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Transport Has A Remarkable Memory Man!

As many of you will know, I worked in Public Transport for many years, I was mightily impressed when National Express told me about the latest protection for passengers. There is this remarkable man and his remarkable memory, I bet after you have read this you will be as impressed as I was!

“The Safer Travel superpower IDs a thousand suspects. Safer Travel PCSO Andy Pope West Midlands Safer Travel Police’s “memory man” has now successfully identified 1,000 crime suspects.

Police Community Support Officer Andy Pope has spotted 250 crime suspects in just one year, using his “superpower” – a remarkable ability to recognise faces of some of the region’s most wanted people.

The PCSO patrols buses, trams, trains and transport hubs as part of the West Midlands Safer Travel Partnership. He can remember faces from CCTV footage, stills and police briefings.

With over 300 suspects being identified for bus-related incidents and nearly 50 for train incidents, Andy has significantly contributed to the reduction of crime on the region’s transport network.

Andy says:

“I am thrilled to have identified a thousand suspects and to know I’m helping to reduce crime on public transport. It’s hard to explain exactly how I remember so many faces – they just seem to stick in my mind.

“I am responsible for a couple of busy bus corridors. It’s my job to make them as safe as possible so passengers can enjoy a pleasant journey. If anyone is causing a problem for passengers, I want to be able to recognise them and find them.”

PCSO Pope spotted two men responsible for a knifepoint robbery on a bus, where the victim was stabbed in the leg. Andy watched pictures of the suspects and later spotted them at Birmingham Moor Street. After chasing them on foot, he caught the main offender. His partner PC Steve Dawkins obtained details of the other man. He was later arrested and charged, thanks to Andy’s photographic memory.

The Safer Travel Partnership, where West Midlands Police works alongside British Transport Police and transport operators, including National Express West Midlands, has cut crime on buses, trains and trams by 70% in the last ten years.

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Policing in Wolverhampton – “Large City Forces On Their Knees”.

I recently wrote to Emma Reynolds our Member of Parliament concerning the recent ‘Queen’s Speech’ to Parliament.

Emma asked her constituents what they felt about the Governments proposals in the Queens Speech. I specifically wrote to Emma about the requirements we need about a good and well-resourced Police Force .

Emma’s response was – “Many of the results were so unanimous I’m not going to list the all separately – 9 out of 10 respondents think the NHS, social services, schools and the police are under pressure, with nearly every single person saying the NHS and police are under pressure.”

I have taken our Wednesfield issues further – In the last few weeks I have written to the Police & Crime Commissioner, and The Leader of the City Council about the city’s police resources being currently inadequate.

I continue to ask questions of the Police about our local neighbourhood policing, I will also continue to raise the issue of inadequate police resources being passed to West Midlands Police by this awful Conservative Government.

Recently the Police Federation wrote that – “Rank-and-file policing is “literally on its knees” trying to keep the public safe with the lowest number of officers for more than 30 years as emergency calls spiral to record highs.

Officers’ health and welfare are falling victim to operational demands as England’s largest forces took more 999 calls than ever before last month – with the big cities busier than they are on New Year’s Eve.

Chief officers and the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) have united to express their concerns that “unprecedented” surges in demand – exacerbated by four UK terror attacks – are “playing havoc” with staff well-being.

The under-strain service, down nearly 21,000 in number since 2010, is having to work longer shifts and abandon rest days against a backdrop of huge recorded rises in knife and gun crime.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) asked forces to compile their latest figures on 999 call volumes and crime rates after fears emerged that demand was soaring.

The data revealed an 11 per cent rise in emergency calls on last year with volumes in May and June hitting levels not previously experienced.

Forces covering London, Birmingham, Manchester and the East Midlands had their “highest-ever 999 call volumes” last month.

PFEW chair Steve White warned that his members “simply cannot keep going on as before”, citing last week’s Home Office figures showing another 985 officers lost to the service over the past year.

In the last seven years numbers of officers in the service have plummeted – from 143,734 in 2010 to 124,066 last year. The latest statistic is 123,142 for March 2017 – the lowest total since 1985.

