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Councillor Daniel Warren the City Councillor responsible for Wolverhampton public transport issues on the West Midlands Integrated Transport Authority wrote to me yesterday. After he had picked up issues from my Social Media sites about bus links in Wednesfield North that will be taken away and their impacts upon bus users in My Ward.
Councillor Warren says “You maybe aware that over the last few weeks National Express(NX) have announced changes to bus routes through Wednesfield as part of there Walsall Review. Ive been holding conversations with NX and Centro to limit disruption from service changes and make sure that Wednesfield gets the best deal it can.
Below are service changes in full and attached is a map of the proposed routes. Consultation on the routes can be done by clicking on the link here 
89 (9) Walsall to Wolverhampton
89 renumbered 9. More buses on service 9 – to run every 20 minutes from a half hourly service. Route changed on 9 to serve Bentley Bridge Retail Park between Wednesfield and Wolverhampton. 9 to run directly along Wolverhampton Road in Pelsall. Will no longer serve Wood Lane, Trevor Road or Highfield Road North due to problems with large buses accessing these roads.
28 Wolverhampton to Willenhall
28 replaced by the 69 between Wolverhampton and Essington Road (New Invention) and by more buses on the 41 between New Invention and Willenhall. There are currently talks taking place between Centro and NX to discuss Evening a weekend services.
69 Walsall to Wolverhampton
69 to continue to run between Walsall and Wolverhampton but with some route changes to replace parts of the 28 and 41. Route changed to replace the 28 between Wolverhampton and Essington Road (New Invention). Buses to run along Wednes eld Road, New Cross Hospital Grounds, Prestwood Road, Wood End Road, Moat House Lane, Ridge Lane, Linthouse Lane, Gri ths Lane, Peacock Avenue, Lich eld Road, Coppice Farm Way and Essington Road. 69 replaces the 41 along Beacon Road, Hilton Road, Jones Road, Moore Road and Fletcher Road. 69 changed to operate directly along Pooles Lane to reduce journey times. Byron Road, Keats Road, Shelley Road and Wood Lane are covered by the improved 41 (now every 20 minutes). 69 no longer serves Wednes eld centre. Passengers will need to change buses between the 69 and frequent 9 or 59.”

12274379_10208201665544377_4655304537586439036_n Dan & Phil

Councillor Daniel Warren West Midlands ITA Member…..with Councillor Phil Bateman, sheltering from a rain storm!

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more


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