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A Very Barmy Police Idea!

There are times when as a Labour Party member I scratch my head and wonder. This is one of those times.

Now I have first hand knowledge what this Conservative Government are doing for public service. I know how much damage they are reaping with regards to loss of services, cutting back Social Care, Under funding the NHS, ripping out Youth service funding and on top of that reducing our Police by 20,000 staff.

But I find it incredible to read that our own Crime Commissioner and the hierarchy in West Midlands Police are planning a ‘self service crime reporting policy?!’
Its incredible but West Midlands Police is planning to introduce “self-service” online reporting of “less serious” crimes, such as criminal damage or shoplifting, as part of a cost-cutting drive.

Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson said people would “always be able to speak to the police”, but the plans would offer “greater choice”. However, Police Federation chairman Steve White described the proposal as “barmy”, adding: “Relying on victims of crime to do their own investigations is ridiculous”.

I fully agree with the Police Federation on this one…..It is a barmy notion, but it shows how badly stretched our Police Force is.

Anyone trying to report a crime will have experienced the hopeless 101 telephone service, and I have had stacks of local people tell me that they have reported crime, yet have had none or little response. Some people do not report minor crime, so what happens the statistics start getting miscued.

If you believe in having a fully operational well resourced Police Force, you have the chance to vote for one on June 8th, in the General Election.

With this article you can see what is coming down the road, a very broken thin blue line if the Conservatives get in again!

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Wednesfield Parents Beware!



There have been two incidents of a white male in his 20’s to 30’s driving a BMW X1 approaching lone school girls and attempting to engage them in conversation. The two incidents thus far have occurred in Walsall and the targets have been senior school girls. If anything is seen please inform the local police on 101 or 999 if there is an immediate risk.

Councillor Phil Bateman said “ Parents please be aware, speak to your kids, warn them of this, and If you do know anything contact the Police now…..”

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Ashmore Park Co-Op Ram Raided!

I want anyone who knows about this raid to tell the Police…In the early hours of Wednesday 17th May 2017 at 1:30am, Co-Op Grocery Store on Griffiths Drive, Ashmore Park, Wednesfield was ram raided and a large quantity of cigarettes; estimated to be worth over £10,000 were stolen.

The attack was carried out by 5 offenders who used a white Ford Transit van to ram the shop windows and then escape in. We are asking for anybody with any information regarding the burglary to contact West Midlands Police on 101. Information can be provided anonymously to police or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 and online If you know of anybody that has a large quantity of cigarettes they are trying to sell or distribute please also contact with as much information as this may be related to this offence or similar offences in the region

Killing Waterfowl – “Unable to identify the offenders.”

Recently I informed our community about a small group who were on the Wyrley & Essington Canal near Devil’s Elbow Bridge and were killing waterfowls with catapults. The latest situation is that the Police have been IMG_1222, however they are still very keen to receive any intelligence that our community may jave with regards to this particular incident.

There is a positive and that is the Police are mounting extensive high vis patrols.

Clearly all of us in our community hope this particular incident was an isolated one. I am encouraged by the fact that the Police have confirmed to me that they “are maintaining our patrols in the hope we can catch the persons responsible.”

I also raised this matter in a ‘face to face’ with the police when I attended the recent Wednesfield PACT meeting over this weekend. Please Wednesfield, do your best and inform the Police via 101 if you have any information or you see something suspicious taking place along this canal.

Police Informed As Water Fowl Are Targeted!

photo 2 Wednesfield CanalRecently on the Wyrley & Essington canal members of the public witnessed a very callous act when a group of individuals were killing water fowl, this time with catapults. Local residents that contacted me described it as a ‘Duck Massacre’.

This is a very worry some incident, and not for the first time has this happened on the canal in Wednesfield. I contacted the police about the public concerns.

The Police have told me that “regarding your query on Wild life crime, part of the “Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981” gives protection to wild birds and certain wild animals; in this case ducks are covered in this Act. Although illegal to kill or injure the ducks it is not a criminal offence, this act is covered by civil law, as such the Police do not record these events in any form of criminal investigation.

This information was a surprise to me, but nevertheless it is important to know. The advice I would give is that if someone witnesses this happening, then yes they should be calling Police on 101, as we can assist in identifying the persons responsible if they are found on the scene and it is also a danger to other people if persons are using catapults etc. It is integral that we report these matters to the RSPB, they have an online form to report this and they have the power to enforce this law.

“ The Police go onto assure me that with regards to this particular incident they have been to the witnesses and spoke with them about the incident. The Police tell me that they are to continue their patrols of the canal and increase visibility in the area.

I for my part remain very distressed that on the cusp of the canal getting official recognition as a Local Wildlife Reserve for the diversity of wildlife it has, that such an act could happen. Please if you see anyone with nets, guns, or catapults on the Wyrley and Essington canal….please report it to the Police.

Wednesfield Residents Beware!

   Intelligence Bureau)
Message sent by
Action 17 Police LampFraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National)

There has been a series of recent incidents reported to Action Fraud where a lone fraudster has approached victims whom they believe to be unfamiliar with the local area. They make an excuse to talk to the victims such as enquiring about directions or offering a recommendation for a good hotel.

After this interaction, several other fraudsters will intervene purporting to be police officers in plain clothes and will sometimes present false identification as proof. The fake officers will then give a reason to examine the victims’ wallet, purse or personal items. They may also examine the first fraudster’s items or try to tell victims that the first fraudster is suspicious in order to gain victim trust and appear more realistic in their guise.

After all the fake police ‘checks’ are finished, victims have then reported being handed back their personal items only to later realise that a quantity of money or valuables were missing.

