Danesmore Park – Site consultation comes to an end.

IMG_6435 Consultation 4 Danesmore Park

The 4th Consultation held on the 4th August 2015 at the Hub at Ashmore Park.

IMG_6456 Consultation 5 Danesmore Park

The fifth and final consultation again held at the Hub on Ashmore Park on Wednesday 5th of August 2015

Well tonight we have had the fifth and last consultation meetings with residents that have an interest or were immediately affected by the proposal to build new homes on the former Ashmore Park Primary school in Russell Close Ashmore Park.

The process has been a detailed one with five public meetings which included a ramble across the site.

Now the proposals have been aired the next steps is for the City Officials to write up the consultation. What has happened is that we have seen the plans take shape around the experiences of people.

  • A tree survey has been undertaken and Tree Preservation orders were to be sought for the vast majority of trees on the site
  • The feasibility of taking construction traffic thru the Park to serve the site is to be considered
  • This would relieve the need to serve the site construction from Russell Close & Perks Road
  • 12 New Parking bays would be considered on the new development
  • There will be some 47/48 homes planned not the 52  as first seen on the original plans

These and many more issues were raised and discussed. Residents will still have time to discuss arrangements through the full planning process.

I will publish information on development as and when I receive it.



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