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Councillor Mary Bateman.  Picture by Shaun Fellows / Shine Pix

Join Labour In The Fight To Save Wednesfield Police Station!

Wednesfield residents will know that Wednesfield Labour Party are still trying to convince the West Midlands Police to save Wednesfield Police Station from closure.

Tomorrow Friday 30th March at 10.30am Wednesfield North Labour Party and Wednesfield South Labour Party will be joining together in Wednesfield High Street,  collecting the Public’ s signatures, to endorse the case we make that the Police need to reverse their decision and save the Police Station.

Would all members of Wednesfield North Labour Party turn up and give general support for this campaign….

Your Three Labour Councillors in Wednesfield North are committed to this campaign and we will be Joining the Wednesfield South Councillors as we try hard to win  public opinion to  our side,  and yes we will fight hard to do so!

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Wednesfield Police and Community Together Meeting!


Police Chief Makes A Plea!

I have received the following message from the Chief Constable David Thompson.

My initial reaction is that I am pleased the Chief has taken notice of the protest and the concerns that we have as Local Councillors here in Wednesfield.

We do not want to see our Police Station closed down, as we know it will be for good!

Wednesfield needs a local station, it has had one for decades, and removing them from our locality will remove police further from the public they are there to protect and serve.. We are also as a group of Councillors here in Wednesfield North concerned that Her Majesty Inspector Of Constabulary has just placed a negative inspection comment on the force, reporting that some service areas in our Police force is already ‘Inadequate’.

Your Wednesfield North Councillors want a dialogue with the Chief Constable and we will be taking up his offer to speak.

We understand the pressure on the police around  finance, We know this awful Government are the reason that the West Midlands Police are in such a dire circumstance. We  know also that  her Majesty Police Inspector of Constabulary are also highly critical of the Police current performance.

WeI blame the Government and the Prime Minister for that –  not the force locally.

But I do think it is important that we stand up for our own Local Policing here in Wednesfield and Wolverhampton. I don’t want the Wednesfield Police station to disappear because the Police have to build for Birmingham and the advent of the Commonwealth Games!

I want to see our ‘protect and serve’ police here improve, and that and our community well served and protected. It will be done better if we have Police service that cares for us here in Wednesfield.

I understand where the Chief Constable is coming from, I have huge respect for him and his force. But I do not want to see our local access to the police degenerate any further than it currently is. Goodness sake I have received enough criticism through out last year about the lack of police in my Ward of Wednesfield North, to know that the public is worried and concerned. I will be writing to the Chief Constable with all of our Councillors views on policing here in Wednesfield North.

Here is the Chief Constable Thompsons comments to your Councillors.

“Dear Colleague-As I’m sure you are aware, there has been a lot of coverage around our plans for West Midlands Police buildings in the last few weeks with the main focus being on what is being taken away from communities rather than the future vision. I understand this completely. In the current climate, communities are sensitive to police changes and are worried about how building closures will affect crime and response times.

Let me take this opportunity to reassure you that I am committed to serving our public and ensure any change to our estate will not adversely affect them.

The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson has signed off the overall estates strategy but nothing will close immediately. The programme is expected to run over six years and individual buildings will not be signed off for release until we are satisfied thorough local engagement has taken place.

There is a lot to discuss before any of the sites close and I hope for some inspirational ideas on how we can share with partners. The majority of our buildings are underused or at the end of life. Our future strategy for the force’s buildings is driven by three main issues:

We need buildings fit for modern policing. The force is, and will be, investing heavily in technology which will create an ever more mobile organisation. The custody redesign has shown big sites are better than smaller buildings. We have a Commonwealth Games to police in four years and our command and control site is in need of development.

The second issue is cost. Some of our buildings are just not fit for purpose and there is a backlog of £20m in repairs. Some of the buildings, indeed some of the most interesting or externally attractive, are at the end of their life and hugely underused. We need modern buildings fit for purpose that enable great team work by really thinking about which teams would benefit from co-locating. The new strategy can save us around £5m a year in building costs and create more efficient buildings.

Finally we know we can share. A large number of the poor buildings that we intend to dispose of are small neighbourhood offices and this has caused a lot of concern. With 22 per cent of our police officers in local policing and just under 500 PCSOs, it remains essential they are locally based. I promise neighbourhood teams will be based in their communities.

This is why a large part of the estate plan is to look at re-provision of the neighbourhood buildings with partners.

Currently we have not worked out where these sites will be but I promise we won’t close buildings until we have engaged with our communities to look at where the alternative provision will be and identified suitable sites for officers to be based locally.

I also attach the proposed timelines for the estate changes:”


17 Police Lamp

Robbery – Kitchen Lane Ashmore Park!

Councillor Mary Bateman.  Picture by Shaun Fellows / Shine Pix

Councillor Warns Of Increased Theft From Cars!

IMG_5947 Fire safety

1035 Property Fires – But It Is Getting Better!

The Fire Service Is one of those public protection services that we often only think about when we require them! They are without doubt a great asset to all of us. There are some really big changes coming in the way that the Fire Service will be overseen and delivered soon.

I wanted to get a feel for how we here in Wolverhampton and Wednesfield North have been served by our Fire Service over the last three years.

