Government Social Care Action Plan Expected Today.

Good Morning Wednesfield its Friday Morning 17 April 20120 – We may gey a little bit of rain today…

In The Grip of Coruna Virus- We are still very much in the Grip of the Virus, and these are the latest statistics as I go to print early today.
• Total number of lab-confirmed UK cases -103,093
• Latest daily number of lab-confirmed UK cases -4618
• Total Number of Covid-19 associated UK deaths in hospitals -13,729
• Latest daily number of Covid-19 associated UK deaths in hospital -861
• Cases in Wolverhampton RWT – 501 +28
• Deaths in Wolverhampton -4 were at RWT (New Cross) and that takes the total to 182 patients that have died.
• The Government has today announced an extension of the’Lock Down’ period for a further 3 weeks.

Government announcement that all care homes will be able to access testing our City Council inform that they are keeping in touch with care homes across the city and working on new ways that the City can provide support to homes facing staff capacity issues. The Department of Health and Social Care have now announced that Covid-19 testing will be made available to all care homes in the country. We are expecting the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to contact all care homes in our city by end of this week with further details. The government have stated that testing will be available for any resident or care-giver who is showing symptoms of Covid-19. Any residents receiving hospital treatment will be tested before being discharged back to their care homes, and will be isolated in their home until results are returned.

Testing will become routine for all individuals being discharged from hospital to a care setting. A small number of Covid-19 confirmed patients may be discharged from the NHS within their isolation period, which lasts for 14 days following their first symptom.

Where possible, care providers will be asked to accommodate these patients by following isolation strategies.

Where this level of care is not possible from local care providers, the government will be asking local authorities to provide alternative accommodation and care during the remainder of the isolation period.

We will be working closely with care homes across the city to identify which providers can offer this level of care while we await further guidance to be released. All care home staff will be able to access the drive-thru testing facility on Showell Road going forward, and we will be working in close partnership with the CQC to deliver this.

The government’s Social Care Action Plan is expected to be published today.

Phil Bateman

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