Neighbours Beware – Broad Lane North/South & Wyvern Park. Newly Updated

Hi Neighbours!

Just a warning do not become a victim of crime! I know its easy to say, and hard to achieve. But Vehicle Crime is easy to commit if we make it easy for the thieves that are just waiting for you to make a mistake, or be forgetful.

In the early hours of this morning there was a thief about on a bicycle in Broad Lane North indeed around 3.30am a lad on a cycle took advantage of an error I made, and made off with my Golf Clubs, my golf cart and my mobile. He came back three times to make good his getaway! How do I know all this? Well a kindly neighbour interrogated his CCTV and it is all on there.

What he  didn’t like was my clothing style, He took off with the Golfing Gear and a hand hold, but not before he took out my clothes from the handhold.

My Jacket and my golf shoe’s were left behind. Plus leaving my shirt neatly folded. He however  did want the Jimmy Choo aftershave, and the sun lotion!

I am livid with myself for being so accommodating to this thief. I am fearful other personal  items that were in the car have also disappeared. Even worse has been the complete loss of a day as you have to make alternative arrangements and report items etc.

In short please be careful – Do not make life easy for those that want your hard earned property this thief on a bike will be back……..looking for some other easy victim. Just make sure it isn’t you! Oh if by luck you know who it is, or saw this lad pedalling and pulling Golf Clubs …..let me know please! My clubs are Ping! By the way if you have cctv and live in Broad Lane South have a gander and look if you have any images…..


Update 1 – Friday 7.00pm

Now we are getting somewhere, The Police have been around to see me in the last hour. Plus following the comments I have made on social media. I am aware now of two cctv film images of the gentleman on a bike. One of him visiting me in Broad Lane North and another image last night of him trying cars in Broad Lane South.

So if you have cctv and live anywhere around Broad Lane North/South area, and would like to join this detective story ,please check your own CCTV?

I know he was at my house at 3.30 am. He left a box of Indian chocolates from a shop in Handsworth on the hanging basket whilst he rummaged around in my car. We think he might have taken this box from another place/or another car, just before he did me? Anyone missing ‘designer’ chocolates with nuts from an Indian Shop in Handsworth?!!cid_image001_png@01D0C3F7 Police


Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more


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