Looking Towards Better Crime Statistics

As we approach the end of the month the latest Police UK Crime statistics should be being prepared,
the last statistics we have seen where these for June 2020.

I am hoping that we will have seen a downturn in some of the key crimes that is affecting Wednesfield.

These Police UK statistics include the crimes that have taken place in both Wednesfield North and Wednesfield South.
They also include crimes that take place in Wednesfield High Street and Bentley Bridge Retail AND Leisure Park.
The West Midlands Police manage the two Wards together, and that is why Police UK measure and publish the figures in this way.

As one of your Local City Councillors, I will be looking to see the July crime statistics going down.

Crime levels overview
Jul 2019 197 8.6%
Aug 2019 196 8.5%
Sep 2019 171 7.4%
Oct 2019 182 7.9%
Nov 2019 190 8.3%
Dec 2019 179 7.8%
Jan 2020 184 8%
Feb 2020 231 10%
Mar 2020 220 9.6%
Apr 2020 171 7.4%
May 2020 197 8.6%
Jun 2020 184 8%

Amongst those facts are the individual Crimes that they relate too.
Violence and Sexual offences are consistently standing out for me.along with Anti Social behaviour
which is also a stand-out number. With more than 16% (ASB) of these crimes making up the total.

Anti-social behaviour 30 16.3%
Burglary 11 6%
Criminal damage and arson 9 4.9%
Drugs 4 2.2%
Other theft 6 3.3%
Possession of weapons 1 0.5%
Public order 16 8.7%
Robbery 2 1.1%
Shoplifting 11 6%
Vehicle crime 10 5.4%
Violence and sexual offences 76 41.3%
Other crime 8 4.3%

Burglary is yet another horrible Crime here in Wednesfield North, and that will be a crime that will attract our attention also.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more