City Looks to Terminate Footpath414.


The Alley runs from Fergusson Street through redundant car park, re appearing in Russell Close….the remainder of the alleyway into the Park will stay.

When the Planning application is heard for the proposed housing development at the former Danesmore Park School.

There is a plan that will terminate a footpath.

The footpath the City is looking to terminate commences on Ferguson Street and terminates on Russell Close.  The path is  approximately 90 metres in length.   The alternative route will be , via Barnard Road, and is approximately 180 metres.

An Extinguishment Order for the footpath can be made and considered at the same time as a relevant planning application.  However an Order cannot be confirmed before planning permission is granted.

Six Community Engagement Sessions were held with the residents of the area between July 2014 and July 2015.  In these sessions the development of the former school site and the future of the Public Footpath were discussed. 

The residents requested that the footpath be extinguished due to issues around personal safety and anti-social behaviour.  It was recommended to extinguish this Public Footpath and absorb part of the path into the development site where it joins a proposed car parking area. 

Wolverhampton Homes will manage this area once the development is complete.

Consultations have been carried out with Statutory Undertakers.  At the time of writing this report no objections to the proposal have been received.

The cost associated with the closure of the Public Footpath is in the region of £4,000 and will be fully met by WV Living.

Subject to approval, and an Order being made, notices advertising the proposed extinguishment will be posted on site and placed in a local newspaper. 

Any person wishing to object to the extinguishment will have 28 days to do so.  If no objections are received, and planning permission has been granted, the Extinguishment Order may be confirmed.  If there are any unresolved objections the Order will have to be referred to the Secretary of State for a decision and a public inquiry may be necessary.

Once the Extinguishment Order has been confirmed the Director of Governance will authorise the making of a Legal Event Modification Order (LEMO) to alter the Wolverhampton Rights of Way Definitive Map to reflect that change, if required.

Although the alternative route via Barnard Road is 90m longer than FP414 it does not have the restricted width and visibility that inconveniences wheelchair users and people with pushchairs.



Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more