Latest News – Travellers Incursion- Coppice Farm

Last night Wednesday the 8th July, a group of Travellers with their caravans and vehicles arrived and set up camp for the night behind Coppice Community High School on Green Open Space on City of Wolverhampton land.

They started their incursion around 21.00, by 21.10 I received my first phone call from residents in Wolverhampton side of the Borough Boundary telling me of the Travellers Incursion.
Councillors Rita Potter and Mary with Myself agreed to work together and this is the course of action we took.

We had by 21.30 phoned and reported the incursion (12 or so Caravans and vehicles) to West Midlands Police.

Second, we reported the incursion to the Out of Hours Emergency Team at City of Wolverhampton Council.
I then contacted a Walsall Councillor, we spoke about the issues, the fact that the Travellers crossed the Walsall MBC boundary having accessed Wolverhampton Public Green Open Space via Coppice Farm Way which is located n Walsall.

The information I received then was that these Travellers could well be the same group that camped in New Invention last week. The Councillor informed me that he had reported the evenings actions to the Walsall MBC Officials.

I can also report that West Midlands Police had dispatched Officers to the site which is Close to Gorey Close, and boundaries by Coppice High School and Reynolds Walk.

I then contacted the City of Wolverhampton Council again, after 22.40 and after the conversation it was clear that the camp would remain in situation overnight. In the morning there will be new and better information available.

I will post any information I gain from the Authorities on my social media sites then. In that way the community will be fully informed of the actions being taken if any.

Good Night and we wait for later in the morning.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more