New Waste Bin Agreed – Moathouse Lane Bridge

Following a recent litter pick I organised with the on the 14th July. Which was a great success with more than 50 people turning up to do their bit to keep this area of the City of Wolverhampton that bit cleaner.

Wednesfield North Councillors and Wednesfield South Councillors received similar calls for a specific litter bin to be placed by what is called by locals as the ‘Dump Bridge’ on a patch of land that is owned by Wolverhampton Homes. Which is situated right alongside  the Wyrley and Essington Canal. This land is enjoyed greatly by residents who use it to sit and chat and enjoy what is ever happening on the canal.

Recently I received this request from –Graham Rowley who said “Just wondering Phil, any chance of getting a litter bin on grassed area by moat house bridge. There are benches there where people sit but unfortunately do not take their rubbish away. A bin may help the situation.”

Now both with me, writing on behalf of Wednesfield North Councillors, and Councillor Greg Brackenridge The Deputy Mayor of City of Wolverhampton, writing for Wednesfield South Councillors, both of us approached the Land Owners Wolverhampton Homes. We made the case which Graham Rowley asked us too.

Now here is the good news! Wolverhampton Homes has responded to me with this positive  comment – “We will make arrangements to order a new litter bin from our supplier Travis Perkins for the open space at Moathouse Lane East and upon delivery one of our Estate Caretakers will install the bin on site.”

Wednesfield North Councillors and Wednesfield South Councillors are delighted that this request has been agreed. Hopefully it will lead to a cleaner Wyrley and Essington Canal, which at this point is part of the United Kingdoms newest Local Nature Reserve, and one of the nicest spots on the canal to sit and watch the wildlife, and the boat traffic using this 220 year old heritage canal.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more