Park.
Car Key burglaries most company occur in the early hours of the morning. If you happen to see something that doesn’t look right or may be suspicious please do not hesitate to contact police on 101 or 999 if you believe a crime is taking place.
The same advice goes for unusual vehicles that may have ‘appeared’ overnight in quite residential streets. Burglars who steal cars frequently leave these in a seemingly quite residential road for a few hours after they have been stolen to allow them to ‘cool down’ and see if the vehicles are being tracked. If you believe a vehicle is suspicious please do not hesitate to contact us.
Below is a host of information and steps to consider to reduce the chance of becoming a victim of burglary.
Kind Regards
Wednesfield Neighbourhood Police TeamKeeping your home safe

There are simple steps that you can take to make your home safer. Burglars look for homes that appear to be empty or have easy access to the back of the building.
They can also choose homes where there are no visible signs of protection such as alarms or security lighting, and where trees and high bushes provide good cover. in addition, something as simple as locking doors and shutting windows in unoccupied rooms can make a big difference.
Try placing yourself in the burglar’s mind-set and look at your home to see if there are areas where the security could be improved.
Below are some tips that will help improve the security of your home.

Your doors
• Front doors should have a viewer and door chain where possible.
• Letter boxes should be positioned so that people cannot reach through and release the lock
• Wooden back doors should ideally be fitted with a five lever mortice deadlock and two bolts
• UPVC doors or doors with Euro Cylinders should have DHF TS007 3 Star or Sold Secure Diamond Standard Anti-Bump replacement cylinders fitted. Always consult a Master Locksmiths Association accredited locksmith if you are unsure. Badly fitted Euro Cylinders can compromise your security.
• When fitting security products always remember to use strong bolts and long screws. Follow the manufacturers guidelines or consult a specialist using the guide from the Master Locksmiths Association
• Laminated glass should be used in all glazed areas. Wooden beading should be glued and fixed securely. In the case of UPVC beading should be internal, externally beaded older UPVC windows can have the beading sealed into place

Your patio doors
• Most modern patio doors will incorporate a multi-point locking system. On older units, or those without multi-point locking, you should fit approved patio door locks to the top and bottom of the sliding door.
• Also ensure that an “anti-lift” device is used. This will prevent the sliding door being levered off its runners.
• Patio door Euro Cylinders should be DHF TS007 3 Star or have Sold Secure Diamond Standard Anti-Bump replacement cylinders fitted. Always consult a Master Locksmiths Association accredited locksmith if you are unsure. Badly fitted Euro Cylinders can compromise your security.

Your windows
• All ground floor windows and those which open onto accessible areas such as balconies or roofs should be fitted with window locks, unless designated as a means of escape.

French Windows
• These generally open outwards and have exposed hinges. These doors are can be vulnerable to being levered open by screwdrivers or garden tools.
• Security on timber and metal frame French windows can be improved by fitting mortise or surface-mounted security bolts on the inside top and bottom, together with hinge bolts and frame reinforcement.

Replacing your doors and windows
• If you decide or need to replace your doors and windows, please look for products that are tested to the PAS 24 standard from 2012 onwards and carry the Secured by Design logo.

Lock snapping
We are aware that some people may try and snap your locks to gain entry into your home. This is not a new concept and has been around for some time.
On most UPVC doors the type of locks fitted will be a Euro profile cylinder, these are the types of locks which can be snapped. There are locks on the market which can combat this method of entry and branded as Anti-Snap locks, they will be tested to meet a certain standard.
If you are changing locks make sure the lock is tested to TS007 and achieve 3 Star standard. There are two ways to attain the TS007 3 Star standard:
• Replace your existing cylinder with a TS007 3 Star Kitemarked cylinder.
• The cylinder will clearly show the 3 Star Kitemark logo. It gives the highest level of security available with several layers of protection built in. You don’t need to replace your existing handles.
• Or replace your existing cylinder with a TS007 1 Star Kitemarked cylinder, and replace your door handles with TS007 2 Star Kitemarked handles. By combining a 1 Star Cylinder with 2 Star handles, you get the same 3 star rating.
For further information on home security visit Secured by Design or the Master Locksmiths Association.

• Vulnerable areas include French windows and glazed external doors, as well as windows next to any door. For those windows you should fit laminated safety glass. Please beware of toughened safety glass. It shatters into thousands of small pieces with no sharp edges, leaving a gaping hole to climb or reach through. Toughened safety glass can be regarded as ‘burglar friendly’. Do not confuse it with laminated safety glass. If you are in any doubt, check with a glazing professional.
• In double glazed units, laminated glass on both the inner and outer surfaces will offer the ultimate protection. However, one pane of laminated glass should be enough to prevent entry. It is generally recommended that the laminated pane is fitted on the inside surface, thereby offering protection from the burglar and reduced risk of accidental injury to the occupants.

Going on holiday
No one wants to return from holiday to find out your home has been broken into. Before going away next think about the following safety advice:
• Lock all doors and windows
• Lock your garage and secure tools
• Cancel the milk and papers
• Get a friend or neighbour to collect your post, draw your curtains and make your home look lived in
• Property mark your valuables
• Cut the lawns
• Set timer switches on lights and a radio
• Avoid displaying your name and address on your luggage. Put your address inside the case to help identification if the luggage is lost
• Hide financial documents and keys. If possible please use a safe.
• Don’t mention on social media or your answering machine that you will be away from home for a few days

Keeping your jewellery safe at home
• If you have jewellery please consider keeping items in a safety deposit box. Your bank or insurance company will be able to provide suitable advice.
• If you prefer to keep your jewellery at home, please purchase a suitable safe that is installed to manufacturer’s instructions. Your insurance company will provide advice on which type and grade of safe best suits your needs. They will also advise whether your home insurance provides sufficient cover for high-value jewellery.
• It is important that you keep an inventory of your jewellery. This can be done in a paper version or online at Immobilise. Include identifying marks, images, value and the purchase date.

Sheds, garages and greenhouses
Gone are the days when a garden shed or garage were full of items such as half-empty paint tins and plant pots. They are now home to expensive electrical items, top of the range bikes and a whole host of other items on the wish list of opportunist criminals.
It is important that you see your shed or garage as an extension to your house and afford it the same levels of crime prevention.
• Put away all tools and equipment. Ensure sheds are locked when not in use using solid and secure locks.
• Install outside security lighting which comes on automatically at dusk
• If you have a burglar alarm, consult with your installer to see if you can extend it to cover outbuildings, garage and sheds
• Register your valuables for free on the national property database
Useful Links
• Secured by Design is a group of national police projects that focus on trying to ‘design out crime’ reducing the risk of crimes taking place at any given location.
• If you want to read more advice about how to prevent yourself being a victim of burglary, visit the national police website.
• There are lots of Neighbourhood Watch schemes set up in the West Midlands, which aim to bring the people of the area together to make communities safer. To learn more, and to find your local scheme, visit their website.
• Victim Support is an independent charity that help people affected by crime and traumatic events. They are not part of the police or any other criminal justice agency. Visit their website to see how they can help you, or call 0808 168 9111.