Failure To Scoop Your Dog Poop -Will Land you In The Poop!

Last week I placed information relating to Dog Fouling on the site outside of the Ashmore Park Nursery and the Doctors Surgery on Griffith Drive. There had been a huge number of complaints.

I can inform you that there is no fouling signs up now on street furniture

-Dog Fouling letters have been delivered to some local homes

-The School has been spoken too and an explanation of the actions have been made.

-Patrols have taken place and an Officer has spoken with parents

Residents must know that the Authority will prosecute offenders, and I wish this note to be a warning to those dog owners that Do NOT  ‘Scoop the Poop’. There will be patrols and people will report offenders for action to be taken. You have been warned!


IMG_4283Phil&ed doolan

I Celebrated #WorldRadioDay!

February 13th #WorldRadioDay!

I just love Local Radio, it provides a tremendous service to Local Communities. I first became hooked with Local Radio in the  1970’s. I remember my first radio interview which was on Beacon Radio. Surprisingly it wasn’t on transport.

In those days I was on my first public body. The Wolverhampton Community Health Council.IMG_6009 Phil Bateman BBC Radio Interview

I have been lucky enough to have spent some thirty years or more contributing to Local Radio. I dearly love the medium, and I was lucky enough to be asked by the now passed Tony Inchley Station Manager of BBC Radio WM, to stand in and act as the guest presenter on the Locally famous BBC Radio WM Ed Doolan Show. That was and still is a career highlight for me.

I went onto serve on an advisory board for Radio WM during Tony’s time bossing the station.

I have given hundreds of interviews on radio from across the World. Plus I have made many friends. I hope that LOcal Radio continues to prosper here in Wolverhampton and the West Midlands…our community would be much the poorer if it were to decline. Support#WorldRadioDay

IMG_5708 City Council

Wolverhampton- Growing and Ambitious!

Our City continues to grow with almost 260,000 people living within our boundary’s, It contains 102,200 homes.  It’s a great City with a thousand years of history, and a manufacturing history that is envied by many other towns and Cities. With almost 8,500 businesses and 113,000 jobs. Wolverhampton is  not a City to ignore!

We should be proud of our City and rather than talking it down. We should be talking it up!

We have 2m visitors a year, and we should be ambitious enough to want more!  Just a 30-minute drive away is a market of 1.73 million people. So Folks be proud of Wolverhampton and let’s see it continue to grow, for all of our own future prosperity.Wednesfield Road Signs


Stop Your Pet Pooping On The Pavement!


I have returned home this afternoon to find two messages on my answerphone off two different people complaining about Dog Pooh surrounding the pavement at the entrance of the Ashmore Park Nursery School.

The first message was from a lady who told me in no uncertain terms that the dog mess outside the School and the Doctors next door was a health hazard for the children and the patients. The second call was of a similar nature. I have written to the Director of Public Protection asking him to intervene and arrange for some ‘pavement action’ around the school and the doctors.

I have asked if the City of Wolverhampton Council can clean and place a No Fouling Notice up to remind dog walkers of their responsibility in law. One of the complainants had witnessed the owner with a dog at the time.

Please if you are a dog owner you have a liability in law to ‘scoop the poop’. Please do not leave it for others to walk in. Especially around such important places like Doctors and Schools which by the nature of the buildings attract heavy footfall.

There is a financial penalty if the offence is witnessed or captured via cctv.


Severn Trent Water – Griffith Drive Closure Warning!

I want to warn business and residents living on Ashmore Park that Severn Trent Water Company are planning to effect closure of part of Griffith Drive in phases, to renew the water mains. This work is scheduled in April 2019.  This is the information that I have been furnished with to date.

It is proposed Griffiths Drive is closed in both directions from its junction with Southall Road for approximately 425 metres in a western direction. It is expected this closure will operate in phases along this section of road, commencing on 08/04/19 until 29/05/19 to facilitate water main renewal works on behalf of Severn Trent Water.

Due to the temporary traffic management required to facilitate the works, Severn Trent Water (Amey) have already approached some of the premises directly affected to discuss the scope of the works and access arrangements.

It is anticipated the majority of the works will be completed by drilling, as it is hoped this method of working will reduce obstructions and maintain access to frontages. When making connections onto the new pipe, Severn Trent Water will work closely with the premises directly affected and endeavour to plate over car park entrances to maintain access wherever possible.

Would everyone who is likely to be affected by this work please note the situation. There will be disruption one would expect to the Local Bus Service, and to Local trading establishments, as well as homes.

