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Wednesfield- Where There Is Always Something Taking Place!

Wednesfield is a place where there is always something going on. In the last few weeks we have taken part in the Heart of England in Bloom competition. The Village looks really good with all the flowers giving Wednesfield a splash of real colour. The Wednesfield ‘Bloomers’ all volunteers did us all a great service.

I am also pleased that we have Wednesfield FC winning promotion into the West Midlands Premier League, after finishing as runner -up in Division 1. They had a great run of results reaching a number of Cup Finals. They are due to meet the Mayor of Wolverhampton in August, so again more good news for Wednesfield. I do hope they can get even more local support in the coming season.

The Ashmore Park Funday which took place last weekend as part of the ‘#Stuff4Steph’ programme was amazing for everyone. The Shopping Parade had a lift in the number of customers they had. The Local Charities appeared to do well. But it was the overall buzz that was good to witness, the laughs the smiles, the fact that volunteers and our community came together and had real fun!

So all in all it is a good time to be a resident of Wednesfield!

Severn Trent Water Company- Still Full Of Delay!

Residents living in Kitchen Lane Ashmore Park Wednesfield have had to put up with a Water leak which they first reported to the company seven long weeks ago! It is an absolute disgrace for this FTSE company to force local residents to wait this long for the repair to be addressed and the water leak stopped.

The surrounding grass has become a ‘mud bath’ and an estimated 2,000 gallons of water has been lost down drains….
I wrote to the City Council asking them three basic questions these were –

“1. When did Severn Trent first approach the City Council for permissions to make the repair?

As a statutory undertaker Severn Trent does not currently need the Council’s permission to make the repair. They only need to send us a notice to say when they want to do the works. They sent us a notice on 27 June to say they wanted to undertake the works 3-5 July.

2. What was the City Councils response – and when did we respond?

We have contacted Severn Trent for the first time today (13 July) when we became aware of the issue. We have requested that the works require an urgent response.

3. If we have responded what restrictions if any have we placed on them?

We have placed no restriction on them proceeding with the repair.

I hope the answer to these questions help and that’s Severn Trent start their works as a matter of urgency. Any problems, please come back to us”

I do intend to get back to the Wolverhampton City Council on Monday….But I want residents to know in Kitchen lane that I shall also be hounding ( Severn Trent) again on Monday. This time I will be writing to their Chairman….

Channel 4 Logo

Channel 4 Location Battle!

The new Metro Mayor is getting into ‘hot-water’ about supporting Birmingham over Coventry in the battle for Channel 4 – as it ready’s to move out of London!

Before you read the article below – I raised Wolverhampton as a site for the TV relocation…I still think it would be a real good fit, close to the rail station, so perhaps Mr Street bang the drum for Wolverhampton? It is equally as deserving as our West Midlands neighbours….

Mayor accused of Birmingham bias in Channel 4 tweet
Andy Street, the West Midlands mayor, has denied favouring Birmingham over Coventry in the region’s bid to attract Channel 4 following proposals to move the broadcaster out of London. The mayor attracted criticism when he tweeted a link to a newspaper article with the message “Birmingham, Liverpool and Sheffield want to be new home of Channel 4.” One user responded: “As do Coventry… is this the beginning of favouring Birmingham over us?” However, in an opinion piece in the Birmingham Mail, Neil Elkes says everyone “should stop paying lip service to our West Midlands neighbours – Birmingham is the only bid which adds up.” Meanwhile, Nottingham last week announced it would also be vying for Channel 4’s new HQ in a submission as part of a Government consultation.

A Five Week Leak – No Severn Trent Action- Shame on Them!


There is a water leak that has been running for 5 weeks in Kitchen Lane Ashmore Park.
It lies between the homes from the junction of Millbank Street and Wolmer road with Kitchen lane.
It is smelly, growing algae, it has flies and the neighbours are very upset that they are no nearer getting the repair done.
Severn Trent to need to make the repair urgently – take a look  at the attached a video Click to see

Use The M6 To Go To and From Work? Then Read This!

Highways England is due to continue a concrete repair and re-surfacing scheme at Spaghetti Junction in July 2017.

Traffic management will be in place during the works, including seven full-weekend closures of junction 6 of the M6, entry and exit slip roads slip roads and the A38(M) into and out of Birmingham.

This is due to start from 7 July 2017 (TBC).

The work will be carried out during the summer months when the road is at its quietest with the M6 itself remaining fully open throughout.

Traffic management restrictions for the duration of the work:

  • The tidal-flow lane on the A38(M) (controlled by electronic overhead signs) will be closed.
  • Narrow lanes on A38(M) with a 30mph speed limit for safety reasons.
  • Gravelly Hill will be closed from Six Ways to the A38(M) into city carriageway (access to frontages only) – diversions will be in place.
  • Tyburn Road will remain open, but there will be no access to the A38(M).
  • Park Circus on-slip will remain open.
  • Salford Circus will remain open.

For further information, detailed dates and closure times, please visit our website.

