Good Morning Wednesfield! Wednesday 29th April -Dull Grey and Damp!

‘Good morning Wednesfield’ it’s Wednesday the 29th April 2020, the weather is still damp and Grey! Where as all that sunshine gone?

The latest UK stats for Covid19 as of April 28 is that-
• 161,145 UK cases of Corona Virus
• 3996 New cases
• 21,678 Deaths UK daily toll 586

It was very visible from my home that many people who have been walking either stayed in yesterday. or switched to their cars, as the rain set in for the day. There was more traffic on the road outside my house.

The weather drove me into the house,no gardening or tidying up outside for me. I was pretty much tied to the keyboards all day. We did venture out in the late afternoon to deposit some food in the local Ashmore Inn Food Bank, Hats off to Kevin and Team Ashmore! They are doing a fine job for our community. Please if you can share some cans or food pop them a long!

Talking about doing a good job! Well I am not forgetting the City of Wolverhampton Council who are also feeding the vulnerable across the City – Including families here in Wednesfield
Latest figures from the Food Distribution Hub: dated 27 April 2020 is –
456 packages were sent out yesterday (27 Apr), including 38 emergency deliveries. The total number of packages distributed since the food hub began operation is approaching 10,000. Over 3000 weekly recipients are now in receipt of packages from our City of Wolverhampton Food Hub.

I am sure like me, you will be watching the News on the TV and becoming more than a little concerned about the UK economy. It must be a very difficult time for individuals worried about their jobs, and their incomes. The fact that British Airways are going to release 12,000 workers across their business was eye watering.

To end this report on a more enlightend note. I had some success yesterday helping some individuals with their own cases. You always need to have some success to go to sleep on!

Lets hope for some better news today for our community.

The fleet of Vehicles now  providing the Food Distribution Hub with the logistics required to deliver to the door"

The fleet of Vehicles now providing the Food Distribution Hub with the logistics required to deliver to the door”

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more