Yet he points out that “crime is soaring” – with knife offences up 20 per cent to their highest in seven years – alongside a 23 per cent increase in gun crime. “And that’s not taking into account the recent terror attacks,” added Mr White.

“Our members are literally on their knees trying to keep the public safe – forces are trying to meet demand with the lowest number of police officers since 1985.

“Rest days are being cancelled because of operational need and all this is playing havoc with officers’ health and welfare. But now we’ve further evidence that demand is still rising, literally through the roof.

“These figures paint an extremely worrying picture and are yet further evidence, if any was needed, that policing has reached crisis point.”

So the evidence mounts that here in Wolverhampton North East the MP and her constituents feel that the Police is not being delivered enough resources to deliver enough police to serve and protect our City of Wolverhampton properly.

The Professional Police Organisations representing Chief Officers and the Police Federation representing the rank & file police officers are saying loud and clear that the forces are at breaking point.

I know that sometimes for days at a time my Ward of Wednesfield North doesn’t see a Policeman or a PCSO.

They get sent to other towns when the policing gets tough. It’s bad when the police pray for rain to dampen tensions and reduce the calls on the force. Yet that is what is happening.

We all look to our brave police and PCSO’s to uphold our law and our civilisation. We must all pressure the Prime Minister and her Conservative Government to urgently give more resource’s to West Midlands Police so that our city is made safer….. and quickly!

17 Police Lamp

“We Need an Effective Police Force – Carry’s the Community With Them”

The Police are crucial to the way that our society works. Yet the fact is that we are here (in the suburbs) seeing less police on the beat in our communities than at any other time I can remember.

What on earth has happened to the much vaunted community policing?

I have been a Councillor in Wednesfield North for some thirty years. I remember PC Brian Tew, on the beat, in the schools, taking the role of School Governor, and always seen at local events. The community knew him, he lived locally, and he knew what was taking place. PC Tew also knew who was doing what, and who were up to no good! In fact he was a really good Copper.

Brian retired and his role was taken by PC Garry Matthews, again he was a local lad, went to school in the community, knew what was taking place, Garry attended community meetings. Everyone knew him, no problems in telling him what was shaking down!

Today here in Wednefield North the community policing is haphazard, the police are at full stretch.

Sometimes for days at a time my Ward of Wednesfield North doesn’t see a Policeman or a PCSO. They get sent to other towns when the policing gets tough. Its bad when the police prays for rain to dampen tensions and reduce the calls on the force. Yet that is what is happening.

When you phone West Midlands Constabulary to report a crime in your neighbourhood, you have to go through 101, and the bad news stories of that Police service are now legendary. Consequently the confidence drains from the community, minor crime goes unreported. The Police lose valuable information, and the intelligence gathering becomes poorer.

In the West Midlands when crime occurs we have grown up to expect a Police officer to be on the scene.

That is not the case no longer. It appears that certain Police Logs are dropped. Crime is set in category; the Police decide whether they turn out or not! The Citizen who pays for the Police through Income Tax and Counciltax is left frustrated.

More than that they feel angry that when they are exposed to crime that the force they pay for is either slow, or non – existent.

Now I am keen that Wolverhampton City Council debate these issues. I am certain that Wednesfield North is not the only community alone with all these frustrations. Every community in the City must have these difficulties, many must have a worse tale to tell than our own ‘low crime’ Ward.

Being a City Councillor is an important role. It’s my firm belief that I should, where I can reflect, the concerns of the electorate.

It is my strong view that we should now have a serious debate in Wolverhampton about the Police service.
We should air our views as a City about West Midlands Police numbers. As a City Council we should be looking to reviewing the Police and the way they function in our City at the moment. The Police & Crime Commissioner must be made aware of how we here in Wolverhampton view the service we are getting for the payments we are making. Wolverhampton should not be afraid to air the truth about current policing.

The Government must also get the message. It is so maddening to constantly read government headlines in the Local Media that tells the community that more is being spent on Policing, when every single one of us knows that the police service is on the cusp of a catastrophe.

