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Latest Police News on Wednesfield North.

IMG_1771Feb 2017 Crime stats for Wednesfield NorthWednesfield North Police have given a recent up date on Crime in and around the Ward. The big climb in crime is around Shop Theft where there has been 5 reported thefts in February – taking the overall figures to 61 in the year to date.

This is an increase of 22% over the figures relating to shop theft in the year up to and including December 2016.

In December the stats recorded shop theft in the month at 5 the same number as being suggested that took place in February 2017, and the year figures were being recorded at 50.

This suggests that the recorded stats show an increase of 11 shop thefts have taken place since the last PACTS report, giving Wednesfield North  a 22% increase in this type of crime.

It was suggested at the meeting that the One Stop Shop at the top of the estate, and the Co-Op shop near the Ashmore Inn, were the main shops being targeted by shop lifters.

The Police would like help from residents who may know who the thieves are. So if you do know any information, perhaps you can call the Police on…101 ask for extension 872 3006 and leave your information.

PACT Meeting 13th March – Question for Our Police?

The Wednesfield Police and Community Together Meeting will be taking place at The Hub on Ashmore Park on Monday 13th March

Residents please note that a Police Meeting will be held so that you the resident can ask questions, and hear what the Police are doing to keep our community safe. Let me inform you that the Police have chosen a different time of the day for this meeting

– It is a morning meeting……10.30am

So why not come along and ask the Police what they are doing, how they are doing it, and what the reasons are!

If you have a personal question about policing or a crime that has you concerned, the Police usually speak with you privately after the meeting. One or more of your Local Councillors will also be present.

So if you are interested, come along, if you have never been in The Hub, now would be a good time to visit and see what is taking place there…they are a friendly lot the Volunteers, and you can get a very nice cup of tea from the Sunshine Café!

Burglary – CORPUS Christi School – Report Any Info To Police.

Corpus Christi is  This further news will be seen to be a ‘body-blow’ to the staff and pupils.  If any local residents have any information can they please contact the Police 17 Police Lamp immediately.

Message sent by
 (Police,PCSO,WV Wednesfield North/South (WVLX, WVLY))

Burglary alert – Corpus Christi Primary School, Ashmore Park was broken into during the early hours of this morning (23rd Febuary at 1:25am)
Several computer tablets have been stolen during the raid and damage caused internally to the school.
We are urging anybody with information regarding this incident to contact the West Midlands Police by calling 101 or Crimestoppers charity anonymously on 0800 555 111 or via
The police are also reminding residents to vigilant and report any suspicious activity around schools and businesses, particularly during the early hours.
Kind Regards
Wednesfield Neighbourhood Police Team
West Midlands Police

Wednesfield North Police Team- Sets Out Their Priorities!

Councillor Phil Bateman said today ” Here are the Wednesfield Police Team Priorities, as set at the last Police Meeting in January…..I thought the constituents of Wednesfield North would appreciate sight of them. They are available in the monthly report the Police team make public.”


ASB Griffiths Drive Bottom Shops

Members of the community have expressed concerns around general ASB at the bottoms shops and on occa-sion at the top shops on Griffiths Drive, Ashmore Park. The issues involve groups of school age children hanging around the shops and sometimes causing nuisance to shoppers and staff by playing football, messing around directly outside certain businesses, being disruptive in the library and generally causing annoyance. Other re-ports involve older youths in the evenings using the shops walkway to shelter, smoking cannabis and making a noise. The team routinely patrol the shops and engage with any persons of concern in order to prevent and de-ter ASB


The community expressed on going concerns over speeding cars across the neighbourhood in residential areas where vehicles are exceeding the speed limits and causing danger to the community. Numerous roads are hi-lighted and include Kitchen Lane, Linthouse lane, Griffiths Drive, Broad Lane North and South and Peacock Lane.

Ashmore Park, Park Drug taking and ASB

The community have expressed concerns about suspected drug dealing in the park and general ASB there, in-cluding rubbish and fly tipping. Cars containing individuals smoking cannabis are known to park up by the bike track and the car park can be accessed via Park Way. The team routinely patrol the park and deal with any crim-inal offences.


Wednesfield Police Report January 2017

Wednesfield Police have published their January Newsletter 2017 – It is in the link below. Click on and see what they say about crime in our Ward of Wednesfield North.

Please contact me if you require any reaction to the report. It covers a wide area of crime in both Wednesfield North & South. This is the new Police and Community forum. Wednesfield North and South Wards have been amalgamated together for public consultation going forwards.





Wednesfield North School Burglaries

Wednesfield North School Burglaries – Here is an update of the information Wednesfield Police have given me for the start of this week.

Wednesfield Police “The main offender we believe responsible for the Burglaries on Wednesfield North has been charged with, the Burglary at Coppice on 14th November and possession of stolen goods from the Burglary at Coppice on 16th November.

