News Up Date – Wednesfield North.

Through most of the summer (2021), your team of Wednesfield North Councillors -Councillors Mary Bateman, Councillors Rita Potter and myself, have been hard at work trying to get much needed investment into the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade.

The Ashmore Park Shopping Parade is very much the trading centre for the Ward of Wednesfield North. It is described as a Sub District Shopping Centre which underlines its importance in the City of Wolverhampton. It contains retail stores of variety, Hot Food Take-Aways, Goods for sale such as carpets and products and Angling specialists’ services. It is a home for Dental, and Eye services. It is also a provider of Wolverhampton Homes, and contains the Headquarters of an important private Homes Letting Agency. All this as well as sitting on a site of archaeological importance. A number of Local Bus Routes, services the shopping parade offering public transport to and from Wolverhampton. Wednesfield and Walsall.

The Shopping Parade is in the constant view of thousands of people every week. It is a crucial lifeline for many, and is an important asset to Wednesfield North.

We can report some success in these conversations about our Shopping Parade today.

A whole host of other debates have also been taking place between ourselves and Wolverhampton Homes as we have argued the case, and some of that argument has now been achieved. Earlier this year we identified and successfully achieved action around the drains in Raj Kumar Drive, behind the Deli and the Pet Shop; We have requested a tidying of the Parade. We have asked for structural reviews to take place relating to the arrangements for the waste collection service, the chute management. We have pointed out that the whole place looks run down. We are pressing for the Parade to look better.

Wolverhampton Homes have responded well to our requests, they have repaired the drainage channels over the Summer in the top car park. They have recently refurbished the car park surface on Raj Kumar Drive. Giving safer access to vehicles and pedestrians. They have also replaced the safety ‘pegs’ around the site. Plus, they have inserted new drainage.

The debates and issues will continue and we will keep you informed of these and other issues that make up our list of improvements we are after.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more