Dog Pooh Cleared- Dog Owners Should Note!

I want to report that the dog pooh in the car park & alleyway linking the Whiston Ave alleyway and Ryan Ave has been cleared of dog pooh. This is an important walkway as parents walk their children to and from Oakmeadow school using it.

When I received the complaint on the 1st February, about the amounts of Dog Pooh in the alleyway & Car-Park I contacted City Direct, and then a day or so later Wolverhampton Homes.

Wolverhampton Homes own the land. They were incredibly responsive. On the 4th of February the walkway was cleared of dog pooh.

That is a really tremendous result. But now I want to warn dog owners in the area. If you do use this walkway & carpark to walk your dog. Please clean up any mess the dog drops.  

Wolverhampton City Council Regulatory Services have been contacted, who have agreed for Kingdom Security to be present in the area to patrol.

If they see or have reports of a dog owner who allows his dog to foul the Public Rights of Way including the car park. Then the Environmental Health team at WCC will look to serve a Legal Notice on the offender/s.

I have been requested by both Wolverhampton Homes and the City Council, to ask readers of this site to encourage any of my constituents who witness owners, who allow their dogs to foul, to report this. So that the City Council and Wolverhampton Homes can target resources effectively and hopefully assist in resolving this matter. Basically they will prosecute the offender.  IMG_5708 City Council

Now I do hope responsible dog owners will take note of this warning. This is an early warning for dog owners, if your dog fouls and you do not clean it up. The Authority will prosecute…… here in Whiston Ave and elsewhere in the City. Please take this note as it is written. It’s an early warning to a hardening of policy towards the owners who allows dogs to pooh in public places.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more


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