Good Morning Wednesfield -Today is Saturday 25th April 2020!

Good Morning Wednesfield today is Saturday 25th April 2020! here is a brief note of the latest news that I have for

Today the weather forecast is predicting another fine day.
Here is the latest statistics for Corona Virus.
• Global confirmed cases: 2,745,677; total deaths: 193,671 (JHU)

• UK confirmed cases: 143,464; total deaths: 19,506 (DHSC)
• 656 cases in Wolverhampton
• 218(+5) Deaths at Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

• Department of Health says it is working “rapidly” to increase capacity after high demand forces coronavirus test website to close temporarily

• Use of drones to help deliver medical supplies will be trialled next week, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps confirms

• Dyson will not supply ventilators for NHS because its services are no longer required, company says

More Wolverhampton News – Funeral Arrangements in Wolverhampton – There have been numerous discussions on this as the 7 local authorities in the West Midlands County have attempted to agree a regional figure. Wolverhampton has been signed off, in that it can be no more than 10.
As a matter of urgency, I’d like to update you on the council’s position regarding our city’s cemeteries being open to general visitors, following our review of the national guidance which we received yesterday.
From Sunday (26 April) we will be re-opening all seven, between 4pm and 7pm seven-days-a-week to general visitors, based on the following considerations:
• We will monitor the public health impacts to ensure we protect public health and prevent the spread of the virus – given our city was hit early and hard
• We will monitor the impact on our staff who work at our cemetery sites
• We have received feedback from faith groups and residents
• We will be encouraging visitors to stick to social distancing
• We will have patrols to monitor social distancing, if people fail to comply, we will need to review our position.

I do hope residents of the Ward will accept and understand this new policy. I personally think it will be very popular, but visitors must practice social distancing to stay safe, there will be Police patrols.

Anti Social Behaviour – Sadly there is a number of reports coming through of gangs smoking weed , and congregating in large groups. The police have been made aware of the situation, and the Wolverhampton Homes ASB team is also involved.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more