Try telling my constituents when the police do not turn up for a crime that there is more being spent on the police! I cannot be the only Councillor in Wolverhampton that gets frustrated at the current police situation. We need to have a police force that reflects what is taking place here in Wolverhampton.

We require numbers that reflect the crime that is taking place. We need an effective police force that carry’s the community with them. We need to have confidence that those that serve us understand that we want local community policing that comes with the support of the communities. We want the police to ‘protect and to serve’.

I have written to both the Leader of the City Council, and the Police and Crime Commissioner. I shall be pursuing this issue over the Summer.

Next Wednesfield Police Meeting!

Wednesfield North residents may wish to note that this is the next meeting of the Police and Community Together meeting – the venue is Wednesfield High School…..


‘Partners and Community Together’

Wednesfield High School, Lichfield Road, Wednesfield

6 pm, 11/7/2017

Sergeant Danher together with other agency partners, invite you to attend the next meeting of the Wednesfield North PACT open meeting.  You can influence the policing priorities in your Neighbourhood at the

Open meeting starting at 6 pm

You will also receive information on how crime & Anti social Behaviour are being tackled in this Neighbourhood.

For further information please contact Sergeant Martin Danher on 0845 113 5000 ( or Abdul Rahim on 01902 556617 (

Police car C-m_bVaXoAEqffS

Quick Witted Neighbour Acts!

I have had this message sent to me by a very public spirited resident of Coppice Farm who tells me that

“I’m a resident in Gurnard Close, Coppice Farm. I had to call the police  early hours of this morning around 02.00 hrs , as I saw two burglars in a neighbour’s garden. Would it  be useful to post this on your page to warn others in the community to stay vigilant and to ensure all their properties are secure? .  The police were excellent in their fast response.

Please if you do see anything suspicious happening, please take the action like this neighbour did. Keep alert and make sure everything is locked up and tools are put away. I want to thank our resident for being so quick in her response, and the Police were also quickly on the scene.


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Police Warning! – Fraudsters at Work

Fraudsters have been advertising vehicles and machinery for sale on various selling platforms online. The victims, after communicating via email with the fraudster, will receive a bogus email which purports to be from an established escrow provider (a third party who will keep the payment until the buying and selling parties are both happy with the deal).

These emails are designed to persuade victims to pay upfront, via bank transfer, before visiting the seller to collect the goods. The emails also claim that the buyer (victim) has a cooling off period to reclaim the payment if they change their mind. This gives victims the false sense of security that their money is being looked after by this trustworthy third party, when in fact it is not and the money has gone straight to the fraudster.

Protect yourself:

  • When making a large purchase such as a new car or machinery, always meet the seller face to face first and ask to see the goods before transferring any money.
  • If you receive a suspicious email asking for payment, check for spelling, grammar, or any other errors, and check who sent the email. If in doubt, check feedback online by searching the associated phone numbers or email addresses of the seller.
  • Contact the third party the fraudsters are purporting to be using to make the transaction. They should be able to confirm whether the email you have received is legitimate or not.
  • False adverts often offer vehicles or machinery for sale well below market value to entice potential victims; always be cautious. If it looks too good to be true then it probably is.

If you have been affected by this, or any other type of fraud, report it to Action Fraud by visiting, or by calling 0300 123 2040.

Blue Light

Beware Tradesmen- Keep Your Vans Safe & Secure!

There have been a couple of robbery’s on Ashmore Park in the last week with regards to tools & equipment being stolen from vans.

I have been given certain information about these acts and I have passed the information onto the Police. Would tradesman please do their very best and keep their tools safe and secure.

Thank you residents for giving me the information you have, I am sure the Police will react. If I hear any more about these issues I will inform you via my social media sites.

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News from West Midlands Police

This is a message sent via WMNow. This information has been sent on behalf of West Mids Police
Message sent by
Helen (Police,Comms Manager,West Midlands)

West Midlands Police is working closely with the Metropolitan Police and other organisations and will take “any steps necessary to keep people safe”, says Chief Constable Dave Thompson.

His comments came just hours after the terror attack in London and as officers in the West Midlands continue with their duties.