He and another have also been charged with two more Burglaries at other schools within the West Midlands, the offences were very wide and Ashmore Park wasn’t the only area to be targeted.”west-midlands-police

There are still on-going enquiries by West Midlands Police.

Horrific Murder in Wednesfield- Police Act!

A mum and stepfather are set to appear in court today accused of beating their toddler son to death at a house in Wolverhampton.

Police and paramedics were called to an address in Wednesfield High Street just before midnight on Sunday (20 Nov) where the boy, aged two-and-a-half, was found with head and body injuries.

He was pronounced dead at hospital a short while later and a post mortem examination has shown he died from peritonitis as a result of blunt force trauma to his abdomen.

Last night the boy’s mum, 25-year-old Sindyann Regis, and 27-year-old stepdad Chevaze Mcgregor were charged with murder.

They are set to appear at Walsall Magistrates Court today where the charge will formally be put to them.

Wednesfield’s Most Wanted

Police appeal for Wolverhampton’s “most wanted” men

 Lee Heaven (left) and Adam Walker
Lee Heaven (left) and Adam Walker Credit: West Midlands Police

Detectives in Wolverhampton are appealing for information to trace two of the city’s most wanted men – Lee Heaven and Adam Walker.

Heaven (pic left) was charged with forcing entry to a pensioner’s home in Denmore Gardens on 11 March where it’s alleged he smashed an alarm system before searching the house and pocketed £500 in cash.

The 43-year-old – who has previous convictions for burglary – is on the run after skipping court in Wolverhampton.

Fellow burglary suspect Adam Walker is wanted for questioning over two raids in October.

Police believe he’s linked to a house break in School Road, Wednesfield, in early October when a vehicle was driven away after car keys had been stolen.

He is also wanted for questioning in connection with another burglary in Adey Road, Ashmore Park, where property was again stolen.

Detective Constable Marc Petford, said:

We need to know where these men are as there are concerns they could be committing more offences.

Heaven failed to appear at court having been charged with breaking into a 71-year-old man’s home and swiping his savings, while Walker has been linked to two burglaries in the space of a few weeks.


Police Make Arrest – School Burglaries.

I am sure that this information will lift a lot of spirits across the Ward!

The good news is that Wednesfield Police have made an arrest. I am not in full understanding of the whole story but the Police have responded to my enquiries with this IMG_8696 sgt Danherresponse.


Sgr Danher writes “A suspect has been arrested for the recent Burglaries at the local schools in Ashmore Park, the Wednesfield Neighbourhood Team were out first thing yesterday morning assisting in a search of his address, a piece of stolen property amongst other things have been seized.

The male has been released with police bail conditions to allow us to continue to complete our investigations. I will keep you all updated on our progress.

For the long term, the team intends to work with the schools in improving their security. If you do have any information to share with us please get in touch.”

If members of the public do have any further information. Please let your local police team, or me know.


“Lighting Deodorant Cans” – Then They Tried to Burn a Bus!


Yesterday I had reports of children creating mayhem at the 25 bus stop in High Street Wednesfield. A correspondent tells me that “ one around 15 yrs old, several no older than 10 were messing with busses at first, then spraying deodorant cans and lighting them, they then tried to burn the bus wheels ,then intimidating elderly people in the bus shelter by aiming the cans at the bus shelter and lighting them.”

My correspondent then said “If they only knew what damage they could’ve done to someone, and if the wind changed they could’ve been badly burnt.”. She goes onto say “ I really hope they get caught.”

I contacted West Midlands Police – Wednesfield team with my correspondents eye witness accounts, and suggested that our team should contact the Safer Travel Police Team and the bus company, as there was the possibility of the buses having forward facing cctv. Plus the High Street cctv could also have images of the actions taking place.

I received a response from Sgt Danher which informed me that . “ The team were on duty when this was reported, and responded to the scene. Officers identified the youths responsible, dealt with them at the scene and the matter is being investigated. The youths involved form part of a much bigger picture, which I am currently working in partnership with ASBU and child services to put in place long term measures.”


!cid_image001_png@01D0C3F7 PoliceSgt Danher went onto state “Can you please reinforce the need for people  to report these matters as and when they are occurring. Reporting the matter post incident via the local councillor is not as impactive/effective as calling the Police at the time so we can respond then and there to deal with the matter, show a presence and deal with the suspects quickly. Luckily another member of the public did decide to take action and call us and we responded within minutes.”

So as a Local Councillor I want to first of all thank the Police for catching this gang of tearaways, they are obviously as much a danger to themselves as they are to the public, and the bus operation they were trying to interfere with. Can I also make a plea to my readers –

If you see a crime taking place please be bold and dial 999.