Important – The Whitehouse Crescent Bonfire 2019 Ashmore Park

As we approach Bonfire Night there are local residents and City Safety Officials that are concerned about the size and the contents that are being piled onto the bonfire stack in Whitehouse Crescent Ashmore Park. The City Council tell me that.

“The bonfire preparations have begun very early this year, far too early (at the start of September), which has led to some fly tipping occurring at the site before the Council was made aware of the bonfire as to deploy cctv to the area.

The wood pile when inspected by a City official towards the end of September was far too high, and even then, at unsafe levels.”- they tell me.

City safety officials wrote to me yesterday saying that “They have been unable to contact anyone from the local community who wants to take responsibility for the bonfire.”

They further inform me that they have been speaking with the local Tenants and Residents Association who has been contacting people who were involved last year, as to whether they will officially take responsibility for the 2019 event.

Last year a group of residents signed to take ownership of the bonfire and were informed that this would have to happen again this year, by the City Safety Officials.

The City tell me in their correspondence that they “have heard nothing as of yet from residents about the 2019 Bonfire night proposal.”

City Officials again tell me that “this year (2019) has seen a large increase in the number of complaints regarding the bonfire, based on the concerns about disturbances from last year’s event and the organisation of this year’s event.”

I therefore wish all local residents to be aware that as it stands. City Officials have informed the Tenants and Residents Association, “if we cannot get a nominated responsible party for the event by Wednesday this week (16th October) the wood pile will be removed.”

If, however the City have contact with “a responsible party they will be required to attend a Council SAG (Safety Advise Group), meeting before the event takes place”.

In that way the City Council Safety Advisory Group will have a chance to understand what safety arrangements will be in place on the night, if the Licence is agreed.

I have made this information public, as I feel that it should be. If you live locally to Whitehouse Crescent be aware of this important information

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more