Probus Wednesfield – Speaker Cllr Phil Bateman

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Today (18 June 2019) at 12.30 I joined The Probus Club in the Castle Inn at Wednesfield and in front of around 25 or so of the members.

Wednesfield Probus Club is a very active Club. PROBUS is a local, national, and international association of retired people who come together in non-political, non-sectarian, non-profit, autonomous clubs which provide regular opportunities for members to meet others in similar circumstances, with similar levels of interest, make new friends, and maintain and expand their interests.

I was asked some months ago to speak at the meeting. It was a pleasure to do so. The Castle Inn was a good venue.

I spoke of my passions, Transport and Wednesfield.

I spoke about my times on the West Midlands County Council and the need today to  expand the Midlands Metro Tram into Wednesfield and to the Molineux and out to Fordhouses.

I warned that the metro should not be ‘a Skegness’, and Wolverhampton should not act as the end of the line! We need the metro to provide quick fast and environmentally friendly public transport now and into the next decade and beyond.

I also spoke about the Wyrley and Essington Canal, The new Local Nature Reserve, our Wednesfield Canal festival and Wednesfield in Bloom!

Phew! It was a journey and a half!

I hope Probus Wednesfield enjoyed it! I did… The Photograph shows me with with Janet who presided over the meeting.

IMG_5708 City Council

Wootton Ave – TRO’s Ready for Consultation

The City of Wolverhampton are readying themselves to make Traffic Regulation Orders for the following highways of Wednesfield North Ward.

They are Thomas Mason Close;Wootton Avenue;Ridge Lane;Duckhouse Road; and Prestwood Avenue.

These restrictions address concerns that have been expressed by inappropriate parking, leading to access and visibility issues. If you have a comment to make – contact

The consultation process will run from 21st June 2019 through to the 12 July when it will cease.

IMG_5708 City Council

Consultation to Start- TRO’s Woodend Road.

There will be formal consultation taking place with regards to Traffic Regulation Orders in Woodend Road in the next few days. These orders will affect the junctions of Jayne Close, and Orchard Road as well.

The Order is intended to protect and safeguard children attending Woodend School

It is a consultation process and it will start on the  20th June 2019 and cease on the 12th July.

If you have any comments to make. Please send them direct to




Ashmore Park bloom

Award Winning Wednesfield Expands In-Bloom Bid!

Wednesfield in Bloom!

Wednesfield discovered the competition back in 2015. Simon Archer and the Volunteers in ‘Hands on Wednesfield’ came up with the idea of entering the Village of Wednesfield into the Heart of England competition. They thought it would appeal to the residents, and it fitted with their own vision of Volunteering, and lifting the soul of the Village.

So, in 2015 the work began by the ‘Hands on Wednesfield’ team started. The challenge was to get the Village, its shop keepers, Landowners, and other institutions involved in brightening up the Village core.

The Village of Wednesfield sits within the City of Wolverhampton. The City Council were not in a position to help. Austerity measures were pushing the City close to financial meltdown. The Parks department and its staff were in a dire situation and the City Council shed some 2,000 jobs. Flowers and rose gardens etc, grass cutting and maintenance of green spaces were amongst the first services to take a hit. As the City tried to manages its declining budgets.

They were tough times for the City, but it did create the right conditions for the ‘Hands on Wednesfield’ Volunteers to step up and appeal for public help and funds to tidy up the Village core. The idea was to clear weeds. Dig over abandoned and raised Flower beds, and take over the responsibility for the planting of those beds. Brighten up a grey and unkept Village.

City of Wolverhampton didn’t have the cash to do the jobs that needed to be done. But they were keen to help the Volunteers and gave them the permissions to move in on the areas that had been abandoned. So, after some pretty sparsely attended early meetings – more Volunteers were called for.  Hands on Wednesfield under the chairmanship of Simon Archer stepped into the organisational Bull Ring and we were off!

In the winter of 2015 plans were laid and the Village started to see what was happening in the early months of 2016. At the end of the period. The ‘In Bloom’ Inspectors came and in the September we found that we had won a Silver Award. Great Joy! And worth all the hard work.

2018 Gold and a Community Award

2017 Gold Award

2016 Silver Award

There could be a book written about the dramas of those early years. But that is not the reason for this article.

I just felt that Wednesfield residents would appreciate what really has been achieved by hard work, a good heart, and volunteering!

In 2017 we won Gold again – In 2017 there were  more people involved. More Volunteers and more pride. The fact that our Volunteers are so diverse culturally also adds to what we have achieved after the 2017 campaign. The Gurdwara is heavily involved. Transforming their grounds into a really fine border Gardens.