You can also contact Highways England (available 24-hours-a-day) on 0300 123 5000.

Next Wednesfield Police Meeting!

Wednesfield North residents may wish to note that this is the next meeting of the Police and Community Together meeting – the venue is Wednesfield High School…..


‘Partners and Community Together’

Wednesfield High School, Lichfield Road, Wednesfield

6 pm, 11/7/2017

Sergeant Danher together with other agency partners, invite you to attend the next meeting of the Wednesfield North PACT open meeting.  You can influence the policing priorities in your Neighbourhood at the

Open meeting starting at 6 pm

You will also receive information on how crime & Anti social Behaviour are being tackled in this Neighbourhood.

For further information please contact Sergeant Martin Danher on 0845 113 5000 ( or Abdul Rahim on 01902 556617 (

19265210_10213854911676926_1553272898_nWyrley&EssingtonCanal Hogweed

Tree Slip & Giant Hogweed Cause Canal Concern!

Today I have reported the fact that there is a tree, that has slid into the water about 100 yards from The Pinfold Bridge, this is a hazard itself to Narrow Boat traffic so please be cautious if you are travelling on the WE in Wednesfield today!

But the tree slipping into the canal also fully exposes Giant Hogweed flowering.

Giant Hogweed is a poisonous invasive alien plant to the Wyrley and Essington canal. It needs to be treated by the Authorities.

I want to thank Wednesfield Resident Maureen Smith for being sharp eyed and quick,  to report this issue to me!

I have informed the management team at the Canal & River Trust so that they can deal with the tree in the water, and the Giant Hogweed, before it causes more problems for those that use this fantastic 220 year old canal!

19642466_1948525122099279_4599144542633156227_n True Briton Water leak.

Severn Trent Dealing With Water Leak!

Wolverhampton City Council were informed about this water leak outside the True Briton following a resident contacting me. The City Council informed me this morning that.

“We have spoken to Severn Trent about this. They are aware of the issue and have already inspected the leak yesterday. They have raised a job to fix the problem.”

Hopefully the Severn Trent team will be dealing with the matter now. Thanks again to the resident who first alerted me to the problem.



Local Community Pharmacies Still Under Threat!

I have been warning for over a year now about the growing crisis in Local Pharmacies here in Wolverhampton , and right across the country!

There is an increasing threat taking place to the smaller Local Community Pharmacies in Wolverhampton. All because of the current Government Policy.

Larger retail chains which have profits from other things such as food and wholesaler drugs like Lloyds and Boots probably won’t even notice the Government changes.

The smaller chains of pharmacies, the single owners , will suffer, and are starting to fret about this.

I know in my conversation with Pharmacist’s that they have huge concerns around the loss of training, as Local Pharmacies will have no funds to use for this, refits of shops will be stopped, sufficient staffing levels will be in question.

I have been reminded by the industry that “ it’s a real tough world in pharmacy and yet there is so much potential for us to help reduce the ill patients using the NHS  and causing queues in surgeries.”

They went onto tell me that “The government are very proud of giving our funds over to the gp’s to fund a prescribing pharmacist but this does not solve the issue of a patient needing minor ailments treatments, and in the queue at surgery or even in casualty when they could have gone to pharmacy on the high street with no appointment.”

I remain very concerned that we will see smaller community pharmacies on local housing estates, in small villages, and other smaller settlements close, causing loss of local jobs, and a loss of a great local service.

I have already (last year) laid a resolution in the City Council trying to protect these Pharmacies, and since I have had even more concerns raised by the local pharmacies, I have again written to the Public Health Director urging a further examination of what can be done.”

Barnard road 7 aug 2013

Barnard Road – Residents Concern Over Traffic

In June I was approached by residents concerned about road safety following an accident that took place in Barnard Road. I wrote to Wolverhampton City Councils Road Safety team and highlighted the concerns I had received.

Here is the response I have received

Dear Councillor Bateman I have looked at our database for records of Personal Injury Accidents (PIA) and found that there have been no PIA’s recorded in the last five years along the main stretch of Barnard Road or at either of the junctions with Griffiths Drive.  I have recently had an update stating that accident records are up to date up to April 2017 so I can only assume that the accident that occurred recently has not have been input onto the database by West Midlands Police at this stage. We do not currently hold speed data for Barnard Road as it has not been raised as an issue previously and given the amount of on-street parking taking place it is unlikely that average vehicle speeds would be high. It would appear that some inconsiderate parking is taking place near to road junctions which is against guidance in the Highway Code. I will therefore add Barnard Road to our list of sites to introduce a Traffic Regulation Order in the form of double yellow lines at its junctions with Griffiths Drive.  Please be aware that due to the on-going budgetary and resourcing constraints we do have a backlog of TRO’s to progress so it may be some months before we can draw up plans and advertise the restrictions.  Obviously as the restrictions are subject to public consultation their implementation will be dependent on whether objections are received during consultation.

I will of course continue to keep you updated with regards to this issue, and I will ensure that the information is placed on my social media sites, so residents can read the latest.