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Red Lion Public House – Wednesfield North.

Red Lion Public House. Wednesfield North.
I understand that the Red Lion PH has applied to make an application at the premises for a variation of their Licence.
The Licencing Officer at the City Council will be in a position to give further information.
If residents or others want to make representations they have to be with the Licensing Officer by 17th January 2019. Telephone 01902 550435
I understand the variation to the licence surrounds an application to vary the internal set up of the Public House.

New Year Highway Delay- Wednesfield Way.

Would my residents in Wednesfield North please note and be aware that there will be some road works taking place on Wednesfield Way from the 7th January through to February 5th.


This will cause delays as three way traffic lights will be in place.

So if you are going to work start out a little earlier, or find another route.

I believe the promoter is a private operator, and the work is related to  construction taking place near Backhouse Lane and Sidings Road.

Please note that these works could delay you in your journeys during peak times.

There is also road works planned in Wyvern Close due to start on the 8th January and run until the 10th January.



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The Ann Wood Book of Condolences.


Yesterday we laid our dear friend Ann Wood to rest.

Ann was a powerhouse behind the work that takes place at the Ashmore Park Community Association. The Community Association is based at The Hub at Ashmore Park.

Ann’s funeral at St  Thomas’s Church then The Bushbury Crematorium was a well-attended affair.There were relatives and friends and colleagues from all parts of Ann’s full life represented.

The reason for this note is that ‘The Book of Condolences’ that was opened at The Hub at Ashmore Park,  after her friends and colleagues learnt of her passing, is still open for a few more days, before it will be closed.

It is not to late yet for you to  come to the Hub  where you can still leave a message for Ann’s family in The Book of Condolences.

Here Councillor Rita Potter has added her message, to the many which already populates this book of friends and memories.

IMG_0850 Ann Wood (2)

Wednesfield Mourns!

Today Thursday 20th December 2018 –


Later this morning at St Thomas’s Church Wednesfield at 10.30 am Mary, Rita and I will be attending the funeral service of Patricia Ann Wood. Ann was the effervescent Chair of Ashmore Park Community Association.

We will be deep in sorrow and respect.

It will be a tough day for everyone that knew her….But friends will I am sure,have that little space in their heart for husband Derek and the loving family that will be struggling with their emotions this morning.

I am sure Wednesfield will be joining together with all of us to pray for Ann and her marvellous family.


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Welcome Martin J Cooper -Ashmore Park Walk of Stars.


Today we welcome and admit into the ‘Ashmore Park Walk of Stars ‘ Martin John Cooper who lived in Kitchen Lane, he attended Wednesfield Grammar School and went onto work in a Building Society. Martin was recommended for Ashmore Park Walk of Stars by Bill Parry a long time resident. I want to thank Bill for providing the supporting evidence.

Martin was an England International and played Rugby Union for Club side Moseley. He played for the school and for Wolverhampton . He won his first international cap against France in 1973. England won that game 14-6.

In total Martin won 11 caps for England between 1973 and 1977.

Please welcome Martin to the Ashmore Park Walk of Stars

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Wednesfield History Society Moves to Lift Our Knowledge!

As we move to the start of the new year I thought it would be a good thing to inform residents that in this years Wolverhampton Literature Festival which will take place in February 2019. Wednesfield History Society will be playing its part in the Festival. The Society will be giving a talk on ‘The Evolution of Wednesfield from the 1950’s to the modern day. This will be held at Wednesfield Library.

The History Society are also involved in a particularly interesting piece of work around the recording of the oral history of Wednesfield. After it won funding from a National Lottery grant of £8,800 for this exciting oral history project – Preserving and Sharing Wednesfield’s Heritage.  The project will explore the life experiences of people who have lived in Wednesfield over the whole, or part of, the past 80 to 90 years The oral histories will be recorded and kept and stored for many years for future generations in Wednesfield Library.

Santa Claus 2017

We have some great fun at the hub!


