April 25th 2015

Celebrate The Battle of Wednesfield!

Phil Bateman said “August 4-5 2010 marks the 1100th anniversary of the battle between the Anglo Saxons and the Danes.
. There is a strong local opinion that the City Council should be celebrating this most important of battles. This battle which was reported to have taken place in Wednesfield took place in 910.

This battle was crucial in helping to forge the unification of England as one kingdom.

Indeed if the Danes had won…we all would have been likely to have been speaking Danish now!

I do hope that the City Council will announce what they are doing to celebrate this piece of British history that is unique to Wednesfield and Wolverhampton.”
Since the finding of the Staffordshire Hoard there has been huge inteest in the local history of the area. The City are missing a trick if it allows another year to slip by without recognising the importance of this battle.
The first written references to Wednesfield come in the Anglo Saxon chronicles where there is reference to a great battle at Wednesfield in which the Mercians and their allies inflicted a defeat on the Danes which lead to effective end of their power.

It has always been an important part of Wednesfield's traditional history that this great battle was fought there and a reference to it appeared on the Wednesfield Urban District Council's coat of arms.


Article Date: 23rd April 2010

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