Living With Cancer? – Message from Cancer UK

Dear Cllr Bateman MBE,

I wanted to provide an update on how Cancer Research UK can help you and your local authority during this unprecedented time.

With guidance from the Government regularly evolving, many of the people in your local authority may be unsure how to protect themselves and their community as best they can. This is especially true for those living with cancer who, alongside their friends and families, will want to take extra care to reduce their risks. We’ve made a web guide containing the latest information and important links so people can keep up to date with caring for themselves and others. We would be grateful if, as part of your communication with residents and fellow councillors, you could share this link so as many people see this advice as possible.

We are committed to supporting the national effort to tackle Covid-19 and are already using our resources and expertise to help. We:
• have established the Francis Crick Institute as a Covid-19 testing hub for London and are liaising with national co-ordinators to explore how our other institutes can also help;
• are releasing our funded clinical research workforce to return to NHS front line service delivery;
• are developing a targeted research call; and
• are making our research centres, wider infrastructure and lab kit available where they are of use.
As you may have seen in the news in recent days, this crisis is also having a direct impact on Cancer Research UK, and we expect to see our fundraising income decline by up to 25% in the next financial year. As a result, we have made the difficult decision to defer our Spring research funding round, and we are planning further cuts to our research funding. We remain tirelessly committed to making progress for people affected by cancer, but now more than ever, support from Local Government and the public will be vital.

Despite this, we are working round the clock to help to cancer patients, researchers and health systems across the UK in any way we can. If there is anything we can do to assist you in the months ahead, our Local Public Affairs team is available on You can also follow us on Twitter (@CRUK_Policy) for the latest information.

Best wishes to you and your family,


Alex Watson
Local Public Affairs and Campaigning Officer
Policy Department
Cancer Research UK

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Phil Bateman

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