From the Phil Bateman Archives -looking for one thing and you find another!

From the Phil Bateman Archives – You know when you are looking for one thing and you find another? Well I rediscovered a letter from my Aunt Lillian, and Uncle Ray. They lived at the time at 43 Fielding in Toronto. Mary and I were in our first property and living in Bovey Court in Wednesfield.

As I was reading the letter all the wonderful memories I have of Ray and Lillian flooded back.

The letter was dated June 22 1976 .

Its full of social history, my Aunt wrote ” both looking forward to seeing you again and waiting to meet your new bride”

As I recall we were due to arrive in September of that year. It was to be Mary’s first visit to Canada, and of course to meet my Canadian family.

The letter was a nice warm and friendly letter. It contained information about other Aunts and Uncles moving home in and around Ontario, and they finished off by reminding us to bring ‘sweaters’ as the month can get chilly quickly!

We had a fab time with them in Toronto, doing all the things you do, Black Creek Pioneer Village, CN Tower, and lots of visits to other relatives.

Sadly both Ray and Lillian have passed on….but their writing and their laughter, are still with me, as their letter of the moment is!

Family history is so important. As you can see I always like to save and create Family history for those that follow after

Phil Bateman

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