The Hub at Ashmore Park is central to all that takes place in our community in Wednesfield North, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find out that Santa has also been visiting there too!

He had some great fun with his elves and here is some of the action as we peeked inside the  doors! The Hub has a growing reputation for the Volunteers it produces, and for the great community work that takes place there….never mind the fun for all ages!

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Image may contain: 4 people, people sitting, hat and child


Road Works in Wyvern Close!

Urgent information for Wednesfield North Residents

Wyvern Close will be having a visit by Severn Trent Water Company to renew a pipe .

The work will start on the 8th January 2019 and is scheduled to last  until the 10th January 2019.

There will be temporary two way traffic signals at work during this period.

Councillor Phil Bateman.  Picture by Shaun Fellows / Shine Pix

NO Deal Brexit – A Negative for Wolverhampton!

NO Deal Brexit Would Be A Negative for Wolverhampton!

Today Mary and I will be attending Audit and Risk Committee. Amongst the Key Matters that will be under discussion will be the External Auditors Reports.  We will be looking at some of the projected overspends on budget, and the Authorities plans to constrain them.

The central concerns around the Civic Hall refurbishment is also due to be discussed, as a paper will be on the Agenda.

Brexit was added onto the Risk Register of the City Council in November. It flagged that a ‘No Deal’ Brexit would be a negative for the Authority and the wider City. This has become a ‘Red’ Risk for the City.

Work is now underway to ensure that the political implications are being monitored . This includes the potential of a Snap Election or a new Referendum! There is also work being undertaken with regional partners around these issues.

I will be looking to hear what the External Auditors are having to say on this one…I am sure I will want to add a few words of my own here!

Audit and Risk is often seen as a ‘Dry as Dust’ committee, somehow I don’t thin that this item will be categorised as such.

Meeting starts at 14.00.

Kitchen Lane IMG_3942

South Staffordshire Local Plan – Change Shuffles Onto The Agenda!

South Staffordshire District Council has started to change the way that their planning policies have been previously marshalled.

The South Staffordshire Local Plan is now being altered and whilst there is also very great implications for South Staffordshire. There will be likely changes in South Staffordshire, which will have impact and  knock on implications for Wolverhampton., and other Authorities that surround that District.  Dudley, Walsall and Wolverhampton have Borough boundaries with South Staffordshire.

I have been warning on my own social media sites for some years now how the Government was going to amend Green Belt legislation, so that they may radically alter planning based around housing and employment need.

Back in 2015 I wrote that “It looks like Government plans to alter the green belt radically, this will not be seen as being a good and radical plan by Councils surrounding this particular conurbation. Areas like South Staffs District Council would be under severe pressure from developers.”

Now it appears that this move is well underway and at the end of November – South Staffordshire closed a consultation that had been running which dealt with “The call for sites” for their Local Plan. This was the ‘call’ that allowed developers to earmark land in South Staffordshire that they would like to see offered for developments. The call identified land in the Parish of Essington, as well as elsewhere for this development.

Now the local Black Country Authorities will be preparing their responses, and in which they will be expected to work together with South Staffordshire to develop new homes, for the need that has been identified. These new plans have identified that the South Staffordshire District Councils own Housing requirement up to 2037 is 5100 homes.

My information suggests that around 4,000 of this demand can be delivered on land committed allocated or safeguarded through the South Staffordshire Site Allocation document (SAD) .

We need to be very aware of what is now taking place, and a close eye needs to be set to watch on what implications these arrangements will have here in Wednesfield North. Now whilst there is sites that have been identified in South Staffordshire and close to our borders for development. It isn’t a time for panic! Its the earliest of days and the arrangements that are now starting to shuffle onto the Councils Agenda is about principles and process.

But things are starting to change, and we all need to be aware of the implications. I will continue to use my social media sites to make people aware of what is taking place.

Wolverhampton Cabinet on the 12th December will be discussing the issues and will move to ensure that Wolverhampton takes part in the processes to protect their own interests.