Delivering the Express and Star – Then Robbed of his Bike! The Story Continues…

The story so far – “On Friday 11th March 2016-  at about 4.20pm our paper boy was stopped and robbed of his bike by two men in a blue car as he was delivering the Express and Star newspaper, it was a Peugeot type vehicle. It didn’t have registration plates attached. They screamed abuse at the paper bo,y then one robbed him of his bike, the other then followed the guy who rode off on his bike in the car.

It was a blue car. Any of our neighbours who have cctv that may have captured this action in In Broad Lane North, can you either contact the police on 101 or me! The car followed the lad over the bridge by my house slowly, then after he apparently delivered my paper he was robbed of the bike outside 7 Broad Lane North. Aaron now has no bike to deliver his paper round…..Doesn’t it want to make you sick! If you can help with this please do so…..“.

Then on Saturday 12th March I reported that “I placed that note on my Facebook site last night. Before the evening was out, I had a Police Officer at my door, more than 3,000 readers had read what had happened. One of my readers offered to start a collection with a £10 donation for Aaron to have a new bike, and another reader Mervyn Fulford offers him a mountain bike that he has at home! Now how about that for generosity, and of course there is a mountain of concern for Aaron from dozens of other readers. I will be in touch with Aaron’s parents later this morning about Mervyn’s fine act of generosity….In the meantime I want you great  people of Wednesfield North to know , that you  are just fabulous!”

Now Sunday 13th March; Here is the continuation of the story so far, during the course of Saturday the story got larger with every person that read the social media blogs about how Aaron had been robbed of his bike.

My readers are really the most generous of people. By late Saturday I had received offers of a second hand Mountain Bike from a resident of Ashmore Park, an offer by another local group to fund in part or whole a new bike for Aaron. Also a large Cycle Group have also contacted me and offered a brand new bike for Aaron!

Now isn’t that fantastic! We do have a generous group who reads my social media, and boy don’t they react when dark deeds are committed. More than 5,000 readers have followed this story since the crime on Aaron has been committed.

!cid_image001_png@01D0C3F7 PoliceOnly one thing would make me happier- That is if we could also find the two robbers driving that blue type Peugeot car without number plates…If you have an idea who it is, or someone has been trying to sell a mountain bike tell the police or email me on

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more


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