National Express Announce Environmental Landmarks.

Climate Change is an issue on everyone’s lips.

Here in Wolverhampton the City of Wolverhampton has long been an advocate of limiting environmental damage.

In July 2019, Wolverhampton went a step further and declared a climate emergency stating that “a climate emergency has been declared by Wolverhampton Council as it announces plans to make the city greener by 2028.”

It is now very much a City Council priority, many of the other local Councils across the country have also been declaring climate emergencies now.

City of Wolverhampton became the first local authority in the Black Country to commit to reducing carbon emissions as it pledged to reduce CO2 levels to zero by year 2028.

So as a City of Wolverhampton Councillor, I was very pleased to learn that National Express West Midlands, the regions biggest bus company, have also now announced that their bus fleet have reached two environmental landmarks this week.

Firstly, 50% of their fleet is now Euro 6, which means lower emissions than an average diesel family car. The upgrade programme continues, with most of the remaining fleet due for upgrade over the next twelve months.

Secondly, all their electricity (powering depots, offices and soon buses) now comes from fully-renewable and carbon neutral sources, such as wind and solar power.
Now that is good news not only for the bus company, but for the conurbation and for Wolverhampton as a City.
Wolverhampton is the home of a local NX West Midlands Bus depot, where it provides employment and is very much valued in the business scene in the City. Well done National Express.

Wolverhampton is the home of a local NX West Midlands Bus depot in Park Lane.

Photograph – Back in September 2016 at Wolverhampton Racecourse – NX new type of Platinum bus branding, was first launched here in our City the photograph relates to that proud launch.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more