Drainage- Ashmore Park Shopping Parade!

Ashmore Park Shopping Parade – Many of the Shop Keepers will know I have been actively pressing the Wolverhampton Homes management team to focus on some of the drainage issues that have been evident in Raj Kumar Drive – over the last few years.

There has been activity over the last few weeks and I can inform – Contact was made with the Asset Management team and they have informed me that Metrorod installed a new length of drain behind the café to carry the flow directly into the manhole, then jetted all the drains including the surface drainage and through to the mains on Griffiths Drive.

The work is now complete.”

I know that inspections took place on (Thursday 3rd), when it was raining quite hard, and over the week end I have observed that the drains appeared to be clearing well.

Clearly I am not leaving it there, as there needs to be some further discussions about this going forward. In the meantime I am grateful , for all the work Wolverhampton Homes have done to recognise we have problem, and the help they have afforded me.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more