Chief Constable Dave Thompson said: “Our hearts go out to the family and friends of those who lost their lives in London.  We also think of those who witnessed terrible acts of violence.

“Among the carnage and confusion of this terror attack, the emergency services and ordinary people displayed remarkable acts of courage and human kindness.

“We’re in close contact with colleagues in the Metropolitan Police to offer our support and to understand more about the attack.

“As people would expect, we’re once again reviewing all of our already well-rehearsed plans and will take any steps necessary to keep people safe.

“Locally, we were quick to respond following Saturday’s attack and purely as a reassurance move we temporarily restricted access to Birmingham’s Broad Street while businesses remained as usual. The restrictions were lifted at 3am having been implemented at 11.30pm.

“Other key locations across the region also saw enhanced patrols. Again, this was simply to reassure people worried by events in the capital and not in response to any local threat.”

Policing in the West Midlands continues as usual including the safety and security for the ICC Champions Trophy, at Edgbaston cricket ground in Birmingham and in Coventry for MotoFest.

People can help protect themselves and their loved ones by remaining alert at home, work and when out and about.

Any suspicions should be reported to the Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321 or at where online terrorist and extremist material can also be reported.

Following terrorist attacks, West Midlands Police like police forces across the country often see an increase in hates crimes reports.

Tackling this head-on, Chief Constable Thompson said: “Terrorists want to create discord, distrust and fear. We must not let them win.

“Acts of terrorism and hate crimes are committed by a small minority of people and are not representative of wider communities. Following an attack, we all need to work closely together and unite against those who seek, through violence and extremism, to intimidate or cause fear.

“There can never be any excuse for hate crime and I would encourage anyone who is a victim of hate to report it online at: Clearly 999 should be used if a crime is in progress or offenders are at the scene.”

West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson, said: “After the awful terrorist attack in London my thoughts are with the victims and their families.

“As always the emergency services displayed heroism in the face of danger and I pay tribute to them.

“I am in regular contact with the Chief Constable and am working with him to ensure people of the West Midlands continue to be protected.

“I would urge people to be vigilant, but above all else carry on with your daily lives. We should not be and will not be cowed by those who seek to divide us.”

!cid_image001_png@01D0C3F7 Police

Your Vote – We Do Not Want Our Police To Be In A Perilous State!

Why I think we should have a serious think about West Midlands Police numbers.

It is a fact that we should look to be reviewing the Police and the way they function at the moment, I cannot be the only Local Politician that gets frustrated at the current situation. Here in Wednesfield North it is a fact that it is consistently amongst the lowest reported crime beats in Wolverhampton.

That is not to say that it has no crime, nor that the crime it has is any less important than high crime areas.

But we are told time and time again that we have to have police numbers to reflect the crime that is taking place.

My frustration is that there are days when my Ward of Wednesfield North does not have the Police Constable or the Police Community Support Officer on duty. I estimate that this happens a couple of days every week. It’s also hard to get a response from the Officers when you email information or make requests. So if I pass information on to my team electronically about issues, you can wait a week or longer to get a response.

Now in my mind in these dark days this is not the way forward at all.

Senior Officers are shrinking from sight, you never see anyone other than a PC and a Sgt, the link between the force and the public is getting more and more remote. The reason is clearly because the police numbers are shrinking, and shrinking.

In March 2017 Her Majesties Inspectorate of Constabulary for Policing in England and Wales said that policing was in a “potentially perilous state” as government cuts lead to investigations being shelved, vulnerable victims being let down and tens of thousands of dangerous suspects remaining at large.”

In a report on effectiveness in policing, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) uncovered a range of “dangerous” and “disturbing” practices that have arisen out of police forces’ approach to dealing with budget cuts of 20%.

We have a chance now in these very dark days of terrorist attacks in London and Manchester.

The public has a great chance to question where our Leaders are taking us. These heinous terrorist crimes have place a spotlight on the Police and their battle to do a tough job with shrinking resources. At this time in the end days of a General Election, we voters have a perfect right to demand that whichever Party wins the #GE2017 campaign, they immediately sit down and with the public, review the Police service in their area, the resources that are available and the plans to how they are to be used.