Wolverhampton Statistics

  • There have been 1035 property fires in Wolverhampton over the last three years (2015-2016-2017)
  • We have seen a 5.01% decrease in property fires in Wolverhampton from 2015-2016
  • Followed by a further fall in the year 2016-2017 of 1.76%
  • In three years there has been four tragic deaths from fires in the City, three disastrously in 2016 but the good news is that only 1 death occurred in 2017, a 66.67% decrease.
  • There have been 31 Injury’s  in the City of Wolverhampton from property fires in this three year period.
  • An increase of 18.18% from 2015 to 2016 during this period was disappointing to record.
  • But during 2016 to 2017 the injuries reduced from 13 in 2016 to 7 in 2017. This is a reduction of 46.15% in property fire injuries.

Wednesfield North – When we look closely at property fires in Wednesfield North we find that we have had 27 fires in total , with no injuries from fires in any of the three years (2015-2016-2017). With no deaths at all in in any of those years, the statistics have been kind to Wednesfield North.

Here are the statistics for you to see –


2015 Wolverhampton Wednesfield North ward
Number of property fires 359 9
Injuries from property fires 11 0
Deaths from property fires 0 0
2016 Wolverhampton Wednesfield North ward
Number of property fires 341 9
Injuries from property fires 13 0
Deaths from property fires 3 0
2017 Wolverhampton Wednesfield North ward
Number of property fires 335 9
Injuries from property fires 7 0
Deaths from property fires 1 0

We do need to be forever alert to the dangers of fire, we need to ensure that our family’s  have smoke alarms fitted in their properties. That we teach young children the dangers of fire, and warn them of the consequences of playing with fire.

Your Local Councillor’s are however very pleased to see these statistics, but we want them to be even lower in 2018!

We are very fortunate that we have a Fire Service that is well trained and highly professional.

I know that they are under huge financial pressures because the Government has taken more money from them and are forcing further resource reductions from them for the coming financial year.

I know we value our Fire Service here in Wednesfield North, and I will be producing some further commentary during the course of 2018.

In the mean time please let me know your views on our Fire Service!

West Midlands Police

We have had a Police Station In Wednesfield For Many Years!

West Midlands Police wrote to your Councillors in February about the closure of Wednesfield Police station… This is the response I wrote.

“Thanks for the information. But I remain very unhappy about the conclusion. We have had a Police station in Wednesfield for many years. I was unhappy when the original decision to close the Police station was made to the Public.

I remain of the same opinion now, following the latest news.

I think the removal of the Police station will take the Police even further away from the public.

Less and less physical built Police environment, with the public getting even less personal contact with the police is a nonsense. The big losers will be the police. Both in terms of the public connections, and having to travel further distances all the while, for custody suites.

I know that the Police are making these decisions based upon the need to save money….but please, do not tell me it is a better way to deliver service, because it is not!”

Those are the feelings that Cllr Mary Bateman and I have, with regards to the latest information being sent out by WMP- We have not had a response yet.

17 Police Lamp

Flight Ticket Fraud Alert!

17 Police Lamp

More Money for Police? – “Raise your own Counciltax!”

This is a note to the residents and constituents of Wednesfield North.

Recently I received a newsletter from the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Mr David Jamieson . I have reproduced it here for you. It is an explanation as to why your Counciltax  for Policing in the West Midlands will rise. Please read the statement.

From the Police and Crime Commissioner Mr David Jamieson –  “After the Policing Minister had opened the newly refurbished Lloyd House in November last year he set off back to London by train.

During his visit Nick Hurd had given me a very strong reason to be optimistic. Without committing to any figures, the impression he gave was that, after years of cuts, more money was finally on its way to our force.

“Would 2018 be the first year in almost a decade that the force doesn’t have to reduce the number of coppers?” I thought to myself.

This looked like very good news. Since 2010 we have seen our spending power reduced by £145 million and we have 2000 fewer officers keeping you safe in the region. With the problem of terrorism an increasing threat, our force is becoming seriously stretched.

There are fewer officers able to patrol the beat. Fewer officers who can make sure your family is kept safe.

So you can imagine how disappointed I was to learn, less than one month later, that West Midlands Police would not be given any extra money by the government.  Instead, the buck for raising funds was passed to you.

If you want more money for policing, we were told, you’ll have to raise your own council tax.

So here is my choice. Reluctantly raise council tax and reduce the speed at which the force shrinks or leave the local tax unchanged and watch crime rise.

I am extremely proud of the brave officers at West Midlands Police. The organisation is made up of thousands of hard working individuals. They put their lives on the line 365 days a year to keep us safe. For that I am extremely grateful. But their job is becoming increasingly challenging. Your safety, and the safety of your families, is precious and I will not see it taken for granted.

So here is my proposal. In line with the government’s plans, we should raise council tax for a typical household by £12 a year. That’s £1 per month. This will reduce the impact of central government cuts. If we do this, I can protect around 190 officers at West Midlands Police. Any one of those 190 officers could be the officer who prevents your home from being burgled or your son or daughter from being mugged as they travel home on the bus.

At a time when families are working harder than ever for smaller and smaller pay packets, the thought of raising taxes, even by a small amount, goes against my instinct. The people of the West Midlands are being squeezed enough. But on this occasion I hope you’ll understand that your safety and that of your family must not be compromised.”

If any Wednesfield North resident would like to make a comment on this statement and the information it contains…perhaps you can email me on –