I am seeking more information and I will publish it and make you aware, as I receive it.

11219321_10206520658548749_9033833711497005409_n Rubbish left

Fly Tipping Information -Wednesfield North



Fly Tipping Information -Wednesfield North

Keep your street Neat! Fly Tipping is a crime! City of Wolverhampton Council now operates Fly Tipping Campaign.  In the second of these up dates – This one relates to the dates  from 14 January through to the 27th January.

In Wednesfield North – There were no Fly Tipping incidents reported in this Ward during this period.

This is Good News!

So in this second report and update – Here are the facts.

  • Across the rest of the City there were however 170 sites reported
  • This is a 61% decrease in Fly Tipping reported over the same time 2018.
  • There is a campaign total now of 14 Fixed Penalty Notices being served on polluters.
  • ‘Shop a Tipper’ 2019 – There have been  24 Tip Offs now which are being followed up.

Clearly, the campaign that the City Council is waging is aimed at reducing this awful scourge. I will continue to place this information on my sites as the information becomes available

Tim Johnson with Rita Potter 43388390_10216335605436287_8193589606856261632_n

Bowling to Success!



“The Bowling Green will be reinstated once the housing development at Danesmore Pastures has been completed’’

This was one of the outcomes that came from our most recent (Jan 2019) meeting with City of Wolverhampton Council when your three City Councillors met with Managing Director Tim Johnson in January 2019.

Councillor Rita Potter speaking for the Ward Councillors said ” This is good news as it will help to deliver a better Bowling Club facility, and bowls is a growing sport. We are delighted though that the reinstatement has been confirmed by the Managing Director.”

The Ward Councillors had shown the MD around Wednesfield North in October 2018, just after he had been appointed as the new Managing Director of the City Council.

Jessup the contractors working on the Housing Development at Danesmore Pastures have struck up a good relationship with the Ashmore Park Bowling Club. The Bowling Club lost one of their Greens to the construction. It hasn’t stopped a strong relationship being struck up between the contractors and the Bowling Club, in fact the relationship has been a rather good one. The water tap was lost to bad weather and the supply to the Ashmore Park Bowling club was reinstated by Jessup’s, with support via the City Council.




Fly Tipping Information -Wednesfield North

Fly tipping is a scourge, and it is a crime! City of Wolverhampton Council has sharpened up its approach to this issue under Cllr Steve Evans.

Here are some stats that may inform you of the situation. As a Local Wednesfield North Councillor we are now getting regular up dates in arrears about the extent and seriousness of the incidents.

The Good News is that in the first week of January here in Wednesfield North

  • There were no reports of fly tipping made in our Ward of Wednesfield North.
  • Across the City there were however 9 Fixed Penalty Notices served
  • ‘Shop a Tipper’ 2019 – Week commencing 7 January -6 Tip offs received.
  • A vehicle has been seized for evidence relating to Fly Tipping and is being held.

Clearly, we are all hopeful that this approach will work and reduce this illegal activity, saving tax pounds and keeping our Wards and City in better shape.

Councillor Mary Bateman.  Picture by Shaun Fellows / Shine Pix

Councillors Reports

I have started the year 2019 very much as I finished the year with a whole range of issues and objectives.

Cllr Rita Potter, and Mary Bateman and I, held three Advice Surgeries in January across Wednesfield North. These were held at – Ashmore Park Nursery School, Woodend Primary School and The Hub at Ashmore Park.

This is the headlines of the issues and cases I am dealing with which I opened   and I am now active on at the end of January.

Charitable and Funday Activities that we are involved with during January

  • Wednesfield in Bloom attended organisational meeting, made many individual actions around the organisation. Held a public meeting in January on Ashmore Park. Lots of other activity around the required arrangements.
  • #Stuff4Steph Charitable activities start and organisation help for the Opening event on the 6th July 2019 and making arrangements for activity over the following six days!
  • Wednesfield Canal Festival – A two-day event scheduled for the 10th & 11th August 2019 a number of meetings attended, and lots of individual actions.

Individual Case Work Opened in January and activated. These are new cases.

21 new pieces of case work opened. I have also attended 8 Meetings with individuals and organisations.


  • Bike Station
  • 5 Housing cases
  • 3 Police issues
  • Road safety
  • Cycling
  • Blue Badge
  • Canal & River Trust
  • Vandalism
  • School Admission
  • Litter
  • Dog Waste
  • Animal Welfare
  • Pot Hole
  • 2 Welfare Rights.

An active January, and now we are quickly moving in to February.  Please keep an eye on social media for events reports and activities.