How to protect yourself:

  • If an individual claims to be a police officer ask for their name and rank, force, and examine any identification presented; this is always good practice but especially important if they are not wearing a uniform.
  • The Police will never ask for your passwords or PIN details. Do not give this information to anyone.
  • The Police will never request that you withdraw/transfer any money to them or to a ‘safe’ account.
  • If you have been affected by this, or any other fraud, report it to Action Fraud by visiting

Birds Hunted by Youths With A Catapult -Find Them Please!

I want to say how shocked and disgusted I was to hear that youths have used a catapult to kill and maim birds and waterfowl along the WE canal here in Wednesfield North, near the Devils Elbow Bridge.
The Police are investigating and I understand that a video recording is a helpful piece of evidence. But I am more than keen to have these vile individuals traced. If anyone at all has any information. Please contact the Police or myself.
Its a disgusting act of killing at the height of the breeding season, just as the canal stands at the cusp of gaining Local Nature Reserve status. What is the reason for it. Just to leave birds dead  or maimed?
So come on folks. If you have any information whatsoever, or may know the names of the individuals. Please let the Authorities know!devils elbow mary

Crime – 100 vans Targeted in Bilston!

I want to ask Wednesfield residents to keep a watchful eye on your neighbour’s property.

Don’t be scared to contact the police if you think something is suspicious. Or something looks to be out of place. Criminals are active all through the day and night.

It is s being reported that during this year, more than 100 vans have been targeted by criminals in and around Bilston! I think this is an extraordinary number of crimes, clearly aimed at tradesmen and traders.

The police are warning Bilstonian’s about this outbreak and asking them to take precautions, against this type of crime.

Clearly crime takes place where there is an opportunity.

I don’t want to see Wednesfield crime stats creep up the crime tables as the heat comes on Bilston.

Its up to all of us to do what we can to make all our neighbourhoods safe. To do that we must all work together and deal with these potential incidents. Look after your neighbour, and hopefully your neighbour will look after you!17 Police Lamp

Did You Know – Most Knife Crime is Predominantly Kitchen Knives?

Knife Crime across the West Midlands has led to West Midlands Police offering advice to parents about what to look for in their children’s possession.

I was surprised to read that most people in possession of knives are young men aged 15 to 19.

These knives, which are predominantly kitchen knives, are then used in robbery or violence.

17 Police LampNow that the Police have informed that most of the knives used in these crimes are kitchen knives. Then it has got me thinking that an ‘Amnesty Bin’ should be provided where individuals or others could throw unwanted kitchen knives and the designer knives they may have, in to the bin so that the Authorities could then destroy them. Thereby taking unwanted knives potentially off the streets.

Amnesty bins should appear at least annually at a Police station or agreed local authority safe point. In that way unwanted kitchen knives could be disposed of by owners, without them being left unused in kitchens, sheds or other unacceptable places, where teenage boys, could spirit them away without parents noticing they have gone.

The West Midlands Police recently carried a campaign called ‘Either way he’s not coming home’ and appealed to mothers of young men to have a conversation with their sons about the dangers of carrying a knife.

The campaign I read showed a young man being arrested and taken away from his home, a knife crime victim in an ambulance, and a mother at her son’s funeral.

It got me thinking – – Would you know what to look for if you thought your son was carrying a knife?

The Police want Mothers of teenage boys to look out for the signs that their son may be carrying a knife and talk to them about the very real danger, that by carrying a knife, they are more likely to be stabbed themselves. The Police tell us that many victims in the West Midlands have often found their own knife has been grabbed and used against them in an attack.

The Police say that the signs to look out for are below. You can call police on 101 or dial 999 in an emergency.

Warning signs

  1. Has your child withdrawn from the family and/or school?
  2. Is your child’s school or college reporting worrying changes in behaviour, academic achievement or attendance?
  3. Has he or she lost interest in positive activities such as sports clubs?
  4. Does he or she stay out unusually late without giving a reason and is vague about his/her whereabouts?
  5. Has he or she stopped seeing old friends and started hanging out with a new group?
  6. Are they secretive about the contents of their bag?
  7. Are they defensive if you ask what is in their possession or if they’re hiding anything?
  8. Has their attitude changed about carrying knives/weapons? For example, justifying it by saying people carry them for self-defence?
  9. Have any items gone missing from the kitchen, tool box or garage?
  10. Have you found a weapon hidden amongst their possessions?

So for my own constituents here in Wednesfield North – lets recognise that Knives are dangerous and just like guns maim or kill. Let’s make sure we treat our kitchen knives with great seriousness.

I will be writing to my Local Police Team to see if they will implement an Amnesty Bin locally at Wednesfield Police Station annually or somewhere else that will be safe and secure so that Wednesfield families can dump unwanted knives safely.

I would hope that West Midlands Police would also want to ensure that a suitable publicity campaign locally would go hand in hand with the ‘Amnesty Bin’.


Beggars In Wednesfield

West Midlands Police are advising  not to give beggars money in Wednesfield!

West Midlands Police are continuing to receive reports of nuisance and persistent beggars in and around Bentley Bridge Retail park and High Street areas of Wednesfield, Wolverhampton.

West Midlands Police  are working with Wolverhampton Council to bring about a long term solution to the problem which will see certain repeat offenders permanently banned from the area altogether.

Whilst this work is on going we are reminding local residents and visitors in the area NOT to give money to beggars or rough sleepers, as often this money will further fund various addictions that are in fact keeping them on the streets.

17 Police LampWe are advising people to donate money to local homeless charities; who will ensure that any donations go appropriately to services and support for the homeless directly.

Wednesfield Neighbourhood Police Team
West Midlands Police