Climate Change Is Coming- Can We Get Wolverhampton to Change?

Climate Change Is Coming- Can We Get Wolverhampton to Change?

Councillor Phil Bateman said today ” I was reading the Guardian today about the policy of the Mayor of Paris. Mayor Anne Hidalgo wants to create self-sufficient communities with amenities nearby, to cut pollution and stress.

“Called the “ville du quart d’heure” – the quarter-hour city – the aim is to offer Parisians what they need on or near their doorstep to ensure an “ecological transformation” of the capital into a collection of neighbourhoods. This, she said, would reduce pollution and stress, creating socially and economically mixed districts to improve overall quality of life for residents and visitors.

“Paris is a city unlike any other … it is independent, lively, vibrant. It is capable of inventing a new history without forgetting its past,” Hidalgo said at Thursday’s launch.”

Councillor Phil Bateman added “It struck me that if you looked at Wednesfield North as a Ward of the City of Wolverhampton. We must be part of that Quarter of an hour City already!
Our fantastic Ward is very much near that sort of policy objective that Mayor Hildago of Paris is spelling out for Paris, as being required.

Admitted we aren’t so grand as a suburb of Paris! but we do have the sort of trading and service outlets that give our Ward a very good opportunity to do the sort of things that the Mayor of Paris is intending, as she suggests that she “wants to encourage more self-sufficient communities within each arrondissement of the French capital,”

This in essence means more independent grocery shops, parks, cafes, sports facilities, health centres, schools and even workplaces just a walk or bike ride away. With Global warming a very real threat, and Governments worldwide looking at phasing out fossil fuelled cars and vehicles and creating other transport measures in this new World order that is coming. Maybe just maybe Wolverhampton could already be in the right place to take advantage of this type of policy shift?

Let me explain- The Biggest Estate in Wednesfield North is it happens is Ashmore Park.

Sitting on a frequent bus service, and having bus routes that link to other local neighbourhoods, towns and settlements, we are already in a great position to enhance and help save our local climate.”

Wednesfield North Councillors already join with and encourage our traders to engage with us and run #ShopLocal campaigns. We already urge people to reduce their own carbon footprint by shopping locally.

Councillor Phil Bateman stated “We have been in the forefront of encouraging new homes around the estate by building on redundant land and nuisance anti social unused garage sites.
At its heart on Ashmore Park we have a shopping parade that has a Traditional Butchers, a Green Grocers, a ‘Nisa’ Supermarket, a Housing Agency, an IT Shop, two Beauty Therapy Shop, a thriving Café, a Hardware shop, a Vaping centre, a Fishing Tackle and Bait Shop, a Delicatessens, a Pet Shop, a Betting Shop, a Hair Studios, an Opticians, a Newsagent and Post Office, Dental Services and a Fish and Chip shop, and a Co-Op store. Plus, three Churches, and a Community Park with a Community Hub with all that, that brings! Sat alongside a Cycle Speedway Club with an International reputation.

All of this cheek by jowl with a Nursery School and two Pre-schools, a Community Public House and Two Medical Centres two Primary Schools and Secondary School. This part of Wednesfield North is I would suggest just the sort of ecological transformations that the New Mayor wants the arrondissements of Paris to turn into.

I think that Wolverhampton very much has a number of other of its districts , that with modest investment, could also play a new and exciting role, in a City with more than a thousand years of history. Wolverhampton is a City that has seen decades of changes made, and you know what – it grows and continues to grow year on year.

Councillor Phil Bateman further added “I like the Mayor of Paris’s bold initiative. All the Big Cities of Europe and the World will have to come to terms with new thinking. Wolverhampton is no different than Paris,Toronto or even San Francisco in that situation.

We are already looking at transforming our City Centre. As the retail trade shrinks from City life and Leisure and homes push in to replace city centre failing stores.

The lesson for our Wolverhampton, is that as we make that sort of change and investment in the City Centre to keep our city relevent. My contention is that We need to make a similar investment in our own neighbourhoods and districts. My view is that here in Wednesfield North we are just a short step from being able to deliver all that we need for our locality, we have fab volunteers who work hard to deliver all sorts of social change, from Park Runs through to ‘Wednesfield in Bloom’, they are turning drab grey into green vitality. Initiatives and developments energy and forward thinking. We have that sort of start here in Wednesfield, perhaps we should look with a little more intensity in Wolverhampton. Could we deliver this sort of thinking as Wolverhampton (along with all its neighbours) faces up to the Global Climate Emergency. We as a City Council have already declared!”

Lets believe in Wolverhampton and Wednesfield, lets join in the debate on what should come next!

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more