Serving Officers are currently unhappy at the way the previous Government has axed thousands of Police Officers from the ranks. We are reading their comments in the national press, and in the social media.

I know that here in Wednesfield North residents like me will blanch at the relevation that some police staff, as reported in the HMIC report,  are deliberately downgrading emergency calls in order to justify a slower response when there is a shortage of officers, HMIC said, while others are reclassifying high-risk domestic abuse victims to a lower level of concern.

Police Officers is some forces are being assigned to investigations that they are not qualified to conduct, the HMIC found, while other forces are struggling to get to grips with the volume of wanted suspects – including murderers, rapists and violent offenders.

Around a third of domestic abuse cases across England and Wales are being shelved because the victim does not support police action – this rises to 50% in five of the 43 forces, which has led to concern at HMIC that officers are not properly discharging their responsibilities in a bid to slash their workload.

HMIC also issued a warning that a shortage of detectives and investigators amounts to a “national crisis”. I have made previous comment about the fact that the Met Police are recruiting with the proviso that new detectives no longer have to come through uniformed ranks! I have also previously made my comments known about the encouragement for the public to self report…..

Its this type of professional report (HMIC) published earlier this year (in March to be precise) that is also helping to fuel the public debate.

There is a great swell of Public Opinion that wants to see MORE police officers not less on the local beats and active in our communities. The Prime Minister who was Home Office Secretary for 6 years and who as Prime Minister has driven forward Police cuts, needs to know that we all want to be safe!

We all want to be safe from crime, we all want to see crime solved quicker, and at better rates than they currently are now here in the West Midlands. We all want to be safe from terrorism also.

I also want to see more PCSO’s not less planned for and delivered.

In my mind the PCSO’s are good value for the money, they are great additions to the Local Force, they get close to the neighbourhood. They work well with community Groups and the Community policing teams. They provide the low level intelligence for the Police teams that operate in our neighbourhoods. They are an extra pair of trained eyes for the constabulary. They also interact well with Councillors and other elected Members,when they need too. There are currently too few PCSO’s across the West Midlands in my opinion.

So as we go into the last days of the election perhaps we can air our opinions so that those seeking our votes know that Policing must change for the better, and that more ‘boots’ needs to be back on the beat, making us safer, and making us feel safer!

This HMIC report clearly placed Government austerity in the dock detailing stretched forces, downgrading calls, and leaving suspects at large. We want our Police back and in a modern force with the resources to protect us, our families, and our property!

We do not want our Police here in Wednesfield or the West Midlands to be in a perilous state.

I do hope my constituents in Wednesfield North will think about these issues when they enter the Voting Booths and vote in the ballot box#GE2017 on Thursday.

I give fair warning to my colleagues on Wolverhampton City Council. I give notice that in this Municipal year I shall be asking plenty of questions about our safety in the City, and how we are going to be influencing the Police & Crime Commissioner, and the new Government to make more resources available to make Wednesfield and Wolverhampton safer for all.

17 Police Lamp

Police Issue Warnings!

Distraction burglary and bogus callers

Burglars won’t go to the trouble of breaking in if they can just knock and be invited in. So always be on your guard when anyone you’re not expecting – a man, a woman or even a child – turns up at your door. 

Bogus ‘officials’ may be smartly dressed and claim to be from the council, gas board, health authority or other organisation. 

Bogus ‘dealers’ may offer to buy your antiques, furniture or jewellery, at what seems to be a good price. 

If you want to sell something, choose one or two genuine dealers to value it or ask a friend or relative for their advice. 

Bogus ‘workmen’ may say that they need to come in to check something or make urgent repairs.  You also need to be careful of callers who offer to make building repairs or tarmac your drive. Often they’ll ask for money in advance; they may even offer to drive you to the bank to withdraw money to pay them. 

If you need any building work done, get several written quotes from reputable firms, then decide which one is best. If in doubt, talk it through with a neighbour or someone in your family. 

for further advice please call 101 or visit