Garbage Collection – Good Response From Amey!



I recently received a complaint about the recycle bins and their collection in a part of Ecclestone Road on Ashmore Park. I contacted Amey who are responsible for the City Council Garbage Collection, explaining the problem and received a prompt response. There response was to the point, and I have confidence that the message will have conveyed their intention.

“I’m sorry that this is happening at the location, I will look into it for you and look to put a resolution in place to stop it from happening again.” – Amey.

Here is the note of complaint that I originally received from a constituent.

“We are having issues with our recycle collection in ecclestone rd which started 2 weeks ago where bins are not emptied no notices put through the doors or on the bins,When the bins are checked they are not contaminated and the bins are just left anywhere and not returned to the property’s.They had to come back last week as when the supervisor came out he said they where not contaminated.It seems like they are being deliberate because they where complained about.This is not the service we pay our council tax for even one resident who’s bin they haven’t emptied yet again works collecting the recycle bins so i am sure he knows full well what can and cant go in the bins.”

new_recycling_bins Wolverhampton

Phil Bateman

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