The judges have always been captivated by the warmth of the Gurdwara welcome. The way that the Ladies from the Gurdwara and St Thomas’s Church share craft sessions, and deliver such artistic works to complement the flowers. It wasn’t long before the TV was coming to the planting sessions to see ‘Our Community’ working so hard together for the common good!


Wednesfield In just four short years  from inception to action – all those that have volunteered should feel really very proud of what has been achieved.

We have done exceptionally well and in short this is how this part of Wolverhampton have got so far, and in this year why we have extended the Wednesfield in Bloom bid up to and into Ashmore Park.

Ashmore Park lies in the North East of Wolverhampton. It’s a very ancient part of the Village of Wednesfield. One of its claims to historical fame is that when it was first built in the early 1950’s it was one of the largest housing estates in the Country.  At the Heart of Ashmore Park lies its Shopping Parade.

The Wednesfield in Bloom bid this year will take in the Shopping Parade and a stretch of Griffith Drive. Which will include The Hub at Ashmore Park, The Ashmore Park Nursery School, The Ashmore Inn, and St Albans Church.

It’s a very sizeable addition to the core Village entry – which is The St Thomas’s Church, The Gurdwara, The Library, Sainsbury and the amphitheatre plus Bentley Bridge. We have just two hours to transport the Wednesfield in Bloom Judges and complete the whole Ashmore Park project and the Wednesfield Village walk!

The Ashmore Park project is both exciting and dangerous! Exciting because since the announcement that Ashmore Park was to be judged with the now established Wednesfield Village bid. It has sparked a huge energy of committed and new Volunteers.

Ashmore Park had a public planting day on the 1st June. It was a marvellous morning and we had all our plants donated by individuals. Some had bought them. Some had grown them. But what a turnout!

All the shop keepers are involved, look for the Posters in the shop windows. Some have bought their own flowers and are displaying them outside their shops. Some pledge to water. It is transforming a grey and spartan Shopping Parade making it bright and just brilliant.

Here is the record of all the Volunteers that have helped this great campaign, which is now really established and the Chair Joanna Watson of St Thomas’s Church, took a bit of a gamble when agreeing to the extension of the bid taking place. We all believe that the extended Wednesfield bid is the right way forward. But if you like me are a bit scared, then you are right in my own mind. We would be embarrassed if we didn’t add to the Villages growing reputation.

So, if you are a visitor or a resident of the City of Wolverhampton, take a look at all the hard work that is taking place. Marvel at the way everyone is coming together to deliver flowers and colours. The community spirit is everywhere here in Wednesfield  – enjoy it….

Wednesfield in Bloom

2018 Gold and a Community Award

2017 Gold Award

2016 Silver Award

Wednesfield – Our Great Canal!

Interested in the Essington and Wyrley Canal? Do you like what is taking place on the canal here in Wednesfield and Wolverhampton?

I like the voluntary work I do on the canal. It is rewarding and it is satisfaction for me.

We have this year created a Local Nature Reserve of great standing. With  the ‘Hands on Wednesfield’ volunteers we are all working hard together to deliver a great Wednesfield Canal Festival on this Bentley Bridge site on August 10 and 11th  2019.

Please if you like the message that is on this video, please comment. It is so important that all that you see taking place in and around our canal, is recognised as being not only for the Wildlife which is great. But also for people, families, boaters, individuals that like nature, business and commerce. Its a Partnership that can only get better.

We have a great resource please lets use it to the full!

Tim Johnson 10 Oct18 43437530_10216335600956175_3736420414201528320_n

Top Council Boss To Visit Wednesfield North!


On Monday 17th June 2019 Wednesfield North City Councillors will welcome the City of Wolverhampton Managing Director, Mr Tim Johnson will be taking on his second ‘Ward Walk’ here in Wednesfield North since he was appointed into that Managing Director role at the City Council in 2018.

Councillor Rita Potter said today “We are looking forward to showing Mr Johnson around Wednesfield North.

We have seen a lot of progress here since 2018, quite a lot of good things have happened in the Ward. There are new homes that have been built for new families, including new Council houses. We will be explaining the problems we have, and some of the ideas we have as we conduct him on his visit. We also have a surprise or two for him!”

All three City Councillors will accompany Mr Johnson on his visit.

Wednesfield MagazinejuneJuly2019 IMG_0050 (002)

Wednesfield Magazine – June & July 2019 Edition Out!

The Wednesfield Magazine is an independent Local Magazine.

The Magazine is written in Wednesfield, and it serves the people of Wednesfield and the local businesses. Its a great little read and it is free .

In Wednesfield North you can pick the Magazine up at the Hub, The Library, and at numerous Local shops. In this Month’s edition it carries a real nice obituary in a tribute to Jean Shinton.

