Helping Individuals,Families, Sporting Clubs & Business!

Wednesfield North is a great Ward to represent. All three Labour Councillors have done much to make ourselves available to residents. Because all three of us live in the Ward. It also has its advantage because we are meeting people every day.

As well as helping individuals and families, businesses and sporting clubs, we also try to improve the place we live in for all.

Taking a look back over the last few years . Your City Councillors have been able to source extra City Council funding for all these items. All with a view of enhancing our community, supporting leisure facilities, individuals, sporting events, education, and much more.

All three Labour Councillors Rita, Mary and Phil work very much as a team here in Wednesfield North. We are very much pleased that we have been able to deliver this funding. We believe that it has helped our community . It is a mixture of funding for events, and infrastructure.

Ward Funds have provided for –
• The Wodenstock Festival of music and events held in Wednesfield, we supported the event by funding it by £500
• The Lancaster War Memorial – Wednesfield History Society £500
• Christmas Lights Ashmore Park Shopping Parade – £2000
• Community Excellence Awards -£800
• Remembrance Day Bench -The Ashmore Park £1,250
• Remembrance Day Bench- Green Open Space Coppice Farm £1,250
• Shop Local Campaign £1000
• Well Food Bank -£1000
• Christmas Toy Appeal £500
. The Saragari War Memorial £500
• Waste Rubbish Bin -Measham Way £500
• Waste Rubbish Bin -Kitchen Lane -£500
• Oak Meadow School – Stationary £500
• Ashmore Park Nursery School – Hand Sanitizer £500
• Wednesfield North Schools – IT Devices- £3000
• The Hub Ashmore Park Remembrance Day Bench -£2000
Hands on Wednesfield -£5,100 to support and includes the following events and organisation cost.
1. Public Insurance Liability -£500
2. Wednesfield in Bloom -£500
3. #Stuff4Steph Fun day £1000
4. Wednesfield Canal Festival £600
5. Community Excellence Awards £1000
6. ShopLocal-£500
7. Christmas Lights £1000

We are also going to support Wednesfield Aces 60th Diamond celebrations in June of this year to the sum of £800 Plus £800 Waterside Residents Amenity Fund.

All of these arrangements have been a popular success, and we will be doing all we can going forward to continue to develop Wednesfield North in a very positive way

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more