Jean was one of Wednesfields ‘Movers and Shakers’ she loved her community. It’s a nice read. Well done Editor Simon for writing this very nice tribute.  Rest In Peace Jean.

IMG00180-20120814-1634 Garage Weeds Ridge Lane

Question About City Use of Weedkiller Answered.

At the recent Audit & Risk Meeting of the City of Wolverhampton, I raised the question of weedkiller with the Committee. Clearly I want to be sure that the use of these chemicals are providing little or no risk, to operatives and the general public.

Here is the written response I have received.

“In response to the risk management query raised at Audit Committee on Monday 10 June I’ve identified the following;The Health and Safety Team have confirmed that there have been no incidents reported to them with regards to the use of weed killer in the City. 

I’ve spoken to the Head of Environmental Services who has confirmed the following with regards to the use of weed killer in Wolverhampton;

Herbicides are used for the control of unwanted weeds and it is effective in the control of vegetation.  The chemical glyphosate is used around hedge bases, lamp columns and other obstacles, this is a cost effective way of reducing maintenance and potential damage or injury to machine operatives, the public and property (from flying debris caused by strimming).

Glyphosate is safe to use.  However, we have noted that some issues regarding glyphosate have been raised in some quarters (mainly manufacturing) and therefore efforts to identify possible alternatives are being made.  There have been issues in the past with damage to both property and vehicles due to employees carrying out strimming.  Chemical usage is also more cost effective as it reduces employee time and the need for ongoing maintenance.”

I am pleased to receive this response and will continue to ask the appropriate questions moving into the future.


Pensioners to Pay for TV Licences!

Let me say that I am saddened that the BBC are to charge Pensioners over 75,  for their TV Licence. It is a shabby decision.

Gordon Brown gave the concession to OAP’s when he was Prime Minister.

The Conservatives George Osborn the then Chancellor and David Cameron the Conservative Prime Minister at the time, ordered the BBC to take this issue on board. The current Governor General Tony Hall of the BBC agreed to the decision.

There is a real issue now as those Pensioners over 75, many of them whom are  War veterans, some who are amongst the most vulnerable. All will have a major part of their entertainment taxed by this rotten decision, taken by a rotten Government, and a BBC management that gifts its own stars –  huge public money backed salaries.

I want to say that I want this lame duck  Government to say ” We have made a mistake, and we will reverse the decision”

The ten Tory hopeful’s who want to be Prime Minister, should all be asked what they would do to reverse this awful decision. After all many of them are still offering tax cuts for the rich, as a bonus for the Conservative Party to pick them!

I hope that Wednesfield North residents raise their voices of protest against this awful decision.

David Cameron started this off, and just like the Referendum. Isn’t about for the aftermath. Remember as you get older , become infirm, cannot get out of the house. The TV becomes a crucial part of your life. This Government want’s to mean test those senior citizens for their benefits, creating even more decisions. Means testing for goodness sake!

That’s what this Government wants for our senior citizens, who by their toil, their bravery, and their life, have turned Britain into the fifth richest Country in the World. Reverse this awful decision!

Virgin Media header-abbey-road-9-gradient

The Complaints About Virgin Media! It is now in your Court!

Readers of my Blog in Wednesfield North have been very upset about the quality and the performance of Virgin Media services in this part of Wolverhampton.

When this issue was first raised with me. It was  through  some 55 individual comments from customers. These comments  were received by myself across social media pages. I promised those disgruntled customers that I would write to Virgin Media’s Chief Executive – which I did.

I wrote to the Chief Executive of Virgin Media  Mr Tom Mockridge last week, about the problems that you my constituents in Wednesfield North were facing with the Virgin Media service, and the poor WiFi and media performance in particular.

This is the response I have received today. I am pleased to say that the matter has been placed with The Regional Affairs Manager Nigel Richardson.

Mr Richardson is asking for me to provide a detailed response with specific examples of the problems, that you face.

My advice is that you write by email to and quote this reference number.  [Complaint]Complaint of Poor Service – Wednesfield North – City of Wolverhampton  (KMM45336472V86693L0KM) -made by Cllr Phil Bateman.

In that way you can tailor your problem direct to the man that matters. Please email the company with the complaints you have. Please leave your name and email address/royal mail address, so that they can address your problem for you.

Also copy me in on the email( so I can monitor your complaints and the number of complaints that are made to Virgin. Please make your complaints, this man can make a difference to your service.

Best Regards

Cllr Phil Bateman.MBE



Dear Councillor Bateman,

Thanks for contacting Virgin Media on behalf of your constituents. Your email has been forwarded onto me to look into the issues raised.

In order for me to fully investigate them would it be possible for you to provide specific examples of issues or specific addresses so I can provide a detailed response?



Nigel Richardson | Regional Affairs Manager – Midlands, Wales and South West